6 Virtual Telepresence Robot Using Raspberry Pi

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4. Accessing Graphical Desktop Of Raspberry Pi Using SSH And VNC

The configuration given in this article lets you set up a local networkbetween Raspberry Pi board and a laptop.This project is available at: Accessing Graphical Desktop Of Raspberry PiUsing SSH And VNC

6. Virtual Telepresence Robot Using Raspberry Pi

This robot with a camera is placed in a remote location to capture theenvironment in visual form using Raspberry Pi (RPi). The captured visuals aredisplayed on the user’s virtual reality (VR) headset.This project is available at: Virtual Telepresence Robot Using Raspberry Pi

16. GPS on Raspberry Pi

With this next project, you could build a system that uses GPS over araspberry pi to help you track targets.You can find the project here: GPS on Raspberry Pi

18. Create A GUI Program For Raspberry Pi And Arduino

This article describes the procedure to set up Arduino as a slave device,which gets all control signals from Raspberry Pi running a Python code. Theprogram presented here provides simple steps to interface Raspberry Pi andArduino. Arduino as a slave can also be used to control electrical devicesincluding LEDs and servos.You can find the project here: Create A GUI Program For Raspberry Pi AndArduino

1. Arduino based IoT Projects:

Arduino Board is an open source platform that is available for all theenthusiasts & hobbyists around the globe to build and develop cool electronicprojects. You need to realize that Arduino is a microcontroller, not a full-fledged computer, so you need to integrate the Arduino with WiFi modules,motor drivers etc. for the proper functioning of the IOT system. ESP-8266 isthe most commonly used WiFi module to integrate the system onto the cloud andfacilitate the data transfer. Arduino also serves as an effective platform foryou to integrate a lot of sensors and modules onto it.Some of the innovative Internet of Things (IoT) Engineering Final YearProjects that you can develop using Arduino are: Did you knowSkyfi Labs helps students learn practical skills by building real-worldprojects.You can enrol with friends and receive kits at your doorstepYou can learn from experts, build working projects, showcase skills to theworld and grab the best jobs. Get started today!

2. Raspberry Pi based IoT Projects:

Fun Fact: Raspberry Pi is so small and well-designed that there are no movingparts that can lead to noise.Raspberry Pi is a complete Linux computer and can provide all the expectedabilities of a computer/ laptop, at low-power consumption level. On comparisonwith an Arduino Board, Raspberry Pi is a fully functional Linux computerwhereas Arduino is only a micro controller so integrating wireless modules,motor drivers is not necessary while doing projects with Raspberry Pi. SinceRaspberry Pi is an open source hardware, you can use it to develop moreexciting projects on IoT and the applications of this device are endless.As Raspberry Pi greatly influences the evolution of next generation mobilesystems and automation technologies, you should work on this platform todesign new applications and improve your skill sets to stay updated with theadvanced technologies.Some of the engineering projects that you can build on Internet of Things(IoT) using Raspberry Pi are,

IoT Projects with Raspberry Pi

1. Exploring IOT Application Using Raspberry Pi: This project shows the functioning of raspberry pi as server.Several computers are connected to it and files are accessed and deleted over the network.These are accessed through password to provide security. 2. Raspberry Pi as Internet of Things hardware: Performances and Constraints: This paper compares the key elements,performance of present existing IOT platforms with raspberry pi.It shows that raspberry pi is the best with some disadvantages. 3. IoT Based Biometrics Implementation on Raspberry Pi: Here a low cost IOT based bio-metric system was built.The application of raspberry pi and cloud computing lead to new way in the research of IOT. 4. Review on Temperature & Humidity Sensing using IoT: Here is the temperature and humidity sensing using IOT. This is a novel method using raspberry pi scripting. 5. Raspberry pi Based Smart Supervisor using Internet of Things (IoT): The smart supervisor system consists of a USB camera, it is encoded on arm-Linux platform,then it is transmitted,and is decoded and displayed as H.264 video. 6. Internet Of Things with Raspberry Pi – 1: This project shows the controlling of an LED over the LAN using Raspberry pi-1 7. Pi Zero IOT Led Matrix Beamer: IOT LED matrix beamer displays the messages and pictures on wall from the internet.It uses raspberry pi0 board, Lamp,OGT cable. 8. IoT Temperature Sensor with Raspberry Pi 2 and Thermistor: This project shows the temperature monitoring with raspberry pi.A thermistor is used for monitoring the temperature. 9. Motion Controlled Servos using IoT: Real time data streaming using IoT is demonstrated in this project. A Raspberry Pi based motion control of servo motors with live data streaming over the internet is implemented. Leap Motion controller is used for motion tracking and PubNub library is used for data streaming. Four servos and two 8×8 RGB LED matrices are used for detecting motion of the hands and displaying colors according to the spacing between fingers. 10. IoT based Stepper Motor Control with Raspberry Pi: The combination of Raspberry Pi and IoT is an exciting one. Raspberry Pi has many general purpose I/O pins and has the ability to control different actuators like stepper motors. In this project, an internet control of stepper motor using Raspberry Pi computer is developed. The connectivity is divided into server side software and client side software. 11. IoT Weather Station: A Raspberry Pi and Arduino based IoT weather station is designed in this project. Raspberry Pi provides the necessary network or internet connections while Arduino is associated with the sensors like temperature. The data from the sensor is collected by the Raspberry Pi and is uploaded to a cloud server via SAMI API. The collected data can be monitored and analysed remotely. 12. Home Automation using Raspberry Pi 2 and Windows 10 IoT: This project utilises raspberry pi and arduino for home automation using IOT. 13. Multi Room Music Player: An IoT based multi room audio or music streaming system is explained here. A multi room audio system can be used to listen to music in every room of the house. The system uses a Raspberry Pi as the main controller with IR control and relay board for enabling or disabling speakers in specific room. Can be used with Ethernet or Wi-Fi and has the ability to play audio from PC, iPhone or online. 14. Minimizing Electricity Theft by Internet of Things: Energy theft is a serious issue as energy is a valuable but limited resource. The aim of the system mentioned here is to detect electricity theft. It also monitors the energy usage and intimates the customer. A Raspberry Pi based system is used with Wi-Fi connectivity as it implements the IoT network. Any discrepancies in electricity usage, the data is transferred to the remote server over internet.* * *

