Artificial Intelligence is a diverse topic

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1. Artificial Intelligence Is All Around Us

It’s a proven fact based on today’s tech world scenario. This is one of themost common facts about artificial intelligence and yet many people still findit hard to believe. But, the fact is, we already have AI technologysurrounding us, seamlessly managing various technology in no time. A greatexample of AI can be seen in our different means of transportation, like inairplanes in the form of ATC (Air Traffic Control).In addition to this, there are many other examples like driverless cars,connected homes, smart appliances, AI-based mobile apps, etc. that we use inour day-to-day lives.

7. Artificial Intelligence Is Gaining Popularity With Robo-Journalism

Robo-journalism is becoming popular in print space and you would be surprisedto know there has already been a robot that wrote an article on the earthquakein California for the Los Angeles Times. The artificial intelligence figureswere brought down by a robot collecting data from a seismograph.The algorithm-based robot is outshined in writing abilities and that is whythe next decade could have more robots writing crime stories with humaneditors to decide which piece of information needs more attention than theother.

How does Artificial Intelligence work?

Artificial Intelligence garners more frontpage headlines every day. ArtificialIntelligence, or AI, is the technology enabling machines to learn fromexperience and perform human-like tasks.Ping-ponging between utopian and dystopian, opinions vary wildly regarding thecurrent and future applications, or worse, implications, of artificialintelligence. Without the proper moorings, our minds tend to drift intoHollywood-manufactured waters, teeming with robot revolutions, autonomouscars, and very little understanding of how AI actually works.This is mostly due to the fact that AI in itself is describing differenttechnologies, which provide machines the ability to learn in an “intelligent”way.In our coming series of blog posts, we hope to shed light on thesetechnologies and clarify just what it is that makes artificial intelligence,well, intelligent.

How is artificial intelligence applied?

Popular misconceptions tend to place AI on an island with robots and self-driving cars. However, this approach fails to recognize artificialintelligence’s major practical application; processing the vast amounts ofdata generated daily.By strategically applying AI to certain processes, insight gathering and taskautomation occur at an otherwise unimaginable rate and scale.Parsing through the mountains of data created by humans, AI systems performintelligent searches, interpreting both text and images to discover patternsin complex data, and then act on those learnings.

Machine Learning | Learning from experience

Machine learning, or ML, is an application of AI that provides computersystems with the ability to automatically learn and improve from experiencewithout being explicitly programmed. ML focuses on the development ofalgorithms that can analyze data and make predictions. Beyond being used topredict what Netflix movies you might like, or the best route for your Uber,machine learning is being applied to healthcare, pharma, and life sciencesindustries to aid disease diagnosis, medical image interpretation, andaccelerate drug development.

Deep Learning | Self-educating machines

Deep learning is a subset of machine learning that employs artificial neuralnetworks that learn by processing data. Artificial neural networks mimic thebiological neural networks in the human brain.Multiple layers of artificial neural networks work together to determine asingle output from many inputs, for example, identifying the image of a facefrom a mosaic of tiles. The machines learn through positive and negativereinforcement of the tasks they carry out, which requires constant processingand reinforcement to progress.Another form of deep learning is speech recognition, which enables the voiceassistant in phones to understand questions like, “Hey Siri, How doesartificial intelligence work?”

Natural Language Processing (NLP) | Understanding the language

Natural Language Processing or NLP, allows computers to interpret, recognize,and produce human language and speech. The ultimate goal of NLP is to enableseamless interaction with the machines we use every day by teaching systems tounderstand human language in context and produce logical responses.Real-world examples of NLP include Skype Translator, which interprets thespeech of multiple languages in real-time to facilitate communication.

Artificial Intelligence is a diverse topic

As we have learned, AI is describing a set of different technologies. Each ofthese technologies require detailed explanation. Staying up to date andunderstanding the differences of these technologies is a difficult task. Keepup with the latest changes and stay tuned for our upcoming posts.Next, we will introduce Big Data and explore the applications of artificialintelligence solutions to structuring, connecting, and visualizing large dataset to accelerate insight and empower decision-making.SHIFT

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

> The science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially> intelligent computer programs. – Professor John McCarthyProf. John McCarthy also is known to be as the father of ArtificialIntelligence.In other words, Artificial Intelligence is a way of making an electronicsmachine to think intelligently.A robot or machine is said to be intelligent if they complete their task byitself and learn by their own mistakes, like a human child.The motto of AI is to build a machine, who can think, learn, behave andunderstand independently as humans and even surpass him. And also able toadopt new situations based on current happening situations.

Difference between AI and Machine Learning

These two terms are correlated to each other and use interchangeably. For thisreason, it creates lots of confusion in many of us brain.But, they are not the same term. Let’s understand with an example to clear ourwrong perception.If AI is – tree then ML is – one of the main Branch of treeAs we know, Artificial Intelligence is ‘Smart’ then who makes it smart? Offcourse the ‘Data’ and who feeds that data to AI? Yes, you are absolutely rightMachine Learning provide the data to AI.Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. We can say that thebackbone of AI is Machine Learning.Without Machine Learning machine can’t able to perform any task on its own.Therefore you have to get some knowledge of ML if you opt for ArtificialIntelligence as a career option.If you want to learn about Machine Learning and want to know various ML careerpaths check out this article; Machine Learning Career Path [Things You ShouldKnow]To become successful in the Artificial Intelligence career path you must havea clear understanding of how machine learns from scratch.Without ML AI is completely zero i.e. without ML there is a point of AI

Strong Artificial Intelligence

Many scientist and engineer also named this AI as Artificial GeneralIntelligence (AGI)The aim behind this AI is to achieve critical thinking as a human brain did.And be able to do all the regular human task appropriately.So far there is no AI who is called to be as Strong AI

Best Online Courses to Learn Artificial Intelligence?

You can learn Artificial Intelligence from the comfort of your home and get adecent job in this amazing and futuristic technology.There are many online learning platforms you can join to develop some of therequired skills in artificial intelligence career path.Searching on the internet for many hours for the best available onlinecourses, I stumbled upon these following courses.[1] Machine Learning offered by Stanford[2] Deep Learning Specialization by[3] Artificial Intelligence (Course Bundle) – Linkedin[4] Machine Learning, Data Science and Deep Learning with Python[5] AI & Deep Learning with TensorFlow[6] MIT AI Course –Lecture Videos -FreeIf you are searching for an online course which gives job guarantee inArtificial Intelligence/Machine Learning. You should Check this course >>>AI/ML Program With A Job Guarantee (6 months program)

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