4 Move Apps From App Library to Home Screen

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Delete Apps

You can delete any app in the library by pressing down on an app icon. Tap theDelete App command to delete it, then confirm the deletion. Note that thisdoesn’t just remove the app from the App Library; it actually deletes the appfrom your phone, so be careful with this option.* * *

Add Apps to Home Screen

You can add an app from the App Library to your home screen if it’s notalready there. If that’s the case, tap the icon to open the command menu, thentap Add to home screen. The app’s icon appears on the next free spot on yourhome screen but also remains in the App Library.To remove an app from the home screen, press down on its home screen icon. TapRemove App and you are asked if you want to delete the app or move it to theApp Library. Tap Delete App to delete it entirely; tap Move to App Library tosimply remove it from the home screen.* * *

Move or Delete Apps in Bulk

You can move or delete more than one app at a time. Move to your home screen,press down on any icon, then select the Edit Home Screen command. Swipe to theleft until you get to the App Library. Notice that the icons are all jigglingwith some sporting the familiar X in the upper-left corner.To delete an app, tap the X and confirm the deletion. To move an icon to thehome screen, just drag it out of its existing folder in the App Library andplace it on the home screen. Swipe to the left to return to the App Librarywhere the icons should still be jiggling and you can delete or move more apps.* * *

Use the App Library to find your apps

From your Home Screen, swipe left until you see the App Library. Your apps areautomatically sorted into categories. For example, you might see your socialmedia apps under a Social category. The apps that you use most frequently willautomatically reorder based on your usage. When you install new apps, they’llbe added to your App Library, but you can change where new apps getdownloaded.

Search for an app in the App Library

1. Go to the App Library. 2. Tap the search field, then enter the app that you’re looking for. 3. Tap the app to open it.

Delete an app from the App Library

1. Go to the App Library and tap the search field to open the list. 2. Touch and hold the app icon, then tap Delete App . 3. Tap Delete again to confirm.

Move apps to the App Library

Instead of hiding a page on your Home Screen, you can move individual appsfrom the Home Screen to the App Library. Here’s how: 1. Touch and hold the app. 2. Tap Remove App. 3. Tap Move to App Library.

4. Move Apps From App Library to Home Screen

To get an app out of App Library to the home screen, tap and hold the app iconuntil you see the menu. Select Add to home screen. Alternatively, tap and holdthe app and drag it out of the App Library to the home screen. Note: If an app is already on the home screen, you will not see the Add tohome screen option.When you add an app to the home screen from App Library, that will not removethe app from App Library. The app will continue to stay in the App Library.Basically, all the apps added to the home screen are available in App Libraryas well.

5. Move Apps From Home Screen to App Library

Technically, all your installed apps are already available in App Library. Soyou cannot move apps from the home screen to App Library. But you can removeapps from the home screen. That will only remove the app from the home screenand keep it in App Library unless you uninstall it. Basically, if you don’twant an app icon to appear on the home screen, you need to remove it fromthere.To do so, touch and hold the app icon on the iPhone’s home screen. SelectRemove app from the menu. Another pop-up menu will show up. Choose Remove fromHome Screen. That will remove the app icon from the home screen but keep it inApp Library. Tip: Tapping on Delete instead of Remove from the home screen will uninstallthe app from your phone.

6. Add Apps Only in App Library

By default, any new app installed on your iPhone will show up at both places,i.e., App Library and home screen. However, you can change that behavior andavoid cluttering your home screen by forcing new apps to stay in App Libraryonly. That way, iOS won’t add new apps to the home screen. You will have tomanually move them from App Library to the home screen, as shown above.To enable this feature, go to iPhone Settings > Home screen. Select AppLibrary only. Tip: On the Home screen settings page, you can enable notification badges forApp Library.

8. Delete App From App Library

When you delete an app from App Library, it is uninstalled from your phone.You can no longer access it both from the home screen or App Library. It’s notpossible to remove or hide the app from App Library alone.To uninstall the app from App Library, tap and hold the app icon. SelectDelete app.

Delete Apps

To delete an app and all it’s data, tap and hold the app’s icon until itstarts to wiggle and then tap the little X icon, followed by Delete.RELATED: How to Delete or Offload an App on iPhone or iPadThere are also a few other ways to delete apps, including offloading themwithout deleting their data, so be sure to check out our full guide.

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