3 Steps to Recover Hard Disk Lost Data with Best Hard Drive Recovery

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Five Hard Drive Repair Software for Windows

Windows computer doesn’t contain a built-in diagnostic tool like Mac DiskUtility. But if you searching the keyword “best hard disk repair software forwindows” in Google or Google Play Store, you will be able to find a big healof hard drive repair software, even the freeware. With regard to Mac, it’srelatively scarce.

3 Steps to Recover Hard Disk Lost Data with Best Hard Drive Recovery

SoftwareMiniTool Power Data Recovery is an extremely easy-to-use free hard driverecovery program which is compatible with Windows 10/8/7. You can use thistool to easily restore lost data and files from corrupted or formatted harddisk for free.Key features: * Recover lost data from damaged, formatted, RAW or lost partitions/drives (caused by OS crash, system update, virus attack, etc.) * Recover deleted or lost photos, songs, videos or any other media file from removable storage devices, incl. external hard drive, SSD, USB flash drive, SD memory card, digital cameras, camcorders, etc. * Successfully recover wrongly deleted data/files from Windows 10 PC hard disk, even if you cleaned computer recycle bin. * Support restoring data from damaged or scratched DVDs/CDs. * Show Lost Files, Find, Filter, Preview, Export Scan Result, Load previous or all history recovery result options are provided. * WinPE Bootable Media Builder function is available in Personal Deluxe or higher versions.Download and install MiniTool Power Data Recovery on Windows 10/8/7 PC, andfollow the 3 steps below to retrieve lost hard drive data with ease.Free Download

The problem: flash drive freezes when copying files

Data transfer between external hard drives and computers happens frequently.We copy files from PC to SD cards, USB flash drives, HDDs or SSDs to backupimportant files and free up local disk space. We also copy files the otherway, thus keeping the external data on the computer. However, the datatransfer process does not always go smoothly. Some users find the externalhard drive freezes when moving files. Here is a post about the problem:“I’ve been trying to transfer files to several external hard drives of minein order to clear up space on my HDD, however every time I do begin atransfer, it will only do so for about 2-3 seconds, and then the transfer ratewill drop rapidly until it is 0mb/s. It remains stuck there until Windowsnotifies me that something went wrong during the transfer process. Has anyoneelse had the same issue/know how to remedy?”

How to resolve external hard drive freezes when copying files efficiently?

If you find the external hard drive crashes when copying files, you can referto the following methods:

Why You Need to Fix Hard Disk Bad Sectors

Bad sectors are usually caused due to the overloading of system files, orvirus and spyware which creates troubles for the hard drive. This issue hasevolved out to be a big nightmare for owners of computer or external harddrive.The bad sectors of hard drive are responsible for the low-level performanceand overheating issues for the PC because it is very hard to read the datafrom a corrupted hard drive with bad sectors in it. Some users have alsoreported that they are facing the issue of Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) errorin their PC. This is really annoying and irritating for the users because theycan even lose their whole data if those bad sectors present in the hard driveis not removed.If your hard drive bears any physical damage, then for a complete solution ofthis issue, you need to replace the whole hard drive with a new one afterbacking up of data present in the previous hard drive.

Hard disks

Right click on the disk, and then onClick on the tab `Policies`If you want better performance, then put a check mark in ` Enable writecaching on the device`, if you opt for optimal safety, then remove the checkmark.

The case: clone HDD with bad sectors

“I recently purchased a Samsung 840 EVO in order to replace my currentWestern Digital HDD in my laptop (Dell Inspiron 15R N5110). I did this becausemy current hard drive was showing signs of failure, such as having badsectors.However, because of these bad sectors I can’t use Samsung’s migration softwareto transfer both the OS and files from my old HDD to my new SSD. Is there anyway that I can transfer both of these without having to do a fresh install ofthe OS on the SSD or manually transfer all of the files individually?”This is a real case from Reddit. This user wants to know how to copy data frombad sector hard disk. Once you have a bad sector on your hard drive, youshould take measures immediately!

