3 Turn On Mobile Hotspot in Windows 10

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Windows PC as Mobile Hotspot

With the help of Windows PC, you can share your ‘Internet connection’ datawith other devices using Wi-Fi. You can use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to share yourinternet connection. If you have a mobile data connection on your device thenit will use the data from your SIM connection.

2. Creating Mobile Hotspot in Windows 10

When you know that your PC supports this feature, then simply turn thisfeature on to use it. Follow the below instructions to enable mobile hotspot: * Press ‘Win + I’ keys to open Windows Settings app. You can also open Windows Settings by searching for ‘Settings’ in Windows search box and press enter to open it. * Navigate to ‘Network & Internet’ option in Windows Settings.Windows Settings AppEnable Mobile Hotspot * If your device supports mobile hotspot then click on the dropdown under ‘Share my Internet connection from’ option. Generally you will only see Wi-Fi on most of the Windows 10 devices. If your device supports mobile connection then choose the connection from Wi-Fi, cellular data or any other available option.Share My Internet Connection * You can share the internet connection through either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Choose ‘Wi-Fi’ or ‘Bluetooth’ option under ‘Share my Internet connection over’ option. Remember to switch on Bluetooth if you want to choose that as an option.Sharing Internet Connection Over Bluetooth Or Wifi * Click on the ‘Edit’ button to see Windows 10 shows some default network name and password for sharing. * You can also change the network name and password as per your wish. * Click on ‘Save’ button to save the changes.Editing Network InfoRemember, you should share this network name and password with other devicesto connect to the hotspot network.

3. Turn On Mobile Hotspot in Windows 10

Now that you have created a hotspot network. You need to turn on this networkbefore sharing with other devices. Follow the below instructions to turn onmobile hotspot network. * Click the Wi-Fi icon on the taskbar. * Then, click on ‘Mobile Hotspot’ option to turn it on. If you want to turn it off, simply click on it again to turn it off.Mobile Hotspot From Taskbar

4. Connect Windows 10 Mobile Hotspot Network from Other Device

Let’s say there is a mobile phone from which you want to connect your PCmobile hotspot. To do this: * Turn the ‘Mobile Hotspot’ ‘On’ in Windows 10 as explained above. * Then, turn on the Wi-Fi on your phone. * Search the nearby network connections and connect to the mobile hotspot network name you have created in Windows 10 PC. * Enter the network password of the mobile hotspot connection to connect to the internet through your PC.

5. Controlling Hosted Network Connection

If you shared the mobile hotspot network name and password with any otherperson then you may be interested in learning how to control the service. Thisis required to stop the person from using the connection through your PC.There are may options to enable or disable the mobile hotspot netork inWindows 10.

5.1. Switch Off Hotspot

You can disable hotspot by clicking on the Wi-Fi icon on the taskbar. Thiswill stop the connection temporarily on the connected device.The other option is to change the network name or password of your sharedmobile hotspot connection.

1. Sharing a LAN connection over Wi-Fi [Windows 10] [New]

You can share a wired LAN connection with any of your WiFi-enabled devicesincluding your Android phone. This method is very simple, takes very littletime and doesn’t require any sort of high-level technical skills.The latest version of Windows 10 has made it quite easier to create a hotspotand share the internet connection with other devices’ WiFi. The steps arepretty easy and you can get it rolling within a few minutes. * Go to Windows Settings >> Network & Internet >> Mobile hotspot. * Select the Internet Connection that you want to share. * Click Edit to set WiFi Network Name (SSID) and Password. * If you are using a Bluetooth Device to remotely enable the Mobile hotspot then turn on the last option. * After you are done with the settings you can turn on the Mobile hotspot and get your internet connection rolling on other WiFi-enabled devices.

2. Sharing a LAN connection over Wi-Fi [Connectify]

If you are not using the latest version of Windows then you need theConnectify Hotspot software on the host device, the pro version of theConnectify Hotspot to be more specific. Using the software and following thesteps given below, you can create your own customizable hotspot network withwhich you can share your internet connection with friends and family overWiFi, that too without the need for a WiFi router. 1. Download the latest version of the Connectify Hotspot Pro on your computer. 2. Make sure that your PC/ Laptop has native WiFi support or else use a WiFi dongle. A Data card will work too in case you want to share its internet instead of wired LAN. 3. Run the Connectify Hotspot app and select your LAN network adapter as the ‘Internet to Share’. You can also select other sorts of Wi-Fi, 4G networks, and VPN virtual adapters if in case you want to share your internet connection with them. 4. Next, give your hotspot network a Name (SSID) followed by a strong enough password. 5. Furthermore, you can make use of the Adblocker to save your data bandwidth and to prevent annoying pop-ups here and there. 6. Now simply press the “Start Hotspot” button to create your own personal network using your PC’s LAN or Data card connection. You can now connect your Wi-Fi enabled devices such as PCs, laptops, tablets,smartphones, and game consoles to your PC’s internet connection. You can alsouse this software to boost your WiFi range or as a WiFi bridge to save moneyat certain places while traveling.

Does Windows 10 Have a Hotspot?

Yes, Windows 10 has a hotspot. Windows 10 comes with an option that allows youto create a mobile hotspot. If you can’t turn on the WiFi mobile hotspot, youmay see a message saying, “ We can’t set up a mobile hotspot on your Windows10 PC.” If this happens, it can be a pain, but there are some things you cando that might be able to fix the issue and help you connect to your mobilehotspot without any connection errors. Before we tackle some of these fixes,check with another device to make sure the Internet connection you want to useis actually working.Okay, so your Internet connection is working, but you can’t get your mobilehotspot going. What are some ways to fix this issue?

Mobile Data Connection

If you have a laptop or tablet that is running on Windows 10 and hasintegrated mobile data connection, then Windows 10 will recognize it and setyour connection as metered automatically.

Mobile Data Hotspots

If you are using wifi metered connection that is tethered to your smartphonesor if you use a dedicated mobile hotspot device, then you should set yourconnection as metered manually. Because Windows 10 cannot recognize thisautomatically.

Slow Internet Connection

If you are using slow internet connection like satellite or dial-up internetconnection, then you should set your connections as metered. Otherwise, youwon’t be able to use your internet connection smoothly for various purposesbecause of updating and downloading of contents by various apps and Windows.

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