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RF Radiation Dangers Expert

All around the world new scientific studies are bringing attention to thedangers we are inadvertently placing all around our families. If you wouldplease take a moment and watch the below video. This is an interview with aman who is a British Physicist who specialized in RF or microwave radiationhis whole life. He describes just how dangerous it is to us and especially ourchildren. It is a very important listen.VIDEOWhile health is by far the most important consideration, we do love our gizmosand gadgets! Health however must come first. In this article I am going todiscuss the 7 most dangerous sources of RF radiation in our homes. The goodnews is there are items you can get that will allow you to keep the techygadgets that we love and keep our families safe at the same time! But you willneed to take some precautions.

1. WiFi Radiation:

In today’s high tech world we love our WiFi internet! We can work fromanywhere online as well as play games and watch movies. But could the RadioFrequency (RF) Radiation coming from these awesome bits of convenienceactually be dangerous? Is WiFi or RF Radiation dangerous? Yes, very, let meexplain how.Most people have heard that the radiation from cell phones is dangerous andcan cause cancer. WiFi radiation from a WiFi router is the same kind ofradiation but it is a lot stronger. And it is emitted continuously 24/7through our homes and offices. A cell phone generally only sends out itsstronger radiation when it is sending or receiving a call, not just when it ison. A WiFi Router emits at full power constantly whenever it is on.Below is a video where I test my WiFi router with something called a HighFrequency Analyzer to and show you exactly how much radiation it is emitting.Then I stick the router into something called a “WiFi Router Guard” which is amesh metal box made out of a conductive type of metal. When I measure theradiation coming out of the router from within the WiFi Router Guard, the RFRadiation is reduced by around 95%. Yet even while my WiFi Router is in therouter guard my family and I are able to watch Netflix or YouTube videos onour laptops or phones. We can still do what ever we need to do with WiFi,without all of the radiation. The video is very much worth watching. Seeing isbelieving and knowledge is power.VIDEOI told you that I would show you how to keep your gadgets (like WiFi) if youabsolutely have to have them. But by far the best solution is to hard wire allof your internet throughout your house, and plug in your computers and laptopsusing Ethernet cords so that you don’t have WiFi Radiation in your home. Mostrouters have a setting that you can login to online and turn off their WiFi.But in those situations were you must have WiFi, the WiFi Router Guard shownin the above video will shield you from 95% of the radiation a router willemit. I highly recommend getting one, if you must have WiFi. You can findlinks to the best place to get one of them on the “Recommended Protections”page of this website .More and more, scientists and researchers are uncovering the health risks ofRF Radiation. Depending on the level and the length of exposure, those riskscan range from insomnia and headaches to tumors. Biological effects can resultfrom exposure to RF radiation. It has been known for many years that exposureto very high levels of RF radiation can be harmful due to the ability of RFenergy to heat biological tissue rapidly. This is the principle by whichmicrowave ovens cook food. But this is not the only damage that is caused byRF radiation.Studies have shown that this radiation can damage DNA strands of plants andanimals. In 2012 there is a report published called the Bioinitiative Reportwhich is an extensive summary of the health effects associated with lowintensity, non-ionizing, electromagnetic radiation. It was released andpublished by 29 health professionals from ten countries, with medical andPh.D. degrees. It summarizes the peer reviewed non-ionizing radiation researchpublished from 1996 – 2011. It examines the dangerous health problemsassociated with exposure to RF and microwave radiation sources such as smartmeters, cell phones, cell towers, and the like.I like my gadgets too! The best way is to hard wire your internet by runningEthernet cables to your computer so you have zero radiation. But if you musthave WiFi you can block out 90%-95% of the dangerous radiation by buying aWiFi router guard like this one. They really do work well.(Note: Here are some other links to scientific studies that are important forthe serious researcher on this subject. The first is a very powerful articleentitled “5G Wireless Technology: Is 5G Harmful to Our Health?” where Joel M.Moskowitz, Ph.D., who is the Director Center for Family and Community HealthSchool of Public Health University of California, Berkeley. In this articleProfessor Moskowitz discusses several current studies done on 5G and what thedangers are associated with 5G technology.The second is an article by a Washington State University professor namedMartin L. Pall. The article “Wi-Fi is an important threat to human health”discuses the findings of over 20 scientific studies of WiFi radiation ingeneral and the health problems that these different studies found caused byit.)

