3 Disable Audio Enhancements in Windows 10 Sounds Settings

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How to Fix Realtek HD Audio Manager not Detecting Headphones?

Whenever you connect headphones to your computer, the HD Audio Manager isresponsible for sending all the audio from your computer to your headphones.Because of this, if it is not able to detect your headphones, you will notreceive any audio signals. As audio is a very important part of having a greatcomputing experience, fixing this issue right away is quite important. Butthere are many possible reasons which might be causing this issue in yourWindows 10 Computer. Therefore, if you want to successfully Fix Realtek HDAudio Manager Not Detecting Headphones, make sure to go through solutions oneby one:

2. Update Realtek HD Audio Manager Drivers in Windows 10

Just like any other driver installed in your Windows 10 computer, the RealtekHD Audio drivers serve the basic purpose of providing communication betweenthe hardware and operating system. Therefore, if these drivers are eithercorrupted or outdated, you will start facing issues like headphones notdetected. To overcome this issue, the only possible solution is to update thedrivers in Windows 10. It can be done quite easily using Device Manager byfollowing the given steps one by one: * On your keyboard, press Windows Key + X and select Device Manager from the list. * Now, expand Sound, video and game controllers using the little arrow icon and locate the Realtek Audio driver device. * After that, right-click on the Realtek Audio driver and select Update Driver which will open a new window. * In here, select Search automatically for updated driver after which Windows 10 will use your internet connection to download and install the latest version of Realtek HD Audio Manager in your computer. This will fix any issues with the driver itself, hence fixing the headphone connection issue.

3. Disable Audio Enhancements in Windows 10 Sounds Settings

Windows 10 has an inbuilt feature called Audio Enhancements which provides youwith various option for modifying the sound coming out of your computer. Whilethis option can be quite useful for adding different sound effects in Windows,it can sometimes cause issues with other audio drivers that you haveinstalled. This means that if your headphones are not being detected inRealtek HD Audio Manager, then it might be caused due to Audio Enhancements.You can easily fix this issue by disabling Audio Enhancements in Windows 10Sounds Settings as shown here: * Using Windows Search, open Sound settings in your Windows 10 computer. * In here, go into the Playback tab and right-click on Realtek Audio and open its Properties. * After that, a new window will open where you have to go to the Enhancements tab and select the Disable all sound effects

4. Change Audio Format of Audio Output in Windows 10

If you have ever played around with sound settings in Windows, then you mustknow that Windows 10 provides different audio format supports. It supportsdifferent bit rate audio as well as various frequency ranges for audio output.But if you are using an audio format in Windows 10 settings which is notsupported by your computer’s motherboard, you will not get any audio output.In such a case Realtek might not be able to detect your headphones which canbe fixed by simply changing the Audio Format as shown in the given steps: * From the taskbar in Windows 10, right-click on the Sound icon in the bottom right corner of your screen and open Sound * Now, right-click on Realtek Audio and open its Properties and head over to the Advanced * At last, use the drop-down menu to switch to different audio formats and check which one is working for you.Best Surround Sound Software for Windows 10Well, Windows 10 comes with a lot of options where we can even improve ourWindows audio quality by using apps that are available in the Microsoft store.The choices are many, but the result is a better performance than we assureyou. This article will help you be familiar with some of the best surroundsound software for windows 10, best equalizer, and some additional audio mixerapps too. Let’s take a look at the best in it.

Best Surround Sound Software for Windows 10

Using this new surround sound software, you can experience excellent soundquality in your regular headphones.An excellent virtual surround sound will enhance a perfect audio impression.It senses that you will be able to hear and identify video game voices comingfrom which angle and gives you mesmerizing movie watching experience.To experience a real surround sound effect we listed below, three bestsurround sound software for windows 10

Windows Sonic for headphones:

Windows 10 has a virtual surround sound, but most probably, you didn’t noticeit. Creator Microsoft added Windows Sonic for headphones and placed it in thetaskbar.To active this option does right-click the volume mixer icon on the taskbar,the next step is to click Spatial sound (it turns off). You will then get theoption to choose Windows sonic for headphones.In expert opinion, they can’t differentiate Windows Sonic from Dolby Atmosbased on the audio quality. Both software gives crystal clear audio quality.What is the most significant advantage from Windows Sonic to other surroundsound software is; it is free to use; don’t have to pay to own this app.

