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Can I use my laptop display for my desktop?

Updated: 01/24/2018 by Computer HopeA laptop’s screen lacks the ports that a typical monitor uses to receive inputfrom a desktop computer because they were never meant to function as a stand-alone device. Consequently, it is not possible to plug a desktop computer intoa laptop and use its screen as the display.

How to Use Your iPad as a Second Computer Screen with Air Display and Duet

DisplayBy Galen GrumanVNC apps are great for remotely controlling your computer from your iPad toexpand your work options. But there’s another type of remote access that isvery handy: using the iPad as a second screen for your computer, both to viewyour computer screen and to interact with it (using touchscreen taps in placeof mouse clicks).Both Avatron Software’s $9.99 Air Display and Rahul Dewan’s $14.99 DuetDisplay do just that. If you put your iPad on a stand next to your computerscreen so that both are in the same plane of view, this setup can work well tolet you put secondary application windows on the iPad.The Mac’s OS X has long allowed such an extensible Desktop screen acrossmultiple monitors if physically connected to your Mac, and Windows added asimilar capability in recent years. But neither does so natively with tabletslike the iPad.Air Display works over a network connection, so there can be some delay inwhat appears on your iPad’s screen. Duet Display works through a directconnection between your iPad’s Lightning or Dock port and your Mac’s USB port,so there’s no lag — but it does not work with Windows PCs, just Macs.In both Air Display and Duet Display, you move the pointer between the iPad’sscreen and your computer’s screen. That can take some getting used to. Use theMac’s Displays system preference or the PC’s Display control panel to managehow the screens are related to each other, which determines which side of eachscreen flows into the other.From your computer, drag windows from one screen to another to position themwhere you want them on the extended Desktop.Some applications, such as Adobe’s Creative Suite, use a docked set of panelsthat will not move to a different screen if the application’s windows aremoved.

Extending your Mac screen via Duet Display

The Duet Display app does a little less than Air Display does: It simply makesyour iPad an additional Desktop screen for your Mac. Drag app windows fromyour main Mac screen to the iPad screen, as you would drag windows from oneMac screen to another, to arrange your extended Desktop as desired.You can use the iPad’s touchscreen to select items on the screen, but DuetDisplay assumes that you’re controlling everything from your Mac’s keyboardand mouse. Thus, selecting text from the iPad screen does not open the iPad’sonscreen keyboard as it does in Air Display — you have to use your Mac’skeyboard. But you can tap and double-tap items from the iPad screen as if itwere a mouse.To use Duet Display, you must install a free Mac app, as well as the AppStore’s Duet Display app on your iPad. (A reboot may be required.) Then, plugyour iPad into your Mac via its Dock or Lightning connector, open the Duet appon your iPad, and wait a moment for the iPad to function as a second screenfor your Mac.If the iPad does not display your Mac’s screen, unplug the connector, wait afew seconds, and then plug it back in — Duet Display may not work if you plugthe iPad into the Mac before the Duet Display app is running on your iPad.Android Screencast for displaying device screen on computer

Android Screencast for displaying device screen on computer

After my last post, I was still searching for a software that can display myAndroid device (phone or tablet) on a computer screen. I do a lot ofpresentation and the ability to show the device screen to a group of audienceis very handy.I have finally found a screencast app for Android devices!!! It is called Android Screencast. It works on my HTC Desire running Android 2.2(stock ROM) and my Barnes and Noble Nookcolor (rooted with Android 2.2).For stock ROM, the screencast will display the device screen on the computer.For rooted ROM, you can also use the computer keyboard and mouse to controlthe device.At present, the screen refresh rate is a bit slow, like 1 fps or so on myThinkPad X300. Not great if you want to demo animation of the device. And thescreencast doesn’t handle device screen rotation at all. So phone will displayin portrait mode only and tablet in landscape mode only.Apart from the above, it is a great tool when doing presentation with Androiddevices. Plug and USB cable and run the software and your audience will be able to see your device screen. No more messy setup of a separateoverhead projection unit. And the display quality is way better.You can find it here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=663390Link to the open source project at:http://code.google.com/p/androidscreencast/Update: I have found yet another app that does the same thing: The AndroidScreenshot and Screen Capture by MightyPocket.com. The benefit of this programis that it allows for manual rotation of the display. So I think I will usethis instead.

