8 The HON Company Big and Tall Executive Mesh Office Chair with

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HON Big and Tall Executive Chair

HON Big & Tall Office ChairThis HON Big and Tall executive office chair is made with a breathable mesh onthe seat and back to help keep you cool while working.The mesh seat has two layers of padding to add to the comfort for long periodsof sitting at your desk.This is a high back chair for added back and neck support.It is ergonomically designed and is adjustable to customize your lower backsupport as well as the height of the chair. In addition, the arms areadjustable not only with the height, but you can also adjust the arms furtheraway from the chair to provide you more space while you are sitting.Has a solid 5 wheel base for easy and rolling around your desk.Weight capacity of 450 pounds. The seat width is 22″Click here to read customer reviews on Amazon&

Big and Tall Gaming Chair – for Gaming or Office

These gaming chairs are no longer being used for just gaming. The comfort andstyle of these chairs have moved into the office and are getting quite afollowing. Sleek in style and designed for comfort. 300 lb Gaming Chair Carbon Fiber Leather High BackAnda 400lb GamingChairKILLABEE Big and Tall 400lb Gaming Chair

Excelsior Big & Tall Heavy Duty Office Chair

Excelsior Big and Tall Office ChairIf you are looking for a fabric, high back desk chair with 350 pound support.Tilt control and lock, durable long lasting fabric.The chair’s arms can be adjusted up, down, left, or right for betterpositioning while seated. Pneumatic gas lift raises or lowers the seatallowing feet to rest flat on the floor. The chair is supported by a sturdyfive-star base with hooded casters for smooth mobility.Seat Size: 22.8″ W x 21″ DCheck Excelsior pricing on Amazon

Yamasoro Ergonomic Executive Office Chair

Heavy people can find it hard to get a comfortable office chair. The YamasoroErgonomic Office chair delivers effortless luxury at affordable costs, makingit another user favorite.It features wide dimensions with thick foam padding and premium bonded leatherupholstery. It also features a unique padded headrest for maximum comfort andback support.

8. Sadie Big and Tall Heavy Duty Office Computer Chair With Height

Adjustable Arms With Adjustable LumbarWeight Capacity| 350 pounds —|— Seat Dimensions| 22’’ W x 22’’ D Backrest Dimensions| – Height| 20″ to 23” Weight| 44 pounds The Sadie Big and Tall is a mesh office chair that can support people up to350 lb, and it has a height adjustment between 20 to 23 inches so that it canaccommodate taller users too.This ergonomic heavy duty office chair and well-thought design. The curvedbackrest is supportive because it follows the anatomical shape of your spine.Besides, this chair is one of the few in its niche that opts for an all-meshbackrest. This sort of backrest is better than a thickly padded one if youhave back issues.That’s because you can get firm support, an anatomically-correct contour ofyour spine, and an adjustable lumbar pad.This lumbar pad can be positioned very precisely to support the exact problemarea on your back.While mesh isn’t as cushiony for prolonged periods sitting down, it is moreergonomic. Besides, a mesh back has the advantage of breathability.The downside for the backrest is that the back seat doesn’t lock in place whenyou tilt it.When it comes to the seat, the first thing I noticed is how wide it is, at22×22 inches.The comfortable seat cushion is plush, yet firm, so it doesn’t sag.The armrests are supportive too, and you can adjust them vertically, but theyhave very thin padding.While there’s some assembly required for this chair with rather poorinstructions, the good news is that you’ll get the tools in the package.Besides, the 3-year warranty is decent, though it doesn’t compare to Aeron’s12 years.Pros * Up to 350lb Big & Tall office chair * Ergonomic * Curved backrest * Firm support * Breathability * Wide * Comfortable seat cushion * Armrests are supportive * Included tools * 3-year warrantyCons * Thin armrest padding * No tilt lock mechanism * Poor instructions.Models not included in this review but I’ve been asked to include are:AmazonBasics Big & Tall Executive Char, KADIRYA High Back Bonded LeatherComputer Desk Chair, Serta 43675 Faux Leather Big & Tall Executive Chair, BossOffice Products Heavy Duty Leather Chair with gas lift seat height adjustmentcontrols, AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Swivel Chair Bonded Black Leather,SPACE Seating AirGrid Back and Padded Mesh Seat Adjustable Arms, Boss OfficeProducts B8771S-BK Double Plush High Back Executive Chair, OneSpace Taft MeshBack Oversized Model

1. Big & Tall Ergonomic Computer Desk Chair with Headrest (Heavy Duty):

If you want to impart a stylish appearance to your office, this ergonomicoffice chair is a must-have for you. With its refining design, rigid head andback support, and soft cushioning, this chair is a perfect amalgamation ofstyle and comfort. The big and tall desk chair is the perfect choice for everybig guy. The height of this chair is adjustable. The back is also easy torecline to any angle ranging between 90 degrees and 150 degrees. The design isextremely sturdy, and the chair provides top-notch comfort. It also offers 360degrees rotation, which boosts your mobility at your workplace. With itsability to bear a capacity of up to 250 lbs, this is one of the best officechairs for big and tall people.Pros: * It is easy to assemble. * It is sturdy and durable. * The head, arm, and backrests are heavily padded, which ensures optimum comfort. * There is a pneumatic level which facilitates easy control. * It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. * It also comes with a warranty of a 1-year replacement for 100% satisfaction.Cons: * It is very heavy, so moving the chair from one place to another may be difficult.Check Price on Amazon

