Architect Duties Responsibilities

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Application Architect Job Description

In the world of technology, an Application Architect plays an important rolein the design and analysis of software projects. They create new applicationsor improve existing applications, run software tests, develop productprototypes and create technical documents and manuals relating to applicationdevelopment. They might evaluate application technologies and makerecommendations for best uses for the company for which they are working. Inaddition, Application Architects could be involved in training other teammembers in areas of programming and software development.Application Architects can work for corporate IT departments, softwaredevelopment firms or computer manufacturing companies. As reported by theBureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment growth in the area of applicationsoftware development is expected to increase 19 percent through 2024. Anincrease in the demand for software for various products and expandingapplications for mobile devices are among the main reasons for this projectedjob growth rate.

Application Architect Duties and Responsibilities

Application Architects must carry out various tasks to ensure that applicationsoftware is effectively and efficiently designed, produced and tested. In ouranalysis of several job postings for Application Architects, we found thatmost employers list the following duties and responsibilities for thisoccupation.Oversee the Design Process for Application SoftwareFrom product design to testing and modifications, Application Architects areinvolved in every step of the application software development process. Thisinvolves creating models and prototypes, evaluating potential risks anddefects, analyzing specifications and customizing applications for specificcustomers.Provide Technical Support and TrainingApplication Architects provide solutions in areas of disaster recovery, dataintegrity and security. They evaluate and recommend software technologies inthese areas, evaluate alternatives and analyze problems with datainfrastructures.Create Technical DocumentsIt is typically up to Application Architects to produce documents relating toapplication architecture, design steps, integration processes and testingprocedures relating to each product developed. This documentation would alsocover the installation and maintenance of application software as well asguidelines and standards that should be adhered to for each product.

Application Architect Skills

Successful Application Architects generally possess strong analytical,creative, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. They should be detail-oriented team players who can consistently provide valuable suggestions andsolutions in areas of software development, use and maintenance. Effectiveleadership skills are crucial, as Application Architects tend to lead projectdevelopment teams in areas of application software design, development,testing and implementation. Strong verbal and written communication as well asinterpersonal skills are beneficial to those in this profession. In additionto these skills, potential employers might seek Application Architects withthe following abilities: * Applying design and testing methods – understanding design and production procedures and standards to create prototypes and finished products is crucial to Application Architects * Building teams – Application Architects must work closely with systems analysts, software developers, data managers and other team members to ensure successful production of application software * Creating custom solutions – Application Architects must be prepared to offer viable solutions for various systems and architectures to different types of businesses * Integrating applications with existing systems – ensuring a seamless integration of new and existing systems to eliminate potential problems and maintain data structure and integrity is a vital skill for Application Architects

Application Architect Q & A

Citing the solutions-based aspect of being an Application Architect as asatisfying part of this career, Maryna Ivakhnenko of AltexSoft spoke to usabout the duties, challenges and rewards of working as an ApplicationArchitect. Our interview with Ivakhnenko appears below.What are some of the core duties performed by an Application Architect?First of all, an Application Architect must understand what kind of problem aclient is facing and introduce the best technical solution for this problem.This involves not only designing applications that follow specificarchitectural patterns but also being aware of available tools and worktechniques, acting as a negotiator in the engineering and client team andmaking quick, sometimes incorrect, decisions.What challenges does an Application Architect face?The biggest challenge is that it’s a rather creative process. Besides, youneed to be acquainted with the professional tools and understand how they canbe used for each situation. It’s also important to always keep in mind thevalue of each solution, to understand the correlation between a client’s needsand a result he or she is ready to pay for.What skills do Application Architects use most?Communication skills are definitely the key. Also, knowing of thearchitectural methods and the typical solutions that can be applied todifferent cases.What should someone consider before becoming an Application Architect?As almost anywhere in IT, you have to run faster to move forward. And getready to put yourself in a client’s shoes.What type of person is successful in this job?Someone who can think both as a businessperson and a technical expert. Hereyou need to relate to the person who’s investing in a solution while beingaware of the technical possibilities (or complications) of each situation.What do you find to be the most rewarding about being an ApplicationArchitect?The coolest thing about being an Application Architect is experiencing how thesolution you’ve come up with has been useful or even made someone’s life alittle bit better. Seeing that a client or an end user has found your workuseful. Other than that, the ability to solve the tasks that were never solvedbefore.

Application Architect Salary

The average annual salary in the U.S. for Application Architects is $106,399,according to online sources. The national salary range for this profession is$83,000 to more than $140,000, with Application Architects in Washington,Illinois and Massachusetts making some of the highest salaries in the country.

