3 Installation of Google Playstore for Windows 7 8 8 1 10 Using Nox

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What is Google Play Store?

Everyone knows it. It is a digital media store for android market operated anddeveloped by Google. It serves as the official store for the android operatingsystem and allows users to browse and download the require apps simply totheir smart devices. Both free and cost apps are available in this play store.You can download the apps by seeing rating and review of previous app users.News, Music, Books, Games, Educational and more apps are available in thisPlay Store. The apps are listed as free and cost, conform while installing theapp. Look on review before going to install any applications directly intoyour pc/mobiles.

Features of Google Play Store

* Avail almost all the apps in Play Store. * Directly install apps to your android device. * Parental Controls * Customize automatic updates * Add apps to your wish listAlso Read:Download Black Mart APK for andoridWatch Youtube Videos Offline Without Data LossBest Google Play store alternatives

How to Download Google Play Store For PC

Google Play store for Pc is not available now. Here we have another way to getthis app. It is by using android emulators. We have so many android emulators.Our technolgymess had done with this article. Among them I suggest youBlueStacks offline emulator. If you are already familiar with bluestackscheck-into using the apk’s by andy emulator, which is the next popular androidemulator. Download Google Play store for pc, google play store for windows isreally not a tough task for you after reading the simple guidelines below.Don’t worry about that, we are going to give you a simple way to downloadBluestacks app player. By using that bluestacks we can download and installGoogle Play store for PC. The thing you have to do is simply follow theguidelines to get this Google Play store for pc.Download Google Playstore for Windows 7/Ultimate

1. Installation of Google Play Store for PC Using Blue Stacks Android

Emulator Here, i will tell you the installation process of Download Google Play Storefor pc. Just you need to do is follow the simple steps below. Hence below isthe download link for Bluestacks. Click on the below link or else go intoofficial website of bluestacks and download.Download BlueStacks or Choose Best android emulators * Open Your Browser and search for Blue stacks app player for windows PC. Download it from official site or I will provide you a link above. * Launch Android app player in your pc. * Download Google Play store APK to your pc. Our site has already came with an article on Download Google Play Store Apk. Download it from the link. * After completing download open the app with Android app player which you have installed. * Thats it In android app player you can run Google playstore in Pc.

2. Installation of Google Play Store for PC Using Andy Android Emulator

If you are familiar with Bluestacks, try this andy android emulator for newlook. It is also one of the top android emulators. Downloading the apk file issame as above. But the installation via blue stacks and andy is different.Here, we will provide you a link to download andy android emulator.Installation is same as all the applications/softwares you done with your pc.Click on the below link to download andy android emulator.Download Andy Android Emulator

3. Installation of Google Playstore for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Using Nox

PlayerNox player is one of the best android emulator for windows pc. By this i amsure that you can run all the android apps in your windows pc. Not only games,but also you can run all the android apps, which are like, music apps,chatting apps, messaging apps much more can run in windows pc. Features ofapps dont change while using in pc. Those will remain same. Here i will guideyou installation of Nox app player. * Download the Nox app player from the official website or click here. * Open the downloaded file, from its download location. * Start installation by opening the app from its download location * Start Installation and follow the steps as per your screen notifications * After successful installation, launch the emulator. * Playstore will open on your screen and after search for the app which you want to install. * For this you need to sign in to your google account.

About Nox App Player

Nox Player has an added advantage, that this can useful to you in another way.If you wish to download the apk file of the app ( Which is not from googleplaystore). Dont worry, use this app on that time also. Simply drag the apkfile into Nox. Remember to turn root mode on, in Nox app player settings toenjoy file sharing between your computer and Nox.Now , you are successfully completed all the steps to use google playstore inwindows.If you have too many games to play? Dont worry, with nox multiple instancesfeature, you can play them all at the same time on your pc. To avail this,just open the multiple instance management panel of Nox and launch a newinstance to run a different game in it. Based on the performance of yourcomputer you can play as much as you want.Dont worry about low RAM space, poor internet connection and less batterybackup again. Enjoy amazing android apps on pc screen with Nox app player now.

