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How to transfer Apps from iPhone to iPhone 8/8 Plus/X using App Store

As long as you use the same Apple ID on both iPhones, you can use the AppStore to directly download the Apps on old iPhone to new iPhone 8/8 Plus/X.Now, let’s see how to do it easily.1. Sign in with the same Apple ID on both the old iPhone and iPhone /8Plus/X.2. Go to open “App Store” on the old iPhone. Next, Tap “Updates”Âin the lower-right corner of the screen.Â3. Tap the head portrait button in the top right corner and then choose“Purchased” below it.4. Tap “Not on This iPhone” near the All button.5. Tap the cloud-shaped download button in cloud shape to download the Appsto your new iPhone 8/8 Plus/X.It is quite easy to use the App Store to transfer Apps from iPhone to iPhoneÂ8/8 Plus/X, right? As time goes by, there might be many Apps installed on youriPhone. And an accumulation of too many Apps will cause you to run out of thestorage, so do remember to regularly delete unused Apps on your iPhone tofree up space to make your iPhone faster. See how to delete Apps on iPhone 8/8Plus if you need.Â

1. Download Apps without Apple ID

1. Find the Settings icon on the main screen of the iPhone, click the app to open it, go to the iPhone Settings page, and click on Touch ID and password. 2. You need to enter the 4-digit password. After the verification is successful, go to the Touch ID and password settings page. 3. You can see that the iTunes Store and App Store feature are enabled. Just disabled the 2 features and click on the back icon in the top left corner to return to the Settings page. 4. Click iTunes and Apple Store option and click Password under the option of Apple ID. 5. Turn off the Password feature and you can now check if the apps can be downloaded without Apple ID.On the main screen of your iPhone, click on the App Store icon and download afree app by clicking the Install button. You will find that you can downloadapps on iPhone without Appel ID.

2. Download Apps without Apple ID via TuTu helper

TuTu helper acts as the same tool as Apple Store that enables you to downloadany apps easily without entering the information of your Apple ID andpassword. TuTu helper is currently supported to be installed on Android, iOSdevices. 1. Download and install the plist File of TuTu helper on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. 2. When the app is installed on your iPhone, go to the Settings on your iOS device and click on General > Profiles & Device Management > Trust to verify the installation. 3. The app will be in use after that. Then you can search any apps you want through TuTu helper and install them to your iPhone without Apple ID.

Apple App Store review

There were 1.8 million apps on Apple’s App Store as of Q1 2019, according toStatista. This is a ton, especially considering there were only 5,000 apps atthe end of 2008.But how many apps are being released each month on the App Store these days?According to data compiled by Pocketgamer.biz, developers are currentlysubmitting over 9,000 (sometimes over 11,000) apps per month on average. Arecord number of apps – 160,665 – were submitted for approval by Apple inSeptember 2016, with the mobile game category accounting for 29 percent ofthat figure.Meanwhile, the total number of apps downloaded from the App Store reached205.4 billion in 2018 and is forecasted to hit 258.2 billion by 2022. Eventhough these figures may seem impressive, downloads don’t always correlatewith retention. Unfortunately, 21 percent of all mobile apps downloaded byusers worldwide are only used once during a six-month period afterinstallation.

App Store

You’ll need to pay just $99 a year to build and distribute your mobileproducts on the App Store. That is to say, you need to become a full member ofthe Apple Developer Program. But what’s included?First of all, you get access to all of Apple’s cutting-edge technologies thatallow you to build hot and engaging applications. These technologies includeApple Pay, Maps, HealthKit, and HomeKit. Apple kindly provides you with allthe necessary tools (think SDKs and APIs) to build pure and compelling userexperiences.Second, you get the opportunity to beta test your app before releasing it.Thanks to TestFlight beta testing, you can share early builds of your productwith your internal team and get comprehensive feedback in no time. Up to 25members of your development team can take part in beta testing if they’reassigned a Developer or Admin role in iTunes Connect. Moreover, each membercan try your product on up to 30 devices.If your internal team’s feedback isn’t enough for you, you can also invite upto 10,000 independent testers to run your app on their devices just by usingtheir email address. Every time you invite a new tester, they’ll receive anemail inviting them to join the ranks of the beta testers. They’ll also beprompted to install the free TestFlight app from the App Store for theiriPhone, iPad, or other iOS device.Once the beta version of your app is installed, TestFlight will notify testersevery time a new build is available, offering an easy way to leave feedbackand giving testers clear hints on where to focus.Third, you’ll get the opportunity to distribute your apps (including foriPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and other devices) and Safari extensionsvia the App Store. There are no hosting fees or any concerns regarding paymentprocedures inside your app: Apple handles it all. They will take a 15 percentcut of your revenue, however. But that’s a topic for a separate article.Lastly, you’ll get fresh insights on user engagement, marketing campaigns, appperformance, monetization, and other metrics with App Analytics.

