6 Tenorshare Android Data Recovery

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Back up Android Text Messages to PC

If you export text messages from Android device to make a backup on PC, youcan use a professional Android backup tool to help you with that. Android DataBackup & Restore by FonePaw can quickly back up nearly all types of dataincluding text messages, contacts, call history, gallery, video, audio anddocuments in your Android device to PC. You can choose to back up only textmessages from Android to PC or select all data on your Android phone to backup. One important merit of this application is that you are able to encrypt thetext messages backups so that the data can be accessed by you only.After backing up your text messages, you can view the backed up messages on PCany time you need. For more info about Android Data Backup & Restore, you can refer to How toBack up Android Data to PC.DownloadDownload

Part 3. Top 5 Samsung smartphone data recovery app

We will now look into the top Samsung data Recovery appDr.Fone – Data Recovery(Android) app for Android devices ranks top on thislist. It is not only the best for recovering lost data but also is easy to usewith a top-notch user interface that requires no geeky knowledge to navigatethrough. It is not just used as a Samsung data recovery app, it also has quitea several other amazing features. It can be used to scan the device data aswell can preview that. It can recover data from SD cards, broken devices, etc.It supports almost all Android devices. Thus you can say it is a 100% secureway to get back lost data. Dr.Fone can alternatively be used as a Samsung datarecovery app to safely root your device.top 1 Samsung data recovery software-Dr.FonePros: * It is easy to use * Supports over 8000 different android phones and brands * Does not require any technical knowledge to use * Recovers all types of files * Works without rooting your deviceCons: * It only supports Android and iOS operating systemsLinks: Dr.Fone – Data Recovery(Android)Rate: 5 stars

No.5: Recover My Files Data Recovery Software

Recover My Files lets you recover deleted documents, photos, archives, music,videos, emails from hard drive, USB, camera SD card, Zip, floppy disk, etc.Compatible OS: Windows 10/8/7.Pros: Support different kinds of files recovery. Support many storage devices.Undelete files in different data loss situations like accidental format,Windows reinstallation, corrupted or raw hard drive or partition. Support filefilter and file preview.Cons: The free edition only lets you scan but not save the recovered lostfiles. If you want to save them, you should purchase this product pro versionto get an activation key.

Recoverit Free Data Recovery for Android SD Card

* Utilize advanced scanning and recovery algorithm to help you recover phone data. * Support to recover lost, deleted, or emptied data from Android phone with SD Card. * Recover over 1000 types and formats of data, like files, photos, videos, documents, etc. * Work on various devices, like SD cards, cameras, PCs, flash drives, external hard drives, etc. * Be compatible with all Windows and Mac OS, and different file systems like NTFS, HFS, etc.* * *

6. Tenorshare Android Data Recovery

Tenorshare Android Data Recovery software claims that it has the highestsuccess rate of data recovery amongst its peers. Whatever type of file youwant to recover – WhatsApp message, SMS, email, photo, or anything else – itcan recover all in minutes. It promises to get back your data from 8 differentscenarios and can be run on Windows as well as Mac.

7. DrFone – recover (Android Data Recovery)

DrFone from Wondershare is the world’s best Android data recovery tool forAndroid devices. It is compatible with more than 6,000 Android devices and caneven get back the data from broken Samsung phones. Capable to get back thelost data from 15 different scenarios, Drfone supports Windows as well as MacOS.

Part 2: Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone with Computer

If neither of the two options above cannot help you out and you’re looking fora method to recover deleted iPhone text messages without backup, then maybeyou can consider using a third-party tool.Where do deleted messages go? Why is it possible to recover them since theyare already deleted? First let me try to explain the principle of such kind ofdata recovery.When you delete a message, actually it is not completely removed from thedevice. Instead, the device just marks the message for deletion but it stillremains.Data recovery tool in this case will find this hidden file and then recoverit. But the recovery work is only possible when the messages haven’t beenoverwritten, more specifically sepaking, haven’t been replaced by new data.Therefore, to avoid overwriting the messages which will result in permanentlydata loss, you need to stop using your iPhone right after the deletionhappened to avoid any data generating operation.One of the best third-party data recovery tools you can use to get your textmessages back is iMyFone D-Back.

