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Postgraduate life at King’s

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For international students

Engineering AdvisingStarting Spring 2021 the college will implement an admit to major process thatwill utilize one application for all engineering programs. (This will notinclude Aviation, which will continue to utilize its program’s current admitto major process.) This new process goes beyond the traditional grade metricand incorporates a multi-factor review through which the voices and stories ofall of our aspiring engineering students can be told. Additionally, updatedeligibility requirements will allow students to apply to a major earlier,which, for most students, will be the second semester of enrollment.Students will be admitted based on background and thought that demonstrate: * Capacity to understand basic engineering principles and apply them in a variety of settings * Informed desire for an engineering discipline * Appreciation for inclusion, collaboration, leadership, and integrity * Drive to acquire and apply knowledge to enrich one’s life, work, community, and societyRecognizing the challenges in meeting the demand and space availability inpopular majors, applicants will choose three majors of interest. In theCollege of Engineering Pre-Major Program, students will have the opportunityto explore multiple majors through both their coursework and opportunities toengage with faculty, academic advisors, and peers. Students will learn howdifferent engineering majors can lead to similar career outcomes and besupported to make choices with intention and good information. Each year theuniversity directly enrolls into engineering the number of students matchingthe total capacity of our engineering majors. In principle we have a place ina major for every pre-major we enroll. It is our expectation that a majorityof students will get their first choice.

Criteria for Admission Consideration

Students must meet the following criteria by the end of the semester in whichthey are applying: 1. College Requirements * enrolled in the College of Engineering as a pre-major (students enrolled outside the college should first follow the Change to Engineering Pre-Major process); * cumulative Ohio State GPA of 2.0 or better; * credit for Calculus II through completion of Math 1152, Math 1172, or Math 2162 (or equivalent version); * credit for the Fundamentals of Engineering Sequence through completion of, 1. ENGR 1182 or ENGR 1282H; or 2. ENG 1186, ENGR 1187, and ENGR 1188 2. Program Requirements – credit for science or technical courses(s) depending on each program applied for. Reminder, students must be eligible to apply to 3 different engineering majors in order to be considered for admission. * Majors | Required Credit —|— Aerospace Engineering Food, Agr. & Biological Engineering Industrial & Systems Engineering Mechanical Engineering | Physics 1250 (1260) Biomedical Engineering Chemical Engineering Materials Science & Engineering Welding Engineering | Completion of one of these three combinations, 1. Chemistry 1220 (1920H) 2. Chemistry 1210 (1910H) and Physics 1250 (1260) 3. Chemistry 1250 and Physics 1250 (1260) Civil Engineering Environmental Engineering | Chemistry 1210 or Chemistry 1250 or Physics 1250(1260) Computer Science & Engineering | CSE 2221 Electrical & Computer Engineering | Chemistry 1210 (1910H) or Chemistry 1250or Physics 1250 (1260) or CSE 2221 Engineering Physics | Physics 1251 (1261) Students who wish to apply to the Computer & Information Science major withinthe College of Arts and Sciences should visit Application to Major – Computer& Information Science for instructions and requirements.

What Majors are you Eligible to Apply to?

Students are eligible to apply to different majors based on completion of theprogram requirements. Find which majors you are eligible to apply to based onthe science and technical courses you will have completed. You are eligible toapply to the majors listed below each group of classes that will be completedby the end of application semester.Physics I Physics 1250/1260 | Physics I & II Physics 1250/1260 & Physics 1251/1261 | Chemistry I Chemistry 1210/1250/1910H | Chemistry I & II Chemistry 1210/1910H & Chemistry 1220/1920H | Physics I & Chemistry I Physics 1250/1260 & Chemistry 1210/1250/1910H | Software I CSE 2221 —|—|—|—|—|— Aerospace | Aerospace | Civil | Biomedical | Aerospace | Computer Science &Eng. Civil | Civil | Electrical & Computer | Chemical | Biomedical | Electrical &Computer Electrical & Computer | Electrical & Computer | Environmental | Civil |Chemical | Environmental | Engineering Physics | | Electrical & Computer | Civil | Food, Agricultural & Biol. | Environmental | | Environmental | Electrical &Computer | Industrial & Systems Eng. | Food, Agricultural & Biol. | | Materials Science& Eng. | Environmental | Mechanical | Industrial & Systems Eng. | | Welding | Food, Agricultural &Biol. | | Mechanical | | | Industrial & Systems Eng. | | | | | Mechanical | | | | | Materials Science & Eng. | | | | | Welding |City, University of London * ‘A’ Level: * ABB (preferably to include Computer Science or Mathematics) * Tariff: * 128 UCAS tariff points (typically ABB or BBB) * IB: * 31 points, with 6, 5, 5 from three higher subjects * BTEC: * D*DD (IT/numerate subjects only)We do accept applications from students who are completing a combination ofqualifications. For this course, this would be something like: D* in IT with agrade B in ‘A’ Level Computer Science and a grade B in another ‘A’ Level. Wemay also take ‘AS’ Level grades into consideration.In addition, the following is required: * GCSE English Language at grade 4 (C) and Mathematics grade 6 (B)

