7 My APKs Backup Restore Share Manage Apps Apk

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7. My APKs – Backup Restore Share Manage Apps Apk

* * *My APKs – backup restore share manage apps apk is one of the handy backupapps. You can set it to backup automatically, organize your apps and analyzeapps data by this app. It allows you to sync data between other cloud storagelike Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. It comes with a built-in option forsending the backup files via the email, Bluetooth, wifi, and that makes it thebest backup app for Android.Important Features * Save a copy of installed apps on the device * It is famous for reliable backup * Works in offline seamlessly * Generate a list of apps in HTML, pdf or text format * Transfer the backup file over email * Lightweight best backup app for androidMore info & Download

8. Apps Backup and Restore

* * *Apps Backup and Restore is one best backup app for Android which does notrequire root. Thankfully, it comes with loads of features at your disposal.The free version permits you to back up to the current device or SD card. Thefree Android backup app version allows almost all the features, but it showsads. The premium version is also available. You will get lots of extrafeatures along with ad-free in the premium version.Important Features * Complete backup of installed apps * Reinstall directly to the device from the backup file * Automatic backup of newly installed apps * Have the option to launch installed apps * Share the APKs with other devices * Generate the app link to share with other devicesMore info & Download

17. Apps Backup

* * *Apps Backup is another android backup software where features added with wellthought out. The backup is done according to your choice, and you can decidewhether one or more applications to backup. As with App backup & restore, youcan send to whom you want a copy of the application. This application willallow you in one move to install or uninstall an application — one of itsmajor flaws in the presence of advertisements.Important Features * Backup any installed apps * Download installed files via the desktop browser * Backup APKs to SD card * Supports almost all version of Android * Batch backup, restore, install and uninstall appsMore info & Download

4. All Backup Restore

With this WhatsApp backup app, you can back up call logs, contacts, apps, SMA,calendar, browser history and lot more. You can restore the backed up datawhen you desire. Saving it on Google Drive is possible.Pros * It displays the total free space and available space in your Android, at the top of the app. * Auto backup of apps supported.Cons * Unappealing interface. * Failed incidents of CSV file recovery reported. * Backup is not properly restored in many cases.

Best Data Recovery Apps for Android

But you don’t need to fear, your lost Data are not really lost at all. You canvery easily recover these deleted or lost data from your android devices or SDcards recovery tools. You only need to download any best android apps toRecover Lost Data on Android OR you can use Best Data recovery software torecover deleted of lost data from any device like Android, iOS device, PC/Laptop, SD Card, Pan Drive etc.In Below list we are sharing some of the best android apps to recover deleteddata on android, which you can use to recover lost data without usingcomputer.

iSkysoft Android Data Recovery

iSkysoft is considered as one of the best apps to recover lost data. This appoffers lot of features and had a great review on Google Play Store and thereare millions of installs for this app. This app recovers any data in yourandroid device and it’s completely free. It supports almost all androiddevices and recovers any type of data in your android device. The specialfeature of this data recovery software is it can recover data even before andafter rooting. * Supports more than 6000 android devices. * User friendly interface. * It can recognize device automatically and makes process easy. * It can recover any type of data like videos, images, pdf files, Contacts, SMS, Call Log, Document and lot more. * It can recover the data even before and after rooting. * Very fast process and quick results using this app you can recover your data fast.

Dr. Fone Data Recovery for Android

Dr. fone data recovery is the most loved app to recover lost data in android.It has ultimate features that you have never came across and this is famousfor its one click solution I mean you can recover the data with just oneclick. Even more interesting is you can recover the data like Whatsappmessages( How to Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages), SMS documents, contacts,Music file, photos, saved audio, video and lot more with this android app. Themost rated android data recovery app.Procedure to Recover Data on AndroidThis app first scans your all data that you have lost and then it finds andrestores back into your android device and that too with just one click. Theprocess is going to take only in minutes. * Ultimate support and completely free * This app supports more than 2000+ android devices. * You can select individual android files to recover and recovers SMS and Whatsapp messages.Note – The app works on rooted device only, if you device is not root, you canuse Dr. fone for android on your PC-laptop or mac.

Recuva – Recover Deleted Files Free

Recuva app is famous for its unique features and it also recover the deletedfiles like pictures, videos and lot more things. Even you don’t know this, youcan also recover deleted emails using this app. Very user friendly interfaceand completely free. This app also helps you also recover deleted messages ifyou have permanently deleted them

Undeleter Recover Files & data

Undeleter Recover Files & data is another best and very simple android datarecovery app where you can recover lost data on android. The app will restoreall supported type of data’s including SMS, Call loge and WhatsApp or viberconversations.How to recover lost data on Android Using Undeleter Recover Files & data * First you need to download Undeleter Recover Files & data app in your phone * Open and select the storage device from which you want to retrieve you loss data * Than scan the selected device (the process can take some times) * After that you will presented with recoverable data in several tabs – file, pictures, music, video, document and others

DiskDigger Data Recovery App

Its not too easy to find the best data recovery app for your androidsmartphone to recover lost data, because not all of recovery apps are able toscan and recover data from internal storage. That’s why we are listingDiskDigger data recovery apps in our list. The tool has both free and paidversion. The free version features are limited but solve you common recoveryissues, it will undelete photos on your android device. * One of the best photo recovery app for android device * You can upload your recovered data directly to cloud storage or send them via E-Mail Or save to your device’s memory * Some limited scan available in non-rooted device but if you have rooted device, the app will scan all of your device’s memory for photos as well as videos

Super Backup & Restore

Sometime we lost our Contacts, SMS, Apps etc. and that time this app helps toget our these things. Super Backup & Restore android backup app also known asSuper Backup SMS & Contact. It is one of the best and fastest app to recoveryour lost Contacts, SMS, Apps call history, colanders etc. to your SD card,Gmail OR Google Drive. * Backup contacts, SMS, Call Logs, Bookmarks and Colanders to SD cards * Restore contacts, SMS, Call Logs, Bookmarks and Colanders to SD cards * Backup Apps to SD cards

DigDeep Image Recovery App

This is another best image recovery app to recover deleted images andpictures. This is the powerful recovery tool that search your internal storageand SD card for delete images and recover them again. The best things of thisapp are search and recover both internal and external storage. * Fast, reliable and easy to use data recovery app * Able to scan both internal and external memory (SD Card) * No need to root to recover any type of image files such as JPG, JPEG, PNG etc

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