4. CLATINA Ergonomic Big and Tall Executive Office Chair with Bonded

Leather 400lbs:Do you want to invest in a chair that will save you from having to buy a chairin the next decade? This ergonomic chair is just what you need. Suited for allthe big guys out there and with a capacity of 400 lbs, this is the best bigand tall office chair. Gone are the days of having to squeeze into a smallchair and sitting in an uncomfortable position. This is the best chair thatcan accommodate large body types. The tall backrest offers optimum relief tothe back and helps in maintaining a good posture. The edge of the seat alsohas a waterfall-like shape. This reduces the pressure on the back of the legs.You can use this chair to the maximum extent as it has 360 degrees rotationfacility. The adjustable seat also makes it easy for one to sit in his desiredposition. The manufacturer of the chair also offers a five-year manufacturingwarranty.Pros: * The height is easily adjustable and easily swivels 360 degrees. * One can easily tilt backward. * The leather seat is soft and comfortable. * The armrest is curved. * It comes with a 5-YEAR Manufacturing Warranty.Cons: * Some customers have complained that the seat is very deep, which causes them to sink in.Check Price on Amazon

5. Big and Tall Office Chair 400lbs Desk Chair Mesh Computer Chair with

Lumbar Support:Some furniture pieces are a pleasure to own in your office. If you are willingto add a stylish hint to your office, this Big and tall office chair for plus-sized people is a must-have for you. This desk chair can support a weight ofapproximately 400 lbs. The chair has six adjustable positions. The armrest ispretty wide and comfortable. The backrest of the chair also facilitates theeasy flow of air, keeping it free from sweat. The manufacturers of thisproduct assure prompt servicing if the chair has any defect while it is stillwithin the warranty period. This chair is rigid yet easy to move. Due to itslarge number of facilities, this chair has made it to the best computer chairfor heavy people.Pros: * The chair offers 360 degrees rotation. * It can support a weight of up to 400 lbs. * The lumbar design and height of the chair are adjustable. * The chair is made of dense cushioning and high-quality upholstery.Cons: * Some users have mentioned that the chair being lightweight is prone to rolling away.Check Price on Amazon

8. The HON Company Big and Tall Executive Mesh Office Chair with

Adjustable Arms:Bored of having to sit in one place for long hours? Get a chair that offers360 degrees rotation and take a stroll around your office cabin withoutleaving your chair. If you are looking for the best computer chair for a heavyperson, this ergonomic chair will fulfill all your needs. The backrest of thischair harnesses the use of a dual-layer technology to keep it breathable. Theback of the chair can be easily reclined. Therefore, if you are working forlong hours, you can easily stretch your back and ease yourself. The height ofthe armrests is also adjustable so that you can change it according to yourrequirement and convenience. You can easily pull the chair close to yourcomputer desk, or swivel it across the room. The materials used in themanufacturing of this chair are of top-notch quality. This chair is a perfectamalgamation of style and utility.Pros: * The armrests are adjustable. * The seat and backrest are very soft and comfortable. * The backrest is easy to bend.Cons: * Some customers say that they find it difficult to get the faulty parts replaced.Check Price on Amazon

9. Serta Big & Tall Executive Office Chair:

If you are a plus-size person looking forward to enhancing your experience inoffice chairs, this chair might help you resolve your issue. This chair issure to help you have a great experience at your workplace. It has thecapacity to support up to 350 lbs. The seat and backrest have deep cushioningthat ensures optimum support. The sitting space is also pretty generous. Thechair also has a headrest that is elevated. It offers better neck support totaller people. The framework is also equipped with a dual-wheel design, whichmakes it easily mobile. It is upholstered in shiny black leather, and thestitch and other parts of the chair’s body strike a contrast in grey.Pros: * It has a fashionable appearance. * The height of the neck rest is adjustable. * The cushioning is very soft.Cons: * The backrest of the chair is not breathable.Check Price on Amazon

Serta Big & Tall Executive Office Chair Wrap Up

The Serta Big & Tall Executive Office Chair is a high back, bonded leather,lumbar support workspace chair that can hold the max weight capacity of 350pounds. This quality big and tall office chair gives you optimal neck support,thanks to an elevated headrest design for taller individuals. Solid value foran office chair like this one.Best Executive Office Chairs in 2021 | Where Class Meets Comfort!

BestOffice Big and Tall Office Chair

Because of the relatively low backrest height (25 inches), taller people mayfind this office chair less comfortable. It is not designed for loungingaround. However, what it lacks in height, it makes up for it in seat length.With a generous seat length of 41.5 inches, users with long legs may findcomfort in this chair.Another thing worth mentioning about this chair is how inexpensive this chairis. For a serviceable mid-back office chair, you do not need to break thebank. Chances are, you will be as surprised as we were when you see the pricetag. At the end of the day, this BestOffice chair excels due to itssimplicity.Final verdict: With a super affordable price, the BestOffice Big and TallChair is a solid pick. While it does not offer a tall backrest, it doesprovide a long seat base for people with longer legs. If you do not needadditional neck and shoulder support, this chair is more than enough to getthe job done.

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