A Photo Editing HP Monitor Inspired by TV Design and Durable Design

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IPS Monitors

Monitors that carry the “IPS” designation use something called in-planeswitching to help create a wider color palate within the sRGB profile. Unlessdesignated as wide-gamut color profile, these monitors simply display more ofthe sRGB color range than a traditional LCD screen. IPS monitors are slower –they don’t have a great response time. This will mean something to people whouse their computers for fast-action video games. For photographers, theresponse time doesn’t matter and the advantages of an IPS monitor are clear.You get to see more colors in your images.

Monitor Calibration

Many displayed designed for photo editing use come with calibration softwareyou can install or internal sensors embedded in the display. Professionalphotographers use external calibration devices that digitally read and correctcalibration. The most popular are the X-Rite ColorMunki and the DatacolorSpyder5 PRO.These calibration tools are the best available calibration options—they takeall the guesswork out. Windows 7 and 8 have built-in calibration software andthere are plenty of free applications that can help, but nothing matches theprofessional quality of an external calibrator. If you can afford theinvestment, professional calibrators are completely worth it.

The Best Photo Editing Monitor for You

You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a high-quality IPS monitor that willwork for photo editing. Monitor size and resolution are important. To get thebest workflow experience, you’ll want something that is at least 24-inches,preferably 27-inches, with the highest resolution you can afford. The colorprofile you use matters as well. Most of the world functions in sRGB, so youmight not even need the wider range of wide-gamut monitors. If you do get awider-gamut monitor, you’ll want to make sure you can easily switch betweencolor profiles for web browsing and day-to-day use.If you already have a monitor and you are having trouble with calibration, anexternal calibrator might be the best option for you—especially if you havealready invested in a high-resolution IPS monitor. Keep in mind that there isa limit to how well an inexpensive monitor will perform. Sometimes it is notabout calibration, but the quality of the tools you are using. After investingthe best digital photography equipment, it only makes sense to invest in ahigh-quality digital darkroom.BenQ PD3220U Review (a Great High-Res Monitor for Photographers)

Color display & resolution

The color display of this monitor is one of the main selling points. The 4Kresolution combined with BenQ’s patented technology provides exceptional colorrecreation. Moreover, colors look bright, accurate, and sharp. The followingcolor space options are supported: * sRGB – 100% * Rec.709 – 95% * DCI-P3 – 95% * Adobe RGB – 100% HDR is of course supported, and the monitor is pre-calibrated before shipment.This means you can use it immediately without having to complete an arduouscalibration process. In addition to this, the brightness level of 300 nitsmeans that colors stand out but at the same time don’t look too imposing.

Image & Video display

For both images and videos, the display looks superb. Photos and images inpost-processing software burst with color and life. BenQ’s AQColor technologycertainly makes a difference – if you compared an image on this monitor and abasic LED display, the difference would be noticeable.Related Posts: Best Monitors for Video Editing

BenQ 23.8-inch BL2420PT Widescreen Monitor with 100% sRGB

Manufacturers don’t make claims unless they have some unique features tojustify their product. The BenQ BL2420PT is being marketed as a display panelmade extensively for designers, animators, CAD users and industrial productdesigners. It comes from the fact that this panel is certified to have 100%sRGB which is what designers need and to have precise color reproduction intheir work.The BenQ monitor has 709 color space which enables professionals to know theexact colors they are working with while editing photos. It is also a must-have display panel for professional video editors and anyone who works with alot of visual content. The display is equipped with a dedicated CAM. The CAMmode and an animation mode enable the graphic artists to bring their ideas tolife with perfection.It is a 23.8-inch display which has a 2K resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. Theresolution is a fine balance between an overkill 8k and now redundant 1080pwhich are found on almost any display. The monitor has a solid, sturdy buildto it with a stand and it can be swivelled in any direction as required. Thedisplay is equipped with a blue light filter, flicker-free design andseamlessly works with Windows, Mac operating system.What makes the BenQ BL2420PT a popular choice? * The monitor has a 2K panel in a smaller display which improves the pixels per inch and it has accurate color reproduction capabilities which are important for designers * The build quality is excellent and it should easily last years of hardcore usageRecommended For: * Professional designers, video editors and CAD users who require an accurate color reproduction panel for everyday usage

