A Mini Tower Case Ideal for Medium Range PC Builds

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A PC Case that Proves that Size Really Does Matter

CORSAIR OBSIDIAN 1000D is a very elegant, but large PC case designed forpeople who need a two-computer device in one or are just fans of spaciouscases and good air flow. Thanks to its construction, this case supports up totwo motherboards (up to an E-ATX and a mini-ITX), two PSUs and offers aseparate front panel for each of the two boards with their own Power and Resetbuttons, along with USB connectors.CORSAIR OBSIDIAN 1000D is built out of aluminum, with a tempered glass frontand side panels and it supports various cooling and storage options. There isenough space for four massive radiators, up to eighteen fans (eight in front),along with five 3.5” and six 2.5” drive bays, which is enough even for themost demanding users.Unfortunately, although OBSIDIAN 1000D is an exceptional product, its pricetag is just too high when compared to the majority of other cases. For thatreason, unless you are in a demand for a two-motherboard case, better skipthis one and choose one that is more fit to your budget.Pros: * Space for two motherboardsCons: * Not that great cable management * ExpensiveCheck Prices

A PC Case Built for the High Demanding Users

For people searching for a high-end workstation case that is sleek-looking,spacious and offers quality cooling at the same time, there is no betterchoice than the Thermaltake View 91 RGB PLUS. Yes, it is a bit expensive, buton the bright side, it gives a lot for that price.There is space for up to 12 drives (either 2.5” or 3.5”), 20 120mm fans or 18140mm/eight 200mm ones (it comes already equipped with four 140mm Riing PLUSRGB fans), enough room for up to four radiators from 280 to 480mm in size andutterly amazing, enough room for a 600mm long graphics card.With Thermaltake View 91 RGB PLUS you just get it all: a unique design, greatstorage, and cooling capacity that almost has no match among the otherproducts. What’s even better is that, other than the aforementioned high priceand a rather heavy weight of 30kg, there are no other drawbacks. In otherwords, with this one, you can’t go wrong.Pros: * Plenty of space for fans and radiators * Quality build * Tool-less designCheck Prices

An Actual PC Case Perfection

Lian Li O11DXL-X O11 Dynamic is a full-tower PC case that presents one of thebest PC cases ever built. It has great versatility, it offers plenty of spaceand most importantly, it does an exquisite job.Everything that you might need is there: beautiful outside made out oftempered glass (front and side panel) and brushed aluminum, and enhanced withaddressable RGB strip, plenty storage capacity (six 2.5” trays and four 3.5”trays, with hot-swap function) and of course, great cooling capabilities. LianLi O11DXL-X O11 Dynamic can hold up to three 360mm radiators and 10 120mmfans, which is more than enough even for the most demanding gaming andoverclocking enthusiasts.When talking about other great aspects, it should be mentioned that this casecan cope with graphics cards that are up to 446mm in length and that itprovides eight expansion slots. In other words, whatever type of graphics youchoose, this piece of hardware can deal with it.Moreover, this case offers solid cable management, as well as a great buildquality that will certainly surprise many of you, since this is a relativelyunknown brand.The front panel of this case also brings numerous pleasant features and otherthan the regular, power on/off, and reset buttons, it also provides fourUSB3.0 ports, Type-C connection, HD audio connection, and RGB control button,which altogether makes this case one hell of a deal.All in all, if you are looking for sheer quality and are not afraid of the newChinese brands, Lian Li O11DXL-X O11 Dynamic is definitely a great choice.Pros: * Excellent build quality * Spacious * Good cable management * Eight expansion slots * Great versatility * Excellent capacity * Very good airflowCheck Prices

The Best Quality PC Case there Is

Great quality usually means a higher price, and Cooler Master Cosmos C700M isno exception. Nevertheless, its unlimited list of features, combined withexcellent performance and great design make it worth it. Of course, if you canafford it.This PC case offers basically everything that a user might need: easyreconfiguration, future-proof design, even integrated ARGB lighting. There arenumerous expansion options (five 3.5” drive bays, four 2.5” drive bays, eightcard slots, one 5.25” external bay, etc.), good connectivity with four USB3.0ports and one USB3.1 Type-C port and a kinda modest two-year warranty,considering the chassis’ excellent build quality.Cooler Master Cosmos C700M provides very quiet operations, and moreimportantly, excellent thermal performance that puts it above the cases suchas NZXT H710i or is quiet! Dark Base 700. The main reason for such qualitythermal management is a good air-flow design, as well as three large 140mmfans in the front and one 140mm fan placed in the rear end of the chassis thatare included in the package. There is also room for three additional 140mmfans on top and two 140mm ones at the bottom, but also enough place for allsorts of liquid cooling, including the multiple 420mm radiators.Overall, Cooler Master Cosmos C700M is a very large high-end Full-Tower PCcase, with great characteristics and looks, and, without a doubt, the best PCcase you can buy for your gaming adventures.Pros: * Quiet * Great thermal performance * Good cable management * VersatileCheck Prices

