5 If you find that the monitor displays wrong characters what is the

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5. If you find that the monitor displays wrong characters, what is the

most likely cause of the problem?A. Bad monitor B. Bad video card C. Insufficient VRAM D. Bad keyboard

10. You are using Windows 98 and a new system board that has USB ports.

However, when you connect a USB device, you find that it doesn’t work. Whatcould be the possible reason?A. Windows 98 does not support USB. B. USB port is disabled in the CMOS setup. C. A USB port has to be connected to a PCI port. D. A USB device must be connected to a serial port.

18. You encounter a CMOS memory size mismatch. What is the possible

problem?A. The CMOS battery is not working. B. The motherboard is not working. C. The actual amount of RAM installed on your computer is not specified in theCMOS setup. D. The memory modules are bad.

25. Bill is looking for the version number on his Windows 95 computer.

He went to the Start menu?Programs?Accessories?System Tools, but does not seethe System Information Tool. Which of the following may have caused this?A. The component was not installed. B. Bill is not in the Administrator’s group, so he does not have access to theapplication. C. Bill is using the retail version of Windows 95. D. The System Information Tool is only available with Windows 2000.

28. You require the version number of your installation of Windows 2000.

Which of the following are methods of obtaining the number?A. The Version control panel applet B. Reboot the computer C. The System Version Tool D. The Properties of My Computer

30. Your computer has just suffered from a STOP event (a.k.a., Blue

Screen of Death). What is the most likely cause of the error?A. A multimedia application B. A background application C. Solar flares D. A system device driver

31. Tommy is trying to set the time on his Windows 2000 computer, but is

denied access. What must he do to be able to set the time?A. Log on as Administrator B. Make sure his computer is in the correct time zone C. Be granted the User Right, Change the System Time D. Log on as an authorized user, rather than guest

34. Mary has just attempted to install a new video driver for the video

card on her Windows 2000 computer. She received a message stating that thedriver she was installing was not signed. Should Mary continue with theinstallation?A. She can continue, but should be aware that the driver may not work. B. She should stop the installation, because the driver was not signed, and itwon’t work with Windows 2000. C. She can continue. If there are any problems with the driver, it won’tinstall. D. She should stop the installation and run: drvsgn to sign thedriver files. Then it should install without any problems.

35. Jane is having a problem with her Windows 98 computer. It seems that

everything is running very slowly. What tools can she use to try to identifywhy her computer is running slowly?A. Memory Monitor B. Performance Monitor C. System Information Monitor D. System MonitorBSOD (Blue Screen of Death) Definition

Fix/Repair Blue Screen of Death Stop 0x000000B4 VIDEO DRIVER INIT FAILURE in

Windows 10/8/7/xp/vistaLast updated on 1/10/2020How to fix/repair Windows blue screen of death stop 0x000000B4 video driverinit failure problems for your PC? How can I fix the error 0x000000B4 BSODproblems without any losing computer data?Solutions: Run PC into safe mode, back up/recover computer hard drive data andtest/fix Windows PC video card and graphic card driver problems to remove bluescreen stop error code 0x000000B4 issues in Windows 10/8/7/xp/vista.Video – Fix blue screen error 0x000000B4VIDEO

Computer Blue Screen Problems and Stop Error 0x000000B4 Issues

HP/Dell/Acer computer recently crashes frequently and has a stop error code Â0x000000B4 VIDEO_DRIVER_INIT_FAILURE problems on the blue screen while you aretrying to installing Windows system or updates, or directly upgrading Windows8/7/10 operating system? Windows laptop also stops working and gets a bluescreen of death video driver init failure error problems while you are playinggame, enjoying music/video or applying apps, etc? OK! You come to the rightplace. And, some useful reasons and solutions for the video driver initfailure BSOD problems will be illustrated here for you to fix/repair thiscomputer blue screen stop error issues.

Reasons behind Video Driver Init Failure Blue Screen Problems for Windows

PCHonestly, such stop error 0x000000B4 problems often mean your computer Windowsoperating system cannot/failed to initialize and start the graphic card/videocard driver, and then, also is not able to enter Windows logo screen to bootup your PC. Hence, in order to fix the BSOD 0x000000B4 error, you are supposedto find the reasons related to your computer video card and graphic carddrivers: 1). Computer graphic card problems How long have you used the present graphic card inserted on your PC now? Is itpossible to be corrupted already? In fact, when your computer graphic cardreally gets some serious problems, including corrupted/failed card problems,you are really possible to receive such computer blue screen stop 0x000000B4error message. 2). Computer video card driver problems Generally, the computer video card driver problems are also able to bring yousuch video driver init failure stop error 0x000000B4 issues. For instance,when your graphic card driver is out of data, unworkable or corrupted there,your PC often will go to blue screen. Of course, if you are 100% sure that both of your graphic card and driver getno problems, it also is able to be a blue screen issues caused bymalfunctioned Windows file system. Hope these reasons could inspire you tofind the actual causes behind your video driver init failure blue screenissues.

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