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Google Voice for Business: Pros & Cons

* * *If there are things everyone is enthusiastic about, it’s freebies. From “buyone get one free” deals to free music, movies, and even software, we try tograb anything we can for free. But turn the same mindset onto business andsuddenly things get a lot more complicated. How do you know whether a freeVoIP solution like Google Voice is really “no strings attached”? Should youput unconditional trust in the almighty Google brand? Why does Google Voicework for some users but not others?When you’re struggling with those kinds of questions, it’s time for a quickcatch-up.Here are the Google Voice pros and cons we’ll cover in this article:You’ll also learn how MightyCall solutions effectively close the communicationgaps left open by Google Voice and let you focus on cost-effective growth.

Google Voice for Business: basics and privacy

Back when Google acquired its VoIP technology in 2009, Skype seemed the apogeeof virtual calling innovation – albeit one that still tied us to a computer.When GVoice came along, people jumped at the idea of a free virtual phone linethat worked with their cellphone. The solution seemed so cool that GoogleVoice turned heads even in the small business world.But times have changed, and our idea of communication has skyrocketed in thepast decade. What can Google Voice do for business in 2019? Let’s start withthe basics.+ Free numberJust like 10 years ago, Google Voice recruits clients with the offer of a freevirtual number that may be used for personal or business purposes. This meansthat similar to other VoIP solutions, all incoming calls to the GVoice numberwill be redirected to your mobile phone. You can also choose to route thisnumber to several different devices which will ring simultaneously.– Reliable Caller IDLook around and you’ll see Google Voice definitely has the Caller ID feature.Now look closer, and you’ll see it sort of has it. One of the most frequentproblems Google Voice users report is trouble with their Caller ID. For one,calls dialed from your mobile phone touchpad will use your personal ID. Onlycalls from the Google Voice app will show up as your GVoice number. Googlealso shows trouble syncing contacts with its other voice systems likeHangouts, which means incoming calls from your personal contacts may fail toappear as such and will cause confusion between business and personal calls.Moreover, sending SMS from the GV number will involve more Caller ID trouble.– PrivacyGoogle Voice is no exception to other social apps: all your confidentialcommunication information (calls, call logs, messages, voicemail, etc.) isstored on Google servers, side by side with the rest of the info gatheredabout you by Google. Whether you want to share the privacy of yourconversations and messages with Google is for you to decide, but it turns outyour personal data isn’t strictly private when it comes to any free socialservice like Google.

MightyCall solution

Unlike Google Voice – a VoIP solution which is just a tiny part of Google’smega-corporation – MightyCall has been focused exclusively on VirtualTelephony for over 15 years. No wonder we’ve had a lot of time to think aboutsmall and mid-sized business needs.Here are 3 important things we’ve learned:First impressions are vital. For small business, a toll-free or vanity number with a friendly call menu isa huge leap from a simple local number and standard voicemail system. Even ifyou’re just starting out as a part-time business, your customers willappreciate the professional approach.Allow incoming calls to show your business number instead of the caller’snumber to know it’s a business callChoose a toll-free and local number for freeSet separate call routing rules for your business numbersPort in your business number for freeEnable text messages and read texts on web & mobileEnable call recordings for inbound & outbound callsEvery SMB owner needs work/life balance. This is only possible when you keep business separate from your personal life.MightyCall never confuses calls or SMS dialed to your MightyCall businessnumber with personal calls/messages directed to your regular mobile phone.Outgoing phone calls will display your brand name. This lets people know thata trusted company is calling, not some random person or call center.Any inbound business call will display your company name instead of thecaller’s number. This instantly shows you if it’s a business or personal call.Choosing between cost-effectiveness and reliability is not an option. You just need both. While this doesn’t mean a great service can be free(because of all the hard work that goes into developing a product daily), itdoes mean it has no hidden costs and provides exactly what it says.View your texts in the threadListen to your recorded callsListen to & read your voicemailsChange your status to accept or decline callsClick on the number to start calling

Google Voice for Business: business convenience

When you get something for free, it makes sense not to expect too much. Buthow do you reconcile a basic feature set with modern business demands? Inorder to retain customers, at this point most free products drop their “nostrings attached” policy and offer additional services for additional fees.Google Voice is no exception to the rule.Here’s what you can get for free, what you will need to pay for, and what youshould be prepared to skip if choosing Google Voice for business.+ Local area codes (based on availability)On the upside, Google Voice allows you to choose a number with a local areacode for free. The downside is that you’re in for a game of “musical chairs”where most of the good numbers are already taken. What if your business is inone of the nation’s populous cities? Good luck finding available area codes onthe Google Voice page.– Toll-free/vanity numbers – Google Voice offers only a limited list of localnumbers to choose from. Toll-free or vanity numbers aren’t supported.+ Number porting–Not long ago, Google Voice finally let its users port intheir own number. The service, though, is no longer free – porting in a mobilenumber (the only kind that’s supported) will cost you $20. Another thing istime and hassle– porting isn’t a regular feature, so you should be prepared togo through quite a bit of trouble to actually set it up.– Extensions/call flowsCall flows and extensions are super useful if your business involves more thantwo people. It also gives a professional image and saves you time on providinginfo that can be delegated to an automated voice system. As Google Voice isn’treally a VoIP provider, setting up a structured call flow won’t be possible.– HD audio qualityAs Google Voice doesn’t support top-notch HD audio and relies heavily on Wi-fi, the connection may get sloppy depending on your location.– User supportIf you think Google Voice is as infallible as Google Search, take one look atthe Google Voice Help Forum. By the way, if you find yourself in the sameposition as those users, that’s also the only official resource you’ll haveaccess to. Aside from googling, of course.