7. Raspberry pi Drone

Project Idea – Drones are useful in a lot of ways. They can carry smallpackages and be controlled from a long distance. Drones are used a lot inmaking cinematic videos and photography. Use your ideas to build a drone usingraspberry pi and Python.

3.Raspberry pi:

A lot of projects can be done using raspberry pi and python.You can make a robot, smart mirror or a smart clock.Remember sky is limit but imagination is limitless and using Python andimagination anything can be made possible.

For more project ideas on raspberry pi this site can help you.

4. Internet of Things or IoT:The next big thing in the industry is now Internet of Things. Iot is the internetworking of physical devices like sensors, motors or simply a smart deviceand linking them to cloud, so as to get updates remotely from almost anywhere.IoT has promising applications for smart homes, wearable devices, smartcities, connected cars and more.Generally Iot projects are very hard but you can follow this link to getstarted with Iot. Here at eckovation we provide industry best practical oriented Iot course withindustry best mentors. The best part of this course is that you will be building 6 projects, whichwill give you a complete idea of how electronics control systems work.The course include following awesome projects: * Room Temperature Monitoring System * Motion Detection System * Soil Moisture Sensor * Home Automation System * Smile Detection using Raspberry Pi Camera The course offers you cool projects plus guaranteed internship. That’s themost happening thing that can happen to kick start your career.

Best Raspberry Pi Projects

* * *The reason behind Rasberry Pi’s immense success is that you can use it inunimaginable ways. From computing platforms to full-fledged arcade machines,Rasberry Pi can sit behind every electronic project that requires a computingbrain. Continue reading to find out the 20 Best Raspberry Pi Projects ourexperts have chosen for you.

15. Raspberry Pi NAS File Server

* * *A NAS (Network Attached Storage) server lets your choice of storage device actas a dedicated file server that can send multiple files over the network at arelatively high speed. This is one of the best Raspberry Pi projects forcomputing enthusiasts, given the fact that a professional model of suchdevices usually come at around $500. All you will need for this project is oneor more storage devices and a good USB hub.Highlights of the project * We recommend you format your drives using the NTFS format as it will let you access the device if anything gets messed up. * Your Pi should be configured for using the SSH protocol. * Use the Samba software to configure the networking options available. * You can also incorporate Data Redundancy and the RAID service if looking for a more significant challenge.Get the Project* * *If you’re an internet wizard like me, chances are you have got multipleservers running for a wide range of purposes, both professional and personal.Building a handy network monitor could be one of the best Raspberry Piprojects for you, allowing you to monitor your servers’ network activitiesconveniently. Like most other internet-based raspberry pi projects, thisproject will test your network skills and aggravate the expertise required forfuture complex raspberry projects.Highlights of the project * We recommend you select NagiosPi, a lightweight server monitoring distro for such raspberry pi projects. * Configure the monitoring preferences of NagiosPi to monitor your network traffic effectively; we suggest you start with the basic metrics, then beef up progressively. * Attach a display to your Pi board, depending on how you want your system to look. * You can carve out solid outer layers for protecting the main board by using a 3D printer.Get the Project

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