International Qualifications

We accept a wide range of European and international qualifications for directentry to our programmes. For more information please your first language is not English, we will require evidence of Englishlanguage proficiency. Minimum requirements are: * IELTS: 6.0 overall with a minimum of 6.0 in each component. * PTE Academic: 59 overall with a minimum of 59 in each component.

Admission to King’s College London Top Programs

Program | Application Deadline | Admission Requirements —|—|— Master of Science [M.Sc] Computer Science | 31 March, 2020 | Bachelor’s degreein computer science, mathematics, physics, chemistry, electrical engineering,or a joint degree in two such subjects. Competence in a high-level programming language such as Pascal, C, C++, Java,etc Master of Science [M.Sc] Cyber Security | 31 March, 2020 | Bachelors degreewith 2:1 honours degree in computer science, mathematics, physics, chemistry,electrical engineering, or a joint degree in two such subjects with minimum60% Master of Arts [M.A] Big Data in Culture and Society | 31 March, 2020 |Bachelor’s degree in English, Arts, Humanities or Social Science degree, or arelated discipline with a minimum of 60%. Master of Science [M.Sc] Data Science | 31 March, 2020 | Bachelors degree with2:1 honours degree in computer science, mathematics, physics, chemistry,electrical engineering, or a joint degree in two such subjects with minimum60% Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Computer Science | 15 January 2021 | Grade 12 in atleast one: Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Computer Science or Computing. Master of Science [M.Sc] Financial Mathematics | 31 March, 2020 | Bachelor’sdegree in mathematics or mathematics-based subject with minimum 60% marks. Bachelor of Engineering [B.Eng] General Engineering | 15 January 2021 |Mathematics or Further Mathematics Master of Engineering [M.Eng] Electronic Engineering | 15 January 2021 |Either Mathematics or Further Mathematics Master of Arts [M.A] International Relations | 31 March 2020 | Undergraduatedegree with 65% in history, international relations, political science,economics, or other appropriate subjects Master of Science [M.Sc] Economics and Finance | 31 March 2020 | Undergraduatedegree with 65% in economics, finance, the natural sciences, mathematics, orsocial science, with evidence of a quantitative background. Master of Laws [L.L.M] International Business Law | 31 March 2020 |Undergraduate degree with high 2:1 honours (i.e. overall average of at least65%) in Law Master of Science [M.Sc] Advanced Software Engineering | 31 March 2020 |Bachelors degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering. Work Experience Prefered Master of Science [M.Sc] Global Health | 31 March 2020 | BSc/BA degree in anappropriate discipline with 60%. MBBS | 15 October 2020 | University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) Biosciences Subject Master of Science [M.Sc] Robotics | 31 March 2020 || Bachelors degree in mechanical engineering (or other relevant subject e.g.physics, mathematics, electrical engineering). —

King’s College London Admission Deadlines

University’s undergraduate admission applications are submitted via UCASPortal. Applications begin from early September for the semester beginning inthe following September. The King’s College London international admissiondeadline for the academic year 2020-2021 is January 15, 2020. However,international students are advised to submit their applications at theearliest because the KCL courses fill up quickly.Applications to graduate students open from October 2019. The deadlines formost graduate courses are in March 2020. International students are advised toapply for their visas maximum by June 2020, to give enough time for visaprocessing. Programs commencement begins in September 2020.

King’s College London International Admissions

International students seeking admissions at top universities in UK can followthe below-mentioned admission details: * Application: UG applications can be made through ‘UCAS’ and PG applications on the University’s online portal. * Application fee: Postgraduate courses- 40 GBP ; MBBS- 100 GBP * Application deadlines: * UG Courses: January 15; October 15 for Medicine and Dentistry * PG Courses: July end * General requirements: Official academic transcripts, official degree completion certificate, mark sheets * The Indian High School Leaving Certificate (from CBSE and CISCE boards only) at the end of standard XII will generally be considered for direct entry onto undergraduate programs with an overall average score of 80% and 90%. * Additional requirements: Birth certificate, passport copy, 2 reference letters, personal statement, essay, and research proposal. * English Proficiency Test to Study in UK: The level of English language you are required to demonstrate is dependent on the program you have applied for. * International students who wish to study at top UK universities and in need to improve their English and study skills before starting a graduate study, King’s offers ways to get started in the form of pre-sessional courses.NOTE- International students interested in doing undergraduate or bachelor’sdegree at King’s currently studying in a school that offers a high schoolnational diploma that is not equivalent to UK A levels, need to first completea King’s International Foundation. They are guaranteed a place on a relatedKing’s undergraduate degree if they have met the progression criteria for yourchosen Foundation course.

