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Arduino Projects for Engineering Students

The applications of the Arduino board are mainly involved in Arduino projectsthat include obstacle avoidance, industrial appliance control, electricappliance control, intensity controlling of street lights, home automation,underground cable fault detection, solar street light, etc. For a betterunderstanding of these applications here we are explaining with an appropriatediagram. The list of Arduino projects for engineering students is discussedbelow.

Arduino Radar Project

This project implements an Arduino based Radar Application through processingapplication. Radar is one kind of detection system for objects which uses radio waves toestablish specific object parameters such as its speed, range, position &speed. This technology is applicable in missiles, aircraft, automobiles marine& weather predictions. In this project, an ultrasonic sensor is used fordetermining the presence of an object within a specific range. In thisproject, a servo motor, Arduino UNO & Ultrasonic Sensor (HC-SR04) is used.

Arduino based Project on Home Automation

The main concept of this project is to design a home automation system usingan Arduino board with any Android operating system based smartphone or tablet.As day by day technology is developing and houses are getting very smart.Presently, conventional switches are placed at different places of the house.But, operating that switches to go near them is very difficult for the user.So, this project gives the best solution with smartphones.Home Automation ProjectAt the receiver end a Bluetooth device is connected to the Arduino board,whereas at the transmitter end, a GUI application on a cell phone sends ON/OFFcommands to the receiver. By pressing the particular location on the GUI, theloads can be ON/OFF remotely. These loads can be controlled by an Arduinoboard via Thyristors and optoisolators using TRIACS.

Simple Arduino Projects using LEDs for Engineering Students

The applications of these boards mainly include simple Arduino projects usingLEDs for engineering students. For a better understanding of these Arduinoprojects, here we are explaining with a suitable diagram.

Window Alarm Annunciator using Arduino Uno

This project implements a window alarm annunciator using the Arduino Unoboard. This kind of annunciator is used for processing different power plants,industries by checking the conditions of plants & gives an alert to theoperators regarding the abnormal conditions otherwise deviations of theparameter.

Oscilloscope using Arduino & PC

This project is used to design an oscilloscope at less cost using Arduino & PCfor signal acquisition. This oscilloscope is mainly used for capturing thefrequency signals. The range of these signals up to 5kHz. In this project, anArduino board is used to read the ADC values and sends these to the PC via USBport.

Protection System for Industries using IOT & Arduino

The protection system of the industry using IOT & Arduino is designed to guardindustries from different losses like fire leakage, gas leakage, low lighting,etc. When gas leakage occurs, then it leads to huge industrial loss, firedetection is also required whenever furnace blasts occur and low lighting inthe industries can cause an improper work environment.The proposed system is used to detect the temperature, light, and gas to avoidlosses and accidents in industries using different sensors. These sensors canbe interfaced through the Arduino board as well as LCD. The sensor datacontinually scans for gas leakage, check the fire, low light to record values,then this sensor data can be transmitted through online. The internet functioncan be achieved using the Wi-Fi module and the IoT server displays the dataonline to get the required output.

Android Smartphone-Based Function Generator

This Android-based function generator output is in the range of audiofrequency signals (20Hz-20,000Hz), available at the audio output port ofcellphones. Most cellphones have 3.5mm audio jack output ports. You can use anaudio cable with the audio jack between the cellphone and external devices orany other applications.More information about this project is available at: Android Smartphone-BasedFunction Generator

Home Automation Using Arduino Through Android Device

This project is based on the Android app and Arduino Uno using Bluetooth asthe wireless communication medium. It is a simple and flexible home automationsystem with only a few electronic components, without complex soldering. Thisproject is designed to control three appliances, but it can be extended to sixor more.More information about this project is available at: Home Automation UsingArduino Through Android Device

Program Arduino With Your Android Device

This article explains how you can program an Arduino board using ArduinoDroidapp on your Android device like a smartphone or tablet.More information about this project is available at: Program Arduino With YourAndroid Device

IoT Based Notification System Using Android App

Presented here is a smart notification system for a door sensor, motiondetector, fire alarm and doorbell using Raspberry Pi (RPi) and Pushover app.The project triggers an event through various sensors and sends notificationsto your smartphone. These notifications are in real-time.More information about this project is available at: IoT Based NotificationSystem Using Android App

Android Projects: Home automation system

The first android project is this home automation circuit built around anArduino board, Bluetooth module and a 3-channel relay board. The number ofchannels depends on the number of appliances you wish to control. The softwareprogram for home automation using Android app is written in Arduinoprogramming language called Processing. Arduino is programmed using ArduinoIDE software.More information about this project is available at: Home automation systemusing Android

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