5 HP Spectre x360 Windows Laptop

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1 Dell XPS 13 Windows Laptop

Award: TOP PICKWHY WE LIKE IT: Dell delivers top-level quality with this ultra-thin andlight-weight machine, but it’s no slouch either, with up to an Intel Core i7processor and 16GB of RAM. It’s also difficult to resist the machine’s jaw-droppingly beautiful Infinity-edge display.Pros * Powerful 10th gen Intel Core i7 CPU * Up to 16GB of RAM (Memory) * Includes two Thunderbolt 3 portsThe Dell XPS 13 2020 feels as close as possible to the perfect Windows laptop;this excellent option from Dell offers both power and beauty in anexceptionally well-crafted, and sturdy, aluminum package. Coming in at lessthan 3-pounds, this ultra-lightweight laptop makes a perfect companion in thebackpacks of students and travelers. The intense processing also allows you totackle difficult tasks from multimedia video editing to computer science — thepower of an Intel Core i7 CPU and up to 16GB of RAM make this feat possible.Dell also includes two Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports for super-fast externaltransfers.The beautiful 13” Infinity-edge display is the crowning piece of the XPS 13; astunning 400-nit display with vibrant colors, making anything you do,including binge-watching movies, look better than ever before. The XPS 13 evensports up to 12-hours of battery life. We just wish it had a more powerfulgraphics card for playing intense video games but we’ll take the long batterylife over that. However, it is, by far, the best 13-inch laptop — maybe eventhe best laptop in the world for Windows users at this moment thanks to itsgreat performance. And for better desktop computer performance, be sure tocheck out our list of the best CPU fans.

2 Microsoft Surface Windows Laptop

Award: HONORABLE MENTIONWHY WE LIKE IT: This laptop from Microsoft showcases some of the best theWindows manufacturer can put out — and that’s a good thing; it’s one of thebest crafted machines we’ve seen with an elegant design, aluminum casing, andsoft fabric palm rest.Pros * Excellent high-resolution display * Extra-large trackpad * Premium metal & fabric buildCons * Lacking external port optionsMicrosoft is the manufacturer of the Windows operating system, so it is alwaysfascinating to see what they can offer when it comes to hardware. Luckily, thecompany has shown that its hardware options can stand above the rest, and theSurface Laptop is no exception. Featuring a high-resolution display in the 3:2aspect ratio, it is not only beautiful but can also allow you to see a bitmore of longer documents. Storage options for the Surface Laptop include128GB, 456GB, 512GB, or 1TB SSD.Fast Quad-Core (AMD Rayzen) 10th-generation processors power the machine,backed by up to 16GB of RAM. What truly stands out though, is the SurfaceLaptop’s build-quality with an aluminum exterior, and either aluminum orAlcantara fabric palm rests. If you want a laptop that works hard, but alsoscreen luxury, this is it. The only bit to note is that this Surface machineonly has two USB ports (one USB-C & one USB-A) — no HDMI ports, SD card slots,or ethernet ports here. Which on some machines this shortcoming could bealleviated by getting the best motherboard for your computer.

3 Acer Aspire 5 Slim Windows Laptop

Award: BEST ON A BUDGETWHY WE LIKE IT: Acer shows that purchasing an affordable 15-inch laptopdoesn’t mean you have to make every sacrifice. This affordable windows laptop,despite its base model nature, is loaded with the latest Intel 10-generationCPU, high-speed 802.11ax Wi-Fi, a fingerprint reader, and an internal SSD.Read Full Review: Acer Aspire 5 Slim ReviewPros * Great for college students * Extra-large trackpad * Includes high-speed Wi-Fi 6Cons * Build-quality could be improvedAffordable Windows laptops have always seemed to bring a bottom of the barrelexperience, where you could tell that every inch of quality was sacrificed.Acer redefines that expectation with the fantastic Aspire 5 Slim laptop thatmost shoppers can afford. It even continues to include the latest Intel10-generation Core i5 CPU and 8GB of RAM on the more affordable models. ThisAcer is one of our favorite best laptops for college students thanks to itsprice.To round out the experience, Acer also includes the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard,802.11ax, which ensures your machine will be accessing the network atlightning speeds, as well as a built-in fingerprint reader and internal SSD.If you’re looking for a budget laptop, this is the answer. Just know that thebuild quality isn’t the best, lots of plastic here, but it still feels like asteal for the price. And needless to say, this won’t be the best computer forVR.