BenQ 32-inch IPS Monitor PV3200PT

The BenQ 32-inch monitor features an IPS panel and has been calibrated atevery level to ensure it suits the requirement of professional designers andartists. The size of the panel is quite large, measured at 32 inches, and hasa true 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160p. The UHD panel has been hardwarecalibrated for color accuracy, which is something found only in select modelsand this stands proof to the fact that it is made for designers who needaccuracy in colors.With the PV3200PT from BenQ, you can expect exceptional build quality. Theswiveling stand that holds the display is thick, made of metal and all thecontrols are mounted on the bottom for easy access. The buttons are easilyreachable rather than when you find them mounted below the display, whichmakes it a very cumbersome experience to adjust brightness, colors or viewingangles. The panel works with Windows and Mac operating systems.It has been meticulously calibrated using Palette Master Element ColorCalibration Software. The BenQ monitor is capable of producing uniformbrightness throughout the panel and its maximum brightness level is set at 350which is usually more than enough for most designing work. The UHD monitoralso has a 60Hz refresh rate ideal for designing work and it focuses more oncolor accuracy than refresh rate, a feature that gamers would expect to be onthe higher side.What makes the BenQ PV3200PT the best monitor for designers? * The BenQ monitor has a contemporary 4K UHD resolution and it has been hardware color calibrated for maximum accuracy * It has all the essential connectivity ports and is 100% Rec. 709 combined with glare-proof IPS technologyRecommended For: * Professional designers with a requirement for high color accuracy, great panel and UHD resolution but may not mind about the higher price tag

LG 32UD99-W 32-inch 4K IPS Monitor with HDR 10

For most photographers and editors, the LG 32UD99-W ideally ticks all theright check-boxes and has a whole lot of features that you could ask for.Being a photo editor friendly display panel starts with the best level ofcolor accuracy and this one achieves it with a DCI-P3 95% color standard. Itshould be ideal for all your editing work where it is easier to set thevibrancy, brightness or adjust particular colors so that they look impressiveon all kinds of consumer display panels.The monitor is rather large-measured at 32-inches which make the best use ofthe 4K resolution. It is integrated with 3840 x 2160 pixels that is true 4K.The feature that further boosts this is the panel’s capability to supportHDR10, the new standard for movie lovers and hardcore console gamers. Whileyour primary purpose is not to game or watch movies, having the feature isuseful to test content and see how it looks when the high dynamic range isturned on.Another standout feature of the LG 32-inch model is its brightness level whichis measured at 550 nits. If you happen to work in a brightly lit room or liketo see your images with maximum brightness rendered by the back-lights, youcan do so with the LG panel. Being a known brand enhances its overalldurability, customer support and the ability to get the best panel in town asLG is among the leading display panel manufacturers.What makes the LG 32UD99-W an ideal choice for photo editors? * The LG monitor is large with a 32-inch display and has a UHD 4K panel * It supports HDR10 and has been tuned to 95% color standard for improved accuracyRecommended For: * Photo editors who require the highest level of brightness and accurate color reproduction

