4 ASUS PB277Q HDMI DVI VGA Eye Care Monitor

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2 Samsung 32-Inch Curved LED Monitor

This is an ultra-slim and sleek monitor. It measures less than 0.5 inches inthickness and has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 with an aspect ratio of 16:9.The curvature of the screen is 1800R and it has wide viewing angles of 178degrees which gives an impressive viewing experience.Game Mode technology allows you to enjoy fast moving scenes with smoothimages. Energy Saving Plus allows power saving by reducing the screenbrightness.Samsung’s Active Crystal Color technology gives a vibrant, stunning colorexperience. The contrast ratio of Samsung curved monitor is 5000:1 whichproduced dark blacks and clear whites on the screen.View More Details on Amazon

4 Dell Alienware Cuved Monitor for Gaming

If you wish to enjoy games on 34 inches of gorgeous WQHD 3440 x 1440resolution producing vivid colors, then this is the monitor you must buy.It has 1.7 times finer screen details than a full HD monitor with an aspectratio of 21:9. It acts as a visual treat to eyes giving smooth and blur-freeimages.This gaming curved monitor offers four lighting modes for creatingpersonalized effects as per the game requirements.It comes with ultra-thin bezel for better focussing on screen and you can playgames for longer durations as the monitor is equipped with step-venting forbetter effective heat dissipation.This is a must buy for hardcore gamers who can enjoy immersive gamingexperience on 1900R curved display with 99% sRGB coverage.Check More Reviews on Amazon

6 Samsung 24-Inch Curved Monitor

The next monitor in the list is Samsung C24F390 24-inch Curved LED Monitor.With a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a 1800R curvature of the screen, itprovides a magnificent viewing experience. This lets you enjoy the stunning,big and bold panoramic views while you work or play. Hence, it is best suitedfor both office and home.It has a glossy black and an ultra-thin and sleek design. It measures lessthan 0.5 inches in thickness making it a super slim design.The EyeSaver mode optimizes your viewing comfort. This helps your eyes fromunwanted strain and you can work on monitor uninterrupted for longer durationof time.Its AMD FreeSync technology allows you to enjoy smooth images even during thefastest moving scenes. With the response time of 4ms, you can see the fasteston-screen motions clearly.With a brilliant picture quality and fast response time, it provides a steadyvisual allowing the players to experience gaming at another level altogether.Check More User Reviews

9 Acer XZ Screen LED-Lit Monitor 35 Inches Size

Get ready for a brilliant and whole new gaming experience. The curve lets youenjoy a complete cinematic gaming experience with a massive 35-inch UltraWideFull HD display. It has an aspect ratio of 21:9.You will get amazed with a whopping 100% sRGB, giving it rich colors. It has asupercharged refresh rate of 144 Hz and a response time of 4ms, which givesyou all the speed to dominate your opponents.The Adaptive Sync technology lets your favorite titles run smoothly than youever thought possible.It is pre-loaded with Acer’s EyeProtect, Flicker-Less, Blue-Light Filter,ComfyView and Low-dimming technologies. Additionally, it can be tilted from -5to 25 degrees. This allows you to use your monitor for a longer period of timewithout experiencing problems.DTS Sound speakers and Acer TrueHarmony technology provide a powerful soundyou’ve never expected before. So toss out your old desk speakers and enjoy theworld-class audio with all your entertainment.It comes with both HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort connectors as well.These are the features that bring your games to life. This monitor is worth asit has the most advanced gaming setups.Check More Details

10 ASUS ROG Swift Curved Gaming Monitor

Bristling with advanced techniques, the ASUS ROG monitor adds variousfeatures. ROG Swift PG348Q has also received the 2016 CES Innovation Award.It has a revolutionary finish with Armour Titanium and Plasma Copper colorscheme. It has built-in ROG light effects on its stands to add to your gamingset-up.This gaming monitor features a 34-inch 3440 x 1440 UltraWide QHD panel with109 pixels per inch. This helps you enjoy greater detail on the screen whenwatching movies or playing games. It takes realism up a notch as it displaysimpressive details.The immersive panel curvature ensures that every point on the curved displayis equidistant to your eyes. This helps in making it a comfortable experienceduring longer gaming sessions.You will be treated with vibrant lifelike images as it has 100% sRGB colorgamut, a 1000:1 contrast ratio and 10-bit color for 1.07 billion hues.It has a refresh rate of 100Hz to decimate lag and motion blur so you can takeover your opponents easily. This fast refresh rate lets you play games at thehighest visual settings so you’ll always get that first stroke in.Are you playing a game and want to change the refresh rate? No issues! Justpress the turbo button to chenge the frequency between 60 Hz and 100 Hzwithout closing the game.ASUS GameVisual Technology gives you six display mode presets to optimizedifferent types of content.It has a wide selection of connectivity options. These include DisplayPort 1.2and HDMI. There are four USB 3.0 ports for your mouse and keyboard. Theseports can even charge your mobile devices while gaming.Check Latest Price