Solution 2. Copy hard drive with bad sectors to another drive

The disadvantage of using CHKDSK is that it can physically fail if the driveis almost completely dead. What’s more, fixing hard disk is a time-consumingtask. This is why we recommend you using another way – clone hard drive withbad sectors to another drive.The annoyed thing is that many software cannot clone HDD with bad sectors oryou must use its paid version. Is there a reliable freeware? The answer isyes. AOMEI Backupper Standard, the best free cloning software, runs smoothlyon Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and XP.This freeware allows you to clone hard disk and skip bad sectors. You also canclone hard drive to SSD, clone MBR to GPT disk with this powerful software. Bythe way, with volume shadow copy service (VSS) technology, the cloning processwon’t interrupt your work.

How to copy data from bad sector hard disk?

How to clone a hard drive with bad sectors? All you need to do are a fewclicks. You can refer to the following steps.Before cloning, you need to connect the target disk (HDD, SSD or otherexternal hard drives) to your PC. After cloning, the target disk will beoverwritten. If you have some important data on it, you must backup the diskin advance.If your computer refuses to boot, you can use AOMEI Backupper to create abootable media on a well-functioning and Windows-based computer at first. Thenboot your PC with this bootable media.Step 1. Download, install and launch this software. Select Clone from the leftside. Then click Disk Clone.Note: This version only supports cloning disk with the same partition tyle,such as, cloning GPT disk to GPT disk. If you want to clone GPT disk to MBR ormigrate MBR disk to GPT, you could consider upgrading to AOMEI BackupperProfessional.Step 2. Select the disk (Disk 0) that you want to clone. Then click Next.Step 3. Select your Destination Disk (Disk 1). Then click Next.Step 4. You can have a confirmation in this Operation Summary interface. Thenyou can click Start Clone to clone hard disk with bad sectors.Notes: * If you click Edit partitions on the destination disk in Step 4, you will face three options: Copy without resizing partitions, Add unused space to all partitions and Manually adjust partition size. The last two options are supported by AOMEI Backupper Professional. You can upgrade to the advanced version to edit partition size as you wish. * Sector by sector clone means the program will clone all sectors no matter it is used or not. Therefore, the target disk must be equal to or larger than the source disk. * If your target disk is a SSD, you can click Align partition to optimize for SSD to accelerate the reading and writing speed of the SSD. * If the old HDD has few bad sectors and can be repaired, you can reformat the HDD and take it as your second storage after cloning. * If you’ve cloned system hard drive to another drive, change boot order or replace the old hard drive to boot from the cloned drive.

Method 1. Quick Fix Corrupted External Hard Drive by Formatting

Step 1. Connect the impaired external hard drive to the PC.Step 2. Right-click the device and select Format.Step 3. Set a new file system – NTFS or FAT etc. to the drive and click OK tofinish the process.

12. Check your hard disk for bad sectors and errors

This is probably the most important job on the maintenance checklist becauseScandisk checks your hard drive for errors. If there is a problem with yourhard drive then your in trouble. It is the main component in your computer andstores all of your precious data and files. It is always best to perform thischeck before using the disk defragmenter as the disk defragmenter will notwork when there are file errors or hard disk errors. See more on How to checkyour hard drive disk for bad sectors and errors.

Easy Disk Drive Repair

Easy Disk Drive Repair is a simple hard drive repair software for Windows. Itdisplays all the drives connected to your computer. You can select a harddrive and click on the Start Scan button to begin scan and repair. It scansand finds out the errors to fix hard drive errors automatically.The interface displays the connected drives and also their properties. You canview the following properties of the drives: Type (fixed/removable), Interface(USB/SCSI), Size, Partition, Cylinder, Head, Sector, etc.The settings of this freeware lets you enable/disable these parameters: Smartsector repair, Aggressive repair technology, SSD speed scan, and Force drivelocking.

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