6. Duet Display

Duet Display is a popular iOS app that allows you to mirror and extend yourMac’s display to your iPad or iPhone. And now that Apple is providing thisfeature natively via Sidecar, Duet Display is expanding its horizons withsupport for Android smartphones and tablets.Also Read: Duet Display vs Sidecar: Is It Still Worth Paying for Duet Display?Duet Display invited us to beta test their new app, and it worked fine on myGoogle Pixel and Windows 10. Although, I did encounter a few bugs such asconnection breaks. Also, while you can connect your Android Smartphonewirelessly to a Windows computer, you still need to attach a USB cable if youwant to use the Android app with macOS.The app is competitively priced at $9.99 and offers a lot of features andsupports a wide range of devices. You can get the app for both Android and iOSdevices.Download Duet Display ($9.99)

Use your Android Tablet as Monitor

These were some of the most efficient ways to create an extended display fromyour Android smartphones and tablets. Let me know how’s your experience withthese apps and which one you ended up using for your devices.How to Use iPad As A Second Screen for Mac and Windows?Getting a second screen for Mac or Windows systems can be quite expensive asyou have to look for display quality and other benchmarks. But, what if youcould solve it using the iPad on your hands? Apple launched a new iPad Prowith a pretty large screen and good display quality. You can now set up anApple iPad as a second display for Mac and Windows. If you are a developer ora video editor, you can extend the iPad as the second screen of your Windowsor Mac.Here are some best solutions to use your iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro, or iPadMini as a second screen for Mac and Windows.

Use iPad As A Second Screen for Mac

Even though both the Apple iPad and Mac devices (iMac or MacBook) come underApple’s branding, they do not allow you to share screen or even the filesacross in just click. Therefore, it is not going to be a single click choiceif you are looking for an in-built option to share the screen and extend thedisplay for your Mac.The MacOS does not have an inbuilt feature to let you connect with the iPadover the lightning cable and share the display.Mac Primary Screen on MacFor this, we have to rely on some third-party apps. Most of them are availablefrom the App Store, not to mention the Duet Display app which was designed bya few ex-Apple engineers.The Duet Display app for Windows and Mac is available for free, but for iPad,you have to purchase from App Store for $9.99. Here is how to use your iPad asa second monitor or second screen for Mac.Mac Secondary Screen on iPadOn your Mac, 1. Open App Store. 2. Install Duet Display on your Mac. 3. After Installing, open the Duet Display from the “Applications.”Now, you are done setting up the Duet Display on your Mac. Now it is time forthe iPad. 1. Purchase and install Duet Display app from App Store. 2. Open the app and you will see the prompt to “Connect to Mac or PC.”After configuring the Duet Display app both on your iPad and Mac, follow thesteps to use the iPad as a second monitor. 1. Keep the Duet Display app on your iPad open. 2. Connect the iPad and Mac using the Lightning to USB/Type-C Cable. 3. The iPad will automatically adjust the resolution and turn itself into the secondary display for Mac. If not, follow the steps. 4. Open System Preferences on Mac. 5. Click on Displays. 6. Look for the “AirPlay Display” and click the drop-down menu next to it. 7. Choose “Duet” from the list.Alternatively, you can do this step from the top menubar itself. Once youproperly connect the iPad to Mac, the top menu bar will display an icon forAirPlay with Duet.In this procedure, you need to connect the iPad and Mac through a cable, andno wireless connection is available yet. You can expect a new update for theDuet Display with Wireless connection support for iPads since the developersare currently working on it.> How to Setup Dual Display in Windows 10

Mirror Mac Screen to iPad Display

The Duet Display is not only a display extending tool but can be used as amirroring app itself. The app features an option, which lets you mirrorwhatever is on your Mac’s Main display as well. Here is how. 1. Connect the iPad and Mac using the cable. 2. Click the AirPlay icon on the Menu bar of your Mac. 3. Choose “Mirror Built-in Display” instead of “Use as Separate Display.”

