Air Force Cyber Systems Operations Civilian Career Opportunities

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Air Force Computer Systems Programming Requirements and Qualifications

Here are the prerequisite requirements that must be fulfilled before a new AirForce recruit can enter into training to become an Air Force Computer SystemsProgrammer.

Training and Career Path to Become an Air Force Computer Systems Programmer

A 3d0x4 at work. Image: Af.milThese are the training steps required in order to be certified to do the jobsthat are asked of Air Force Computer System Programmers.

What’s Life Like as an Air Force Computer Systems Programmer?

This is a faced paced and very demanding Air Force job that comes with thestress that those working conditions can sometimes create.It is also a very important and rewarding Air Force specialty that takes a lotof shared input and teamwork to do the job properly.Here are some of the duties that any Air Force Computer Systems Programmer maybe asked to take on:• Perform as a computer system analyst, coder, tester and manager • Do software application, design, development, maintenance, testing,configuration and supporting documentation • Help to come up with standardized tools and interfaces that work inaccordance with Air Force Network Operations guidelines • Protect operating systems and software and make sure compliance with DODdirectives is met regarding computer and communication security, unauthorizedaccess, and misuse • Design and implement program code so that it meets system specifications andrequirements • Analyze software output for bugs, logic errors, and syntax errors and thencorrect any problems that are found with these • Initiate proposals for upgraded system requirements, analyze requests forsoftware improvement, and prepare documentation and specifications forbriefings and study teams regarding these matters • Develop and help implement policies that enable effective informationdiscovery, data indexing, data storage, software life cycle management, dataretrieval, and data sharingAirmen who take on the role of Air Force Computer System Programmers willusually work in comfortable office style settings.This is because computers must be kept cool and contaminant free as much aspossible.Even field computer system setups usually operate under clean and comfortableconditions.Those that perform the duties of an Air Force Computer Systems Programmer willmost likely have some temporary duty assignments during their time in themilitary.Other than that, most of the time the active duty member will have longperiods of time assigned to the same Air Force installation.That means this is not a bad Air Force job for those that have families.

Air Force Computer Systems Programming Civilian Career Opportunities

We live in a day and age where computers play a role in almost every aspect ofeveryday life.That creates a huge demand in the labor force for those that know how toinstall, design, and reprogram any type of software.This means that those Air Force Computer System Programmers who did their jobswell should never have any problem finding work in the civilian world.As a matter of fact, these jobs are so plentiful that a former Air ForceComputer Systems Programmer can find a related job in just about any city thatthey desire to live in.Many of these jobs will also start out at over $60,000 per year.Here are some of the types of job positions in the civilian world that Ex-AirForce Computer Systems Programmers are qualified to fill:• Computer programming • Software developers • Systems software • Computer analyst • Computer technical support • Information technology specialist • IT programmer • Programmer/AnalystSome notable companies that can always use the services of a competentComputer Systems Programmer include:• Quantech Services – Wright-Patterson AFB, OH • Vibgyor Infotech Services – Danbury, CT • US Department of Justice – Salters, SC • Judge Software – Jacksonville, FL • Winston-Salem State – Winston-Salem, NC • D.R. Horton Inc. – Austin, TX • HEIGHTS Global IT Services Corporation – Arlington, TX • PCB Group – Depew, NYThose former Air Force Computer System Programmers who go on to work forFederal Government branches will get the bonus of having their military timecount towards pay, retirement, and the number of paid holidays they receiveeach year.

Air Force Cyber Systems Operations Requirements and Qualifications

Here are the prerequisite requirements that must be fulfilled in order toenter into Air Force Cyber Systems Operations training.

Training and Career Path to Become an Air Force Air Force Cyber Systems

OperationsHere is the training path that recruits take to become certified Cyber SystemsOperations Specialists.

How Much Are Air Force Cyber Systems Operations Paid?