5 HP Spectre x360 Windows Laptop

Award: BEST ULTRAPORTABLEWHY WE LIKE IT: If you’re looking for the ultimate ultraportable, look nofurther than HP. This well-engineered machine weighs in at 2.7-pounds andcomes in at 0.7-inches thin, but also saves you from needing a tablet, thanksto its 2-in-1 folding hinge design.Pros * Weighs only 2.7-pounds * Features B&O speakers * Includes touchscreen stylusThe HP Spectre shows that technology can be beautiful, with its distinctiveblack and gold styling that features hard cut angles. The perfect option forthe stylish mobile warrior, the Spectre x360, weighs only 2.7-pounds and comesin at 0.7-inches thin. The display itself is gorgeous and also compatible withHP’s included stylus for drawing or jotting down notes on the go.The included Bang & Olufsen speakers are also a nice touch and add to themachine’s premium feel. Add on the best gaming computer processor, and you’llhave a sleek and powerful computer. The x360 consists of an Intel Core i71.7GHz processor and 16GB of RAM; however, it should be noted that the bodydesign will limit more intense heat-critical applications such as CAD designand working with Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

6 Lenovo Flex 14 Windows Laptop

Award: Best 2-in-1 Convertible BEST 2-IN-1 CONVERTIBLEWHY WE LIKE IT: If you’re seeking a windows laptop that can transform into atablet when desired, then Lenovo has the option for you. This great laptopoffers a 14-inch display that easily flips backwards into a tablet, while anincluded pen allows you to sketch and take notes.Read Full Review: Lenovo Flex 14 ReviewPros * Doubles as a tablet; 2-in-1design * Charge to 80% in one-hour * Built-in webcam privacy shutterCons * Battery life could be improvedLenovo is a company that helped to kickstart the hybrid Windows laptop space,showing that you can transform a laptop into a tablet with a simple flip. TheFlex 14 continues the company’s tradition with an affordable laptop that actsas a stellar laptop, and an on the go tablet option. Best of all, it retainssome of the company’s best characteristics, including the ability to chargethe machine up to 80% in only an hour.For the privacy concerned, Lenovo includes a mechanical webcam privacyshutter, so you can cover the webcam when it’s not in use. As most wouldexpect from the manufacturer of ThinkPad, the Flex 14 also has a greatkeyboard that’s comfortable to type on. We do wish the battery life wasimproved, however, as it’s only rated at 8-hours. Unfortunately, the LenovoFlex isn’t a great gaming laptop so if you’re more of a gamer, take a look atthe best gaming laptops under $1000.

