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Video Tutorial – How to Record Audio from Computer with Free Sound

RecorderVIDEO* * *

Q: I can record from my mic but can’t record audio inside of my computer,

why?A: When you try to record audio from your computer, you should choose thesound source as “Stereo Mix”. If you choose Mic or other sources, the soundinside your computer will not be detected by sound recorder software.* * *

Save Audio Recordings in Commonly-used MP3 Format

This online sound recorder allows you to export your audio in MP3 by default.When you finishing recording, your recorded audio will be downloaded to yourcomputer automatically and saved as MP3 format. Aiseesoft Free Online AudioRecorder has a built-in library where you can preview, edit, and delete therecording audio files. And it also provides the easy way for you to check thefile or open the destination folder to navigate the audio recordings on yourcomputer accurately and immediately.Record Now

The Best Way to Record Audio from Internet

When we talk about the best ways to record audio from Internet free, there areonly two programs that deserves to be on the top. For these audio grabbershave an overall function of ripping those audio directly from the any audio orvideo streams. Without further ado, here are the two perfect ways for you.

Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder

This program is an online Internet audio recorder that is free of charge. Themainly function of this audio grabber is to record any audio that you want bysimply clicking the “Record” button. What makes it program outstanding is itsuser friendly interface perfectly fit for everyone to use. Plus it convertsany audio files to a format that you desire, and works perfectly with anybrowsers.To use this program all you need to do is to press “Start Recording” icon onits webpage, install the launcher if the you are the new user. Afterwards, youcan select the audio source as “System Sound” when the tool is open. It is nowthe time to play the audio file that you want to save. Press “Record” to beginrecording and “Stop” to end the process. All right, you can enter the“Recording list”, finding the recorded file, play the manage it withouteffort.

Record any audio effortlessly

Free PC Audio Recorder is an audio recorder developed by Cok Free Software.This multimedia software enables you to easily record any file from varioussources, such as the line-in audio from your microphone, the audio streamonline, the system audio from your PC sound card, and the in-and-out voices onyour computer. It gives you the power to utilize the recorded audio in anymanner you prefer it to use.

Record quality audio

The quality of recording this tool offers is superb that it has the capabilityto give you professional sound output with no charging options required. It isconsidered one of the best in the market as it produces crystal clear soundfrom line-in equipment.On top of that, it enables you to record audio without the need for a physicalmicrophone. The app already has its built-in mic provided. Not only that, butit also permits you to record high-quality VoIP voice conversations from otherapplications such as Skype, Viber, Windows media player, Real player, iTunes,etc.

Free Online Audio Recorder

One-stop free audio recording software to record internal and external soundto MP3 online159 ReviewsStart Recording

Record any sound you can hear

Deeply attracted by the background music of YouTube video? Feel heated by theInternal radio? Want to share your own speech or original song online? Yes. * Record online streaming musicFrom audio streaming sites on Spotify, Pandora, LAST.FM, My Space, 8 Tracks,etc. This music capturing software is able to record and save music orInternet broadcasts on your computer without any downloading tools. * Record your own narrationsRecording your own voice to create the presentation narration is not asdifficult as you think. You could do sounds for your video show or videotutorial with this free audio recording software to make your presentationsmore vivid. * Save chatting conversations and notesE-meeting via Skype or TeamViewer can also be recorded with this free onlinecapturing software. It lets you save the chatting dialogues in business ortake voice notes to miss no any important points in life. * Extract audio from video Extracting background audio from such online video sites like YouTube, Vimeo,Vevo, Dailymotion, Vevo, etc. can be completed easily with Apeaksoft FreeOnline Audio Recorder. Link to MP3 is just a piece of cake with this tool.

Record audio from internal and external sources

Apeaksoft Free Online Audio Recorder does better and more than you canimagine. It captures any voice pass through your sound card on the computer.Whether the internal audio is coming from your local computer files or otherthird-party apps like Windows Media Player, iTunes, VLC, and more, it isworking great to capture the computer voices. Moreover, it has the ability of recording sounds from an external LP,cassette, CD/DVD player, AM/FM/Satellite radio, etc. Even the VoIP audio callsfrom Skype, Google Hangouts, LINE, Viber, etc. this utility can easily graspaudio from them to MP3 on your computer.Input sources | Streaming music sites, radio stations, online meetings, in-game sound, voice chat, narration, video sharing sites, etc. —|— Supported apps | Windows Media Player, iTunes, VLC, Skype, GoToMeeting,Google Hangouts, Viber, LINE, etc. OS | Windows 10/8/7 with a sound card Output format | MP3

Advanced version of Free Online Audio Recorder

Check more advanced features from Apeaksoft Screen Recorder| Free Online Audio Recorder | Screen Recorder —|—|— Record system audio | | Record microphone audio | | Real-time preview | | Record video | | Screenshot | | Task schedule | | Recording customization | | Hotkeys support | | Recording editing | | Recording cutter | | Recording output formats | MP3 | WMV, MP4, MOV, F4V, AVI, TS, MP3, WMA, AAC,M4A, PNG, JPEG/JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP Adjust recording quality | | Mouse highlight | | Real-time preview | |

Record sound coming from your computer to create MP3 or OGG audio tracks

as well as configure audio settings with the help of this toolRecording the sound that goes through your audio card isn’t at all a difficulttask, but Free Audio Recorder promises to make everything a lot easier, evenfor those with no advanced computer knowledge.And at the first glance the program is indeed relying on a very intuitiveapproach, with a clean and tabbed layout for instant access to all of itsfeatures.While the first tab is designed for logging purposes, helping advanced usersdetermine the cause of certain problems, the second one gives you the power toselect the device used for recording. With support for microphones and anyother audio device connected to your system, Free Audio Recorder also lets youadjust volume, left and right balance.Free Audio Recorder saves the recording in MP3, WMA, OGG or WAV format and,what’s more, it boasts several customizable parameters concerning the outputfile, including channel, bit resolution and sampling frequency.You can stop the recording manually or after a specific period of time, butwhat’s more important is that Free Audio Recorder lets you control many of itsfeatures through keyboard shortcuts.On the down side, Free Audio Recorder doesn’t allow the user to configure theshortcuts, so if you really want to use them, you have no other option than tocheck the help manual and find out their purpose.To put it simple, Free Audio Recorder is a handy piece of software that onlyneeds some minor improvements to become a powerful top product. It works likea charm on all Windows versions and doesn’t affect system performance at all.

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