Good cheap PC case

Behind a brushed plastic and aluminum cover there is hidden a hefty engine fora first-grade computer system. Phanteks Enthoo Pro has good cooling features –200mm fan in front and 140mm fan in the rear, and some extra space foradditional fans.There is also a multiple radiator support as well as improved cablemanagement. This computer chassis provides closed HDD panel and removable SSDbracket. Besides, there are four USB ports. Phanteks Enthoo Pro can host ATX,EATX, mATX and SSI EEB motherboards.Pros: * spacious interior * improved cooling system * good cable management * not expensive * 5-year warrantyCons: * plastic cover * inconvenient access to top fan filterCheck Prices

A PC Case with a Great Value for Money

There are not that many cases that are as satisfying on many different levelsas Cougar Panzer EVO RGB is. With a distinctive, assertive design followed bygreat thermal performance and numerous expanding options and features, thiscase brings everything that the die-hard gamers or computer enthusiasts mightneed.Built to last, covered with four tempered glass panels and equipped with four120mm Vortex LED RGB fans that can be reinforced with additional four, andplenty of space for the most demanding air and liquid cooling systems, CougarPanzer EVO RGB delivers a great thermal performance in a wonderful RGB LEDpackage that can be further improved with the installment of a Cougar RGBcontroller and additional four LED strips.With space for four SSDs and two 2.5”/3.5” HDDs, which is normal for itsclass, and thanks to the good connectivity options that include the USB3.1 Gen2 Type-C connector, what Cougar Panzer EVO RGB definitely well-settled andpresents one of the best deals for a PC case on the market right now.Pros: * Excellent thermal performance * Quality build * Great RGB lightingCheck Prices

One of the Best PC Chasses Available

If you are a more demanding PC enthusiast or a gamer, with a need for a lot ofstorage and expansion capabilities, NZXT H710i is a case for you.It is spacious, built out of steel, with a tempered glass side panel anddiscrete RGB strip – premium looks and durability in one. There is a lot ofstorage space (two plus two 3.5” drive bays and seven 2.5” drive bays), sevencard slots and even a place for a vertical GPU mount.NZXT H710i comes with four pre-installed AER fans (three 120mm in front and asingle 140 in the rear) that are fully controllable over the CAM software andoffers enough space for additional three 120mm or two 140mm fans at the top ofthe case. Also, there are plenty of options for liquid cooling and thepossibility for the installation of numerous radiators with a size of up to360mm.NZXT H710i comes with a two-year warranty, offers easy installation, veryquiet performance, and most importantly, provides a solid air-flow thatguaranties for good heat management of every configuration.All in all, if you want the best-looking PC case that will provide qualityperformance at the same time, this ATX Mid Tower chassis should be yourprimary option.Pros: * Sleek design * Spacious * Good air-flow * Very silentCheck Prices

A Solid-Performing, Highly Attractive Mini-ITX PC Case

NZXT H210 is a decent quality Mini-ITX PC, with good airflow and an affordableprice. It offers a modern design, with clean lines and an appealingwhite/black color scheme that distinguishes it from the same class chasses.Since this is a Mini-ITX, storage space and overall features are limited;however, they are still pretty good for this size and include three plus one2.5” drive bays, one 3.5” drive bay and place for two expansion cards. NZXTH210 is fitted with two Aer F120mm fans (one in front and second in the rearend) and offers a space for two additional 140mm or 120mm fans at the top ofthe chassis. Liquid cooling is, however, limited either to 120mm radiators orone 240mm and one 120mm radiator, which isn’t much but is sufficient for themajority of builds.When talking about connectivity, there is one USB3.1 port and one Type-C port,along with an audio jack at the top of the case. In other words: limited, butenough for most.Altogether, one of the best affordable PC cases is in front of you.Pros: * Good cable management * Modern design * Good versatility * Build quality * Solid air-flowCons: * Only one 3.5” drive bay * Faulty CAM softwareCheck Prices