Method 1. How to Extract Text Messages from Android without Backup

A third-party data recovery software will make the job easy for you. If youthink such programs only help in restoring deleted files, you’re mistaken.While they are great in that aspect, they are also a fool-proof way to extractandroid text messages from Android device.FoneDog Android Data Recovery is a trusted program in the industry. Withmillions of users to boot, the software will make your transition to a newphone stress-free. For those who simply want to keep an extra copy of theirmessages, this is your guy too.Free DownloadFree DownloadIn fact, it does not only support SMS. It can also export images, videos,audio files, documents, contacts, call logs and WhatsApp messages.If you’re excited to get going, here’s how to use the software.

Method 1: Recover deleted Android data with the help of Google Drive

With the help of Google Drive, you can easily restore deleted data fromAndroid phone.Google Drive provides the storage space of 15GB where you can easily backupall your important data’s. So, if your Android files are backed up on Googledrive then you just need to follow the below steps to get them back: * First, go to the Settings menu of your Android device * Then, choose the Backup & reset tab * Here, select the Back up my data option * Now, go back to the Backup & reset tab to ensure that your Google account is connected to your Backup account * After that select the Automatic Restore tab to get back your all lost data on Android device

Step 2. Scan, Preview, Recover and Download Text Messages from iPhone

FoneDog Toolkit- iOS Data Recovery will now scan the entire device for all thelost or deleted text messages and other data. This process will take a whileuntil all the data will be recovered, however; you can see its progressdisplayed on the screen. Once all the files are displayed on the panel, youcan now go over Contacts & Messages and find all the missing SMS. Using thetick boxes beside each item, you are now able to perform selective recovery bymarking those needed text messages. Click the “Recover” button on how todownload text messages from iPhone. This will let you create a new folder onthe desktop and save the entire messages. Scan, Preview, Recover and Download Text Messages from iPhone–Step2Tips: Before doing the recovery, first update iTunes to the latest version and thenturn off the auto-sync by going to iTunes>Preferences>Devices>and check“Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically”.

Step 2. Preview, Recover and Download Text Messages from iPhone

FoneDog Toolkit- iOS Data Recovery will then scan, extract and download theiTunes backup contents and then display it on the left side of the panel.Choose the text messages you need and preview on the right side. Mark themseparately for selective restore and then save them to a folder on thecomputer for easier reference in the future.Also Read: How to View iTunes Backup Files Preview, Recover and Download Text Messages from iPhone–Step2Tips: The program automatically detects the iTunes on the computer so there isno need to launch the iTunes during recovery.

Part 4. Backup and Retrieve Text Messages from iPhone with Phone Transfer

Another program made by FoneDog Toolkit is the FoneDog Phone Transfer whereyou can easily backup and restore all the files from the iPhone anytime. Itallows you to backup contacts, photos, text messages, call logs, music andmore. Like the other tools, this program is also easy to use and developedwith a click-through based environment where it is safe and easy to use bybeginners.Phone Transfer Transfer files among iOS, Android and Windows PC. Transfer andbackup text messages, contacts, photos, video, music on computer easily. Fullycompatible with iOS 13 and Android 9.0. Free DownloadTo learn how to use this feature, follow these steps: * Step 1. Download and Launch FoneDog Phone Transfer – On the computer, download the program FoneDog Phone Transfer and then follow the onscreen instructions. When the program has launched, click “Backup your Phone” on the menu options. * Step 2. Connect iPhone – Using an original USB cable, plug in the iPhone device to the laptop or computer to begin. Wait until the device is automatically detected. * Step 3. Start Transfer and Backup – Carefully select all the files you need to backup from the iPhone to the computer by ticking text messages and other desired files among the boxes on the middle and then click “Start Transfer”. The backup process may take some time depending on a load of data being backed up.The restore from the backup option of FoneDog Phone Transfer is the easiestway on how to download text messages from iPhone. There are no othercomplicated steps on how to do the restoration.Follow these steps: * Step 1. Launch FoneDog Phone Transfer and choose Restore from Backup – First, launch the program on the computer and then click Restore from Backup and then connect the iPhone to the USB cable. Select the desired backup source like iCloud, iTunes, OneDrive, MobileTrans, etc… if you have used the same program for backup then choose MobileTrans as the backup source. * Step 2. Select Files to Restore – Choose the files you need to restore from backup and then click “Start Transfer”. The process will take a while but make sure to keep the devices connected and avoid any interruptions. You will now have the text messages deleted back on the iPhone.Remember that this program only works if you have used it as a backup prior toany incidents of data loss. If you have not made any backups then you canalways use FoneDog Toolkit- iOS Data Recovery.

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