2 Install Realtek Audio Driver

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Windows 10 Sound Not Working

The Audio functioning of a computer includes many different drivers andcomponents of the PC that come to play. The Audio not working in your Windows10 could be because of a lot of things.No matter what the case, your problems should get resolved by one of thesesteps.

2. Install Realtek Audio Driver

The Audio coming out of your PC is controlled by the audio driver of your PC.The audio drivers are the part of your PC’s working which accepts all theinformation related to Audio and then converts them into formats understood byspeakers.If there is any problem with the working of your audio drivers, or if they arecorrupted the PC is not able to get the speaker working.In such cases, you can download the RealTek Drivers again from the RealTekWebsite. This should help you get rid of your audio problems.Once on the website, you need to go to the Windows section of the website andthen download the necessary audio driver from the links provided.You will notice different alternatives of the same Audio Driver, you need todownload the specific one for your PC specifications. This means you will haveto download the 32bit or 64bit version respective to your PC (how to find yourPC’s specifications is given below). Also, remember to check if your operatingsystem is supported or not as well.Click on the download icon on the right column of the respective version. Thiswill take you to the next page where you will have to agree to the T&C, andthen enter your email address. Once you click on download the file after that,the file will start to download on its own.Once the file is downloaded, go through the complete process of installing theaudio driver. When the installing process is done, you will be prompted torestart your computer (you will have to restart even if not prompted).Your audio problems should be sorted out by now.Tip: There is a version available that can be run in both (32bit and 64bit)versions of windows. You can download this for convenience, but the file willbe much larger in size.How to Check your Operating System Bit version (32bit / 64bit)To check what is the bit version for your Operating System, you can go intoThis PC or My Computer on your PC and then right-click on a free space. Clickon the properties option. This will open a new window where you can check thespecs under the system type row.This simple trick definitely helps you to fix windows 10 sound not workingissue.

4. Uninstall Audio Drivers

Now we are going to try and uninstall the Audio Driver, then scanning the PCfor hardware changes. This might help you solve your problem as Windowsinstalls the necessary drivers in your PC on its own, this way if there areany missing drivers in your PC, this will help you in such situations.For this, search for Device Manager in the search bar. When the Device Manageropens, go into the Audio Input and Output.Inside this, you will find two options, Microphoṣne, and Speakers. As we arefacing troubles related to Speakers we will work with only that. Right-Clickon the Speaker option and click on the uninstall option.Tip: if you have trouble with your Microphone, we have a video guide for it aswell.VIDEOOnce this is done, go into the Actions Tab on the top of the window, and underthat, you will find “scan for hardware changes”. Click on this and theComputer should scan itself for any defective or missing drivers. Then solvingyour problem.Once this is done, don’t forget to restart the computer. This will make surethe settings have been changed.

6. Enable Windows Audio-related Services

There are chances that the windows services in your PC get disabled in one wayor another. And thus, enabling them again can also solve your audio problems.To enable your Windows Services, search for services in the search bar ofWindows 10. Selecting the first option will open the Windows Services window.In this, you can find all the services available on your computer. You canfind the name of the running service, the status of the service. Find thewindows audio service on the list. This should be in running mode. If not,then right-click on the status beside the windows audio service and go intothe properties.The Startup tab should be on Automatic, if it is not on automatic, then selectAutomatic from the drop-down menu. This is because the windows audio serviceshould start running every time you turn on your computer. Under the same tab, you will have to click on Start if the service is notrunning. And then click on apply on the bottom right.The Windows Audio Service working properly depends on some other servicesworking fine as well.You can check the list of these services under the Dependencies tab in theservice window. You need to make sure all of these services are working fineas well.Once all of this is done, remember to restart your computer again. To makesure all the changes you have made are applied all through the PC.

7. Update Your Windows 10

Windows keeps on updating the Operating System and also the drivers that theOperating system uses. This is why it is important for you to keep yourOperating System running on the latest version available for your device.The Windows Operating System in your PC is by default updated on its own butit is possible the update could not be successful when starting automatically.If this is the case, you will have to install the update manually.For this, search for settings in your windows search bar. In the main windowof Windows Settings. You will find the Updates option at the bottom-most.Clicking on this will take you to the update window. Make sure you have nopending updates for your PC.Once your PC is up to date, and so are all your drivers. The issue of audio inyour PC should get resolved.

