B A Art and Design in Graphic Design

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Online Animation Schools

There are many reasons students choose to enroll in an animation schoolonline.Sometimes, it is simply a financial decision.Online design schools are usually less expensive than traditional colleges. Asthe student is not on campus and provides their own classroom so to speak.Also, online schools offer the student the flexibility of taking the course attheir own pace, working around work, family and other obligations.This can be a very attractive draw to choosing an online path.Some people wish to obtain their degree in the fastest possible time and atthe lowest cost.

BA in Art in Graphic Design

The Department offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art with an emphasis inGraphic Design, perhaps the most popular of its programs. The program seeks toprepare students for either entry-level professional work or further academicstudy. To those ends, it requires students to take 128 hours of coursework,including • Forty-seven hours of Liberal Arts core courses, which include six hours ofinstruction in a single foreign language • Thirty hours of Art Core courses, including Art Fundamentals I and II,Photography I, Drawing I and II, Computer Graphics, Watercolor I, Art HistoryI and II and a senior seminar • Eighteen hours of required Graphic Design courses, including Graphic DesignI through IV, History of Graphic Design and Digital Imaging • Electives, totaling at least 33 hours The elective hours facilitate students taking a minor in a different field,allowing them to broaden their skillsets and ensure that they have theknowledge and expertise to succeed after graduation.Accreditation • University: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission onColleges • Department: National Association of Schools of Art and DesignContact Information Art Department 71995 1646 Russell Ave. Jefferson City, TN Phone: 865.471.4985 Email: rburgett@cn.edu Website: http://www.cn.edu/undergraduate/undergraduate-studies/art

BFA in Graphic Design

The College, through the Department of Art and Design, offers a Bachelor ofFine Arts degree in Graphic Design that seeks to equip students to applyrefined problem-solving skills to graphic media. A professional degree, itobliges students to take 120 hours of coursework, including • Forty-one to forty-two hours of General Education courses • Twelve hours of Major Field Core courses, including Core Studio I and II,Drawing and Color & Practice • Thirty hours of Graphic Design Core courses, including Web Design &Development, Layout & Production, Commercial Art/Graphic Design I, DigitalPhotography I, Typography, Graphic Design, Intermediate Graphic Design,Displays & Package Design, Senior Projects in Graphic Design and Portfolio &Exhibit • Twelve hours of Art History, including Art History Survey II, History ofGraphic Design, an elective and either Modern or Contemporary Art • Twenty-four hours of prescribed electivesAccreditation • University: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission onColleges • Department: National Association of Schools of Art and DesignContact Information Department of Art and Design 70708 Ball Hall East Tennessee State University Johnson City, TN 37614 Phone: 423.439.4247 Email: tiptondm@etsu.edu

BFA in Graphic Design

The School offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design that seeksto prepare students for careers in graphic design. Students are obliged tocomplete a 123 hour prescribed curriculum that includes general educationcourses to support a four-year degree as well as focused coursework in designand in graphic design. Required courses for the major include • A senior presentation • Advertising Design I and II • An internship • Architecture and Design I and II • Basic Drawing • Business for Visual Design • Color Theory and Application • Corporate Design I • Design Fundamentals I and II • Digital Imaging • Digital Publishing • History of Art • History of Graphic Design • Illustration I • Interactive Design I • Introduction to Visual Design • Package Design I • Photography • Portfolio Studies I and II • Print Design I and II • Typography I and II • Vector ImagingAccreditation • College: Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and CollegesContact Information 423 South Margin Street Franklin TN, 37064 Phone: 615.794.4254 Email: info@omorecollege.edu Website: http://www.omorecollege.edu/Academics/GraphicDesign.aspx

B.S. Studio Art in Graphic Design

The College, through the Department of Art, offers a Bachelor of Science inStudio Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design. The degree requires a minimumof 120 hours of course work, of which at least 58 must be in Art courses and42 are in the General Education Core. Additional requirements include: • Twenty-one hours in Art Core classes, including Fundamentals of Drawing,Figure Drawing, Drawing I and II, African American Art, a portfolio seminarand a senior project • Twelve hours in the emphasis, taken from such courses as Illustration I andII, Graphic Design and Advanced Graphic Design • Twelve hours of studio courses • An art history elective • Fifteen hours of general electives, possibly informing a minor so as tobroaden and enrich student curricula The recommended course of study has students take the most hours during theirsophomore year.Accreditation • University: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission onColleges • Department: National Association of Schools of Art and DesignContact Information 3500 John A. Merritt Boulevard Nashville, TN 37209 Phone: 615.963.1577 Email: cjohnson26@tnstate.edu Website: http://www.tnstate.edu/art/degrees.aspx

Graphic Design BFA

The Institute offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree concentrated in GraphicDesign. It requires 180 quarter credits, of which 48 are in general educationcourses. The remaining 132 are taken from the following: • A capstone and capstone research • Advanced Layout Design • An internship or additional elective • Applications & Industry • Art Direction • Business of Graphic Design • Concept Design • Corporate Identity • Design Fundamentals • Digital Color Theory • Digital Illustration • Fundamentals of Web Page Scripting • Image Manipulation • Information Design • Interactive Motion Graphics • Interface Design • Intermediate Layout Design • Intermediate Web Page Scripting • Introduction to Layout Design • Observational Drawing • Package Design • Portfolio I and II (sophomore and senior levels, respectively) • Publication Design • Rapid Visualization • Timeline Animation & Interaction • Typography (three courses: Traditional, Hierarchy and Expressive &Experimental) Of note, Typography- Expressive & Experimental and Sequential Illustration arerequired of Graphic Design students. Some general education courses also bearin on Graphic Design information.Accreditation • Institute: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission onCollegesContact Information 100 Centerview Drive, Suite 250 Nashville, TN 37214-3439 Phone: 615.874.1067 Website: http://new.artinstitutes.edu/nashville/Programs/Graphic-and-Web-Design/3863

