An Excellent Performing Wireless Gaming Mouse

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Wired or wireless computer mouse?

One of the first things we’ll have to consider is whether our computer mouseshould be wireless or not. As time goes by, wireless mice get more and moreappealing, with their benefits outweighing any possible drawbacks.Of course, their most important feature is that they are convenient. With thelack of cables, you don’t have to worry about where you can place your mouse.Their range is also better since the cable’s length does not limit you.Until recently, the main problem with wireless mice has been the occasionallag you may experience. Today though, the best wireless mice promise no lag atall. Still, most gamers can’t afford to risk it during an online session, andwon’t take their chances with the batteries running out either.Interference can be another problem that may occur from time to time whenother devices function in the same area. But it’s not something that we willfrequently encounter, especially with a Bluetooth computer mouse.One of the best mice out there is wireless: Logitech MX Master 2S has anergonomic shape with a thumb rest, an excellent 4000 DPI sensor, long batterylife, and can easily switch between computers with a button.If you still lean towards the typical wired mouse, Microsoft recently revivedthe Intellimouse series with the release of the Microsoft ClassicIntellimouse.This model does not offer any groundbreaking feature, but it has a familiargrip. Also, it is lightweight and quite inexpensive.

Gaming Mouse

When it comes to gaming, things are a little different. A gaming computermouse is specifically designed to help the user with playing PC games.To begin with, gaming mice are usually wired, colorful, with unconventionaldesign. They also offer adjustable DPI settings, so that you can togglebetween different levels depending on your needs: higher DPI for a fastercursor and lower for smooth controls.The most expensive ones will try to be somewhat ergonomic too since gamingsessions can last long enough to strain our hand. Also, we will often findprogrammable buttons to which we can assign functions. This can help withtasks we tend to repeat, such as using a consumable.So, if you play games regularly, you could consider getting a gaming mouse tobolster your gameplay. It won’t give you the wins itself, but it willcertainly improve your gaming experience.Now, most gaming mice, including the highly popular SteelSeries Rival 600,practice colorful RGB lighting in their design.Others follow a more elegant approach, like the Deathadder Elite from Razer.Despite the skepticism, you can find good wireless gaming mice too. Logitech’sG Pro and the more fairly-priced G305 have great reviews.As a matter of fact, the Overwatch League’s first champions this year used theG Pro wireless as their main mice.

Ergonomic mouse

Although back in the days every computer mouse seemed to have more or less thesame design and size, this is far from true today. Many manufacturers escapefrom the ordinary, offering a variety of mice with ergonomic features.After all, ease of use and how comfortable a mouse feels is one of its mostessential aspects. With the hours we spend in front of a PC steadily rising,associated afflictions like carpal tunnel syndrome are becoming more common.So, an ergonomic grip is crucial to provide comfortable use and prevent suchhealth problems.The matter is, there is no accurate definition of what will prove ergonomicfor each hand. It depends on our hand size and the way we like to hold ourcomputer mouse.A general rule seems to be that the mouse has to tilt a bit at some angle, toimitate our hand’s natural posture.That said, we should first try out a few mice of different shapes and sizes tosee what best fits our hand before we conclude.Microsoft’s take on the issue has been for some years now the Sculpt ErgonomicMouse.Perhaps its out-of-the-box shape is not for everyone, but it is neat-lookingand reasonably priced at around $22-$25.A bit more expensive, the Logitech MX Vertical wireless mouse claims toprovide a unique natural handshake position, at a 57-degree angle.

RF vs Bluetooth Mouse

Wireless mice connect to other devices via Radio Frequency (RF) or Bluetooth.RF connects with a dongle that plugs into a USB port. Bluetooth, on the otherhand, connects to the mouse via a receiver that’s already built into thecomputer (you may need to buy a Bluetooth adapter if it’s not the case).There are a number of differences between the two. Some people prefer one orthe other and there are compelling reasons for both sides. * RF mice are very simple to set up. Simply plug it in and go (a pro). * RF mice are normally more responsive to hand movements (a pro). * RF mice can sometimes get interference due to high levels of frequencies throughout your home or workplace (a con). * Bluetooth mice do not take up a USB port (a pro). * Bluetooth mice do not have a dongle, so there’s no need to worry about losing or replacing this small piece (a pro). * Bluetooth mice are more difficult to set up and require a few extra steps (a con).Bluetooth mice are preferred for people using tablets or laptops with minimalports on them. For that reason, they are gaining more popularity, especiallywith wireless keyboard and mouse combos. However, RF mice also remain apopular and reliable wireless choice.

