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Apple iPad Mini 2019

2019’s Apple iPad Mini left the brand’s fans speechless. After a waiting timeof nearly four years, Apple has finally decided to upgrade this tab, too. Theresults are impressive in the sense that this mini tablet is not incrediblypowerful, has a different design; it is classy, runs a large number of AR appsand has an A12 Bionic processor. Just like most products that were releasedsince last year, it is compatible with the Apple Pencil. Improvements havebeen brought to the screen, too, as everyone expected. This time it isequipped with a 7.9 inch Retina Display, surrounded by nice bezels. Itreproduces 135% of sRGB color gamut, 35.2% more than the iPad Mini 4.Having the same processor as iPhone XS, the iPad Mini is fast, responsive andextremely enjoyable. Its A12 Bionic Chip that includes Apple’s Neural Engine,makes it faster than ever. Video game enthusiasts will sense a huge differencewhen comparing this tablet to other models on the market. Its qualities andbenefits go way beyond the technical specs, the quality of the display and itscompatibility with the Pencil. There are other perks that Apple has preparedfor its users. For instance, its pre-installed app, Flow by Moleskine, makesit easier than ever to create drawings, notes and art. Do you want to know allabout the new and impressive iPad Mini, including information about itscamera, battery life and more? Read the entire article to know more.

Apple iPad Air (2019 model)

Did you like last year’s iPad Air? Then this new model will simply blow yourmind. It has a beautiful, laminated screen that everyone is talking about,powerful specs and it uses the Smart Keyboard that leads to even moreproductivity. The iPad Air isn’t as powerful and performant as the iPad Pro,which is only natural, but it is definitely the best tablet in its class. Withits 10.5 inch display, its thin bezels and a fast chipset, it is ideal forthose who think that the iPad 9.7 inch simply isn’t enough for their needs.2019’s model is twice as powerful.A tablet such as this one, with 2-in-1 functionality, an OS and power thatmake it very similar to iPhone X from a technical perspective, is exactly whatyou need if you want to work on the go using a larger screen. Although someusers would say that it is only another tab in Apple’s series, the truth isthat it has a lot to offer. Its design is superb, as always, and its frontcamera finally has a higher resolution. There are a lot of interesting thingsabout this iPad Air released in 2019, so if you are curious to know what itcan offer, continue reading the entire article.

Apple iPad Pro 11 inches

It has become custom for Apple fans to see top notch tablets being releasedevery year. The iPad Pro, both the 12.9 and 11 inch models, are proof of thatperseverance that we love so much. The two models are very similar as far asspecifications go. The latter is simply smaller, which means that a fewmodifications have been brought to it, so that it can continue to be practicaland enjoyable at all times. Except for the price, which is obviously lowerthan the larger version’s, the differences only concern the tablet’s design.For instance, Apple renounced the Home button in the 11-inch iPad Pro, so thatusers can get more screen.Do you truly care about the quality and performance of the devices that youare usually buying? If that is the case, you should know that this tab iscapable of satisfying all of your needs, whether you are planning to use itfor leisure or business. This model’s main advantage is its size and weight.Being more lightweight, it can be carried easier and your wrists suffer lesswhen doing so. It is, therefore, easier to maneuver, transport and storeduring travels. Also, it is more affordable than its bigger brother. Read thewhole article to learn all about its specs.

Apple iPad Pro 12.9 inches

While the majority of Apple’s fans are wondering whether or not will there bea new version of the iPad Pro released this year, other users simply prefer toenjoy the existing model. This 2018 tablet encompasses everything that themarket has to offer in terms of premium design, performance, high-endtechnology and what not. Other competitor tablets may have received the Protitle, but the iPad Pro 12.9” is, in reality, the only device that trulyexceeds all users’ expectations. It doesn’t only perform perfectly, but it isalso superior from a design perspective, being extremely pleasant to touch.The fact that it costs as much as a laptop is totally worth it. Although ithas some weak spots, it is capable of satisfying your needs just like one.With a 12.9 inch display, it is ideal for frequent travelers, people who runtheir business on the run, students and any person who wants flexibility,freedom of movement and top performance. There are a few things that everyoneadmires about this tab, including its competitors: it is very powerful, ultra-thin, its display is high-end, it has a compact design and a strong battery.Also, its Pencil is amazing. Read more about the iPad Pro 12.9 inch toconvince yourself of is qualities.

Apple iPad Air

On 22nd October 2013 Apple introduced a new, thinner and lighter version ofiPad. The new iPad Air was 28 percent lighter and 20 percent thinner than the4th generation model. It weighed only 1 pound/450 grams and was the lightest10 inch tablet on the market, causing consternation among rival manufacturerswho were asked to raise their game yet again.The tablet came with the new 64-bit architecture chips A7/M7 already presentin the iPhone 5S. The operating system was iOS 7. The display remained thesame as in 4th generation iPad (Retina with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 px).