Most of those that enter into this career field will start out as an AirmanBasic (E-1).There is a chance though that someone with advanced computer skills ortraining can start out at a pay rank as high as an Airman (E-2) or AirmanFirst Class (E-3).Insignia| Pay Grade| Rank| Abbreviation| 2020 Minimum Monthly Pay —|—|—|—|— | E-1| Airman Basic| AB| $1,733 | E-2| Airman| Amn| $1,943 | E-3| Airman First Class| A1C| $2,043 | E-4| Senior Airman| SrA| $2,263 | E-5| Staff Sergeant| SSgt| $2,468 | E-6| Technical Sergeant| TSgt| $2,694 | E-7| Master Sergeant| MSgt| $3,114 | E-8| Senior Master Sergeant| SMSgt| $4,480 | E-9| Chief Master Sergeant| CMSgt| $5,473 | E-9| Command Chief Master Sergeant| CCM| $5,473 | E-9| Chief Master Sergeant Of The Air Force| CMSAF| $5,473 Other forms of pay and incentives may include such things as: * * * Housing allowance for those that live off base (BAH) * Subsistence allowance (Food – BAS) * Temporary duty pay * Hazardous duty pay * Cost of living incentives * Tuition reimbursementOf course, all health care requirements for any military member are always100% covered.Due to the demand in the civilian world for the skills that Cyber SystemsOperators possess and the growing need for them in the Air Force in general,this career field generally has some of the best reenlistment bonuses in theAir force.Related Article – Air Force Airborne Cryptologic Linguist (1A8X1): CareerDetails

What’s Life Like in Air Force Cyber Systems Operations?

An Air Force cyber systems operator at work. Image: Af.milThis Air Force specialty is done predominately in a normal office typeenvironment.Very rarely does an Airman perform their duties in places other than climate-controlled working environmentsThe locations where one can do this job are also varied as almost everysizeable duty station or base in the Air Force has the need for Cyber SystemsOperations Specialists.Air Force Cyber Security protocols required Cyber Operations personnel to bepresent around the clock, so there is a good possibility for those that dothis job that they will have to work some rotating shifts.Among the duties these skilled computer professionals perform while working inthe Air Force include: * * * Installs, supports, and maintains Air Force server operating systems and other computer platforms and software that are pertinent to their operation. * Ensures that all current defensive computer operation mechanisms are in place and working properly. * Quickly responds to any service outages or interruptions to Air Force computer network operations. * Helps to administer and maintain server-based networked systems, corresponding applications, and any associated network storage devices. * Helps to enable the timely delivery of both classified and unclassified message traffic via email. * Is heavily involved in database operations including implementing system conversions and investigating any problems in the database environment. * Ensures continuous cyber systems operations by providing user optimization and problem-solving support services. * Regularly implements and checks the Air Force computer security policies that safeguard critical cyber systems and information. * Categorizes, isolates, and then resolves any computer system problems. * Verifies computer network service outages and restoration with those Air Force customers that are directly impacted by them. * Processes, documents and coordinates the execution of trouble call tickets from computer system operators. * Submits detailed reports on the reasons why any unscheduled computer system outages occurred. * Support information warfare operations under the guidelines of strictly controlled parametersThis is not a bad job for those Air Force personnel that have families either.That’s because temporary duty assignments are not as prevalent in this AirForce specialty as they are with some other Air force jobs.Related Article – 10 Benefits Of Being A Military Wife (and 5 not-so-goodthings)

Air Force Cyber Systems Operations Civilian Career Opportunities

Civilian jobs for those that have worked as Air Force Cyber Systems OperationsSpecialist are plentiful and high paying.That’s what makes it so tough for the Air Force to retain the Cyber SystemsOperations personnel that they train.Starting pay for these jobs ranges from $50,000 a year to above $100,000depending on the level of experience gained while working in the US Air Forceas a Cyber Systems Operations Specialist.Here are some examples of government agencies and civilian companies thatroutinely require the skills that Air Force trained Cyber Systems OperationsSpecialists have to offer them: * * * National Security Agency – Fort Meade, MD * The Adeline Group – Fort Meade, MD * Crest Security Assurance – Fort Meade, MD * GRIMM – Stafford, VA * Booz Allen Hamilton – Quantico, VA * Sawdey Solution Services – Shaw AFB, SC * National Security Agency – Honolulu, HI * Tangent Technologies – Chandler, AZ * Raytheon – Colorado Springs, CO * Nowcom Corporation – Los Angeles, CAAlthough some government agencies pay slightly less for former Air Force CyberSystems Operations Specialists than their civilian counterparts, theseagencies will give credit towards pay, holiday time, and retirement for thetime their employees served their country in the military.Related Article – 10 Best Air Force Jobs For Civilian Life

What is Cyber Systems Operations in Air Force?

Cyber Systems Operations work to prevent cyber attacks on the Air Force’scomputer systems and software.

Do I need a security clearance to work in USAF Cyber Systems Operations?

Airmen working in Cyber Systems Operations must be U.S. citizens and pass abackground check for a Top Secret security clearance that covers 10 years ofpersonal information.

How long is Cyber Systems Operations tech school?

Tech school for Cyber Systems Operations requires 56 training days and isconducted at Keesler AFB, Mississippi.

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