5 Keep Both Feet On The Ground

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3.Recline Your Chair

Lean back to open up the angle between your hips and upper body. This isproven to put less strain on your lower back discs.Leaning back does not mean you slouch, slouching is totally different.Slouching is when your bottom comes forwards on the chair and there is a gapbetween the seat back and you. This posture will cause your lower back toslump back to fill the gap, stressing the lower back joints.Sit your bottom as far back in the chair as you can and then lean the back ofthe seat backwards. The chair back should now be taking the weight of yourupper body.Why Recline?Sitting upright puts your weight and stress on the lower back and hip joints.You need to get your hips away from your lower back so they both have lessstrain on them.Leaning back not only reduces the load on the joints but by opening yourposture it actually changes your emotions. Open posture has been linked toemotions of success, happiness, confidence and optimism.

4. Support Your Lower Back Curve

This is a curve that is part of your office chair that pushes into your lowerback curve so the chair can help support you. If your chair has one built-inthat’s great. If you can adjust it, make sure it is fully out. If not, simplyadd a foam lumbar roll they normally come with a strap that goes over thechair.Why Add A Lumbar Support?Your lower back has a large curve at the bottom, and getting your chair tosupport this curve means less strain on yours discs and joints. Which meansless pain and fatigue all round.A support stops your back from slumping and supports the curve without anyeffort from you. It is important to sit back in the chair to prevent you from‘perching’ at the front. This posture is one of the worst because when you gettired, which will happen quickly, you then slouch or lean forwards.Sit back and rest your spine.

3. Support Your Back

Your spine has 5 main sections–from top to bottom, they are the cervical,thoracic, lumbar, sacral, and coccyx. Together, they form a “highway” whichyour body uses to send nerve signals from your brain to all the other parts ofyour body. On top of that, poor spine health now may lead to more ailments inthe future. This is why supporting your back is one of the most importantparts of proper sitting posture!Sit back in your chair and ask yourself a few questions. * Am I comfortable? * Is my spine relaxed in its natural curve? * Is my lower back supported?If your answer to one or more of these was “no,” it’s time to reassess yoursetup! If your back is not supported by your chair, try using a mesh supportor cushion to keep your spine happy. Or upgrade to a fully-customizableergonomic chair for maximum comfort!(image courtesy of positivehealth.com)

5. Keep Both Feet On The Ground

Alright, it’s time to put your feet down for good posture (see what we didthere?). If your feet dangle just above the ground or just your toes touch theground, that’s more tension on your leg and back muscles.Use a footrest if your feet don’t quite touch the floor (or get one even ifyour feet do reach the ground–they’re a great addition to your officespace!). A footrest reduces pressure on your legs and can also prevent bloodclots and varicose veins.(image courtesy of shared.com)

2: Steelcase Gesture Chair

Steelcase believes that technology has had the single most effect on the waywe live, work and play.Sitting at a spot, we can with the aid of technology engage in multiple tasksacross different devices.This prompted a study to see how this has affected how our bodies now operateat work.After studying about 2,000 people across about 6 continents working in a widerange of postures, Steelcase discovered that the new behaviors prompted by thenew technologies have led to the evolution of nine new postures which theprevailing seating solutions did not address.Armed with this knowledge, Steelcase set out to design a chair that will caterfor these new postures.Thus was born the Gesture Chair.In designing the Gesture Chair, Steelcase looked not at other chairs but atthe people who use these chairs.It was obvious that the only way to successfully design an efficient chair wasto understand how the body naturally moves and the postures we take at work.Looking at these two factors led to the all-important question – “could achair act as a system, just like human body?”From all these, Steelcase was able to identify three main interfaces betweenthe human body and the chair.These are: Core Interface, Limb Interface and Seat Interface.The Gesture Office Chair addresses these three interface points.The Core Interface – The back and seat of the Gesture Chair move as one toprovide each user with a continuously solid support.Regardless of the user’s posture or what work or device s/he is workingon/with, the back cradles the user and continues to provide support.The Limb Interface – We tend to sit differently when using different devices.Our posture when we are typing on the keyboard is different from our posturewhen we are swiping on our tablet of typing on our mobile phones.The arms of the Gesture Chair move like the human arm to provide support forthe arms and shoulders regardless of the position.The Seat Interface – With The Gesture Chair, even the edges are comfortable.The flexibility at the edges allow for comfortable seating in a wide range ofpostures without discomfort.The Gesture Chair is fully adjustable and has easy to use controls to enablepersonalization.This chair will very easily adapt to your natural movements.No wonder it won the Neocon Gold in 2013.Features * 3D LiveBack * Automatic adjustment to mimic natural spine movement * Adjustable 360 arm * Two intuitive, easy-to-operate controls – Seat height and depth * Core equalizer – provides less lumbar support in a deep recline and more lumbar support in an upright posture * Adaptive bolstering – gives consistent comfort and support to a range of usersPROs * Solidly built * Easily adjustable * Great back support * Extremely comfortableCONs * Arms don’t lock * No headrest on this modelConsumer Feedback 1. I could write a 5 paragraph review about how great this chair is, but honestly don’t feel like it is needed. This is an expensive chair, and also the most comfortable computer chair I have ever sat in. 2. Chair was exactly what I ordered and it feels great. No more back pain solves all my issues with positions, was a wonderful investment. 3. I am actually getting more work done and I sometimes come into my office to sit down because I need some back relief. What the heck?! I’ve NEVER done that before. It was also not the nightmare of mysterious adjustments that many desk chairs are. It can be highly customized but everything is simple to use and it took about five minutes to get it where I felt comfortable. I LOVE this chair. Totally worth every penny.