8. Rollback Audio Drivers

Whenever you update your Audio Drivers, the Operating System installs thelatest version of the Audio Driver available. At times, it is possible for theaudio driver to have issues in it. This could be because it is a fresh updateto the version. In such cases, the Audio Driver being the latest can be thecause of the audio issues.To come back to a much stable and reliable audio driver you will have toRollback the audio driver. Which basically is moving back to the previousversion of the driver.Open the search bar on your Windows 10, and search for Device Manager. Underthis, you need to open the Audio Inputs and Outputs. In which you will right-click on Speakers and open the properties window. Click on the Drivers tab on top of the window and then click on the Roll BackDriver button.Besides the button, you can also see that windows recommend you roll back tothe previous version if you have issues with the driver as well.VIDEO

9. Disable And Enable The Audio Driver

There can be a chance that your Audio Driver is disabled from the main menu ofthe Device Manager. In such cases.Open the Device Manager by searching for it on the search bar. Then open thedrop-down option in the Audio Inputs and Outputs. In this right click on theSpeaker properties and check if the driver is enabled or not.if the driver is not disabled, you can disable and then enable it again torestart the driver. This could also help you solve your problem.

10. Update Outdated Audio Drivers With Driver Booster

One more software option you have to update your Drivers in Windows is DriverBooster.One perk of using this software is that this is designed specifically toupdate the drivers on your PC.And if you happen to get the pro version of this software, the software willautomatically update the drivers.

11. Update Outdated Audio Drivers Manually

One more option you have to get all your drivers updated is by updating themmanually.For this, you again have to go to the Driver Manager. And then open thespeaker option which you can find under Audio Inputs and Outputs. Right-clickon Speaker Options and click on Update Drivers.An updating Window will open in front of you which will give you two optionsto update the drivers.Browse My Computer For Drivers: This option will let you update the audiodrivers on your computer manually. Selecting this option will bring you to apage where you see the option “let me pick from a list of the availabledrivers on my computer”.If you click on this the PC will show you a list of all the available AudioDrivers available on your PC. You can then select whichever driver you have toselect for your respective Speaker.

17. Try The Same Settings That We Used On The Speaker To Realtek High

Definition AudioJust like we had changed the settings for Audio Inputs and Outputs the Devicemanager, we need to make sure another drive responsible for the audioperformance of your PC is functioning properly.For this, search for Device Manager in the search bar. When the Device Manageropens, go into the Sound, video and game controller. This is a drop-down menu,when you click on it you will find a driver called Realtek High DefinitionAudio.Right-click on this driver and check by changing all the settings we changedand checked for the Speaker Driver in Audio Inputs and Outputs.Tip: this needs to be done because the ‘speaker’ driver has been provided byMicrosoft and the Realtek High Definition Audio is being provided by Realtek.And all of them have to be functioning properly.

1. Realtek Audio Driver For Sony

If you are using a sony system then, you can help yourself with some veryimportant information here. Realtek HD audio driver is not applicable orusable on all the models of sony. You should have a particular model from theset of models that provides the Realtek audio manager. In case you wonderinghow to install the file, do not worry we have already explained it above andthe process is almost the same and you will not find any kind of difficulties.Important Notes * You need to be logged on as an administrator while installing this driver. * Only to ensure that the installation is not interrupted, please clear your taskbar.Systems| Models| File Size| Download Here —|—|—|— Windows 8 and Windows 10| SVD11223CXB, SVD11225CLB, SVD11225CYB, SVD112290S,SVD11223CXS, SVD11225CXB, SVD11225PDB, SVD112290X, SVD11225CBB, SVD11225CXS,SVD11225PXB, SVD1122APXB| 148.66 Mb| Download

2. Realtek Audio Driver For Lenovo

Lenovo is one of the other popular systems that you might be the user of. Inwhich case you need to get your file from here. Downloading Realtek HD audiodriver is easy but at the same time, you need to keep a few things in yourmind. The below table will give you the details of the file and also look outfor the important notes below while downloading this file. For instructions oninstallation go above and check it out.Important Notes * If your system is not running satisfactory then look for any update for your system.System| Models| File Size| Download Here —|—|—|— IdeaPad| Y700-15ISK, Y700 Touch-15ISK, Y700-17ISK| 135.5 MB| Download ThinkPad| L420, L421, L520| 78.61 MB| Download 300 and 500 Series| 320-15IKB and 520-15IKB| 84.6 MB| Download V Series| V320-17IKB| 84.6 MB| Download

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