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Application Performance Monitoring Tools (APM Tools) List

Here is the list of Top 45 Application Monitoring tools and their downloadlinks, and key features.Site24x7 APM Insight is an application performance monitoring tool, that helpsyou optimize your application performance in real-time. With Site24x7 APMInsight, you can understand your application behaviour and bridge the gapbetween end-user experience and application performance, thereby providing aseamless digital experience for your customers.Key Features: * AI powered APM tool, that enables you to proactively identify sudden spikes in your application performance * Understand how your applications connect and communicate with external components * Helps you troubleshoot easily across microservices and distributed architecture * Monitor business critical transactions in real-timeSupported platforms: Java, .NET,.NET Core, Ruby, PHP, and Node.js* * *ManageEngine Applications Manager is a comprehensive APM software which givesdeep insight into business critical applications’ performance—both within thedata center and on the cloud.Features: * Byte-code instrumentation and code-level diagnostics for Java, .NET, .NET Core, PHP, Node.js and Ruby applications. * Synthetic transaction monitoring from multiple locations for multi-page end-user workflow simulation. * Out-of-the-box support for 100+ applications and infrastructure elements. * Extensive monitoring of hybrid cloud, virtual and container technologies such as Kubernetes and Docker. * Intelligent fault management pinpoints root-cause of faults to reduce MTTR. * Machine-learning-enabled-analytics helps users anticipate future resource utilization and growth. * Easy to set up and use.* * *Server and Applicaiton Monitor is a tool that can make application and servermonitoring simple and easy. The tool enables you to visualize applicationdependencies.Features: * It allows you to monitor AWS LaaS, SaaS, and PaaS. * The tool enables you to perform infrastructure dependency mapping. * Server Configuration Monitor supports more than 1200 application monitoring templates. * It offers customizable monitoring of server. * * *Storage Resource Monitor is an APM tool that allows you to manage reportingfor health and performance. This application supports multi-vender storagedevices.Features: * It has automated storage capacity planning. * Integration with VMAN (SolarWinds Virtualization Manager). * This application can detect a storage hotspot. * SolarWinds can monitor storage in your network.* * *Real-Time NetFlow Analyzer is a tool that can easily identify traffic on yournetwork. This tool allows you to find devices with high bandwidth. It enablesyou to investigate and troubleshoot your network slowdowns.Features: * This program can find users, apps, and devices which are consuming the most bandwidth. * Help you to isolate network traffic by conversation, protocol, application, endpoint, and domain. * Offers flow-based reporting. * Provides bandwidth threshold altering. * It has integrated performance, fault, and configuration management. * * *

9) Compuware APM

Compuware APM tool makes it easy to monitor and optimize your complexapplications. It offers complete insights with zero-configuration needs.Features: * Reduce Monthly Licensing Charges (MLC) Costs * User-experience monitoring * Identify Strategic Tuning Targets * Reduce Faults and Abends * Monitor application performance in public, private or hybrid clouds Download link: https://compuware.com/application-performance-management/* * *

24) Level3 Application Performance Management

The level3 application performance management tool helps you to optimizenetwork and application efficiency. It helps you to identify potential threatsand problem and rectify them.Features: * Minimize hardware expenses and staffing needs * Efficient bandwidth utilization * Check for all the suspected security violations. * Helps you to grow your businessDownload link: http://www.level3.com/products/managed-network-services/

30) op5 Monitor

OP5 Monitor is an APM tool which gives you a unified view of the performanceof all your devices and interfaces in your network. This APM tool allows youto drill down all the elements on your network to see what’s happening.Features: * The business service management feature helps organizations to make better-informed decisions * Clear and detail reports communicate the correct and relevant information. * Seamlessly integration & log server monitoring into your everyday event stream * Reduce the complexity, time effort and level of expertise needed to deploy monitoring throughout the entire organization Download link: https://www.itrsgroup.com/products/op5-monitor

34) Instrumental Application Monitoring

This APM tool offers support for custom application, performance, andinfrastructure, monitoring. The tool helps allows you to collect, visualizeand transform metrics across the entire infrastructure.Features: * Automated System & Service Monitoring * Real-time data updates * Setup Server-monitoring agent in five-minute * Track deploys and application changes with custom event overlaysDownload link: https://instrumentalapp.com/

