4 Airframe and or Powerplant A P Mechanic

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11. Aircraft / Cabin Cleaner

Average salary: $26,000 (£19,560)Cabin cleaners are responsible for cleaning the interiors of an aircraft inbetween flights, as well as restocking the food and drink trollies and gettingrid of toilet waste. You’ll have to be a quick worker, too; airlines areconstantly trying to make ground turnaround times shorter, and during busyperiods you might only have 20 minutes to clean the entire aircraft to a highstandard.

10. Airport Security Handler

Average salary: $27,500 (£20,690)Known in the US as transportation security officers (TSOs), security handlershave been a part of the airport furniture for some time now. Every year, theyscreen millions of passengers and their carry bags before they are permittedto board flights.There are no educational requirements to be a security handler, but you willhave to pass training courses that are devised and implemented by yourrespective country’s aviation authority. These often include in-depth securitychecks. You will also need to demonstrate strong communication and customerservice skills.

4. Airframe and/or Powerplant (A&P) Mechanic

Average salary: $52,000 (£39,130)If avionics technicians are in charge of the electronics systems on anaircraft, then aircraft mechanics – also known as A&P mechanics – areresponsible for everything else. They perform a similar role, inspecting,maintaining and repairing any issues with the plane, including the engine,landing gear and brakes.You will need to attain a similar level of education to an avionicstechnician. This is directly the case in Europe, for example, where the B1 andB2 categories of the EASA Part 66 represent the A&P and avionics licences,respectively.

3. Air Marshal

Average salary: $68,780 (£51,760)Air marshals are covert plain-clothes security operatives that provide on-flight security and counter-terrorism measures in the event of a hijacking orsecurity incident. Although they are not present on every flight, theyroutinely carry firearms and other weaponry onboard.The process of becoming a marshal depends on your nationality; this is becauseeach country has a different means of recruiting and providing them. In theUK, for instance, this tasking falls under the jurisdiction of theMetropolitan Police, while in the US there is an entire government department(the Federal Air Marshal Service) set up to provide personnel. In Israel,meanwhile, flag carrier airline El Al routinely provide their own internallytrained marshals on every single one of their flights. Either way, expect toundergo several highly intensive training courses.

2. Air Traffic Controller

Average salary: $82,390 (£62,000)Air traffic controllers are based in airport towers and regional/nationalcentres, where they are tasked with constantly monitoring air traffic andliaising with pilots to avoid collisions or pileups in the air and on therunway. it can be a difficult and stressful job that requires close attentionto detail and enormous levels of concentration.On the plus side, there are absolutely no formal requirements to be an airtraffic controller, making it one of the highest paid nongraduate jobs in theworld. Instead, you are required to pass a notoriously difficult aptitude-based selection process, before embarking on a lengthy training programme thatcan last over three years.

10. Financial Institution Managers and Directors

Average annual salary: £75,169If you’re looking for employment in the finance industry, you might want toconsider a career as a financial institution manager or director, for example:a bank manager.Bank managers are tasked with overseeing the day-to-day operations of theirbranch, supervising staff and finding ways to attract new customers. There areno set requirements to enter this career, but entry is possible through anapprenticeship.With experience, you could become a regional or head office manager, move intohead office operations or work with the bank’s overseas division. Salariestypically start £17,000 but can climb to more than £70,000 a year.

7. Air Traffic Controllers

Average annual salary: £81,132There are plenty of jobs in the aviation industry that pay well, and theyinclude air traffic controllers who are responsible for guiding and advisingpilots to help them take off and land safely and on time.To enter the profession, you’ll need to get licensed from the National AirTraffic Services (NATS) and undergo training which takes three years tocomplete. Starting salaries typically begin at £17,000 but earning potentialrises as you gain more experience.You could later move into training and assessing new controllers, become asupervisor or unit manager, or move into operations management.

4. Airline Pilots

Average annual salary: £86,915Becoming an airline pilot is no easy feat, but the salary and benefits thatcome with being one make it worth your time and effort.You’ll need an Airline Transport Pilot’s License (ATPL) or ‘frozen ATPL’,which involves completing a course (which takes at least 18 months and cancost anywhere between £60,000 and £90,000), passing a security check andgetting a medical certificate.You’ll start as a co-pilot earning between £20,000 and £30,000 beforequalifying as an airline captain once you’ve logged 1,500 flying hours andapplied for an ‘unfrozen’ or full APTL, after which you can earn as much as£140,000 a year. You could later become a flight instructor or an operationsmanager.Other potentially lucrative professions in the aviation industry includehelicopter pilots, flight engineers and first officers.

3. Marketing Directors

Average annual salary: £87,890Marketing directors generally start out as marketing managers or managingdirectors, and are responsible for planning ways to promote their company’sproducts or brands and increase the company’s share of the market.You’ll need a degree, postgraduate or professional qualification to enter theprofession, as well as several years’ experience in a senior management rolewhere you handled major accounts and dealt with marketing campaigns.With experience, you could become a marketing consultant.

High Paying Jobs in South Africa

You might have always wondered about what could be the most lucrative job,Below is an updated list of the top 10 highest paying jobs in South Africacurrently this 2020:

8. Chartered Accountant

* Average Pay (Month): R36, 183 * Average Pay (Year): R443, 200Chartered accountants work in all fields of business and finance, includingauditing, taxation, financial and general management. Some even engage inpublic works and private sectors while some can be employed by governmentofficials.In South Africa, chartered accountancy requires 7 years to complete; a 4-yearprogram in a reputable South African university and a 3-year rigorouspractical training for proficiency. It is a job that requires hard work,sacrifice and determination as to such it is rewarding.

9. Air Traffic Controller

* Average Pay (Month): R42, 500 * Average Pay (Year): R510, 000The air traffic controller is a stressful career, to begin with. They controland coordinate air traffic movements so as to ensure aircraft stay safedistances apart. It is stressful that most people tend to shy away from it dueto the amount of concentration required to discharge the duty of ensuring thatno aircraft moves in the wrong way at the same time. It is a rewarding one.

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