Apple iPad Mini

Released alongside the fourth-generation iPad, the iPad Mini representedApple’s effort to obtain significant market share in the 7 inch tabletsmarket, a size it had previously shunned under the watch of Steve Jobs.The 9.7-inch screen common to previous iPads was replaced by a 7.9-inchscreen. The resolution was the same as the iPad 2’s 1,024-by-768 pixels,though the smaller screen meant an increase to 163 pixels per inch.Rather than the familiar dimensions of 9.5 inches by 7.31 inches, the iPadMini measured in at 7.87 by 5.3 inches. The other major change in comparisonto iPad 3 was the Lightning port (a move which annoyed fans as it renderedsome of their old accessories obsolete), 1.2-megapixel front camera, dual bandWi-Fi and the use of a Nano-SIM card rather than a Micro-SIM.

2. Apple Ipad Pro – Compact, Powerful tablet with a great stylus

If you hang out in art communities, you know that Apple iPad is gainingpopularity with some of the artists permanently switching from traditionaldrawing tablets to iPad Pro.Getting the basics right is one of the best ways of making a good drawingdevice, that is essentially what Apple has done with its iPad Pro lineup.

3. New Apple iPad Air – Same drawing performance at pocket-friendly prices

If you liked the aforementioned iPad Pro but think it is way too expensive,first of all – you are not the only one who thinks that.But the good news is – recently Apple has updated their older iPad Air andgave it a brand new look with some high-end features, while still maintainingan affordable-ish price.The new iPad Air has a new all-screen minimum bezel design which looks verysimilar to the iPad Pro. But that is not even the best part.It got a massive specs upgrade and now features one of the latest generationprocessors which results in a faster and smoother overall performance.The tablet comes with a 10.9-inch screen and available in five attractivecolors – Silver, Space Gray, Green, Sky Blue, Rose Gold. (check out all thecolors options here at Amazon)

8. Apple iPad Mini – Portable and powerful

As Apple describes it “mini just got mightier“. The latest upgrade from Applehas added a number of extra features in the iPad mini which makes it a muchbetter tablet than before.One of the biggest upgrades to the iPad mini is – it now supports the ApplePencil (First Gen).The iPad mini is the smallest tablet featured on this list and comes with a7.9-inch screen. When it comes to portability, there is no match for it. Itcan easily fit in your handbag or backpack and it is so lightweight that youwon’t even notice it.

Apple iPad Air – Details

The new iPad Air comes with a 6.1mm ultra-thin design, which helps the neweriPad to be the lighter version of the old iPad. It features a 10.5-inchesRetina display, which looks cool and impressive with True Tone technology.While the display has 2224 X 1668 pixels resolution with 264 PPI (pixel perinch) density. It is powered by the powerful A12 bionic chip with 64-bitarchitecture and embedded with an M12 coprocessor.In terms of camera, the iPad Air 2019 comes with an 8MP rear camera, which hasan f/2.4 aperture, live focus, HDR, burst mode, autofocus, and panorama sport.You can record videos at 1080p and slo-mo at 120fps. While the front facetimecamera comes with a 7MP lens, which has an f/2.2 aperture, Auto HDR, burstmode, and 1080p video recording at 30fps sport. And the new iPad Air runs oniOS 12.Both the devices will come with the sport of WiFi, gigabit LTE connectivity,and eSIM connectivity. With eSIM, a virtual SIM which can be activated by theservice provider to the users. The iPad Air is available in Silver, SpaceGrey, and Gold color options. It is available in 2GB RAM and 64GB/256GBinbuilt storage options. Apple’s new iPad Air 2019 starts at the price of $499(WiFi only) and $629 (WiFi + Cellular). Let’s talk about the Apple iPadWallpaper.VIDEO

Apple iPad Air Wallpapers

Apple’s new devices bundled with the new wallpapers and same with the newApple iPad Air 2019. The iPad Air 2019 comes with new stock wallpapers, whichis a simple minimal wallpaper with an abstract texture. @AppleiDesigner wasable to grab the wallpapers from the Apple advertising imagery. This wallpapercan be used by the Apple in the presentation, that you can download for yourphone or tablet in Full-HD 3840 X 2606 pixels resolution. Till now, we haveonly one wallpaper, we add more wallpapers, once it is available to us. Itlooks amazing in the presentation, you can see the preview of iPad Air stockwallpapers in the below section.

Apple iPad Air Stock Wallpapers – Preview

> Note: This is a preview of wallpapers and just for the representation.> Preview is not in the original quality so don’t download from images. Use> the download link given in the download section below.