ASUS VS228H-P Monitor

With this monitor, you’ll get a high-definition viewing experience. it’s a1080p resolution, which enables it to deliver spectacular image qualities.Moreover, it’s a 50,000,000:1 contrast ratio, to reinforce quality and richercolors. Hence, it provides far better gaming and video experience. More to thepresent is its 5ms reaction time.This allows you to use it for gaming since it allows you to enjoy an excellentfast performance. With this monitor, space should never be a problem. therationale behind this is often its slim design 21.5? full HD widescreen.you’ll either mount it on the wall or use it on the table with the slim standprovided for maximum space utilization.This allows you to choose your preferred mode of the display so that you’llenjoy quality gaming and films without picture distortion. you’ll get thismonitor if you would like to profit from excellent videos since it applies asplendid video intelligence technology. This enhances the contrast, color,sharpness, and brightness of the pictures to supply you with an optimal view.There are six preset video modes including the night view, scenery, sRBG,theater, standard, and game modes which give you the simplest viewingexperience. you’ll select the modes to use using the onboard monitor menu.Due to the smart view technology featured on the monitor, you’ll adjust thecolor parameters so that you’ll get equivalent image qualities and colors whenviewing from a straight position. Moreover, you’ll connect the monitor tovaried devices including your computer, game consoles, among other devices,since it includes HDMI, D-Sub, and DVI ports.

Acer IPS Widescreen Monitor

The Acer widescreen monitor has an IPS technology Full HD LCD screen with 1920x 1080p resolution. The monitor features the Acer Flicker-less technology thatputs screen flickering cornered and incorporates a blue diffusing screen thatavoids strain on the eyes. It features a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees, amaximum refresh rate of 60 Hz, a reaction time of 4 ms, 250 nit brightness, afacet ratio of 1.78:1 and 16.7 million display colors. The Energy Starcertified mercury-free monitor encompasses tilting facility that permits youto put it at various angles starting from -5 degrees to fifteen degrees.The black monitor features a zero-frame design that gives maximum visibilityof content on the screen from edge to edge. Acer IPS Monitor comprises a VGAport, a DVI port with HDCP and an HDMI v1.4 port. The widescreen monitor comeswith a VGA cable and an influence cord.

ViewSonic VX2457-MHD Monitor

There was a time when buying a lower-priced PC monitor would go away you witha horrid design, mediocre display, and less-than-friendly port selection.Thankfully, because the tech has matured, features once reserved for the elitehave made their thanks to the foremost affordable products.That means you’ll now have adaptive sync within the sort of AMD FreeSync,perfect for gamers who use a Radeon GPU. It also means a 75Hz refresh rate,low input lag, and quick reaction time. All of those features are most vitalto gamers, but at this price, it’s hard to not be impressed.Ultimately the features gamers care about also will give regular PC users afar better experience. Getting 1080p on this 24-inch screen showcases anexcellent looking image. While colors aren’t getting to be as accurate as onsome costlier monitors, you are not left wanting for an all-around qualityexperience.

BenQ RL2455 Monitor – Affordable Gaming Monitor

BenQ’s RL2455 monitors have always been the first choice for gamers and sportsenthusiasts. Not only is that this an incredibly affordable gaming monitor,but it’s a myriad of features that gamers are trying to find with reliableperformance to back it up.One of the standout features of this brand has always been a 1ms reaction timeand a 1080p panel which will lack absolute color accuracy but still looksvibrant and pleasing to the attention. the newest variant of the RL2455 comesnow with a 75Hz refresh rate, which makes it a simple recommendation to bothconsole and PC gamers alike.But this monitor is meant for the competitive edge through. The bezel has beendesigned to reduce distractions, and therefore the built-in flicker-freetechnology keeps everything looking sharp and your specialize in your games.

4. ASUS PB277Q HDMI DVI VGA Eye Care Monitor

If you plan on staring at your monitor for long periods of time, you will notwant to miss the ASUS PB277Q Monitor. It uses special eye care technology thatfilters out blue light and makes the monitor flicker-free to create less eyefatigue. The monitor also features an ergonomic stand design. The stand cantilt, swivel, and pivot, and the height can be adjusted. It has a widescreendisplay with a 2560×1440 resolution. The monitor also has a super-fastresponse time of 1ms.Pros: * Easy on the eyes * Ergonomic design * Fast response time

3. ASUS VE278H Full HD, HDMI VGA Back-lit LED Monitor

This 27-inch computer monitor features a widescreen display with a resolutionof 1920×1080. The ASUS VE278H Monitor provides users with advancedconnectivity thanks to its many ports. The monitor comes with an HDMI port, 2D-Subs, and an HDMI to DVI cable. It also has built-in speakers. This ASUSmonitor comes with a three-year warranty, should anything go wrong with themonitor.Pros: * Built-in speakers * Connectivity * VESA mountable

2. ASUS VS278Q-P 27-Inch Full HD 1920×1080 Gaming Monitor

The ASUS VS278Q-P monitor provides the perfect display for gamers. This is aFull HD LED monitor that has a speedy 1ms response time. This monitor alsofeatures built-in speakers, 2 HDMI ports, a DisplayPort, and VGA connectivity.The VESA mount design also makes the monitor easy to mount on monitor arms orwalls. A three-year warranty also covers the monitor.Pros: * Affordable * Powerful response time * Easy to mount

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