31 Minneapolis College of Art and Design

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3. Savannah College of Art and Design

* * *Animation * Bachelor of Fine Arts * Master of Arts * Master of Fine ArtsThis animation school offers a robust selection of animation degrees atvarious levels. Each one focuses on the various types of animation, including2D, 3D, and even stop-motion, while providing training in digital modeling,rigging, lighting, and more. The provided tools and software are used by thetop professional animators in America.

21. Laguna College of Art and Design

* * *AnimationLaguna College boasts a number of degree programs that can lead to a career asan animator, with the B.F.A. in Animation being the best choice. Other optionsare the Game Art and Design + Digital Media programs. Graduates animators fromthis school are found in top studios like Pixar, DreamWorks, ObsidianEntertainment, Sony, and more.

44. Minneapolis College of Art and Design

* * *AnimationYou’ll make use of the latest technology while learning how to produce yourown 3D, 2D, and stop-motion animations. Top courses include 3D Modeling,Storyboard, Advanced 3D Animation Seminar, Advanced Animation Seminar, andmore. Students also get unique training in hand-drawn 2D production.

8. Savannah College of Art and Design

* * *Animation * Bachelor’s Degree (35 hours) * Master’s Degree (45 hours) * Master’s of Fine Arts (90 hours)

Top Animation Colleges [Infographic]

[View Full Infographic] Written by Dustin Updated January 1, 2021Study Graphic Design in Some of The Finest Schools in the US, Online and In-Campus The best! Talk about a subjective word!If you’re graduating high school in the next year or two and looking towardsyour future pursuits in graphic design, “where should I go to college?!?” islikely creeping to the front of your brain.Different people are going to want different things out of their collegeeducations, even within the scope of a degree in graphic design.How do you determine where to go?Some of you will want to attend a university with some serious prestige,others of you would rather pay less tuition to obtain your degree.Others of you still are looking for flexible degree options or a strong post-graduation employment rate. We’ve taken all of this into account, assembling alist of 50 graphic design colleges that are worth exploring for at least oneof the reasons listed above.

21. California Institute of the Arts

* * *Department: The School of Art Website: https://art.calarts.edu/programs/graphic-designDegrees: * BFA in Graphic Design * MFA in Graphic Design * MFA in Graphic Design with a Motion Graphics SpecializationAbout: The California Institute of the Arts BFA program has a competitive cap of 15students. Enrollment alone does not guarantee success, as you will besubjected to faculty reviews at the end of every academic year. Continuing onin the BFA program is contingent upon passing the review. (View all graphicdesign colleges in California)

27. Savannah College of Art and Design

* * *Department: School of Digital Media Website: https://www.scad.edu/academics/programs/graphic-designDegrees: * BFA/BA/Minor in Graphic Design * MFA/MA in Graphic DesignAbout: Savannah College of Art and Design has a curricular emphasis on the userexperience. Appealing to the end-user is more important today than it’s everbeen before. SCAD’s focus on that industry shift speaks to its up-to-datecurriculum.

31. Minneapolis College of Art and Design

* * *Department: Art and Design Website: http://mcad.edu/academic-programs/graphic-designDegrees: * BFA in Graphic Design * MFA in Visual Studies * Certificate in Graphic DesignAbout: In your third year at MCAD, you will be required to score an internship. Itmight be a daunting task, but having that built into the curriculum will serveyou well. Another networking opportunity comes in your senior year of the BFAin Graphic Design Program.MCAD hosts an Emerging Talent Showcase, allowing students to showcase theirwork to potential employers.

44. California College of the Arts

* * *Department: Department of Art Website: https://www.cca.edu/academics/graphic-designDegrees:About: Graphic Design is one of the most popular programs at CCA. If you’re a topperforming student, the college will likely provide you with an opportunity tonetwork with local, employed graphic designers.

Resources for Graphic Design Students

* * * * Free Images * Free images are a cornerstone to the budding graphic design student. These will be what you test out your skills on until you get your hands on licensed images and more. * Graphic Software * Choosing the right graphic software is key, and it’s a great time to experiment with what software works best for you, i.e. the one where your skills shine. * Tutorials * Many pieces of software have tutorials, as well as documentation and communities to help you out if you’re ever stuck. * Typography * Typography is where you hone your word design skills. Keep in mind the latest trends in typography and fonts to ensure that your products are timely and fresh.

The Best Master’s Degrees in Graphic Design

* * * * Graphic Designer * Growth Rate: 3% * Median Salary: $52,110 per year * Graphic designers wear many hats: they create, design, arrange, and execute multiple aspects of design for countless projects, ranging from webpage design to software development. * Art Director * Growth Rate: 1% * Median Salary: $94,220 per year * Art directors are responsible for how art layouts look in whichever medium they’re in charge of. * Multimedia Artist and Animator * Growth Rate: 4% * Median Salary: $75,270 per year * These are the artists for animated TV shows, games, and movies. They create art, animation principles, and more for our favorite mediums. * Crafts and Fine Artist * Growth Rate: 1% * Median Salary: $48,760 per year * These are artists who use crafts to create pieces of art for sale or possibly art exhibitions. * Industrial Designer * Growth Rate: 3% * Median Salary: $68,890 per year * An industrial designer designs products that will eventually be mass-produced. These are products like automobiles, furniture, and houseware.

Curriculum for An Online Master’s Degree in Graphic Design

* * * * Art and Design History * You need to know the background of art design if you hope to capitalize and avoid certain aspects of design principles. Knowing where you come from is just as important as knowing where you’re going. * Integrated Design Media * This refers to how all media comes together and works as one. * Design Theory and Criticism * Typographic Communication * User-Centered Strategy * Created a user-friendly experience for software, entertainment platforms and more is crucial to successful careers in graphic design.

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