2. Baby-Monitor Radiation

Oh no! Not baby monitors too?! Do Baby Monitors Emit Radiation? Yes sadly.When I measure the radiation coming from the average baby monitor, it isalmost identical to that of a WiFi router. And like a router it is blastingthrough your home, and especially your baby’s room, constantly, 24 hours a day7 days a week; whenever you have it on.Below is a video where I am testing something called a “D-Link” baby monitor.People on the internet are claiming running the internet for this monitor overthe normal electrical wiring is safe. I test it. It is worth watching.VIDEOThe following is a quotation of a very good article on safbaby.com called“Baby Monitors: Do Risks Outweigh the Benefits?” that does an excellent job atdescribing the dangers of baby monitors.

3. Bluetooth Radiation

Do Bluetooth Earbuds Cause Brain Tumors? Well I personally knew a lady fromour church who died from a brain tumor. She ran a plumbing business and alwayshad her Bluetooth earpiece in all day every day. Obviously that observationalone does not prove anything so let’s look at the facts.First I would like to show you the following video. In it I test the radiationcoming out of a typical smart phone, and Bluetooth earbuds. Then I alsoexplain what you can do to protect yourself from the radiation they emit,while still being able to have a smart phone. It is definitely worth watching.It is a short video. Knowledge is power and seeing is believing!VIDEOAs seen in the above video cellphones and anything Bluetooth put out a lot ofRF Radiation. Your ear is a hole in your head. If you stick a Bluetooth earbudinto your ear there is nothing but soft tissue between your brain and theearbud. The RF Radiation goes directly into your brain. A cell phone is almostas bad when you hold it up to your ear. It is safer to turn it on speakerphone and set it on the table a foot or more in front of you.My preferred method is to get a normal corded headset like I show in thevideo, and then put at least one ferrite bead on the base of the cord toabsorb 95% of the RF Radiation coming out of the cellphone into the cord. Ihave a link to where you can get the ferrite beads on the “RecommendedProtections” page of this site.Bluetooth has worse RF radiation than a normal cell phone in that it isemitting radiation the whole time it is turned on, not just when making acall. Just like a cordless phone, smart meter or WiFi router, Bluetoothearpieces and earbuds put out RF radiation continually. It is worse because itis sitting right in your ear. The Bluetooth from your car is blasting you withthis same radiation the whole time it is on while you are in your car.