Use the iPad As a Second Screen for Windows PC

Don’t worry if you are on the Windows system and want to extend the display tothe iPad you own, just like on Mac. Unlike most other apps, the developers ofDuet Display had extended its serviceability to the Windows Operating Systemas well.Thus you can use your iPad as a secondary display for Windows PC as well. Youonly need the same Duet Screen app on your iPad to get Display Output fromboth the Mac and Windows Operating Systems.Here is how to use the iPad as a second screen for Windows PC. 1. Install the Duet Display Client for Windows from Duet Display Website. 2. Open the app on your PC and the iPad. 3. Choose the Framerate, Performance, and Resolution from the app window. 4. Connect both the devices over a USB Cable. 5. Open Settings on your Windows PC. 6. Click System > Display. 7. Select and Rearrange the secondary display for Windows. 8. Place the iPad along with the PC as in your settings.The Duet app will automatically select the best resolution on the iPad todisplay the windows screen. However, you can change the screen resolutionbased on your requirement and apps you use on Windows.> Best 5 Free Screen Sharing Software for Windows, Mac, iOS & Android

Mirror the Windows Display to iPad Screen

Similar to the Mac, you can mirror the screen of your Windows PC to the iPadusing the Duet Display app. Here is how. 1. Connect the iPad and Windows PC using USB Cable, over the Duet Display app. 2. Open Settings on your Windows PC. 3. Click General. 4. Select Display Settings. 5. Scroll down and click the drop-down menu under “Multiple Displays.” 6. Choose “Duplicate these Displays.” 7. In case you want to use it as a separate screen, choose “Extend these displays.”Extend Display mode lets you use two screens to show tow differentinformation. This is good to improve productivity by getting the informationfrom two screens and you can move around different windows to both screensbased on your need.> How to Extend (Airplay) Mac Screen to Windows Computer (Free Solution)

Use a digital display

You can use an LED display from a variety of devices to test whether yourshades are polarized. Typically, these digital devices are equipped with anti-glare technology which is also present in polarized glasses. For instance, youcan use a phone, computer, GPS, tablet or laptop. * For starters, turn on your computer and adjust the lighting to brightest. A brighter screen, especially a white page, will reflect more light and give better results. * Next, place your pair of shades facing the display source and observe the intensity of the light. Initially, the display will start to dim. * Then, move your head a bit and observe if the display turns black. When this happens, then it’s true, your glasses are polarized.You can also wear glasses and face the computer screen and move your head abit. If your glasses are polarized, your computer screen will be dark, thanksto the anti-glare. There will be a canceling effect since both your screen andthe shades have the anti-glare characteristics.

4. Acer Aspire E 15 15.6″ Full HD 8th Gen Intel Core

Looking for a lovely gift for retired teachers or seniors that are more tech-savvy? The Acer Aspire is a series long-known for the performance it offers inthe mid-range category. With this unit, you get the latest Intel Core i5processor, combined with 8GB of RAM, 256GB SSD and the latest MX150 graphicscard from NVIDIA.Because the Acer option uses only the latest components, you will be able toenjoy more power and more battery life without having to sacrifice onportability. The Full HD 15.6-in display will make movies and games jump rightout of the screen.The sound is also impressively loud and clear so that you can give yourgrandpa’s trusty hearing aid a break. Another feature that the elderly willlove comes in the form of the backlit keyboard which will make it easier thanever to type in the dark.ProsThis laptop can make for a lovely gift for retired teachers or seniors whohave tried to keep up with modern technology.The Acer Aspire series has been long-known in the laptop community as one ofthe best in the mid-range category, sporting a very nice Intel Core i5processor, a whopping 8GB of RAM, a more-than-enough 256GB SSD (Solid-StateDrive), and the latest MX150 graphics card.Because this Acer option only uses the latest components, this laptop allowsyou to enjoy more power and battery life without being overly bulky. Thisquality will be especially noticeable when the Full HD 15.6-inch display willmake you feel like you are at the cinema.The backlit keyboard features will make it a breeze for elderly people who aretrying to type in the dark.ConsSome customers complained about the noise made by the laptop’s fan when itstarts heating up after prolonged use.Click to see the price on Amazon!

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