Arduino based Project on Home Automation

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1. Arduino based IoT Projects:

Arduino Board is an open source platform that is available for all theenthusiasts & hobbyists around the globe to build and develop cool electronicprojects. You need to realize that Arduino is a microcontroller, not a full-fledged computer, so you need to integrate the Arduino with WiFi modules,motor drivers etc. for the proper functioning of the IOT system. ESP-8266 isthe most commonly used WiFi module to integrate the system onto the cloud andfacilitate the data transfer. Arduino also serves as an effective platform foryou to integrate a lot of sensors and modules onto it.Some of the innovative Internet of Things (IoT) Engineering Final YearProjects that you can develop using Arduino are: Did you knowSkyfi Labs helps students learn practical skills by building real-worldprojects.You can enrol with friends and receive kits at your doorstepYou can learn from experts, build working projects, showcase skills to theworld and grab the best jobs. Get started today!

3. IoT based Automation Projects

Today, automation is being practiced extensively on all the core industries toreduce the manual effort that is going into the production process. Asautomation greatly helps in reducing the errors and increases the efficiencyof production, many core industries are starting to adapt these systems ontotheir operations.With the advancement in IoT, industries will be able to control or operatevarious equipment, machinery, automate industrial processes and otherapplications using various control systems with very less or no humanintervention.Some of the innovative Internet of Things (IoT) based Automation EngineeringFinal Year Projects that you can build are: * Automatic Street Lighting system using IoT * Smart Building Project using PIR * Automatic Smart Parking System using Internet of Things (IOT) * IoT Based Raspberry Pi Home Automation * IoT Home Security Model * IoT Vehicle Simulation System * Automatic Smart Parking System using IoT * Smart e-Health Gateway * IoT based Biometrics * Internet of Things Based Architecture of Web and Smart Home Interface

Best Internet of Things (IoT) Final Year Project Ideas for Engineering

StudentsSkyfi Labs • Published: 2017-07-23 • Last Updated: 2021-01-20Arduino Projects for Diploma and Engineering StudentsArduino is a device that is used to build electronic projects. It consists ofa pre-programmed microcontroller or integrated development environment, usedto write the code and upload it to the physical board. These devices are usedto make communicating objects, taking i/p from different kinds of sensors andcontrolling the motors, lights, and various physical o/p’s. The Arduinodoesn’t require a separate programmer in order to dump the new code on theboard but, we can directly use a USB cable. Also, the IDE of the Arduino usesa simplified version of C++, making it simple to learn the program. Finally,the Arduino board gives a typical form factor that breaks out the functions ofthe micro-controller into a more reachable package. The Arduino projectsmainly interact with software running on your PC. This article explainsdifferent Arduino projects for diploma and engineering students.

Arduino Projects for Engineering Students

The applications of the Arduino board are mainly involved in Arduino projectsthat include obstacle avoidance, industrial appliance control, electricappliance control, intensity controlling of street lights, home automation,underground cable fault detection, solar street light, etc. For a betterunderstanding of these applications here we are explaining with an appropriatediagram. The list of Arduino projects for engineering students is discussedbelow.

Arduino based Project on Home Automation

The main concept of this project is to design a home automation system usingan Arduino board with any Android operating system based smartphone or tablet.As day by day technology is developing and houses are getting very smart.Presently, conventional switches are placed at different places of the house.But, operating that switches to go near them is very difficult for the user.So, this project gives the best solution with smartphones.Home Automation ProjectAt the receiver end a Bluetooth device is connected to the Arduino board,whereas at the transmitter end, a GUI application on a cell phone sends ON/OFFcommands to the receiver. By pressing the particular location on the GUI, theloads can be ON/OFF remotely. These loads can be controlled by an Arduinoboard via Thyristors and optoisolators using TRIACS.

Oscilloscope using Arduino & PC

This project is used to design an oscilloscope at less cost using Arduino & PCfor signal acquisition. This oscilloscope is mainly used for capturing thefrequency signals. The range of these signals up to 5kHz. In this project, anArduino board is used to read the ADC values and sends these to the PC via USBport.

Protection System for Industries using IOT & Arduino

The protection system of the industry using IOT & Arduino is designed to guardindustries from different losses like fire leakage, gas leakage, low lighting,etc. When gas leakage occurs, then it leads to huge industrial loss, firedetection is also required whenever furnace blasts occur and low lighting inthe industries can cause an improper work environment.The proposed system is used to detect the temperature, light, and gas to avoidlosses and accidents in industries using different sensors. These sensors canbe interfaced through the Arduino board as well as LCD. The sensor datacontinually scans for gas leakage, check the fire, low light to record values,then this sensor data can be transmitted through online. The internet functioncan be achieved using the Wi-Fi module and the IoT server displays the dataonline to get the required output.

IoT based home automation system

If you are tired of being reminded to switch off lights, air cons and tv’s atyour home. Then this project is for you. It can get you a life thatmillennials have always dreamt of.The main objective is to connect all the home appliances to internet so thatthey can in-turn be controlled by internet. WiFi module has to be used toimplement the micro web server for the home gateway. Furthermore PIR sensorcan be used to automatically control the appliances and detect human movement.Each electronic/electrical appliance in the system needs to be connected to amicrocontroller as it specifies all the operations on receiving inputs. Thusall the appliances can be controlled by smartphone app by sending instructionsto microcontroller through wifi.

Arduino Uno Projects for Engineering Students

Arduino project ideas for engineering students are listed below for studentsto try and experiment.Arduino Uno ProjectsThe list of Arduino Uno projects for engineering students includes thefollowing.

Arduino Uno Project Smart Dustbin

This project is used to implement a smart Dustin using the Arduino Uno board.By using this project, it will prevent the overflow of garbage at roadsides.This dustbin will make the surroundings clean and green. In this project, therouting algorithm is used to find the shortest way for the vehicles to collectthe garbage easily by reducing the number of vehicles.

Arduino Uno Project using Vending Machine

This project is used to design a vending machine using Arduino Uno. Thisproject uses an RFID system. Once the RFID tag is swiped across the RFIDreader then some quantity of liquid can be given out. The display used in thisproject is alphanumeric LCD which displays the instructions and operation tofollow while producing the liquid. This machine is used in many organizationslike colleges, hospitals to provide the service to the customers without humaninvolvement.

Arduino Uno Projects with Sensors

Arduino Uno projects using sensors are discussed below.

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