8 Best Free Open Source Download Manager Software For Windows

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5 Best Free Open Source PDF Converter Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free open source PDF converter software for Windows. Asthese are open source PDF converter software, thus source code of thesesoftware are freely available. Plus, you can also modify the source code ofthese PDF converters without any restrictions.Using these software, you can quickly convert a PDF file to other document andimage formats like XML, SWF, HTML, PNG, JPEG, etc. Apart from PDF formatconversion, you can also use some of these software to view and edit PDFdocuments. To view a PDF document, these converters offer various viewingmodes, full-screen mode, zoom functionality, etc. Similar to viewing tools,you also get multiple PDF editing tools. Through editing tools, you can editthe text content of a PDF, add objects (charts, tables, symbols, etc.) to PDF,add layers, and more. In some converters, you also get drawing tools that letyou manually draw over a PDF document.These PDF converters also provide many additional tools (transformation, imagefilters, measurement tools, merge PDF, etc.) that may come in handy. Theprocess of PDF format conversion is quite simple in all these software. Still,to help you out, I have included the PDF conversion steps in the descriptionof each software. Go through the list to know more about these software.

8 Best Free Open Source Download Manager Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free open source download manager software for Windows.These download managers are completely free and you can also download theirsource code along with their setups. Working of these download managers issame as that of generic download managers, which are used to download Videos,Images, etc. using the download links. These software can not only downloadmedia content, but they also boost the overall download speed to reduce thedownloading time. In many software, you can download multiple filessimultaneously and also schedule downloads to download files one by one. Thereare some download manager software which can download only videos.To make downloading convenient, these open source downloaders provide featureslike Pause/Resume download, Speed limiter, Clipboard monitor, and more. Plus,various advanced features are also present in these freeware like Multi-Protocol support, Multi-Connection support, support for proxy servers, etc.

My Favorite Open Source Download Manager Software For Windows:

Xtreme Download Manager is my favorite software because it detects all videosof a webpage that you can easily download. Plus, it has a lot of usefulfeatures like Smart Scheduler, Speed Limiter, Queued Downloads, and more.You can also check out lists of best free Clipboard Managers, Android DesktopManager, and Virtual Desktop Manager software for Windows.

FreeRapid Downloader

FreeRapid Downloader is another free, portable, and open source downloadmanager software for Windows. Through this software, you can download videos,audios, pictures, etc. from various supported websites like RapidShare,Picasa, Facebook, DepositFiles, 4shared, etc. The only problem with it is thatyou cannot download videos or pictures from a website other than the specifiedones. Still, as it supports almost 730 websites, you will not have muchproblem in finding and downloading the desired content.This downloader automatically launches its interface when a URL of a mediafile is copied by the user from the list of specified websites. This makes thedownloading more convenient. Apart from this, it can also download multiplefiles at a time, download files using the proxy, and also has pause/resumefunctionality.Some of the additional features of this software are Quite mode, Downloadhistory saver, and Auto Shutdown.

6 Best Free Open Source Audio Recorder Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free open source audio recorder software for Windows.As these are open source sound recorder software, thus you can also freelydownload their source codes. Plus, you can also modify their source code asyou want without any limitations.Through these recorders, you can easily record microphone audio feed. However,through some recorders, you can also record video feed along with MIDI musicalinstruments. Before starting the recording session, you can specify the outputaudio parameters as per your requirements. Some of the audio parameters thatyou can adjust and specify are recording mode (mono or stereo), audio codec,volume, sample rate, and sample size. After specifying the recordingparameters, you can start the process of audio recording. To help you out, Ihave also included the steps to record audio in the description of each ofthese open source software.Apart from recording, you can also edit recordings through these software. Toedit recordings, these recorders offer tools like timeline editor, audiomixer, cut, copy, split, join, audio effects, and more. After editing, you canspecify the output recording format (MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG, AC3, AMR, etc.) andsave the recording in a local file. In these recorders, you also get usefuladditional tools such as Media Converter, Audio Analysis, Custom ToneGenerator, and more. You can go through the list to know more about theseaudio recorder software.

My Favorite Open Source Audio Recorder Software For Windows:

Audacity is my favorite software because it lets you record audio as well asedit audio recording as you want. Plus, it lets you fine-tune all necessaryrecording parameters before starting the audio recording process.You can also check out lists of best free Open Source Audio Editor, AudioPitch Changer, and Open Source Audio Converter software for Windows.

How to record audio using this open source audio recorder:

* Launch this software and go to its Record section. * After that, adjust the values of the output recording parameters according to your needs. * Next, click on the three-dot button to specify the destination location and output recording format (OGG, OPUS, MP3, FLAC, M4A, or WAV). * Lastly, click on the Start/Stop button to initiate the audio recording.

