8 My Paint Open Source Graphic Design Application for Windows and

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31+ Best Free Graphic Design Software to Create Stunning Graphic Visuals

No matter whether you want to get started in graphic design or want to takeyour designing skill to advanced level – you’ll surely enjoy it. I havecategorized the big list of graphic programs in various sections like vectorart, image editor[pixel art], 3D and animations, infographics and othergraphic design programs.

8. My Paint – Open Source Graphic Design Application for Windows and

GNU/LinuxIf technical programs make you scared, then My Paint is a powerful digitalgraphic application that lets you focus on art rather than technical programsof software management so that you may concentrate on canvas withoutdistractions.It is a fast and easy to use open-source graphic design applications fordigital painters and is available for Windows and Linux Users also.Also See: 6 Best Free Online Photo Collage Maker to Make Photo Collages Online

14. Daz Studio – 3D Models, 3D Animations, 3D Software for Windows, Mac

If you want to start learning 3D animation design, don’t look further and justvisit Daz Studio now. Here you’ll get enough tutorials that would make you a3D animation ninja – no matter, whatever your skill level is.With Daz Studio, you may create your custom 3D characters, avatar, graphicdesign elements or create your virtual world with virtual moving animals,places, buildings, people and much more.Create your artwork for short films & animations, illustrations for books andmagazines, etc. This free 3D Animation software is beneficial in developingyour 3D skill.

15. Sculptris – 3D Sculpting Design Software for Windows, Mac

If you want to unleash the power of 3D Sculpting, 3D Painting and move in anexciting World of 3D, then Pixologic has brought a powerful 3D sculpting toolfor you.It is a powerful 3D sculpting software with some robust features that lets youenter in a world of digital world without barriers. Whether you are new to 3Dsculpting and 3D painting, or you want to take your sculpting skills to thenext level, Sculptris is the best place to start with.

16. Blender – Free and Open Source 3D Creation Software for Windows, Mac,

LinuxBlender is one of the best 3D graphics program available for 3D art creation.It is an open source software which is available for free download on variousplatforms including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, etc.Blender has a bunch of 3D artwork tutorials and previous creations availableon the website to learn 3D graphics design. There is also a very helpfulcommunity who are willing to answer your queries and help you succeed in 3Ddesign.

17. Google SketchUp – 3D for Everyone Windows & Mac

3D SketchUp is so far the easiest way to draw in 3D. It is a powerful 3Dmodeling software that allows you to build 3D models quickly. The 3D graphicdesign program is quite simple to use. You can create almost anything withyour imagination.No matter whether you want to learn 3D drawing for educational purposes, useit for personal projects or professional 3D work – various versions of GoogleSketchUp is available for your needs.

18. 3D Canvas – 3D Crafter, 3D Modelling Software for Windows

3D Crafter (also known as 3D Canvas) is an intuitive 3D modeling softwarewhich comes with real-time 3D modeling and animation tool. It provides youwith an easy control over 3D scenes with its drag-and-drop approach for 3Dmodeling.It is a powerful graphic design software developed by Amabilis Software. Itcomes in three versions – 3D Crafter, 3D Crafter Plus, and 3D Crafter Pro. Thebasic version is free while Pro and Plus costs money. Though advanced versionprovides you with an edge, still basic 3D Crafter has many advanced features.It runs on Windows 7/8/Vista.

19. Art of Illusion – Open Source 3D Modelling Software for Java

The Art of Illusion is a free, open source 3D modeling and rendering studiosoftware. It is written in Java, so it is a powerful 3D design software to beused in many Java virtual machines.On its website, you’ll get lots of tutorials, galleries of previous work aswell as an active member forum who don’t mind helping you. So even if you arenew to 3D modeling and looking to get started, Art of Illusion is perfectgraphic design program for you.

22. Visual.ly – Create Interactive Infographics Web Apps

Infographics are the new way of visual data representation which is bloomingat a faster pace. Visual.ly is the best visual design software to createstunning infographics. It is a free graphic design software that lets youcreate and share interactive visuals.Since Visual.ly is a social platform to create and share infographics, so youmay also interact with other infographic designers and share your interactivevisuals.

31. Canva – Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software

Canva is a new sensation in the list of graphic design programs. It is a freeweb-based app that let you ideally design almost anything. The simple drag-an-drop feature makes it so easy that you don’t need to be a designer to designstunning graphics.Checkout: 9 Best Free Online Logo Maker Sites to Create Custom Logo for Free

The Best 2D Animation Software

There are plenty of 2D animation software on the market currently but thereare quite a few that stand out from the rest and some of these include:

3. 3D Studio Max

This is another wonderful 3D animation software from Autodesk, the owners ofMaya. Though it’s more popular with industrial designers and architects, ithas slowly found its way into film and video games. It is more suited to thedevelopment of 3D games unlike Maya which is best for movies. However, it’sone of the most expensive 3D animation software and only big studios canprobably afford it. * Price: $3,495 * Mac OSX, Windows

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