A Mini-Tower Case Ideal for Medium-Range PC Builds

Thermaltake V150 is a small, but versatile mini-tower PC case that shows itsbest sides when used for mainstream gaming rigs.It is feature-rich, it offers solid storage capacity (two 2.5” trays and two3.5” trays) and has four expansion slots, giving you a lot of options forconfiguration. When talking about its cooling capabilities, you should knowthat it supports up to four 120mm fans (one is included in the package) orthree 140mm fans and that it can handle two radiators (280mm radiator on thefront and 120mm radiator on the rear). In other words, more than solidcapacities for a mainstream gaming rig.Thermaltake V150 supports Mini ITX and Micro ATX motherboard; it is capable ofholding graphics cards that are up to 350mm in length and it offers very goodfront panel connectivity that includes: audio jack, one USB3.0 port, and twoUSB2.0 ports. Moreover, it has a sturdy build and comes fitted with twotempered glass panels (left and front) that, when combined with the proper RGBlighting, really make a difference and transform this already attractive pieceof hardware into a real masterpiece.In other words, Thermaltake V150 is fitted with everything that it shouldhave. Therefore, if an attractive mini-tower with a solid performance is whatyou’re looking for, you can be sure that V150 won’t disappoint you.Pros: * Nice-looking * Sturdy * Very good cooling capability * Compact * Spacious * Good cable managementCons: * Not the best quality control * Not the best airflowCheck PricesAs you can see the modern market is rich in various PC cases of differentsizes and with different options. So here is the guide to help you make theright choice.

2. Common form factors of PC cases

Obviously, all PC cases have different size and shape. Thus, there are specialterms which denote these characteristics. The first one is desktop case. Suchcomputer case has a horizontal design and is widely used in businessenvironments in order to save the space as it can be easily placed under themonitor.The next one is SFF, i.e. Small-Form-Factor. Well, the term speaks for itself– cases which belong to this category are more compact than desktop cases butat the same time have almost the same options. SFF cases support motherboardswhich are smaller than Micro ATX (usually these are mini ITX boards). They canlook like shoeboxes, cubes, and book-sized cases. Thanks to such compactconstruction SFF cases are very popular with gaming and home theatrecomputers.Some other terms which you can face while looking for a PC case include mini-tower, mid-tower and full-tower cases. Mini-tower cases are under about 14-16in high, what coincides with the size of desktop cases. They usually have onlyone or two external bays and support micro ATX boards.Mid-towers are about 17-21 in high and have from two to four external bays.And if mini-towers can host only one GPU, this type of cases can support up totwo. Recently there has also appeared a new term – midi-tower, whichpresupposes a case smaller than mid-tower but larger than mini-tower. Midi-towers are with two to three external bays. Still, this term is quiteinterchangeable with mid-tower.As to the full-tower cases, they have a height from 22 to 27 in. Full-towersusually have from five to ten externally accessible drive bays and aresupposed to stand on the floor. They support ATX, EATX or even XL-ATXmotherboards. All towers which have more than 27 inches in height are calledsuper or ultra towers.We also can’t but mention MOD-tower. This is a case system which can bemodified by putting new cases on its top in order, for example, to add morecooling capacity.Nevertheless, we have to underline the fact that different manufacturersprovide different definitions for their case forms. It’s all up to providerhow to call its PC case models. Thus, always clarify the accurate size ofcomputer case you want to purchase.

12. PC case ports

Ports which are a part of computer case are usually called Front I/O. They canbe placed on the front face, on the top front of PC case or down one of itssides. These ports can include headphone and mic jacks, USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports.Your task is to make sure that your PC motherboard has all matching headersfor ports of a new computer case. If it doesn’t then you’ll need to buyadapters or expansion cards in order to involve ports into the workingprocess.By the by, speaking of the headphone and microphone jack it should bementioned that older and newer PC case models can have different connectors.Most of the computer chassis have a cable with a 10-pin header connector,which can be plugged into a pin-grid on the motherboard. It is also called “HDAudio” header. The older versions of PC cases usually have a forked cableprovided with connectors for HD Audio and AC ’97 headers.Some of the computer cases can also have two or four ports on the back of thecase, which enable you to install water-cooling hardware inside the chassis.These ports stand usually in a line with silicone rim or a rubber. Such portsare called hose passthroughs.


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