1. Update Windows

As always, we recommend updating your Windows 10 to the latest version. It’squite possible that your computer has some pending updates. Open Settings bypressing the Windows key+I on the keyboard and select Update & Security.Check if there are any updates available and if yes, update and reboot your PConce before trying to connect remotely again.Note:Microsoft isaware of the issueand is working on a fix. The RDP error is more common in Windows 10 version1903 but may affect other versions too. Keep an eye out for that new update.

5. Disable Bitmap Caching

Bitmap caching is a process where the computer will create cache files ofimages and other resources, and store them locally on the remote desktopclient. While useful for low bandwidth connection, it consumes resources andslows the PC down, sometimes leading to the black desktop screen error.Since the option is not available for mobile apps, I will use the desktop appas an example. Search for and open the RDP client and under the Experiencetab, disable Persistent bitmap caching.

7. Disable Fast Startup

Fast Startup is a Windows feature that will help reboot your Windows laptop orwake it up from hibernation quickly. Open Control Panel, search for and clickon Power Options.Click on Choose what the power buttons do.Click on Change settings that are currently unavailable first, and thenuncheck Turn on Fast start-up option.Save changes.

8. Run SFC Scan

System File Checker (SFC) tool will scan your computer for corrupted systemfiles and repair them. Just open the Command Prompt with admin rights and typethe command below, and then hit Enter. sfc /scannowIn case of laptop, leave it connected to a power source since the process maytake a while. Restart the computer after the scan completes.

How to run Android apps on a computer

Since it’s initial release, computers have come a long way and so have theapplications and games that all of us love and use. Even though there are tonsof software solutions for almost anything that you might ever need forproductivity or fun, there are still some useful apps or games that are notreleased for the common computer platforms. This can be a problematic situation in cases where you use the app on yourAndroid phone or tablet and you are not interested in using an alternative onyour machine. You want the real deal. Lucky for those that fall in thatcategory, a tech company founded in 2011 in California has the solution. Thename of the solution is BlueStacks, same as the company’s name. BlueStacksdevelops cloud-based cross-platform products and the one that they are most“famous” for is the BlueStacks App Player.What this application does is that is simulates an Android environment for acertain app or game so that you may run it on your computer. There is a reasonwhy this emulator is the most popular one. It provides you with a so calledLayercake technology that improves graphic intense applications by usinghardware acceleration. The emulator comes with an easy to use graphical userinterface and installing it and using it is extremely easy.1.Navigate to BlueStack’s website and download the App Player2.Once the download is completed open the installation package3.You can customize the installation by clicking on “Customize Installation”.The only customizable option available is the installation directory. Thisstep is optional4.Click on “Install”5.When the installation process is completed you can run BlueStacks. Note:since this is the first time you are running the emulator it might take a fewminutes before you can start using it6.During the first start-up of the application you will see a very familiarscreen, the same one that you would have seen if you are setting up an olderversion of Android on your phone. Select the language and click on thetriangle shaped arrow on the right7.Next you will need to log in using your Google credentials. Note: this isanother process that might take a minute or two8.Select the Google services that you wish to continue to use and click on thearrow on the right to continue9.You can set up your payment info. Since this part is optional you can skipit10.The final step in setting up is the personal info. Here you will need toenter your first and last nameInstalling applications or games is same as it is on an Android device. Fromthe top right corner you can search for the desired app and once you find ityou will see the same visual interface as you would see when installing an appon your Android device.Every time you run an app or game it will be opened in a separate tab on thetop, similar to how you open up tabs on your browser. on the bottom you willsee a bar that resembles the android bar that you normally see on your phoneor tablet. You have the back and home button and on the right side of the baryou have a few controls such as taking a screenshot, controls, full screentoggle, toggle keys size and an option to share the window.You are now prepared to run your favorite Android app on your computer.

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