39) CA Application Performance Management

CA Application, performance management tool, helps you to deliver profitableand productive services while exceeding customer expectations. This APM offersvisibility and management across physical, virtual, cloud and mainframeenvironments.Features: * Shared performance goals and outcomes * Perform complete diagnostic insight with transaction tracing that supports modern APIs and Apps like Java, PHP, Docker,.NET, etc. * Quickly deploy across your entire enterprise.Download link: https://www.ca.com/us/products/ca-application-performance-management.html

Defining Application Performance Management (APM)

To fully manage and monitor the performance of an application, it requirescollecting and monitoring a lot of different types of data. An APM solution islike the black box of an airplane. Application monitoring tools ensure thatdevelopers are not flying blind!Components of a complete application performance management solution: * Performance of individual web requests or transactions * Usage and performance of all application dependencies like databases, web services, caching, etc * Detailed transaction traces down to specific lines of code * Code level performance profiling * Basic server metrics like CPU, memory, etc * Application framework metrics like performance counters, JMX mBeans, etc * Custom applications metrics created by the dev team or business * Application log data * Application errors * Real user monitoringRead our guide on What is APM to learn more.

APM Tools to Use While Writing Code

Typically when you think of APM tools, you think of running them on productionservers, but there are also APM tools that developers can use on theirworkstation while writing and testing their code. Thanks to detailedtransaction tracing, which is powered by lightweight code profilers or othertechnology, you can easily see these types of details and more.Depending on which programming language you are using, there are severaldifferent developer tools you could use for this. The features andfunctionality of these tools vary wildly. Some require a lot of code changesor configuration, some don’t require any.These developer tools are primarily designed to run on your workstation,although some may also work on a server.These types of APM tools are a lifesaver for developers. Once you start usingthem, they will become part of your standard tool-chain. They are great atanswering that question of “What did my code just do?”Read more: Using developer APM tools to find bugs before they get toproduction

Tips for Selecting Application Monitoring Tools

Application performance management tools have traditionally only beenaffordable by larger enterprises and were used by IT operations to monitorimportant applications. They have been used for what I always call businesstransaction monitoring. In the last few years, APM tools have becomeaffordable and a must have for all businesses. They are also being used moreand more by developers and not just IT operations for application performancemonitoring. APM is a big part of the DevOps movement.Key things to consider: * Programming language support * Cloud support (Azure, AWS, Heroku, etc) * SaaS vs On-premise * Pricing * Ease of use

ManageEngine Applications Manager

Applications Manager has code-level diagnostics for .NET, Java, and Ruby onRails, applications. As well as KPI database monitoring out of the box. It hasthe ability to auto-discover application topology and present visualizeddependencies. ManageEngine Applications Manager provides basic applicationmonitoring tool. * Languages: .NET, Java, and Ruby on Rails * Scale up to 50,000 applications with Enterprise Edition. * Auto-discover application topology and visualized dependencies * Measure End-User Satisfaction Levels with Apdex Scores * Monitor Middleware & Messaging Components * Customizable Reports and DashboardsCost: Starts at $795 (perpetual license)

CA Application Performance Management

CA is recognized for being versatile in its offerings and being able to meetthe needs of its customers. It has done no less with its APM solution as well.With End-User Experience, APM Team Center Dashboards, and Companion SoftwareCA can provide as deep of insights as any other of APM solutions out there. * Languages: .Net, Java, PHP, Node.js, Docker Containers, Cloud Foundry, AWS * Team Center provides a good dashboard for quickly navigating the details you to dig into the issues. * Automatic transaction traces and a unified end-user view into transactions, including mobile app and synthetic or web-based applications. * APM agents that get value in minutes from being deployed.

Application Monitoring Tools Conclusion

There are a lot of application performance monitoring tools on the market.Most all of them target large enterprises and IT operations. Stackify Retraceseparates itself from the group by being focused on developers instead of IToperations. Retrace is also very affordable while still providing commonfeatures needed to optimize and monitor the performance of your apps.

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