Best Laptop For Computer Science Students (Editor’s Choice) – MacBook Pro

13MacBook Pro 13 * Apple Silicon M1 * 13″ Retina * 8GB DDR4 * 256GB SSDWe earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at noadditional cost to youApple‘s MacBook Pro 13 is our Editor’s Choice for the best laptop for computerscience students.It is no surprise that the MacBook Pro is the go-to choice for a lot ofcomputer science students, thanks to its flexibility and the power it bringson board. You will see a lot of people using MacBook Pros on your campus andthat is not by accident.One of the main advantages of the MacBook is that it allows you to use all thethree Operating systems that are windows, macOS, and Linux.The MacBook also allows you to compile Linux codes natively which is notpossible with a Windows machine. If you want to work on a developingenvironment that is not compatible with the Mac, then you can simply run thatby installing windows with the help of Boot Camp.If you plan to develop applications for the iPhone or Macs, Then the onlyoption you have is to go with an Apple laptop. The reason we chose the MacBookPro over the MacBook Air is because of the power it brings to the table. TheMacBook Pro is more future proof and can handle more work when compared withthe Air model.The MacBook Pro is one of the most portable laptops in the high-performancecategory. It weighs around 3lbs and should fit in comfortably inside yourbackpack.The battery life of the MacBook Pro is very impressive. With regular work, youshould be able to squeeze out at least 8 to 10 hours of use which isexcellent. When if you start your day at just 70%, there is a good chance thatyou might finish your day without having to recharge your laptop ever again.Having a good keyboard for computer science students is as important as havinga good processor and display on your laptop. The MacBook Pro comes withprobably the best keyboard on any laptop.The scissor mechanism is a much-improved version of the previous generationand offers an amazing time experience. You don’t get as much travel as onwardexpect, the typing experience is still pleasant and the keys have a soft feelto them which is nice.As a computer science student, you will be working in a lot of public placeslike cafes and libraries. Having a loud keyboard can be a big disturbance tothe people around you. Luckily, the MacBook Pro keyboard is super silent anddoes not make any noise that can inconvenience others around you.The trackpad on the MacBook Pro is probably the largest you’ll find on anylaptop. It gives you a lot of space to play with and you can use those macOSgestures without any issues.One of the major selling points of the MacBook Pros is its display. We have a13.3-inch display that comes with retina resolution which is 2560 x 1600pixels. This resolution puts more than 4 million pixels into 13.3” screendelivering a pixel density which is excellent.With full support for the P3 color gamut, this is one of the most color-accurate displays you will find on the market. You will enjoy watching yourfavorite TV shows and music on this display, thanks to its rich and vibrantcolors. The IPS panel also delivers incredible viewing angles from everysingle viewpoint.The speakers on the MacBook Pro are a beast. These are, without a doubt, thebest speakers on any laptop, period. The fact that Apple has made suchimpressive speakers fit into such a small body is just amazing engineering.You can easily fill a medium-sized room with the speaker and you might evenhave some luck running a party on it.One of the major differentiators between the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Airis the Touch Bar. The touchpad is a nice innovation that gives you customizedcontrol for different apps as opposed to having simple function keys on thetop row.The laptop also comes with the touch ID sensor that allows you to log in toyour user profile with just a tap of a finger. Another nice touch is that ifyou have multiple uses on your laptop, placing the finger on top of the touchID sensor would log you into your respective user profile.The MacBook Pro also comes with a T2 security chip that provides encryptionfor all your important data and user details. If you’re someone who valuessecurity on your laptop, then this is just icing on the cake.The MacBook Pro comes with an Intel Core i5 processor at its helm. Thisprocess has a base clock speed of 1.1 GHz and can push to a maximum of 4.7 GHzwhich is quite some Baba, even for a computer science student. The processorprovides you with adequate power to handle all your coding and School needs.When it comes to memory, you can configure the MacBook Pro to suit your needs.We recommend going with 8GB of memory which should be fine in most cases. Ifyou’re going to work on game development or in 3-D modeling, then you shouldprobably go with the 16GB model. If you’re not sure what were you should gowith, then starting with 8GB should be fine.The MacBook Pro storage can also be configured to the size of your preference.In most cases, the entry-level size, 256GB, will be more than enough. Ifyou’re going to be dealing with a lot of media files or a huge library offiles, then you can upgrade your storage to 512GB.The solid state drives you get on apple laptops are blazing fast. You getreading and writing speeds in upwards of 2GB/s which is just crazy. This speedis not only for reading and writing files but it also enhances the overallperformance of the laptop.Overall, the MacBook Pro is a brilliant laptop that comes with all the stuffyou need for a fulfilling college experience. If you’re looking for a premiumcomputing experience when writing a world-changing code, then the MacBook Prois the best laptop for computer science students.View This Product On Amazon* * *