4: X Chair X4 Leather Executive Chair

X-Chair presents a chair with 21st century design and technology.X-Chair believes that users do not have to choose between comfort and style.An office chair can be both comfortable and stylish and the X4 Leatherexecutive Chair proves this.Featuring X-Chairs SciFloat Infinite Recline technology, the X4 allows yourbody stay in constant motion all day even while seated.It is adjustable to perfectly fit specific body weight, allowing foreffortless movement.It also improves concentration, circulation and energy levels.X-Chair understands that your arms do not stay still but is always on the moveall day.Given this fact, the X4’s arms are designed to move with your arms, providingthem the support they need as they move.These arms are adjustable for height, depth, width and angle.To further improve your comfort level, the headrest is independentlyadjustable.It can be adjusted for height and angle so that it can pivot to provide youcomfort in whatever position you may sit.The lumbar support provides tactile support as it adjusts to your body’smovement.This will ensure that even without making fresh adjustments to your chair, youstay comfortable all day.The X-Chair also features adjustable backrest height.You can and should adjust the backrest so it is providing you with fullsupport from your lumbar curve to your neck.With the X4 Leather Executive Chair, nothing is compromised or skimped on.It combines style and comfort, giving you the best of both worlds.Features * Dynamic variable lumbar (dvl) support and Scifloat infinite Recline * Tilt Tension & tilt Lock * Height-adjustable backrest * Adjustable seat height and seat depth * Adjustable headrest height and angle * 4-Dimensional armsPROs * It is very comfortable * It is solidly built * Promotes good posture * Has excellent lumbar support * It is very stylish * It is highly adjustableCONsConsumer Feedback 1. I was skeptical, but not anymore… The most comfortable task chair I’ve ever had. Zero fatigue after 6-8 hours of sitting. If you choose to recline the chair a little it’s feels like your at home relaxing. All that a great contemporary look for any office. 2. I love the chair, incredibly comfortable and it allows me to sit “properly” in the chair as opposed to squirming and scooting forward to sit and type at my desk. 3. This chair is as advertised. Very adjustable. Comfortable and looks good in my office. The chair was very easy to assemble.

5: Haworth X99 Task Chair

Haworth has over the years grown and evolved into a global brand.It has invested in research and design all aimed at consistently meeting theneeds of the changing market.More than just offering any products, backed by data from research, Haworthoffers its customers products that meet their needs, helping them succeed attheir work.The X99 is one such offering from Haworth.The X99 task Chair is an eco-friendly chair made with 38% recycled material,and is itself 91% recyclable.Designed by Haworth, Comforto, and Germany’s ITO Design, the X99 was made forthe highest level of performance.Loaded with high-efficiency ergonomic functions, this chair is more of yourpartner than just a chair.The X99 is a chair that provides solid support, is active and perfectlyadjusts to your body, making it yours and yours alone.It features a deep recliner with a flip-out tension control to regulate thelevel of resistance felt when reclining, a 3-point tilt mechanism and a3-position seat depth that all work together to offer maximum comfort.Your comfort is further improved with its soft and breathable mesh back, itsadjustable 24 degree recline which improves pressure relief on the lower backand tailbone and its array of controls which offer you precise customizationoptions.With the precisely engineered personal adjustment options, the X99 Task Chairwill respond to your every body movement, birthing a frictionless union thatwill promote high performance, comfort and unrelenting support.Aside from its high-performance, the X99 is also stylishly outstanding.However and from whatever point you look at it, whether from the highlyrefined Chenille polyfilament soft mesh, the luxurious leather or the fabric(whichever you choose), you will find that the X99 will add beauty andelegance to any space.Features * Superior ergonomic options * Waterfall front edge * 3-point tilt mechanism * 3-position seat depth * Flip-out tension control * Chenille polyfilament soft mesh * Made in the USA with 38% recycled material, and it’s 91% recyclablePROs * Very eco-friendly * Made with top quality materials * Is very comfortable * Provides good support * Is elegant and stylish * Comes with a 12 year Haworth warrantyCONsConsumer Feedback 1. Sold my car and just roll this to work. So comfy. Worth it all day long. It’s green too, zero emissions.

