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High Paying Associate Degree Jobs

ARTICLE TABLE OF CONTENTSToday’s job market is a vast space, and having an associate degree can helppave the way through it. You’ll have better chances of getting chosen for ajob if you’re competing with someone who hasn’t pursued their highereducation.Here are some of the best paying jobs that generally only require an associatedegree relevant to the field.

Associate Degree Benefits

An associate degree program offers degrees in many fields. You earn anassociate degree at a local community college or a university. These degreeshold many benefits to them, and in today’s job market, they can proveinvaluable in certain fields. Additionally, they offer a lot of flexibilityand will help you prepare for entering the workforce in your desired field.

4. Field-specific skills

Many associate degree programs tend to focus on specific fields, and as such,have their attention on field-specific skills. This can go a long way in manyjobs, depending on the path you choose to follow in your career. Although thiscan also depend on the company or organization you apply in, as most of themhave specific hiring standards.There are many associate degree jobs that pay well. When it comes to today’scompetitive job market, an associate degree and in-demand skills are a goodway to make sure you enter the market as soon as you can. You can also counton many career options being available to you upon completion of the program.From healthcare, accounting, business to information technology, there aremany opportunities where you can mix the benefits with your preferences.Canada’s top 25 best jobs 2018Whether you’re fresh from school or looking to make a midlife career change,selecting the right job is always a challenge. It’s a deeply personaldecision—but perhaps we can make it a little easier by pointing you towardsome intriguing opportunities. The annual Canadian Business Best Jobs rankingcompiles comprehensive data on salaries, qualifications, and employmentprospects to point you toward some of the fields with the highest pay andgreatest potential. Scroll through our gallery counting down the Top 25 rankedcareers on our list.See the full ranking of 100 jobs on Canadian Business.(Shutterstock)

24. Head Nurse & Medical Supervisor

Job Description: Anywhere nurses work — including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes andpsychiatric facilities — there’s a head nurse. People doing this job mightsupervise nurses, coordinate care with other health services and administerbudgets.Job Qualifications: You’ll need a degree or diploma in registered nursing. You might also need totake some courses in management studies. You’ll also need to register with aregulatory body in the province where you work. Finally, you’ll need to startby gaining clinical experience as a registered nurse.Salary: The median salary for a head nurse is $83,000.Career Opportunity: The number of people working as head nurses has grown by 33 per cent over thepast five years. By 2023, the government expects there will be a balancednumber of jobs and people looking for work in this position.* * *(Shutterstock)

22. Economic Development Director

Job Description: These government workers are focused on how to make cities, towns and economicregions prosper. This mainly involves evaluating, planning and implementingeconomic policy, but it also means collecting data and creating programs. Thecategory includes jobs like border services managers, analysts and tourismdevelopment managers.Job Qualifications: A bachelor’s in economics, business administration, commerce or publicadministration is required, with a master’s in one of those fields requiredfor one of the more advanced positions. It’s also important to have severalyears of experience as an economist, economic development officer orresearcher.Salary: The median salary is around $113,000, but your income is highly dependent onexperience, responsibility, and which province or territory you work in.Career Opportunity: Currently there’s a job for every job seeker, but be aware that much of thatopportunity is in smaller communities. Like small-town living? Your job huntis probably going to be easier. Additional good news for job-seekers is thatemployment growth has lagged in recent years and a wave of retirement ishitting this field, so towns and cities will be competing for talentedcandidates.* * *(Mediaphotos/iStock)