App Store

The App Store offers an 85/15 split with app publishers, which is prettygenerous compared to Google’s fees. What’s more, subscriptions are availableto all apps across all categories – even games. Previously, the subscription-based model was limited to certain categories including cloud services, mediastreaming apps, productivity apps, dating apps, and news apps.To enable in-app purchases in an iOS app, Apple offers its StoreKit framework,which allows you to sell a variety of items including subscriptions.

App Store

On your product page, visitors will first see the featured graphics for yourapp, then the gallery. For this reason, we recommend you focus on creating agreat feature graphic for your app page and working on your gallery images,testing various combinations of portrait screenshots and videos. As a resultof these tests, you might get a significant increase of 18 to 40 percent inthe conversion rate for your product page.Speaking about preview videos on the App Store, it’s important to record onein portrait mode to let visitors view it without having to enter full-screenmode. Moreover, it’s important to convey your app’s value within the firstthree seconds, as the average video watch time on the App Store is around fourto six seconds. And according to the App Store rules, you can only provideactual app footage and can’t show any people interacting with a device. Also,mind that preview videos on the App Store are device-specific, so you’ll needto record versions for all current iPhone models.

10. The cumulative number of apps downloaded from the Apple App Store

reached 180B in 2017.(Source: Statista)Apple App Store was created in 2008, and, since then, there has been aconsistent upward curve in the cumulative number of downloaded apps. By June2017, which is the last reported period by Apple, 180 billion apps had beendownloaded. This means that, between June 2016 and June 2017, 50 billion appswere downloaded, while between June 2015 and June 2016, this number was 30billion. Of course, these figures include native iPad apps also. Thecorresponding figures for Google Play are not available, but can be expectedto be much higher.

How to install apps from the Mac App Store

Select App Store from the Apple menu and the Mac App Store will open. Whensigned in with your Apple ID, you can download apps: click Get and theninstall app for a free app, or buy app for a paid one. You’ll need to confirmpayment by entering your Apple ID/password.Apple reviews every Mac App Store app (and update) prior to release,minimizing the likelihood of problems. In the App Store section of SystemPreferences, you can optionally automate updates to installed apps, too.

How to search for apps in the App Store

In order to get all the cool apps you want on your phone, you need to know howto search for them. 1. Launch the App Store. 2. Tap the magnifying glass on the bottom right of your screen. 3. Type in your search query and tap the search button.Source: iMoreAnd away you go!

How to download apps and games from the App Store

Once you’ve searched for the app you want, it’s time to download and installit. 1. Follow the steps to search for the app or game you want. 2. Tap the app or game you wish to purchase or download for free. 3. Tap Get if it is free, or the price of the app if it is paid. 4. Place your finger on the Home button to activate Touch ID or double-click the side button for Face ID.Source: iMore

Apple Health App

Well, thanks to the Health app on your iPhone, you can go back and geteverything set correctly. In order to check your information, follow thesesteps: 1. Open the Health app on your iPhone 2. Tap the Browse or Health Data tab at the bottom 3. Select Body Measurements 4. You can then manually change any listed measurement by tapping the item from the list and choosing “Add Data” or the “+” symbol at the top 1. For example, to manually change your weight tap your currently listed weight then choose Add Data at the top 2. Enter your new and updated weight 3. Press “Add” to save the entry In order to add your current weight, tap the Weight measurement. From there,tap the “+” or “Add Data” button in the top right-hand corner and enter yourcorrect weight.If you need to add your current height, tap the Height measurement. Then tapthe “+” or “Add Data” button in the top right-hand corner and enter yourcorrect height.Once the information has been added, then you can rest easy knowing yourheight and weight are correct. It’s important to note that if you seefluctuations in weight, you can use the above method to log the changes.

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