9 FreeJPG Free Stock Photos for Commercial Editorial Use

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3. Unsplash – Beautiful, Free Photos

Unsplash initially started out as a simple Tumblr blog, and now it has becomean industry-leading photography community. Here, you will come across plentyof free stock photos for commercial use, all of which are of excellentquality. In fact, some industry giants such as Apple, and other use Unsplashas a source of inspiration.

7. LibreShot – Free Images For Blogs or Websites

LibreShot is a site run by Martin Vorel where he uploads all his works ofphotography and made them available for free. All images found on the websitecan be utilize for personal or commercial use and comes with a CCO – PublicDomain licensing. The only catch is that you are not allowed to bulk downloadany images or use them on other stock image websites.

8. SplitShire – Free Stock Photos For Commercial Use

Optimized images can help boost your SEO campaigns. SplitShire catalogue offree images consists of high-quality abstract art. The website started outwith a simple motto – “help you to be awesome out there with great content.”And now the site has gather pages views and image downloads in the millions.

9. FreeJPG- Free Stock Photos for Commercial & Editorial Use

FreeJPG, as the name implies, is a site where you come across plenty of JPGformat images for free. The site has an extensive library of royalty freeimages for commercial use divided under a number of categories. You can evensearch for images based on colours.

11. Realistic Shots – Free Stock Photos For Personal & Commercial Use

Realistic Shots is home to a broad range of free stock photos for commercialuse. You can find photographs in multiple categories such as architecture,nature, people, travel, and technology. Also, the site uploads around 7 newimages every single week, so there is always something new available.

15. Public Domain Archive – New 100% Free Stock Photos

Public Domain Archive is the perfect place to find a huge library of vintageimagery. There are also plenty of modern images available as well. You willget access to numerous free images for website. Furthermore, new images getadded every 7 days.

18. Burst by Shopify – Free Stock Photos for Websites & Commercial Use

Burst is another website quite popular among bloggers and website owners. Thesite is mostly focused on delivering images that fit in categories likefitness, yoga, or portrait photography. Even though it is created by Shopify –the popular eCommerce company, everything offered is available for free andrequires no attribution as well. If you are looking for free web design imagesthis site is your best bet.

19. Free Nature Stock – Royalty-free Nature Stock Photos

Free Nature Stock is, you guessed it, a site filled with free nature stockphotos. One of the most common types of photographs that get used a lot andnever gets old is nature photographs. And so the site functions to deliverfree royalty free images for commercial use taken by photographer AdrianPelletier.

23. StockSnap – Beautiful Free Stock Photos

StockSnap is a good stock image website which is worthwhile keeping on yourbookmarks. The site has hundreds of images which categorized and furthertagged under specific niches. You will be able to easily come across some freephotos for commercial use in a matter of clicks.

31. Startup Stock Photos

A good site for web designing images, Startup Stock Photos curates a widecollection of free photos targeted towards startups, bloggers, publishers,websites, and especially great for tech-related websites. Now as the namesuggests, most of the images are focused around startup photography. And asusual, everything is free, royalty free images for commercial use.

32. Pattern Pictures – Discover All Free Images

Pattern Pictures boasts a collection of pattern photos, textures, andbackgrounds which won’t come to your users directly. However, if you areintending to make a high-quality PowerPoint or Keynote presentation, thesite’s collection of free for commercial use images will exceed yourexpectations.

34. Stokpic – Free Stock Photos For Commercial Use

Stokpic holds a diverse collection of free commercial use images, but madeavailable under two different licenses. Regardless, everything that isavailable can be used for free without any need of providing attribution. Somenotable categories of images on the website would be of beaches, food shots,and people.

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