10 Best Free Open Source Encryption Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free open source encryption software for Windows. Theseare open source software which help you protect your confidential data andfiles from unauthorized users. Not just files, but filenames can also beencrypted through some software to protect files’ identity. Some software alsolet you encrypt a whole disk, partition of a disk, external storage device,etc.These open-source encryptors use various encryption algorithms such asBlowfish, DESX, AES, etc. Plus, these freeware also provide you theflexibility to select any of the encryption algorithms. However, the choice ofalgorithm can vary the security of data as some are more secure than others.During encryption, you need to specify a password (key) so that authorizedpersons can decrypt data when required.In general, almost all these software provide similar encryption/decryptionprocess where you need to select a password and algorithm to encrypt files(s).

12 Best Free Audio Amplifier Software For Windows

This is a list of best free audio amplifier software for Windows. Using thesesoftware, you can convert low volume audio files into audio files with goodvolume. Thus, these software come in handy to increase audio to asignificantly high level. They not only let you increase the audio level, butalso save files with new audio properties.In many of these amplifier software, you get presets to use for soundamplification. But in most of them, you can perform audio amplificationmanually too without using presets. These sound amplifier software let youadjust amplification level either in percentage or db. Many of these audioamplifiers even let you have a preview of amplified audio to ensure itsquality.These sound amplifier software support a variety of file formats to importmusic files and then save amplified audio files. WAV, WMA, OGG, AVI, RAW,MPEG, FLAC, M4A, and AMR are some of them. In addition to audio amplification,these audio amplifier software also let you perform many other operations onaudio files having aforementioned formats. They provide options for bass andtreble adjustment, change pitch & tempo, noise reduction, normalize, equalize,pitch shift, add noise, audio compression, cassette and voice breath noisereduction, etc.

My Favorite Audio Amplifier Software:

Audio Amplifier Free is my favorite audio amplifier software for Windows. Itis one of the easiest to use audio amplifier software. Moreover, it lets youamplify audio for both, audio and video files.You can also check out the list of best free audio compressor and audioenhancer software for Windows.

Audio Amplifier free

Audio Amplifier free, as the name indicates, is a free audio amplifiersoftware for Windows. It is an easy to use audio amplifier software that letsyou amplify audio level up to 1000%. It helps to amplify audio level for audioas well as video files.The interface of this software is quite simple, and you get minimal butsufficient options for audio amplification. First of all, you need to ‘LoadAudio or Video File’ and then adjust amplification level to appropriate level.You may either increase (set amplification level above 100%) audio level ordecrease (amplification level below 100%) it. Now, you need to click on‘Amplify‘ button. After that, it lets you specify file/folder to storeamplified audio in any of the supported formats. As it lets you amplify audiofor audio as well as video files, it supports a variety of media formats(open/save) including MP3, WAV, AC3, MOV, AVI, MP4, 3GP, etc.The only problem with this software is that you cannot listen amplified audioto checkout its quality prior to saving it.

Free and open-source software

There are many free and open-source software programs that perform DAWfunctions. These are designed to run on a variety of operating systems and areusually developed non-commercially.Digital audio applications for Linux and BSD fostered technologies such asAdvanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA), which drives audio hardware, andJACK Audio Connection Kit. JACK allows any JACK-aware audio software toconnect to any other audio software running on the system, such as connectingan ALSA- or OSS-driven soundcard to a mixing and editing front-end, likeArdour or Rosegarden. In this way, JACK acts as a virtual audio patch bay, andit can be configured to use a computer’s resources in real time, withdedicated memory, and with various options that minimize the DAW’s latency.This kind of abstraction and configuration allows DJs to use multiple programsfor editing and synthesizing audio streams, or multitasking and duplexing,without the need for analog conversion, or asynchronous saving and reloadingfiles, and ensures a high level of audio fidelity. * Audacity is a free and open-source digital audio editor that can run on Microsoft Windows, but also on OS X, Linux, and other Unix-like systems (including OpenSolaris and TrueOS); it is particularly popular in the podcast community, and also has a large following among the visually impaired due to its keyboard interface. MIDI playback is available (from version 2.2.0 onwards). It concentrates more on sound manipulation and management than discrete events and sequencing. * Rosegarden is a multi-featured audio application that includes audio mixing plugins, a notation editor, and MIDI. * The MusE Sequencer is a similarly featured audio application that includes an audio mixer and a MIDI sequencer. * As an independent project, there is a DAW entirely made in Excel by digital audio artist and IT enthusiast Dylan Tallchief.[2]Other open-source programs include virtual synthesizers and MIDI controllers,such as those provided by FluidSynth and TiMidity. Both can load SoundFonts toexpand the voices and instruments available for synthesis and expand the portsand channels available to synthesizers. Such virtualization allows users toexpand the traditional limitations of ADC-DAC hardware.The Linux Audio Development (LAD) mailing list is a major driving force indeveloping standards, such as the LADSPA, DSSI and LV2 plugin architectures.The Virtual Studio Technology (VST) plugin standard is supported as an optionby some such programs but is generally implemented as a separate plugin, not abuilt-in option, due to Steinberg’s licensing scheme. Among others, thecreators of Audacity provide an optional, somewhat minimalist, VST-to-LADSPAbridge plugin for their software, but it is a separate download.

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