Arduino Uno Projects with Sensors

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Arduino Uno Test

This is a simple and basic electronic project. This project can be built withArduino Uno to check the Uno board by flashing an LED that is directlyconnected to the UNO board.

Arduino Uno LCD Display Project

This LCD (liquid crystal display) screen project is designed with an ArduinoUno board. This display can able to show the text on its display. By usingthis project, words like Hello Word can be displayed on the LCD. Apotentiometer is used for adjusting the display’s contrast

Arduino Uno Projects for Engineering Students

Arduino project ideas for engineering students are listed below for studentsto try and experiment.Arduino Uno ProjectsThe list of Arduino Uno projects for engineering students includes thefollowing.

Arduino Uno GPS Tracker Project

This project is implemented with Arduino Uno and GPS to track the vehicle. Inthis project, A GSM modem using a SIM card is used for communication purposes.This system can be arranged in the vehicle. Once the installation is done, wecan simply track our stolen vehicle with the help of a mobile phone. Thisapplication is also used for tracking the college bus or school bus.

Arduino Uno Project Smart Dustbin

This project is used to implement a smart Dustin using the Arduino Uno board.By using this project, it will prevent the overflow of garbage at roadsides.This dustbin will make the surroundings clean and green. In this project, therouting algorithm is used to find the shortest way for the vehicles to collectthe garbage easily by reducing the number of vehicles.

Arduino Uno IR Sensor Project

This project is used to control the light-emitting diodes using an infraredsensor as well as a remote. Whenever a remote button is pressed, then aninfrared signal can transmit to the infrared sensor in the form of code. Afterthat, this sensor will receive the signal and transmits it to the Arduino.

Arduino Uno Project using Vending Machine

This project is used to design a vending machine using Arduino Uno. Thisproject uses an RFID system. Once the RFID tag is swiped across the RFIDreader then some quantity of liquid can be given out. The display used in thisproject is alphanumeric LCD which displays the instructions and operation tofollow while producing the liquid. This machine is used in many organizationslike colleges, hospitals to provide the service to the customers without humaninvolvement.

Arduino Uno Projects with Sensors

Arduino Uno projects using sensors are discussed below.

Thermometer using LM35 Sensor & Arduino Uno

Temperature measurement within the given environment is essential. By usingthis parameter, the temperature can be controlled in industries, computer CPU,incubators, and many other applications. So, a temperature sensor that isconfigured appropriately is used for activating other devices whenever theambient temperature is below or above the fixed value. Therefore, the LM35temperature sensor is used to design the Didactic Thermometer

Soil Moisture Sensor using Arduino Uno

In this project, the soil moisture sensor is interfaced with the Arduino Unoboard. It works with 2 volts to 5 volts supply and the length of detection is38mm. This sensor looks like a fork so we can easily insert it in the soil.This sensor is used to detect the moisture level of the soil. When the soilmoisture increases then the analog o/p voltage will also be increased.

Arduino UNO Projects using Ultrasonic Sensor

An Arduino Uno projects list with an ultrasonic sensor is discussed below.Ultrasonic Sensor4WD Smart Robot CarIn this project, a Smart Robot Car is designed that can avoid obstacles andfollow the given directions to reach the destination. This car can functionautomatically or manually by using the Bluetooth module. The hardware used forthis project is an Arduino UNO, Dual H bridge motor driver, Ultrasonic sensor,Bluetooth module, Contact avoidance sensor, Line Tracking sensor, and Li-Ionbattery.

Speedometer using Arduino Nano

This project is used to design a Speedometer to measure vehicle speed whiletraveling. We know that analog and digital speedometers are designed with anIR sensor as well as a hall sensor. In this project, GPS is used to measurethe vehicle speed because these speedometers are accurate as compared withnormal speedometers. GPS speedometers track the vehicle continued to calculatethe vehicle speed.

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