Wireless Mouse Battery

Wireless mice require batteries, but the type of batteries and their overalllifespan will depend on the intensity and frequency of the day-to-day usage ofthe mouse. Most of the wireless mice on our list come with a very longlifespan. Depending on how much they’re used, some don’t even need newbatteries for over a year.If you’re a gamer looking for a wireless mouse, batteries become more of aconcern. Due to their extended functionality (for example RGB lighting),wireless gaming mice tend to have their batteries used up much more quickly. Agood wireless gaming mouse should be able to withstand even the longest gamingsessions without recharging. Some come with a quick-charge cable that you canconveniently plug-in if the battery is getting low. This means you don’t haveto worry about losing a match because your mouse suddenly dies in the heat ofa battle!There are two primary types of batteries that will charge a wireless mouse:rechargeable lithium batteries and alkaline batteries (most commonly AA orAAA). Each has their own advantages and disadvantages: * Lithium batteries can be recharged and must be plugged in via a USB cable (both a pro and con). * Lithium batteries drain faster and do not last as long as alkaline batteries (a con). * Lithium batteries can rarely be replaced (a con). * Alkaline batteries can last up to 4 years in a mouse with energy saving capabilities built in by manufacturers (a pro). * Mice requiring alkaline batteries are normally cheaper than their lithium battery mouse counterparts (a pro). * Alkaline batteries make the mouse much heavier (a con).While you should consider these differences, battery type generally won’t havea large impact on the overall quality of the mouse.

The Best Logitech Wireless Mouse for the Money

Another great Logitech model to consider is MX Anywhere 2S. It is designedwith cross-computer control gained through dual connectivity which allowsusing up to three computers simultaneously. This wireless mouse supports PCswith Mac and Windows OS. As well as MX Master 2S this model provides wirelessconnectivity thanks to unifying receiver. You can also use Bluetooth Smartconnection. Note that MX Anywhere 2S uses AES-256 bit encryption to keep yourinformation always private and secure.This wireless mouse also allows you to customize its functions. To do this youneed to use Logitech Options software and setup Logitech Flow. After that, themouse will be able to find and configure your PC in seconds.Logitech MX Anywhere 2S is an excellent option for those who often changetheir working place and need to be ready for different conditions. Thanks to4000-dpi Darkfield sensor this mouse provides high-grade tracking on differentsurfaces. Besides, its battery life reaches up to 70 days after a full charge.In case you need a fast charge for your mouse then 3 minutes will be enoughfor the whole day.Pros: * long-lasting battery life * fast charge * tracks on different surfaces * excellent customization software * dual connectivity * perfect size for all users * smooth scroll wheelCons: * can be too small for some users * not for left-handed users * loud button clicks * USB receiver is so small and gets stuck in some portsCheck Prices

The Best Cheap Wireless Mouse With Decent Battery Life

HP x3000 is another great wireless mouse to have a look at. It has an elegantand sleek design which will make your working place look stylish. This mouseworks with a nano receiver which can be stored inside the mouse. Except forthe ultra-slim and modern design HP x3000 has rubber side grips and counteredshape to make the use more comfortable. Besides, its compact size makes it oneof the best wireless mice for traveling.Its optical sensor works on different surfaces. There is also a great scrollwheel with fast performance. HP x3000 comes with AA battery which providesone-year lifespan. Keep in mind that this mouse supports only Windows OS(XP/Vista/7/8/10).Pros: * affordable price * easy to use * great grip * long-lasting battery life * lightweight * 5 color optionsCons: * hypersensitive * not the best option for users with big palms * has a fixed DPI of 1200 * no additional buttonsCheck Prices

Great Affordable Wireless Mouse From Microsoft

Need something really cheap? Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850 is at yourservice. This wireless mouse is very compact and can be certainly called oneof the best portable wireless mice for less than $15. Besides, it comes in 7colors, so you may choose the one you like most of all.Despite its low price, this wireless mouse has a comfortable design and up to6 months of battery life. What is more, it is suitable both for left- andright-handed users. This Microsoft wireless mouse works with a nanotransceiver which you need to plug into your PC. When not used it can behidden in a built-in storage in the mouse what is really great as you willalways remember where you have put it.Pros: * low price * ambidextrous portable design * 7 color options * great battery lifespan * built-in storage for nano transceiver * 3-year warrantyCons: * plastic construction feels cheap and not durable * heavy * no additional buttonsCheck Prices