BenQ 27-inch 4K PhotoVue SW271 Photographer Monitor

BenQ has taken the extra step to ensure they create a product that isexclusively designed for photographers and professionals who are oftendemanding with their requirements. The SW271 is easily among the best monitorsfor photo editing because it not only uses accurate color correction but evenhas a dedicated shade that covers the entire display panel.The monitor supports swiveling full 360 degrees and you can use the plasticlight shade to stop any external light sources from affecting the photoediting or the color correction process. The BenQ monitor has a 27-inchdisplay with a resolution of 3840 x 2160p. The UHD monitor supports HDR andhas been rated to cover 99% Adobe RGB. It has hardware calibration supportwhich ensures the highest possible accuracy for colors.Apart from these professional features, the display panel uses Rec. 709combined with DCI-P3 and 14-bit 3DT Lut. It is compatible with Gamut-duo andalso has a USB C port which is hardly integrated into monitors but this is afuture-proof solution that you can go with. The monitor allows professionalsto transmit video signals using the USB C port. It maintains uniform colorthroughout the entire panel and having a moderately sized display adds up tothe accuracy levels.What makes the BenQ SW271 a professional monitor? * The best ever monitor for photo editing as it is rated 99% color accurate according to Adobe standards * The display supports HDR, has USB C port and a dedicated shade you can use to avoid external light sources from affecting the outputRecommended For: * If you work in a brightly lit environment, the plastic shade is helpful and it is also color accurate with support for hardware acceleration and other photo editing specific features

Asus Designo MX27UC 27-inch 4K Monitor with IPS Display and Adaptive Sync

There is a lot to like in monitors from the Asus Designo series. The seriesfocuses on imparting latest style including a circular stand, bezel-lessdisplay while pushing the functionalities to its best levels. This particularmodel, the Designo MX27UC, features a moderately sized 27-inch panel. The 4Kpanel has a resolution of 3840x2160p. It is an IPS monitor which ensures youcan view the image from any angle and it will look the same without the colorsfading out.The panel has an impressive 178-degree viewing angle and the maximum contrastratio is measured at 1300:1. The display is equipped with Asus Eye Caretechnology, an important feature for professionals who spend lots of hourslooking into the bright display every day. It removes the extra brightness inthe back-light when turned off, makes it flicker-free and also has a bluelight filtering system to reduce eye strain.Apart from focusing on the visual fidelity, surprisingly, Asus has focused onthe sound output, as it is designed by popular brand Bang and Olufsen. It usesSonicMaster sound optimization technology in the two 3-watt stereo speakersmounted on the rear side. The USB Type C port is handy for video editors as itcan be used to transmit 4K high-quality videos and the product has a reliablethree-year warranty. It adds more value to your investment in case the displayshows signs of errors.What makes the Asus Designo MX27UC a good monitor for photo editing? * The monitor has a 4K display with features that reduce eye strain and allow users to use it for long hours * It has amazing external speakers, seldom found in any monitors and frame-less design, color choice makes it more sophisticated in looksRecommended For: * Photo editors keen on having a stylish looking monitor with a large display, bezel-less design, 4K resolution and a reliable warranty period

A Photo Editing HP Monitor Inspired by TV Design and Durable Design

AOC Q3277FQE 32-inch MVA LED Monitor

Buying a monitor shouldn’t be a tedious affair or result in breaking the bank,especially for professional photo editors who just want to get the work done.If you are not keen on color calibration or having a large light shade toavoid glare, the AOC Q3277FQE should be one of the best photo editing monitorson your list. It’s got everything you require, including a stylish panel, highlevel of brightness, ample connectivity ports, and a price to match mostbudgets.The manufacturer, AOC, may not be as popular as Dell or Samsung, but they makesome of the best displays with a variety of features. However, this particularmodel is more on the budget side and does have a large 32-inch display. It isnot 4K but rather has a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels measured as 2K and isgood for most everyday photo editing work.The color to contrast ratio is well balanced as the brand doesn’t do anyuneven saturation or boost contrast ratio as more commercial brands do. TheAOC monitor has a dynamic contrast ratio of 20M:1 and is easily wallmountable. It makes it easier for professionals who are planning to have adual or triple monitor setup for having that huge widescreen real estate whenworking. It has a VGA port, DVI, HDMI, and Display-port and works with theWindows 10 operating system.What makes the AOC Q3277FQE a suitable choice for editors? * It is wall-mountable and affordable so that you can easily go for a multi-monitor setup * The AOC panel is long-lasting, it has a nice finish and the contrast ratio is on par with professional requirementsRecommended For: * Photo editors and video editing professionals who need a large 32-inch monitor that’s easy to buy, support wall mounting, and has all essential ports can opt for this model

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