English Language Requirements for International Students

International students who want to apply to King’s College are required todemonstrate their proficiency in English by fulfilling either one of thecriteria required by their program. The English language requirements arementioned below:Test Type | Minimum Requirements —|— TOEFL (iBT) | 109 overall with 27 in writing and a minimum of 25 in each ofthe other skills IELTS | 7.5 overall with a minimum of 7.0 in each skill Cambridge Advanced Certificate (CAE) / Cambridge C1 Advanced | 191 overallwith a minimum 185 in each skill Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) / Cambridge C2Proficiency | 191 overall with a minimum 185 in each skill Pearson Test of English (Academic) | 75 overall with a minimum of 69 in eachcommunicative skill

Visa Process for International Students

To gain permission to enter the UK as a student from outside the EuropeanEconomic Area, it is likely a student will need to apply for a Tier 4 StudentVisa in UK. The student must hold an unconditional offer from King’s to applyfor a visa. Once received the unconditional offer, KCL will issue the studentwith a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) number, which is requiredin order to apply for the Tier 4 student visa.To apply for a visa the international students are also required to show thatthey have sufficient funds to cover their tuition fees and maintenanceInternational students can begin the visa process a maximum of three monthsprior to program commencement. While applying online for the visa, studentsmust provide the following documents: * CAS number * Current passport * Financial statement * Tuberculosis Test results * Proof of proficiency in English, minimum B levelThe UK visa application fee is GBP 348, mandatory for all internationalstudents. Visa decisions are declared within 3 weeks of application.

King’s College London Undergraduate Admissions

The general undergraduate admission process for a prospective student atKing’s College London is given below:How to apply: Online application via the Universities and Colleges AdmissionsServiceAcademic requirements: High school leaving certificate, transcripts of yourprevious qualifications (with official English translations if not originallyin English), two academic references, any English language qualifications thatyou have (if your first language is not English).Supporting Documents: Proof of financial support, copy of passport forinternational applicants, required points under the Points Based System, Proofof financial support, Passport/ National identity card, English LanguageProficiency.

King’s College London Graduate Admissions

Some prominent Masters programs are offered by Kings College London includebanking & finance, engineering, dentistry etc. The general admissionrequirements are as follows:How to apply: Online applicationApplication Deadline : 29 MarchAcademic Requirements: A copy (or copies) of your official academictranscript(s), showing the subjects studied and marks obtained. If the degreeis already completed, copies of official degree certificate will also berequired. Applicants with academic documents issued in a language other thanEnglish will need to submit both the original and official translation oftheir documents, Two references, Personal statement, CV (optional)Supporting Documents: Proof of financial support, copy of passport forinternational applicants, required points under the Points Based systemSome of the popular Graduate school courses available at King’s College are asfollows -Courses | MSc in International Management | MSc. In Electronic Engineeringwith Management | MSc in Artificial Intelligence | MSc Accounting,Accountability & Financial Management —|—|—|—|— Application Fee | 80 GBP | 60 GBP | 60 GBP | 80 GBP General Requirements | UG degree with an overall average of at least 65%across all years of study in a social science-related area. | | BSc or BEngwith 2:1 honor in Engineering or another relevant subject Competence incomputer programming to the level expected at the end of the first year of aBSc honors degree in computer science. | Undergraduate degree high 2:1 honor(i.e. an overall average of at least 65% across all years of study) requiredin a social science-related area (e.g. management, economics, sociology, oranother relevant subject). Personal Statement | Required | Required | Required | Required Letters of Recommendation | Required (2) | Required (2) | Required (2) |Required (2) CV | Optional | Optional | Optional | Optional Out of the recommendation letters, one needs to be academic. Professionalreferences will be accepted if the applicant has completed theirqualifications over five years ago.Applications remain open after the deadline if places are available but theprograms will be closed as soon as they are full, so applicants are advised tosubmit their application as early as possible. All qualifications andinstitutions of the applicant are cross-checked on the UK NARIC databases(National Recognition Information Centre, which is the national agency for therecognition and comparison of international qualifications). If a particularinstitution or qualification is not on this list, King’s College would notconsider the application.

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