Apple iPad Mini (2012)

Apple launched the first iPad mini alongside the iPad 4, marking new territoryfor iPad. Retaining a premium metal build, the iPad mini was significantlysmaller and lighter than the standard iPad, measuring 200 x 134.7 x 7.2mm andweighing 308g – so half the weight. The bezels surrounding the display werereduced and Apple programmed iOS to ignore accidental finger presses on theedge of the screen.The iPad mini had curvier, rounded edges than the original iPad, but it optedfor the iPad 2’s resolution in its 7.9-inch screen – 1024 x 768 pixels -rather than the Retina display. It also used the A5 processor, meaning itwasn’t quite as powerful as the iPad 4. That said, it might have been mini bynature but it was mighty in what it offered.Pocket-lint

Apple iPad Air (2013)

The fifth generation of Apple iPad was called the iPad Air and it came with awhole new design, borrowing the curved edges from the iPad mini. It was 20 percent lighter than the iPad 4 at 469g compared to 652g, but it was slimmer too- 7.5mm compared to 9.4mm – and shorter, making for a more portable device.The 9.7-inch display was the same as the iPad 4, but Apple reduced the bezelssurrounding the display by 43 per cent, meaning a larger viewing area. Thesame cameras as the iPad 4 were on board the iPad Air, but Apple put a new A7chip under the hood of the Air, which had 64-bit architecture that allowed forfaster autofocus, higher video frame rates and faster photo capture, amongother features.Pocket-lint

Apple iPad Mini 2 (2013)

One year after the iPad mini launched, Apple introduced the iPad mini withRetina display. The design remained the same but the display moved from a 1024x 768 pixel resolution to a 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution, making it thehighest resolution around for a tablet of its size.It was a little thicker and heavier than the original iPad mini – 7.5mminstead of 7.2mm and 331g instead of 308g – but the design didn’t changeotherwise. Storage options included a 128GB option, and Apple also upgradedthe chip to A7 – which was the same processor found on the iPad Air and iPhone5S.Pocket-lint

Apple iPad Air 2 (2014)

The second generation of iPad Air offered a similar design to the original Airmodel but it slimmed down even further to 6.1mm, giving it the title of theslimmest tablet you could get at the time. It was also lighter than the firstgeneration Air, weighing just 437g.Whilst the size and resolution of the display remained the same as the firstAir, the Air 2 introduced an anti-reflective coating, whilst also upgradingthe chip from the A7 to the A8X. The biggest change between the Air and theAir 2 though, was the introduction of Touch ID. It wasn’t known then, but theAir 2 was last in the iPad Air line.Pocket-lint

Apple iPad Mini 3 (2014)

The iPad mini 3 arrived alongside the iPad Air 2, but at the time, Appleglossed over it quickly in the presentation, focusing on the larger modelinstead. The design remained the same as the iPad mini 2, though Apple did addTouch ID to the iPad mini 3 and made it available in gold.There was no processor upgrade though, no camera improvements and it didn’tget the laminated and anti-reflective display or faster Wi-Fi that the largeriPad Air 2 did. Ultimately, the iPad mini 3 was a minor upgrade to the iPadmini range.Pocket-lint

Apple iPad Mini 4 (2015)

The Apple iPad mini 4 succeeded the iPad mini 3 in 2015, though no one knewback then that it would be the last mini for a while. It was slimmer andlighter than the iPad mini 3, and it got a fully laminated display, as well asan anti-reflective coating like the Air 2.Apple also upgraded the chip in the iPad mini 4 to the A8 processor with M8motion coprocessor, and it got a bump in resolution of the rear camera too.Other than that, the design remained the same as the previous iPad minis.Rumours have been floating around for an iPad mini 5 though…Pocket-lint

Apple iPad Pro 11 (2018)

squirrel_widget_148306The Apple iPad Pro 11 arrived in 2018 but it was designed to sit alongside theiPad Pro 10.5 model rather than replace it. Offering a complete designrefresh, the iPad Pro 11 squares off its edges, reduces its bezels and ditchesTouch ID in favour of Face ID. It also swaps Lightning for USB Type-C.A Liquid Retina display fills the footprint of the 5.9mm slim aluminiumdevice, offering a 2388 x 1668 resolution and the iPad Pro 11 is compatiblewith Apple Pencil 2. It’s also quite a bit more powerful than the 10.5-inchPro model, featuring the A12X Bionic processor, along with the option of a 1TBmodel and improved cameras.Pocket-lint

Apple iPad Air (2019)

squirrel_widget_1483872019’s Apple iPad Air is much like the iPad Pro only without FaceID, uniformbezels and the Type-C port. A big, sharp 10.5-inch 1668 x 2224 resolutiondisplay, a battery that’s capable of lasting all day and support for bothApple Pencil and Smart Keyboards make the iPad Air a great option. Even moreso considering the reasonable price point.We found the 2019 iPad Air able to strike a perfect balance between power andvalue for money.Pocket-lint

iPad mini (2019)

squirrel_widget_148287The Apple iPad mini 5 – not an official title – is basically a small iPad Proand despite the large bezels it remains a very compact tablet. The spec isvery powerful with unparalleled power for its price point, the 2019 iPad miniretains the device’s most recognisable features: the 7.9-inch screen sizealongside the Touch ID Home button.Pocket-lint

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