Office Chair Buying Guide

Make sure to at least skim this guide – it will help you with buying the rightchair!What is an ideal office chair?What really makes an office chair ideal?How do I identify an office chair that is good for me?These and more are questions that some may be asking and they are validquestions too.Having looked at some top end office chairs, we want to take a closer look atoffice chairs and what features make them suitable for office use.

Types of Office Chairs

When it comes to types of office chairs, color is one of the least importantoptions. Make sure you choose wisely.There are different kinds of office chairs suited for different uses in theoffice.While there may be varying opinions on how many types of office chairs thereare and what they exactly are, there are standard types of office chairs thatwe can easily identify.These include:Conference chairs – These chairs are designed for conference rooms. They areusually not mobile and have little or no adjustability. They are not suitablefor very long hours of sitting.Guest Chairs – These are usually situated in the reception for guests. You donot expect your office guests to stay forever so these chairs are usually notadjustable but just provide enough comfort and support for the short while theguests are expected to stay.Stacking Chairs – This will usually be found in the parts of your office whereyou have the most number of people. Some of these could find their way intoconference rooms when a lot more people than usual are expected. Manycafeterias will also have these kinds of chairs. They are usually notadjustable and have little or no extra features.Task Chairs – These are by far the most popular of the office chairs. Almosteveryone in the office has one. They are also known as computer chairs becausethey are usually paired with a computer desk. These chairs usually have someadjustability and feature some level of ergonomics. The ergonomic level of thechair will depend on the model.Executive Chairs – Just as the name sounds, these chairs are usually built tobe impressive. They are usually high-backed and cushioned to have a big andtall effect.Ergonomic Office Chairs – These are chairs designed to offer maximum supportand comfort. They prevent or alleviate the aches and pains usually associatedwith sitting for long hours by forcing the body to maintain the correct spinalposition while sitting.Active Chairs – These may not exactly fall under office chairs though manyoffices now use them. They are chairs that keep the user active even whileseated. This kind of chair is meant to infuse activity into sedentary jobs, bykeeping the muscles active even while the user is seated.The above is just a broad classification of office chairs.There are more types of office chairs that can generally fit under one or moreof the above categories.

Choosing an Office Chair

Choosing an office chair can be confusing especially if you do not knowexactly what you want.What we listed above does not cover all the possibilities you will encounterwhen you begin to shop for office chairs.Choosing the right office chair is quite tricky. Make sure you get the rightone.To help you with this task, we will provide some factors you need to considerto help you decide what kind of office chair will be best for you.The first factor to be considered is this – How long will I be sitting?If you will not be sitting for very long each day, then you can basicallychoose whichever chair you fancy.[box title=”” border_width=”1″ border_color=”dd3333″ border_style=”solid”bg_color=”ddbaba” align=”left”]If you however will be sitting for long hours then you need to take your timeto choose your office chair.[/box]All day sitting is very hard both, physically and emotionally.Another thing you need to look at is your size.If you are extra tall and/or big, you may not be able to use a standard chair.What will suit you is the kind of office chair known as the big and talloffice chair.These are specifically made for extra big and tall users.The importance of choosing the right office chair cannot be over emphasizedespecially if your job involves staying seated for hours at a stretch.Choosing the wrong seat will be the beginning of neck, back and waist painsthat can become chronic, leading to total inefficiency at work and play.Given the above, you need a chair that will provide you good total support andcomfortable seating.These types of office chairs are usually referred to as ergonomic chairs.

Do I Really Need An Expensive Office Chair?

Here’s the simple truth we just have to tell you.You actually do not need to get an expensive office chair.It however so happens that the best office chairs are also the most expensiveones.So, if we were to re-ask that question, it would be – “do I really need thebest office chair?”What do you think?Do you?

What Are The Benefits of Top Quality Office Chairs?

Getting an expensive office chair is not necessary, but…it certainly makes aBIG difference in life quality of many office workers out there.Let’s try to list some of the things you stand to gain by getting a very highquality office chair. Some of the benefits include:Ergonomics – These high quality (expensive) office chairs have the bestergonomics. This means they provide full support to your body, keeping it inthe right posture when you sit.Comfort – They are made with the best of materials that provide you supplecomfort so your seating experience is always enjoyable.The Best of Technology – So much research and design time go into the makingof these chairs. They are constantly updated to harness whatever latesttechnology can improve your seating experience.Improved Performance – Using these chairs, your body is alert and your focussharper. This translates to increased productivity and performance at work andplay.Bye to Aches and Pains – With the many ergonomic features these high qualityoffice chairs offer, you can kiss aches and pains goodbye. This is applicableto both those who are already suffering back aches and those who simply wantto prevent it.

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