Stylish Wireless Mouse from Apple

Apple Magic Mouse 2 will attract all customers who love stylish items orprefer Apple products. This wireless mouse comes with white polycarbonatearched design. It is also light and compact. There is an optimized foot designfor easy and smooth sensor tracking which is less resistant across the deskthan some other models. Its optical sensor has a fast reaction to movementsand lets you adjust the sensitivity and tracking in the Mouse systempreferences on the Mac device.Thanks to its ambidextrous design it can be used by all customers, both left-and right-handed. Note that Apple Magic Mouse 2 has Multi-Touch surface whichallows you to look through web pages or scroll through the documents. It isalso completely rechargeable, so you won’t need to buy any batteries. MagicMouse 2 has a fast charge and two minutes of charge can provide you with9-hour performance. A full charge is enough only for one month. By the way,this mouse doesn’t come with a receiver as it automatically pairs with Macsvia Bluetooth connection.Pros: * stylish look * ambidextrous design * rechargeable battery * fast charge * multi-touch surfaceCons: * expensive * needs OS X El Capitan or later * can’t be used when charging * only one-month battery life on a full chargeCheck Prices

Excellent Wireless Mouse With Ergonomic Design

If you are looking for a highly adjustable mouse then don’t miss the chance toget one of the best items. Logitech offers a top-notch wireless mouse with aunique ergonomic design. Thanks to its adjustable hinge you can customize thetrackball angle from 0° to 20°. This will let you find the most natural handposition to feel comfortable during the working day or when playing games. Asa result, you won’t suffer from wrist strains.Dual connectivity provides this Logitech wireless mouse with cross-computercontrol and allows you to navigate on two PCs at the same time. Due to itsLogitech Flow you can also transfer files from one computer to the other onejust in seconds. By the by, in case you do not need to transfer files you canswitch between two devices just with a touch of a button. Note that you canconnect the mouse to both computers via Bluetooth Smart technology or using aUSB receiver.Logitech MX Ergo has a rechargeable battery with a 4-month lifespan on a fullcharge. By the way, the trackball angle isn’t the only thing that you cancustomize. The tracking button is another part of the mouse that can beadjusted. You can also customize your cursor speed with Logitech OptionsSoftware.Pros: * ergonomic design * 10 additional buttons * long battery life * excellent customization software * good build qualityCons: * pricey * not ambidextrous * limited tilt options * connectivity dropsCheck Prices

The Best Wireless Mouse From Microsoft

Another example of a great wireless mouse is Microsoft Surface Precision. Thismouse can boast of accurate performance and ergonomic design. It comes with acurved shape, side grips and a thumb rest. Together these ergonomic detailsmake this mouse comfortable even for the longest working days.Microsoft Surface Precision is also a customizable mouse as it has threeprogrammable buttons. It can work with up to three devices simultaneously anddoesn’t take much time or effort to change the device. The mouse is equippedwith a rechargeable battery which can last up to three months. This Microsoftwireless mouse supports only Windows OS.Pros: * ergonomic design * 3 programmable buttons * a thumb rest * wireless as well as wired connectivity * long battery life * cross-computer control (up to 3 devices)Cons: * expensive * mouse configuration is scattered all over WindowsCheck Prices

An Excellent-Performing Wireless Gaming Mouse

Razer Basilisk Ultimate is a highly comfortable, cool-looking wireless mousethat offers a great combination of performance, features, and overall positiveexperience to the customers.It is built out of premium materials and components, such as the exceptional20K DPI Focus+ optical sensor that is the key reason for its remarkableperformance, as well as discrete, yet great looking Chroma RGB Lighting,organized into 14 different RGB zones.Moreover, it is fitted with 11 programmable buttons, two macro/shortcutbuttons, and a very handy, detachable “sniper” button that, together with itsgreat performance, makes this mouse a perfect option for FPS titles.However, that isn’t everything, since this mouse also comes with an RGB MouseCharging Dock, a long-lasting battery (it can last up to 100 hours), and theability to store up to five different profiles (that can be easily switchedbetween each other) in its own memory, by simply pressing the dedicatedbutton, placed underneath the mouse itself.Thankfully, a very robust and detailed, Razer Synapse 3 software isresponsible for every customization, such as macros creation, buttonremapping, and lighting optimization. Therefore, there should be no worriesthat you won’t be able to customize the Razer Basilisk Ultimate the way youlike it.To make a long story short, if you are after the best wireless mouse outthere, every fact presented here is probably more than a convincing argumentthat Basilisk Ultimate is not like a bunch of other mice out there, but aunique, high-value mouse, worth the gaming enthusiasts and professionals, anddefinitely a great catch.Pros: * excellent optical sensor * no lag performance * great performance * comfortableCheck Prices

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