Application Architect Resume Help

Explore these related job titles from our database of hundreds of thousands ofexpert-approved resume samples:Architect Job Description: Salary, Skills, & MoreArchitects design structures such as houses, apartment complexes, shoppingcenters, office buildings, and factories. In addition to considering theirphysical appearance, they also make sure these structures will be functional,safe, economical, and suit the needs of the people who will use them.The majority of the time, architects work in an office. There, they meet withclients, draft plans, work on cost estimates, file permit applications withmunicipal building departments, and help clients set up agreements withcontractors. Architects also visit construction sites to check the progress ofprojects and make sure contractors are building them according to their plans.

Architect Duties & Responsibilities

This job generally requires the ability to do the following work: * Lead and develop projects from early concept through design development * Prepare drawings, specifications, and construction documents * Design and document commercial and industrial building projects * Consult with clients to determine their requirements * Coordinate preliminary architectural studies for major new structures and alterations to existing structures and site development * Organize and manage permit documents * Work with teams across business lines, in remote locations, and coordinate with subcontractors * Resolve complex design issues with innovative and practical solutions * Modify existing plans and elevations to fit client and sales needsArchitects begin designing a project at the planning stage of development.They first meet with the client to determine their requirements for theproject. In determining a design plan, architects must consider other itemssuch as the site, environment, culture and history, which may be subject tolocal and federal regulations, building codes, and local planning and zoninglaws. The architect also needs to consider the type of building materials touse that fit the client’s requirements as well as the budget.When creating designs, architects use advanced computer programs such as 3Dsoftware programs—BIM (Building Information Management and AutoCAD (computer-aided design)—as well as and cloud-based technologies.As the project progresses, the architect will consult with clients,contractors, engineers, and other key members to ensure that aspects such asheating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), as well as structuralsupports are properly incorporated into their designed structures. This mayalso include making modifications to their design throughout the project lifecycle.

Architect Salary

An architect’s salary varies according to education, experience, and skills.In 2018, architects earned the following: * Median Annual Salary: $79,380 ($3816/hour) * Top 10% Annual Salary: $138,120 ($66.40/hour) * Bottom 10% Annual Salary: $48,020 ($23.09/hour)Source: U.S. Department of Labor, 2017

Architect Skills & Competencies

While meeting your education and licensing requirements are essential, youalso need certain personal qualities, known as soft skills, to succeed as anarchitect: * Creativity: You must be able to create designs for buildings and other structures. * Visualization: You need to be able to see, in your mind’s eye, what those structures will look like once they are complete. * Verbal Communication: This skill will allow you to describe your ideas to your clients and colleagues. * Active Listening: In addition to clearly communicating information to others, you must be able to understand what others are sharing with you. * Problem Solving: Problems will inevitably arise during most building projects. You must be able to quickly identify and then solve them to keep the project moving forward. * Critical Thinking: Good problem solving requires the ability to evaluate possible solutions before choosing the most promising one.Requirements from actual job announcements found on include: * Strong written and verbal skills, fluency and grammar * Ability to perform duties at other than normal working hours and days as required by projects or tasks * Ability to produce 2D and 3D design drawings for meeting presentations * Must be knowledgeable in the applicable building codes * Team player with a positive attitude * Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously

Entry Level Salary for Architects

The average salary for an entry level Architect is $44,409. An experiencedArchitect makes about $79,144 per year.Architects plan and design houses, factories, office buildings, and otherstructures. Find more career information.

Top 3 Architect Jobs

* Architect – CyberCoders – Chicago, ILArchitect If you are a Architect with experience, please read on! CompleteSaaS product for health and wellness maintenance. Employer focused, employeebenefiting. Early stage health-tech startup … * Software Architect – Java/J2EE, Elasticsearch, NewSQL – CyberCoders – San Ramon, CASoftware Architect – Java/J2EE, Elasticsearch, NewSQL If you are a SoftwareArchitect with Java/J2EE, Elasticsearch, and NewSQL experience, please readon! Job Title: Software Architect – Java/J2EE … * Lead Pega System Architect – Cox Communications Inc – Atlanta, GAThe Lead Pega System Architect acts as the primary technical architect forPega applications, including Case Management. This position is responsible forleading the architecture , design, performance …See all Architect jobsWhat Are the Types of Architects and Their Salaries?The word “architect” typically conjures an image of a worker who designsbuildings, bridges and other types of infrastructure. While this is true inmany cases, architects may also specialize in other fields, such as marinevessels, land areas and computer networks. The salaries architects earn dependheavily on their area of specialty.

Landscape Architects

Gardens, parks, playgrounds, campuses and golf courses are all examples ofwhat landscape architects design. The average salary of a landscape architectwas $66,880 per year as of 2010, according to the BLS. Most employers requirea bachelor’s or master’s degree in landscape architecture, as well as a summerinternship, and 49 states require landscape architects to obtain licensure bypassing the Landscape Architect Registration Examination. The largest industryfor landscape architects was architectural services, where the salary averagewas $67,600 a year. Local governments offered an average salary of $70,270 ayear, and state governments offered an average of $82,900.

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