2 Change IP Address on iPhone or iPad

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Step 3: Find the Static IP of Your Server

Snel customers can find the IP address attached to their server by going toMy.snel.com client area for the VPS or Dedicated Server. Click on Network tab>> Interfaces.It will show you both the IPv4 and IPv6 address of interfaces attached to yourserver.In the above screenshot note down the following as we will need it in Step 4of the tutorial.Number 1 is the IP address of the interface. In the above example, the exampleIPv4 address is The subnet mask would be and thedefault gateway would be 2 is the first DNS resolver server and similarly, number 3 is thesecond DNS resolver server.If you are unsure about these values, feel free to contact our support team.

Step 1: Download the software for converting HTML to PDF.

Go to the https://pdf.iskysoft.com/ and click on the PDF Editor downloadbutton according to your OS. You will find a separate button for Window andMac. For Window OS the file will be in .exe format while Mac supports .dmgfiles. Click on the download button. Save it and follow the instruction toinstall.

Step 1: Import the PDF document you want to convert

Run the PDF editor program on your computer. Select the Open File menu. Browsethe file on your computer that you want to convert. Select the file and itwill be loaded into your program. Now, you can do any editing work usingvarious editing options if necessary.

PDF Form

This feature provides you all kinds of solution related to PDF forms includingcreating and customizing the form, extracting data etc.

Method 1. Change IP Address Windows 10 Using the Settings App

The first and simplest way to change IP address is to use the Settings app.Here’s a full guide for you:Step 1. Open the Settings app by pressing Win + I keys and then click onNetwork & Internet.Step 2. In the pop-up window, select the network type based on your situation.If your device connects to the Internet through a wireless card, select theWi-Fi section. If your device is using a wired connection, select the Ethernetsection.Step 3. Scroll down the right sidebar to locate the IP settings section andclick on the Edit button.Step 4. In the pop-up dialog box, select Manual from the drop-down menu andenable the IPv4 switch.Tip: If you want the Windows 10 IP address is to be assigned by the routerautomatically, you can select Automatic (DHCP) option from the drop-down menu.Step 5. Enter all the required details below including IP address, Subnetprefix length, Gateway, etc.IP address: It refers to the static IP address that you want to use.Subnet prefix length: It refers to the prefix length that determines the sizeof the subnet.Gateway: It refers to the IP address of your router.The Preferred DNS and Alternate DNS settings are not mandatory to enter. Thesetting will be automatically assigned by your router if they are blank.Step 6. After the details are entered, click on the Save button to change IPaddress.

Method 2. Change IP Address Windows 10 in Control Panel

In addition to the above method, you can change IP address Windows 10 throughthe Control Panel. Here’s how to do that:Step 1. Type control in the search window and select the Control Panel appfrom the best match.Step 2. Change the View by to Category, and then click on View network statusand tasks under the Network and Internet section.Step 3. Navigate to the View your active networks tab and click on yourInternet connection next to it.Step 4. In the pop-up window, click on Properties and then select the InternetProtocol Version 4 or IPv6, which depends on the IP address that you’re readyto change.Step 5. Click on the Properties button.Step 6. In the Properties window, select the Use the following IP addressoption if you want to set a static IP address.Step 7. Then you need to enter all the required details manually including IPaddress, subnet mask, and Default gateway. After that, click on OK to save thechanges and exit the window.How to change your IP address in Windows 10? I believe that already have knowndetailed steps. Now, it’s your turn to have a try.

ADDITIONAL STEP 3. Remove notification.media pop-ups from Internet Explorer

browser. * Click on Internet Explorer settings icon in the upper-right part of the browser in the form of a gear-wheel. Select “Manage add-ons“. * Find suspicious toolbar or extension. Click on it (make it highlighted). Then click on “Disable” button related to this particular toolbar or extension. * NOTE. Final optional steps. Use these steps only if the above-mentioned methods to remove notification.media pop-ups from Internet Explorer did not help. Click on Internet Explorer settings icon in the upper-right part of the browser in the form of a gear-wheel. Select “Internet Options“. * Select “Advanced” tab, then click on “Reset“. * Select appropriate reset options, then click on “Reset“.

Method 2: Change Default PDF Viewer in Properties

Step 1: Navigate to the PDF file in the File Explorer. Right-click on it andselect Properties from the menu.Step 2: Click on Change next to Opens with.Step 3: Select Adobe Reader on the next screen. Then, click on Ok on the samepop-up window. You will need to click on Ok on the Properties window as wellto save the changes.

1. Change IP Address on Mac

You can manually change the last two digits of your IPV4 address at any timeon your Mac by following the steps below.This changes your IP Address completely, which should help you unblock your IPAddress and bypass firewalls.1. Click on the Apple Logo in top-menu bar and select System Preferences in the drop-down.2. On System Preferences screen, click on the Network Tab.3. On the next screen, select your Network (WiFi or Ethernet) in the side menu and click on Advanced.4. On the next screen, select TCP/IP tab > click on Configure IPv4 Down Arrow and select the Manually option.After this, copy the Router IP Address to IPv4 Address field and change thelast number set with any number from 1 to 255.Note: The first 3 number sets in your IP Address need to be same as that ofyour Router IP Address.

2. Change IP Address on iPhone or iPad

Similarly, you can change the last two digits of your IPv4 address on youriPhone or iPad.1. Go to Settings > WiFi > tap on your WiFi Network.2. On the next screen, scroll down to “IPV4 ADDRESS” section and note down the IP Address of Router.Also, note down the Subnet Mask Address and the last number set of current IPAddress (12 in above case).3.On the same screen and same section, tap on Configure IP option.4. On the next screen, select the Manual Option > Enter Router IP Address, Subnet Mask Address, New IP Address and tap on Save.The first 3 number sets in New IP Address (168.175.0 in above case) need to bethe same as the Router IP Address. Only the Last Number Set can be changed,using any number from 1 to 256.

Step 1. Import PDF File to the Program

After download and launch this Mac PDF markup tool, click on the ‘Open File’button to import your PDF file to the program.

Easy Steps to Markup PDF Document on Windows using PDFelement Pro

1. For highlighting PDF text, click on the ‘Highlight’ and select any part ofPDF text to highlight this part. If needed, you can use the same method forunderlining or strikethrough.2. For adding a sticky note, go to the ‘Comment’ tab and click the ‘Note’button. Next, click the PDF text where you want to add note, a pop-up text boxwill appear. Now you can input notes or comments to the text box.3. For drawing markups, go to the ‘Drawing Markups’ section, you will seeseveral drawing markup options like Line, Arrow, Cloud, etc. Or you can usethe ‘Pencil’ tool to draw a shape you like. Click one of the options and clickanywhere in the PDF file, then move the mouse to start drawing. After that,click the drawing, you will get a pop-up text box. Now type your text in thebox.* * *

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