6. Health Care Manager

Job Description: Take advantage of the huge growth anticipated in the healthcare sector as the population ages by becoming a health care manager. In thisposition, you’ll oversee the delivery of health care services in hospitals,clinics, nursing homes and other environments. Health care managers areresponsible for supervising health care professionals, recruiting new hires,planning and evaluating service delivery and setting budgets.Job Qualifications: If you’re looking for a career change that involves minimal retraining, thisis not the position for you. You’ll need to have the same education as themedical professionals you oversee, which could mean years of gruelling post-secondary and residency training as a specialist physician or nurse. Once youpick a medical specialization, you’re probably stuck with it — there’s notmuch mobility between different departments.Salary: Health care managers make a median salary of $96,000, but that varies greatlydepending on the type of health care service they oversee.Career Opportunity: The number of people working as health care managers increased by 26 per centfrom 2012 to 2017. The government expects there will be slightly more jobsthan people looking for work in this position five years from now.* * *(Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock)

5. Public administration director

Job Description: Public administration directors oversee large branches of government services,ensuring that policies and programs are implemented. This means overseeing thedevelopment of said programs, monitoring and planning budgets, and hiring andtraining staff.Job Qualifications: You’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree in social science, law or businessadministration, on top of several years of experience in the field.Salary: The median salary is about $114,000, making it one of the highest paid jobs ingovernment bureaucracy, with a 16% increase in wages over the past five years.Career Opportunity: Opportunities in this career are heavily dependent on the programs they’rebased on. Governments create and cut programs based on priority, spending andwhich party is in charge—making some positions less stable than others.* * *(Wavebreak Media/Shutterstock)

4. Pharmacist

Job Description: Being a pharmacist isn’t as simple as just filling doctors’ prescriptions. Italso means meticulously updating medical records, advising customers on how totake their medicine, hiring staff, and managing inventory.Job Qualifications: This job requires a degree in pharmacology. Once you’ve got that down, youneed to complete an examination with the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada(unless you’re in Quebec), and a period of apprenticeship or internship.You’ll also need to be registered as a pharmacist with your province’scollege.Salary: Pharmacists in Canada can expect a median salary around $104,000. Over thepast five years, wages for pharmacists have increased by about 10 per cent.Career Opportunity: The Government of Canada predicts there will be a balanced number of jobopenings and people seeking jobs as pharmacists five years from now.* * *(Sarinyapinngam/iStock)

Review Federal Job Salaries

Federal (and other government) jobs are typically paid based on set pay rates,scales, and grades. These scales establish a predetermined salary range, basedon the education and experience required for each position.For 2019, the lowest pay rate (Grade 1, Step 1) is $19,048. The highest rate(Grade 15, Step 10) is $138,572. The U.S. Office of Personnel Managementpublishes a chart with the current pay rates for each grade annually. Ratescan vary based on the job location, and there are locality pay rate tablesavailable for each separate geographic area.You might be surprised to discover how well many government workers arecompensated: the average annual salary for government workers is $84,913.

Explore Government Career Options

A handy tool for exploring government opportunities is the USAJOBS website,where most government opportunities are advertised. The site allows users tosearch by factors such as keyword, location, agency, and high need areas aswell as filter by pay grade or GS level.

10 High-Paying Government Jobs

Here are some of the highest-paying government jobs, most of which are also inhigh demand according to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). Also, seebelow for some of the lowest-paying federal government jobs.

4. Computer Scientist

There are several exciting career avenues for computer scientists within thegovernment. As an IT pro, you might be called upon to design, develop, andtest systems-level software for military or aerospace applications, facilitatesoftware engineering life cycles, develop quality control processes, andevaluate the technical reliability of key systems. Or, you might be asked totransition software development lifecycle methodologies to Agile, createfrontline cybersecurity protocols, or contribute to the design of scientificsoftware and application solutions.Salary: The USAJOBS site indicates that computer scientists are mostly hiredat the GS 11-15 level and generally earn between $61,642 and $166,500 per yearbased on level of responsibility and location. The BLS estimated thatcomputer scientists working for the federal government earned an average of$109,810 in May 2018. The BLS predicted that computer scientist jobs in theoverall economy would grow by about 19% through 2026, a much faster thanaverage rate.Job Requirements: Educational requirements typically include a bachelor’sdegree in computer science or a bachelor’s degree with at least 30 semesterhours in a combination of mathematics, statistics, and computer science.

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