Best Windows Laptop For Computer Science Students – Dell XPS 13

Dell XPS 13 * Intel Core i7 * 13″ Full HD * 16GB DDR4 * 256GB SSDWe earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at noadditional cost to youThe Dell XPS 13 is the closest laptop from the Windows ecosystem to competewith the MacBook Pro. In all honesty, we can say that the Dell XPS 13 hassucceeded quite a bit in that quest.When it comes to windows, there was a period where there were no flagshiplaptops that could match the performance and fitness of Apple laptops. Whocame up with the XPS models a few years back and have been constantlyproducing amazing laptops that are great for Windows users.One of the best things about the Dell XPS 13 is its design. Dell has reducedthe basis of the laptop considerably and calls an infinity edge display.Thanks to these reduced bezels, the entire footprint of the laptop is nowsmaller.Dell has managed to put a 13.3-inch laptop into the footprint of a 12-inchlaptop which is simply an engineering marvel. This design breakthrough helpsheaps when it comes to the portability of the laptop. The XPS 13 where isaround 2.7 pounds and is super easy to carry around.The display on the Dell XPS 13 is one of the best on any laptop. When it comesto the resolution, you have the option to configure between a full HD,quality, and a 4K resolution display.With this model, we are dealing with a full HD display as we think it isadequate for a computer science student. Having said that, you can upgrade toa QHD display if you can afford it and if you want a bit more detail on yourdisplay.The colors on the display are vibrant and almost true to life, thanks to theexcellent contrast ratio. You will enjoy the sharp text that flows on yourscreen while reading or while doing some research. The IPS panel gives youexcellent viewing angles that make this display perfect for media consumption.The display on the Dell XPS laptop is also a touchscreen. Though we don’t findtouchscreens on regular laptops that useful, it does give you an additionaldimension play with. Having said that, we are sure that some of you might finda touchscreen quite useful.The XPS 13 also comes with a fingerprint reader for security purposes. Thereis no need for you to type your lengthy password as you can simply put yourfinger on the reader and log in. The fingerprint reader also comes in handy toencrypt any file you want without any added complexities.The Dell XPS 13 also comes with incredible battery life. With regular use, 8to 10 hours of battery life shouldn’t be much of a problem. If you’re going tocompile some code or do something heavy, expect the laptop to last for about 4to 5 hours which should give you enough time to find a charging port to chargea laptop on time.The keyboard on the Dell XPS 13 is an excellent one. It is a tactile keyboardand comes with a nice design. You can type on this keyboard as if it’s amechanical keyboard, thanks to the travel. It is also backlit so you can workin places where there isn’t enough light. The touchpad here is a Windowsprecision trackpad and it works as advertised.The process we have here in the Dell XPS 13 is an Intel Core i7 processor fromthe 10th generation of Intel chips. This is a low-voltage, mid-range processorfrom Intel and it does a pretty good job when it comes to running IDEs andother code-related applications.This processor can handle programming without any issues. The processor isalso capable of handling some heavy work like animation and 3-D modeling aswell. The processor gets good support from the memory department and providesan impressive multitasking experience.For storage, the reluctant 13 comes with 512GB of solid state drive. This is alot of space to play with and Dell has been very generous with it. The SSD isquite fast and gives this amazing writing and reading speeds. If you’re comingfrom a traditional hardest, then you will notice the world of difference interms of speed.The Dell XPS 13 comes only with the integrated Intel UHD graphics card.Integrated graphics cards have improved a lot over the years and we canconfidently say that this one year is probably the best one we’ve seen yet. Itmay not replace discrete graphics cards anytime soon, but it still is a verygood one.As a computer science student, you’re not going to have a major need for adiscrete graphics card. Unless you work on animation come on game development,or 3-D modeling, you do not need a dedicated GPU at your disposal.Overall, the Dell XPS 13 is a champion laptop in the Windows ecosystem. With abrilliant display, excellent battery life and impressive performance, we caneasily say that this is the best Windows laptop for computer science students.View This Product On Amazon* * *

Best 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop For Computer Science Majors – Surface Pro 7

Surface Pro 7 * Intel Core i7 * 13″ Pixel Sense * 8GB DDR4 * 256GB SSDWe earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at noadditional cost to youThe Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is the best convertible laptop for computerscience majors. The focus on this laptop shifts to taking notes because thisis a very good tablet that offers a surface where you can take handwrittennotes with ease.With a 12.3 inch screen, the Surface Pro 7 is probably the lightestconvertible laptop you can get your hands on. Without the keyboard, the deviceweighs around 1.5 lbs which is almost negligible when you slide it into yourbackpack.The keyboard that you get with the Surface Pro 7 is detachable and it is notthe regular material we are used to. It is a nice soft fabric feel to it andis not as rigid as the keyboard you will find on other laptops. This could bea problem for those who rely on the keyboard more than the touchscreen.Writing code on this laptop might not be a breeze but it is something you canget used to over time. One of the advantages with the Surface Pro 7 is thatyou’re still running a full version of Windows even the tablet mode. Thismeans you can run development environments even in the tablet mode without anyissues.With a battery life of 10.5 hours, Surface Pro 7 is easily one of the bestlaptops when it comes to battery life. Even when you are compiling and writinga lot of code, the laptop will still give you an impressive battery life whichis pretty cool.The 12.3-inch display on this laptop is probably the best Microsoft has everproduced. It comes with Pixel Sense resolution which translates to 3200 by1800 pixels. This is one of the most pixel-dense displays you’ll find on themarket.It is perfect for taking notes as it comes with support for external styluses.I am so used as a media consumption device, thanks to the rich colors and theexcellent viewing angles of the display.The device does well when it comes to everyday performance. The Intel Core i5processor and the 8GB of RAM in the memory department do a fine job when itcomes to handling your everyday tasks. The 256GB solid state drive is quitefast and enhances the performance in every way possible.The device comes only with an integrated graphics card which is fine for mostcomputers and students. Unless you are a serious gamer, the lack of adedicated graphics card should not affect you in any way.When it comes to connectivity, the laptop comes with a USB Type-C and USBType-A ports that are pretty good when it comes to data transfer speeds. Thelaptop also comes with support for wireless standards like Bluetooth and Wi-Fiwhich should help you remove some clutter from your desk.Overall, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is a handy convertible laptop which ismore of a tablet if you look at it closely. If you’re looking to take a lot ofhandwritten notes digitally, then the Surface Pro 7 is probably the rightchoice for you.View This Product On Amazon* * *

