4 Check the Google Chrome version using chrome system Windows only

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1. See the Chrome version using chrome://version (all operating systems)

Open Google Chrome and type “chrome://version” in its address bar (without thequotes). Then press Enter on the keyboard. Chrome displays a new page wherethe version number is displayed after the “Google Chrome” text.Using chrome://version in Windows, Android, and iOS

3. See the Google Chrome version using the Settings app (Windows and

Android)Both Windows and Android allow the management of installed apps through theirSettings apps.In Windows 10, open the Settings app. In the Settings app window, choose Apps.Choose Apps in the Settings of Windows 10Scroll down through the list of installed apps until you find Google Chrome.Click or tap on it. The version appears underneath the browser’s name.The Google Chrome version in Windows 10’s Settings appIn Android, open the Settings app. Search for the word “apps” in Settings, andchoose Apps or Apps & notifications in the list of search results.Open the settings for apps, in AndroidScroll down until you find the Chrome entry in the apps list, and tap on it.Google Chrome in the list of apps installed on AndroidThe version of Google Chrome is displayed at the top of the screen, or thebottom, depending on the version of Android that you have.Google Chrome app details in Android

4. Check the Google Chrome version using chrome://system (Windows only)

Type “chrome://system” in Google Chrome for Windows. Chrome displays an AboutSystem page that contains the Google Chrome version on the first line ofdetails.Google Chrome version in the About System page

Using the Chrome App Launcher

Google provides a Chrome App Launcher that gives you quick access to Chromeapps. Install it from the Chrome App Launcher page and it will appear on yourdesktop taskbar in Windows or your dock on Mac OS X. Google hasn’t yetreleased a Chrome App Launcher for Linux, although they say they will soon.You can still use Chrome apps on Linux, though.Once it’s installed, you can click the Chrome App Launcher icon to view andlaunch your installed Chrome web apps and perform Google searches. Apps with ashortcut icon overlaying their icon are simply old-style apps that function asglorified shortcuts to websites, while apps without the shortcut icon are fullChrome apps.

Using Chrome Apps

Installed Chrome apps can be launched from the Chrome App Launcher, the Appssection on Chrome’s New Tab page, the Start menu (you’ll find them in a“Chrome Apps” Start menu folder), or even a pinned taskbar icon or desktopshortcut.These apps will run in their own windows and have their own taskbar icons.They have no traditional “browser chrome” — that is, no address bar ornavigation buttons. They run offline and sync with online services, so they’llopen quickly and be available even when you don’t have an Internet connection.

Installing Google Chrome (and other apps)

If you’ve used an Android device before, this is the easy part. Now thatGoogle Play is installed on your tablet, it works just as it would for anyother Android device. So, to install Google Chrome, all you have to do is openup the Play Store, search for Chrome in the search bar along the top of thedisplay, then select “Install” from the app’s listing. Really, that’s it—nodifficult workarounds, no plugging your tablet into a computer. As far asGoogle Play is concerned, your tablet is just another standard Android device.Once the app has been downloaded and installed onto your tablet, you can useit like any other application on your tablet. It will show up in your appdrawer, as well as the list of recent apps on your device, making it easy toaccess. In our tests on an Amazon Fire 7, the app worked exactly as we hadcome to expect, without any glitches or other problems. And while this shouldbe no surprise, Chrome isn’t the only application that can be installed usingthis method.Any application that hasn’t been uploaded to Amazon’s own Appstore can bedownloaded through this method, just as you would on any other tablet. You caneven install third-party launchers to change the look and feel of yoursoftware, or download the official Gmail and YouTube apps to easily watchcontent on your Fire tablet.

How to update Google Chrome on Android and iOS

Updating Google Chrome on your Android or iOS device is a much morestraightforward experience than updating the desktop version. Googlefacilitates updates to Chrome on iOS and Android through their respective appstores. On an Android device, simply open up the Play Store app and head to“My apps and games” where you’ll see a full list of apps that need to beupdated. On iOS, you can head to the App Store and tap the “Updates” tab. Ifthere’s a new version of Chrome available, you’ll see it there.

Chrome OS

Chromebooks haven’t typically been considered work machines, and mostly forgood reason. Like all Chromebooks, the R13 runs on Chrome OS, a lightweightoperating system made by Google that has some big limitations. In particular,it can’t run Windows or Mac software – at least not without cumbersomevirtualization software. That means you’ll have to rely on web apps accessedthrough the Chrome browser.ÂThat’s not as limiting as it sounds, though. There are tons of excellent webapplications available, including full-featured online versions of MicrosoftWord, Excel and PowerPoint. You don’t have to worry about losing your internetconnection – many web apps, including Microsoft’s Office apps, can beenabled to work offline.ÂOtherwise, Chrome OS is very straightforward and easy to use. The main screenlooks a lot like a Windows desktop, with a horizontal task bar at the bottomof the screen where you can pin and launch apps. Individual windows can beminimized and resized, and you can even drag windows to the sides to auto-fitthem to half the screen, for quick and simple multitasking. ÂOne thing that businesses should keep in mind is the fact that Google promisesto support OS updates for individual Chromebook models for only 5 years. It’ssomething to consider if your company deploys laptops for longer than that.

How to update Google Chrome on your Android device

Note that users of Chrome 76 and above should open Chrome on their device. TapMore > Update Chrome and restart the app.Step 1: Open the Play Store app and tap Menu > My Apps & Games.screenshotStep 2: Under the Updates tab and then under the Updates Pending header, findChrome (if it is listed), and then tap Update.screenshotNote: Chrome will only be listed if there is an update available for it andthe update hasn’t already been installed.

How to Install Google Chrome on Windows 10

Open any web browser such as Microsoft Edge, type “google.com/chrome” into theaddress bar, and then press the Enter key. Click Download Chrome > Accept andInstall > Save File.By default, the installer will be placed in your Downloads folder (unlessyou’ve directed your current web browser to download files elsewhere).Navigate to the appropriate folder in File Explorer, double-click“ChromeSetup” to open the file, and then click the “Run” button.When prompted to allow this app to make changes to your device, click “Yes.”Google Chrome will begin the installation and open the browser automaticallyupon completion. You can now sign in to your Google account, personalize theweb browser, and start using Chrome as your own.

How to Install Google Chrome on Mac

Start by downloading the Chrome installer. Open any web browser, type“google.com/chrome” into the address bar, and then press the Enter button.Now, click Download Chrome for Mac > Save File > OK. Open your Downloadsfolder and double-click the “googlechrome.dmg” file. In the pop-up window,click and drag the Google Chrome icon into the Applications folder directlybelow it.You can now open Google Chrome from your Applications folder or by usingApple’s Spotlight Search.

How to Install Google Chrome on Android

Google Chrome comes preinstalled on most Android devices. If it’s notinstalled for any reason, open the “Play Store” icon in your apps list byswiping up from the bottom of your screen to open your apps list. Scroll downto select “Play Store” or search for it in the search bar at the top of yourapps list.Touch the search bar at the top and type in “Chrome,” and then tap Install >Accept.

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