5 Pair Bluetooth Device Properly

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2. Unplug Echo

Many times, unplugging Echo from the power outlet and replugging it alsosolves the Bluetooth connectivity issue. Doing that resets the power cycle ofthe device, which helps in fixing any issue. You need to remove the power cordfrom your Echo device. Then wait for at least 30 seconds before plugging itagain.

5. Pair Bluetooth Device Properly

If you are connecting your phone or laptop to the Echo for the first time,make sure you are following the right steps. Here’s how to go about it.Step 1: Be in the range of your Echo device. Turn off Bluetooth on all theexisting devices that are paired with Echo.Step 2: Open the Alexa app and tap on the Devices at the bottom.Step 3: Select your Echo device from the list of available devices.Step 4: Tap on Bluetooth Devices > Pair a new device.Step 5: Enable Bluetooth on your phone or laptop. Open Bluetooth settings andset it in the pairing mode too. Connect it to your Echo device. Wait for sometime till they are properly paired. Once the connection is successful, Alexawill announce the same.Now play sound from your connected phone or laptop, it will play through Echo.At any point, if you want to stop playing on Echo, you can either turn off theBluetooth on your phone or laptop. Alternatively, you can say the command‘Alexa, disconnect.’ In case you are facing any trouble while connecting toEcho, check our detailed guide to connect phones and laptop to Echo.

6. Connect to Right Bluetooth device

Even though the Echo devices can remember multiple Bluetooth devices, they canbe connected to only one device at a time. So make sure the Echo is connectedto the device that you are trying to connect it with and not to some otherdevice.Note: Echo connects to the most recently connected Bluetooth device if thereare multiple devices in range.For that, first, disconnect existing Bluetooth connections by saying ‘Alexa,disconnect.’ Then connect it to the specific device by saying ‘Alexa, pairwith [device name]’ or ‘Alexa, connect to [device name]’.Tip: You should disable Bluetooth on other devices for the time being toconnect Echo to your device properly.

7. Unpair Bluetooth Devices

If the issue persists after trying the above solutions, you should forget theBluetooth device. Sometimes, even though the Alexa app shows that the deviceis connected, it’s not connected properly. That’s why you are unable to hearthe sound from the Echo.To fix it, you have to forget the problematic Bluetooth device from the Alexaapp. For that, open the Alexa app and tap on Devices at the bottom. Go to yourEcho device from Echo & Alexa > Name of your Echo device. Select BluetoothDevices. Tap on your device and hit Forget device.Then, pair it again with your Echo, as shown above. If the problem stillpersists, head to the pairing menu and tap the option to forget all the paireddevices.

Bonus: Alexa Commands for Bluetooth

Here are some useful commands that can be used with Alexa for Bluetooth.

Pair Device

Say the ‘Alexa, pair’ command. It will start the pairing process on the Echo.

Connect to a Particular Device

If you have paired multiple Bluetooth devices to Echo, you can connect to aparticular device by saying the ‘Alexa, connect to [name of device]’ command.

What is Bluetooth?

Before we can explore how do Bluetooth headphones work, it should be a goodidea to understand what makes a Bluetooth technology what it is. Let us checkout the technology behind those flashy headphones that you wear.Bluetooth is a technology or the wireless data standard that we use for theshort range wireless communication. What makes it one of the best alternativesto other options available for the wireless communication is the low powerrequirement that the technology comes with. Since the battery life is animportant factor in a smartphone scenario, Bluetooth should ideally be thepreferred mode of communication.

Ever changing technology behind Bluetooth Connectivity

Initially launched with support for mono audio transmission, the Bluetoothtechnology has been developed through successive years to become one of theprime modes for the short range wireless communication.A2DP was a huge invention in that direction. A2DP is a Bluetooth profilespecifically launched with the aim to provide stereo audio communication overBluetooth. It decides the codecs used for the communication from your deviceto the Bluetooth headphones. The profile balances the power requirements anddata usage depending upon the actual usage pattern.Several other technologies were added later on to improve the Bluetoothconnectivity performances. Some prime examples can be HSP (Headset profile)and AVRCP (Audio Video Remote Control Profile). The latter is designed toprovide you access to the control on playback functions remotely.

How To Make Bluetooth Headphones work Better?

No matter whether you are looking to make your conversations on your phonecompletely hands free or normally on the move, you would expect your BluetoothHeadphones to work in a better manner offering you a better reception. Howwould you be able to do that? We will explain a few options for the enhancedaudio quality on your Bluetooth headphones.

Toggle the Bluetooth

Your iPhone might also be stuck on the headphone mode because of a BluetoothGlitch. You can fix this glitch by toggling the Bluetooth switch.Go to settings and then tap on BluetoothSwitch on Bluetooth featureNow perform a soft resetAgain go back to settings > Bluetooth and turn it off by toggling the switchNow again restart your phone and check for the issueThis method will fix the issue if it caused by Bluetooth Glitch.

Forget all Bluetooth Devices

Your iPhone might be connected to a Bluetooth device which could be causingthe problem. To make sure your phone is not connected to a Bluetooth deviceyou can try deleting all saved Bluetooth devices. To do this, follow the givensteps.First Head to settings and then to BluetoothNow tap the I icon next to Bluetooth device and then tap forgetConfirm your decisionDo this for all saved devicesRestart your phoneThis will delete all the saved Bluetooth devices from your iPhone.

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