B.A. Art and Design in Graphic Design

The Program offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art and Design concentratingin Graphic Design that focuses on preparing students for the demands ofcommercial graphic design. Baccalaureate degrees at the College require aminimum of 128 hours of coursework, including a common core curriculum.Requirements for the Graphic Design concentration also include • Twenty-four hours of Art & Design core coursework, including Basic Design,Basic Drawing, Ancient through Renaissance Art, Baroque through Modern Art,Service-Learning in the Arts and the final portfolio and exhibition • Thirty-two hours in the concentration, including Graphic Design I throughIII; Web Design; Publication Design; two courses from among Basic Photography,Introduction to Art, Painting I, Sculpture I, Ceramics I, Printmaking I, Two-Dimensional Art and Three-Dimensional Art; and one course from among PaintingII, Sculpture II, Printmaking II, Intermediate Drawing, Graphic Design Seminarand Art History ResearchAccreditation • College: Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges andSchoolsContact Information 60 Shiloh Road Greeneville, TN 37743 Phone: 423.636.7300×5274 Email: dbryan@tusculum.edu Website: http://www.tusculum.edu/academics/programs/art/

B.F.A. in Art- Graphic Design

The College offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art with a concentrationin Graphic Design that seeks to prepare students to begin professional work inthe changing field. Students seeking to enter the concentration are requiredto pass an Incoming Evaluation, and the degree requires 120 hours ofcoursework. Aside from the 41 in required general education classes, they mustinclude • Major Core courses: Foundations Studio I and II and Drawing I and II • Concentration entrance courses: Typographic Design I, Visual Thinking,Computer Assisted Graphic Design and Drawing and Composition • Nine hours in art history • Concentration completion courses: a photography course, Typographic DesignII, Image Design, Graphic Design Method, Electronic Pre-Press Production,Writing/Design Process, Graphic Design/Print Communication, InteractiveMultimedia/Graphic Design, Special Studies in Graphic Design, either VisualDesign Business Practice or Design Practice Studio, Graphic Design Portfolio,Workshop in Art and one from among Special Studies in Graphic Design, GraphicDesign Internship, Visual Design Business Practice and Design Practice Studio • Art electives to complete 79 hours in the major

M.F.A. in Art- Graphic Design

The College also offers a Master of Fine Arts degree in Art with aconcentration in Graphic Design that brings students to the leading edge ofgraphic design knowledge. The three-year, 60-hour curriculum requires • Six hours of thesis coursework resulting in a written thesis andaccompanying visual documentation • Thirty-six hours of studio art exclusive of the thesis • Nine hours in art history courses • Nine hours of electives • Twelve hours in Problems in Graphic Design and Visual Communication Research(at least one course must be repeated to gain the requisite hours) • Completion of comprehensive exams Note that 42 of the 60 hours must be at the 7000-level. They typically includeseveral sections of directed readings courses, among others, although thecatalog does not necessarily specify what the hours must be.Accreditation • University: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission onColleges • Program: National Association of Schools of Art and DesignContact Information The University of Memphis Department of Art Room 200 Art & Communication Bldg Memphis, TN 38152-3088 Phone: 901.678.2216 Email: art@memphis,edu Website: http://memphis.edu/art/

BFA Studio Art in Graphic Design

The College, through the Department of Visual and Theatre Arts, offers aBachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art degree in Graphic Design that seeks toprepare students for graphic design careers and further study. The degreerequires 20 hours, including 45 hours of general education courses and • Eighteen hours in the Arts core: The History of Art, Understanding Dance,Understanding Theatre and either Art History and Criticism or Aesthetics • Thirty-nine hours in the area of emphasis: Two-Dimensional Design; Three-Dimensional Design; Drawing I and II; Using Color; Graphic Design I and II;Typography and Page Layout; Professional Practices in Design; and twelve hourstaken from History of Graphic Design, Digital Photography, Special Topics,Interactive Multimedia, Advertising Design or an internship) • Eighteen house in a secondary artistic emphasis • Electives to complete the required hoursAccreditation • University: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission onCollegesContact Information 16 Mt. Pelia Rd. 201 Fine Arts Bldg. Martin, TN 38238 Phone: 731.881.7400 Email: dcook@utm.edu Website: http://www.utm.edu/departments/finearts/

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture and Design Online

San Francisco, California is home to a family-owned design institute that hasbeen patronized by many artists and designers for nearly 90 years. The Academyof Art University is the largest private and design university in the country.It boasts several accreditations, including the Council for Interior DesignAccreditation (CIDA), California Commission on Teacher CredentialingAccreditation (CTC), and the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB).The school’s Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture and Design isavailable to students who wish to earn their degree entirely online. In thisprogram, they are taught to produce functional and beautiful spaces for humancomfort and expectation while incorporating technological innovations andsustainable practices. Their coursework covers theoretical and practicaltraining on design, theory, and technology.The program requires 132 credit units for undergraduate students.* * *

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design Online Programs

Founded in 1978, Savannah College of Art and Design have campuses in differentcities, Atlanta and Hong Kong but with the headquarter in the heart ofSavannah. It has an excellent eLearning center as well that givesopportunities to students who prefer long-distance learning.Their Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design is one of the degrees offeredonline. Students begin their undergraduate journey by taking foundationstudies and general education courses that can develop critical thinking andcommunication skills. SCAD’s online Interior Design degree’s curriculumincludes an introduction to interior design, interior materials, electronicdesign, lighting for the interior, and their chosen elective.The program requires students to complete 180 credit hours, 10 of which isdevoted for electives.* * *

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