MightyCall solution

MightyCall offers all of the above business features for free on all of its 3plans which support every type of business out there.Set separate call routing rules for all your business numbersChoose how to handle regular callsAdd numbers to VIP list and set call routing rulesAdd numbers to Block list to disconnect themCustomize your voice greetingsSelect how to deal with incoming calls • Call to user • Call to group • Call to queue • Call to non MightyCall number • Voicemail • Voice menu • Dial by name • DisconnectIn contrast to grab-a-number services like Google Voice, MightyCall gives youa professional image with a local, vanity, or toll-free number of your choice.You may also keep using your current business number with our free numberporting option.As MightyCall’s telephony system is incredibly reliable and is constantlyupdated by our team of developers, you can be confident of high-quality audiowherever you’re calling to and from. And if you ever need our advice or help,our support team is always just a call, a chat, or a message away.Finally, our plans are designed for any type/size of business and put you incharge: there is no long-term contract, no hidden fees and no mix-up aboutwhat you’re paying for. You can see for yourself anytime with our free trial.

Google Voice for Business: Business development

Growth is something every business, no matter how presently small, has on itsradar. One of the most cost-effective ways to retain loyal customers and bringin new ones is revolutionizing your communication system. To make sure clientsfeel a professional approach in everything you do, VoIP systems have come upwith a whole array of impressive customer-centric features.Let’s look into some smart features provided (and not) by Google Voice:+ SMSGoogle Voice uses Wi-fi or mobile data to send texts and messages at noadditional charge (for SMS sent to U.S. and Canadian numbers). This works finefor personal use, but not for business: replying to texts automaticallyforwarded to your mobile phone will betray your personal Caller ID.+ Voicemail-to-textWhen you have no time to listen to multiple voicemails, scanning through theirtext version can be a lot easier. Like VoIP providers, Google Voice offersthis option to its users. However, be sure to listen back to any importantmessages –no voice-to-text system is exactly foolproof and may causeoccasional confusion.+ Conferencing callsBasic conferencing with up to 3 additional people is supported within theGoogle Voice app.– Call menusWhen you have a business, a well-managed call flow makes all the differenceand saves a great deal of time. An informative call menu should include customvoice greetings and prompts, business information that’s constantly updated,and instant connection to the person clients need to reach. As a non-businessoption, Google Voice has no structured call flow or call menus for yourclients.– Business contacts storageWhile Google Voice has a basic Contacts section, any business contacts you addwill be saved to your general Google account. As a result, your phone becomesa confusing hodge-podge of personal and work contacts that will take effort tomake sense of. With Google Voice, there’s also no way to sync businesscontacts within teams, resulting in the lack of a shared client base.– Comprehensive dashboardCommunication is a service and needs to be managed from one place. This is theplace that will store call logs, missed calls, call recordings (if necessary),voice-to-text transcriptions, and call analytics that can give you tons ofuseful data. Forwarding this data bit by bit via Gmail or Hangouts (as Googlesuggests) isn’t exactly an option within a busy workday.– Integrated web widgetsAny business has a webpage or social media presence. Unfortunately, GoogleVoice does nothing to use that to your advantage. As a result, you’ll have touse additional services (with additional costs and apps to check) to providethe handy chat and call-back options your clients expect to see.

MightyCall solution

The great thing about a professional VoIP solution like MightyCall is thathowever much your business expands, you’ll never grow out of its features.Here are just a few challenges our VoIP system is ready to solve for you:Think about adding more staff? – We’ve got unlimited extensions, after-hourcall routing, call screening, and custom voicemail for you and each newcolleague –free on all plans.User status shows if a user is currently available for calls, out of reach oron the call.Add users to your team for free so every user gets an extension.Create user groups to direct calls to the right specialists.Running short on time? – Our auto-attendant and custom voice system will saveyou tons.Looking for simple, built-in CRM functionality? — MightyCall’s innovativeContact Book PLUS is more than a place to store business contacts. A mini-CRMbuilt right into our VoIP system, it allows you to import business contactsand comment on interactions with clients right in the journal section sharedwith your team. As a result, it’s easy to personalize customer service andhelp the whole team stay on track of individual client inquiries. Best of all,the mini-CRM comes free of extra charge on all MightyCall plans. Find it bothin the user profile and the MightyCall Mobile App for one-touch convenience onthe go.See your communication history with each business contactAdd a name, email, and up to 20 phone numbersListen to & read voicemailsListen to call recordingsAdd and read call commentsNeed to improve customer retention? –A MightyCall plan gives you powerful callanalytics and features such as call recording to analyze work with clientsWant to attract different categories of customers? –We cover communication foryoung and old, introvert and extrovert clients– from calls, to chats andmessaging, to super useful online call-back widgets.Want to take your business across the street, city, country, or galaxy? – Wehave all of those communication challenges (except well, the intergalacticone) taken care of. Connect any number of devices to your business number soyou never miss a call – wherever you are and whichever office the call isdirected to.Need single storage for all your call data? – Our comprehensive multi-activitydashboard will be your favorite place for overlooking customer interactionMore good news: with our Mobile App for iOS/Android, you’ll manage all of theabove on the go!