Way 1: Unlock Dell XPS laptop by an enabled built-in administrator

The built-in administrator is created by default with the Windows systeminstallation. But it is disabled unless you enable it by yourself. If it isenabled, you will see an account called Administrator on the left-bottom sideof Windows 10 login screen. It is just the built-in administrator we say thatcan login Windows 10 Dell XPS 15 laptop without password.Just select it on login screen after you forgot Dell XPS laptop local accountlogin password, and click Sign in button. You will easily unlock your lockedDell XPS 15 laptop.How to enable a built-in administrator when your laptop is accessible? 1. Run command prompt as administrator. 2. Type command net user administrator /active: yes and press Enter to enable built-in administrator.You can refer tutorial in these articles:Note: If you cannot find the built-in administrator on the login screen, youcan create a new administrator without login or following other ways below toget help.

Method 1: How to Reset Dell Laptop Password with Password Reset Disk

This particular approach requires that you create a password reset disk foryour dell computer while it is accessible. So once the disk is created, delllaptop Administrator password reset can be achieved.Step 1. Boot your dell laptop and click the “Reset Password” link just fromthe login screen.Step 2. A “Password Reset Wizard” shall appear where you are prompted to keyin a new password to replace the old one, confirm the new password as well asthe password hint now hit the “Next” button to finish reset your Administratorpassword on your dell laptop.

Method 2. How to Reset Dell Laptop Password Without Disk With Windows

Password Recovery ToolWindows Password Recovery Tool capable of bypassing Windows administratorpassword on your computer including Dell laptop. In this part we will show youhow to reset dell laptop password with Windows Password Recovery Tool.10,000+ DownloadsKey Features: * It can recover forgotten password for all Windows in a few minutes. * It can create a new administrator account easily without logon. * It can create USB flash drive disk or CD/DVD Disc. * Support Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT. * Support Windows Server 2016, 2012, 2008(R2), 2003(R2), 2000, NT.Free Download Buy NowStep 1. Install and run the program on an accessible computer. In the samenote, insert a removable drive like a USB flash drive or even a CD/DVD-ROM inthis same computer.Step 2. On the program’s interface, choose the target media type. Hit the “USBdevice” or “CD/DVD” depending on the media inserted in your computer. In thenext window, just hit “Begin burning”. Now wait for some seconds for theburning process to successfully complete. Click “OK” on the confirmation pop-up window to get the administrator password reset disk.Step 3. Now eject and insert the password reset disk to the locked dell laptopand set it up for boot from the disk drive. Upon successful launch, theprogram will display a list of user accounts. Select the target delladministrator account.Step 4. Once selected, simply click the “Reset Password” option at the bottomof the program. Confirm by tapping “Yes” in the pop-up window. The programwill instantly reset your dell laptop administrator password.Step 5. Finally click on “Reboot” button located at the bottom of the program.Now eject the media drive from your dell laptop.It is simple, that is how to reset a dell laptop Adminnistrator password usingWindows Password Recovery Tool.

Method 3: How to Reset Dell Laptop Password By Resetting Microsoft Account

PasswordThis method is useful if you are using Microsoft account as your user profile.You can then access the internet and navigate to the Microsoft password resetpage and reset your Administrator password in Dell laptop. Once adjusted,Microsoft will automatically modify the password on your dell laptop.Step 1. Navigate to Microsoft account homepage and select “I Forgot MyPassword” option.Step 2. Enter either the associated email address, Skype name, or phonenumber.Step 3. Choose your convenient way to receive the security code and hit“Next”. Note that you can receive it via your email or phone number.Step 4. Now key in the security code you received and tap “Next” to proceed tothe next page.Step 5. Enter your new password for your Microsoft administrator account andconfirm the changes.Step 6. Restart your dell laptop and use the newly created password to loginto your user account.

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