Best equalizers for windows 10:

A sound equalizer changes your audio listening perspective. Generally,equalizers are used to listen to music and movies to control bass, treble, andother sound effects.In the listed below apps, you can choose the best equalizer for windows tenand enjoy the real musical experience.FxSound Enhancer:FxSound Enhancer can quickly boost the sound quality of your music. The presetEQ helps to improve the listening quality of the music if you are using a weakquality audio system. Undoubtedly, FxSound Enhancer works in windows 10 OSsmoothly and adequately. You get seven days of trial run experience, and wantto own this software, have to pay $49.99.When thinking of owning a FxSound Enhancer, it is reckless to buy headphonesby spending $200-$500. This app has plenty of EQ presets to apply, and thereis an option to set your own preset as well.Don’t have to think more about how this equalizer becomes more popular andgives a high-quality audio experience. To add more clarity to the audio comingout through Fxsound Enhancer, they use live ‘decompression’ technique. Whilelistening to YouTube or live streaming, you will feel the difference.

Windows Equalizer

It is a common knowledge that with its new version, Windows provides a lot ofsoftware to satisfy their user’s needs. Despite the continuous updates andmany types of services it offers, some of the services still leave things tobe desired. When it comes to improvements, additional software is necessary toWindows 10 services. Besides the default services and programs from Windows, alot of developers have created their own software which purposely improve thecertain Windows programs.It does not come as a surprise that a Windows equalizer has the importance ofimproving Windows audio quality. As such, the Windows equalizer has the taskto manage the audio equalization on your Windows PC. The way it works is toset up the balance between frequency components. Basically, the technique ofthe equalizer is designed from the adjustment of the real musical instruments.At the past, all the big instruments create the thing we call equalization.These instruments are now known and transformed digitally as equalizers.Today, you can manage the setup for equalization on the Windows audio on yourown with this program called Equalizer. This software will help you do exactlywhat the old musical engineers did at the past with only a few taps andclicks. By using Windows equalizer, you can have the best version of audio tolisten to from your Windows PC.

Best Windows 10 Equalizer

Best Windows 10 EqualizerWhen it comes to Windows 10, you have a lot of choices for software toinstall. One of the many types you can find is Windows equalizer. Windows hasa great setup in many things, but not much of an improvement in the audioquality. In case you want to make the best out of your Windows audio, then youcan simply install the best Windows 10 equalizer immediately.The equalizer will do the job well in managing the quality of your PC audiooutput. Instead of going by the default settings, you can set the audio ofyour Windows PC the way you like it. Manage each one of the audio pieces, suchas Equalizer, Surround, Environment, Base Management, and others. By usingWindows equalizer, you can manage all these audio features as you want them tobe.Time to check out the real deal of this Windows equalizer subject. Take aclose look a the list of Windows equalizer we have curated below. Each one ofthe equalizer apps has unique features which surely can help you set yourWindows audio better.

Windows 10 Default Equalizer

As you know, Windows has the default audio settings which work accordingly inevery type of media you play. However, that does not mean you cannot playaround with it. As a Windows 10 user, you can set your PC audio with thebuilt-in audio equalizer which serves ten bands audio equalizing.In order to get into the Windows built-in equalizer and set some features onit, take a look at the steps we have listed below. 1. Look for the speaker icon at the right-bottom corner of the Windows taskbar. 2. If you find it, go right-click on it. 3. Among the choices presented, select Playback Device. 4. Soon after the Sound dialogue window will appear. 5. Look for the Playback tab and right-click on the Default Speaker. 6. A list of options will appear. Click on Properties to continue. 7. Soon after the Speaker Properties window will show up. 8. Look for the Enhancement tab and check for the equalizer checkbox in the scroll list. 9. At last, Sound Effect Properties will be displayed below the list. 10. Have fun adjusting your Windows audio in the way you like.

Realtek HD Audio Manager

You may have probably heard about this Windows equalizer. As one of the mostrecognizable equalizers, Realtek HD covers all the ground of audio managementin the best way it can. You can enhance the quality of your Windows audio withthis software tremendously.Realtek HD Audio Manager is more than a Windows equalizer. Other than itsdefault settings, Realtek HD is also operated through an open source. You canget a lot of options for a graphic equalizer for Windows 10 with this program.With Realtek HD Audio Manager, you can manage the audio settings on yourdevice speakers, microphone, stereo mix, and line-in. Just like the commonequalizer out there, it is equipped with a ten band equalizer setting. Notonly that, but it also provides the sound effect options separated in twocategories which are Equalizer and Environment. You can easily operate thisprogram as it has a user-friendly interface. Do not let the simple interfacefool you because Realtek HD Audio Manager has a lot of packed features in itssettings.

DFX Audio Enhancer

Aside from equalizing the balance of your audio system, you can enhance thequality as well. Use DFX Audio Enhancer to make the best out of your currentdevice audio quality. As one of the simplest equalizer software on this list,DFX Audio Enhancer is fun to operate on Windows 10. This software has allkinds of popular sound effects like 3D Surround, Ambience, Fidelity, Hyperbassand Dynamic boost. In addition to that, you can also manage the sound effectsto fit all kinds of moods and situations. Try to use every sound effectavailable too because you will not know what you miss from this software.

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