Top 10: Best 2D Animation Software

If you are looking for the best 2D animation software, you came to the rightplace. We compiled a few 2D animation software for beginners and professionalsavailable in the market, to lead you through the process of choosing the rightone. If you want to start in the animation world or just want to try anothersoftware, you certainly will find the one that fits your needs on our list.

2D Animation Software for Beginners and Professionals

This top 10 doesn’t follow a particular order, each program has their own goodand not-so-good features, advantages, and disadvantages that make it specialin a particular way. We recommend you to read every one and make your choiceat the end of the article.

8 Best Free Hand Drawn Animation Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free hand drawn animation software for Windows. You cancreate hand drawn animations in various formats using these. These softwareprovide multiple drawing tools to create each frame of an animation. The mostimportant of all tools to create hand drawn animations are pen, pencil, brush,and fill color tools. In all of these, you can adjust brush size, type, shape,etc. properties to draw animated frames. Additionally, you get many otherdrawing tools including text, shape, sharpen, smoother, eraser, magic wand,pen and path, curve, line, etc. to further enhance your animations. You canadd numerous layers to your animations. The output animation properties can beset accordingly such as frame rate, loop count, frame order, etc. All of theseprovide preview option to view final version of the drawn animation. The finalversion of a hand-drawn animation can be saved in multiple formats. Mostcommonly supported formats in these software include animated GIF, AVI, MP4,and Image Sequence.Many of these are photo editors, so you can simply edit your images in variousformats like JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, etc.

My Favorite Free Hand Drawn Animation Software For Windows:

Pencil2D is one of my favorite hand drawn animation software. It contains allthe essential tools to create hand drawn animations and because of itssimplicity, even novice users can use it easily. Chasys Draw IES is also goodas you get a fine set of drawing tools in it.You may also like some best free Stick Figure Animation Software, StoryboardSoftware, and Drawing Software for Windows.

How to create a hand drawn animation using this free open source software:

* Create a new project and add layers and draw individual frames in Animation tab. From Exposure Sheet, you can manage layers and frames added to an animation. It lets you create an animation in Frames Mode, Static BG Mode, or Dynamic BG Mode. Also, you can add duplicate frames, extend frame, remove frames, add new frames, customize onion skin factor, rotate frames, etc. * Now, move to Player tab to preview created hand drawn animation. From this tab, you can also customize frame rate and add loop to created animation. After that, you can export animation in any of supported formats.It is a really nice hand drawn animation maker which also lets you createanimation from existing images. It also lets you add sound to createdanimation. You can also import GIMP palette to it for drawing purpose.

How to Create Animation Drawing with 7 Best Software

Dec 23, 2020• Proven solutionsWe can’t deny the fact that hand drawn animation is always adorable and willalways be, no matter how much 3D animation gets the limelight. The animationshave always given us pleasure, not only in childhood but at our adult timestoo. And, the animation drawing can be so enthralling.It feels great to think that we can ourselves perform animation drawingprocess effortlessly via some easy-to-use animation software. So, if you’rea newcomer to this animation field or a skilled one, you’ll always need veryhelpful software for the purpose. This article will help you in makinganimation with the help of some animation drawing software ultimately givingthat delightful experience.* * *

10 Free Animation Software

Synfig Studio is easy and powerful animation software which is provided as afreeware. As Digital animation involves a detailed process, Synfig Studioprovides facilities such as help feature, tutorials, examples and other stuffto make animating really easy, interactive and unforgettable experience. It istotally easy to install Synfig Studio and easier to use than most other Flashanimation tools.Synfig Studio produces feature-film quality animation, high dynamic rangeimages and gives spatial and temporal resolution independence as well. Itsuser interface consists of three “floating” windows. One is Toolbox which actsas the main window and control panel. The other is the Canvas which serves asthe working surface and the third one is the Panels which give access toproject tools and related information. Thus with Synfig Studio you get afully-featured digital animation creation studio and can become a masteranimator with little bit of effort and enthusiasm.FotoMorph is a free photo animation tool which can also be used for Flashbanner rotation. Use Morphing animation technique to transform one imagegradually into the other through FotoMorph and surprise your friends andfamily members by making funny morphs within few minutes. With FotoMorph youcan easily develop into a professional animator and can create stunninganimations. FotoMorph supports file formats such as Flash, AVI, Animated GIF,and JPEG.

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