4. Cellphone Radiation

For decades unless you have been hiding under a rock you have heard reportsboth pro and con discussing the link between frequent cell phone use and braintumors. Can cell phone use cause brain tumors?In the Public Health section of the Scientific American there is an articleentitled “Major Cell Phone Radiation Study Reignites Cancer Questions” whichtalks about a recent 25 million dollar study that discusses how exposure toradio-frequency radiation linked to tumor formation in rats. (Here is a linkto the actual study.)To quote briefly from the article “Researchers at the National ToxicologyProgram (NTP), a federal inter-agency group under the National Institutes ofHealth, led the study. They chronically exposed rodents to carefullycalibrated radio-frequency (RF) radiation levels designed to roughly emulatewhat humans with heavy cell phone use or exposure could theoreticallyexperience in their daily lives. The animals were placed in specially builtchambers that dosed their whole bodies with varying amounts and types of thisradiation for approximately nine hours per day throughout their two-year lifespans.“This is by far—far and away—the most carefully done cell phone bioassay, abiological assessment. This is a classic study that is done for trying tounderstand cancers in humans,” says Christopher Portier, a retired head of theNTP who helped launch the study and still sometimes works for the federalgovernment as a consultant scientist. “There will have to be a lot of workafter this to assess if it causes problems in humans, but the fact that youcan do it in rats will be a big issue. It actually has me concerned, and I’man expert.”…The researchers found that as the thousands of rats in the new study wereexposed to greater intensities of RF radiation, more of them developed rareforms of brain and heart cancer that could not be easily explained away,exhibiting a direct dose–response relationship.”Cell phones are so bright and cheery and a thing of our time, that we forgettheir darker beginnings connected to WWII and radars; radar produces RFradiation. If cell phones put out enough RF radiation to cause brain tumors,imagine what other far more powerful RF radiation emitters such as smartmeters, blue tooth, WiFi and cordless devices will cause. Scary.But hey the good news! You can have your cell phone and protect against someof the harmful radiation it throws at you. Check out these Radiation ProofCell Phone Cases that you can get to protect you from the dangerous RFradiation coming from your phone. And many of these cases can protect yourdebit cards from RFID readers as well!

5. Smart Meter Radiation

Smart meters are computerized meters that your power and gas companies haveinstalled as replacements to your old analog power and gas meters. Most of thetime they just install them and don’t tell the home owners they are doing so.When they do tell the home owners, they say it will optimize your power usageand save you money on our power bills. But this is rarely true. Many people’sbills across the country have actually increased. And worse yet, sometimesthey are installed on homes that were not designed for them and so the newmeters caught on fire.Are Smart Meters Really Dangerous? Very! In 2013 the American Academy ofEnvironmental Medicine (AAEM) did a report called The Smart Meter Case Serieson the Health Dangers of the RF radiation put out by Smart Meters. In thereport it says “many of the symptoms reported including fatigue, headaches,heart palpitations, dizziness and other symptoms have been shown to betriggered by electromagnetic field exposure under double blind, placebocontrolled conditions”.

7. Cordless Phones Radiation

Do Cordless Phones Emit RF Radiation? As you can see from this short video,cordless phones are actually more dangerous even than a cell phone becausethey emit high amounts of RF radiation constantly, not just when the phone isin use. They are more on par with the radiation of a baby monitor or a WiFirouter than just a cell phone.

Links Between Cancer And Cordless Phone Radiation

PubMed.gov shows a study in which research from scientists conclude thatcordless phone’s risk of causing cancer is higher than with cell phone usage.After analyzing malignant brain tumor patients’ usage of cordless phones vs.their usage of cell phones , they found the risk of cancer was multiplied forthose using DECT cordless phones. They also found that combining the twoincreased the risk even higher.The radiation levels were found to be the largest problem. In many cases theradiation from the cordless phone base was higher than the radiation levelsfound near a cell phone tower. That seems hard to believe to me but that iswhat they found. Finally they found that most cordless phones emit radiationfrom the handset, as well as the base, at full power, even when the phoneisn’t in use; not good.VIDEO

Are Low Radiation Eco Cordless Phones A Solution?

If you just can’t live without a cordless phone then better to get a low EMFor eco-DECT cordless model. Low EMF DECT cordless phones (like the SiemensGigaset Cordless Phone) still emit RF radiation, but not as much if put on thecorrect setting. Listen to what the Gigaset company had to say:“Like all Gigaset cordless phones, it variably reduces the transmitting powerfrom the handset to base station depending on their distance apart. You canalso reduce the transmitting power of the Gigaset C610H’s base station by 80%simply by selecting the ECO Mode. Furthermore, radiation-free ECO Mode Plusturns off the transmitting power when the phone is in standby.” If you must have a cordless phone I recommend the Siemens Gigaset cordlessphone. They do not emit radiation when on standby. BUT this function does needconfiguring. When you take it out of the box it operates like a normal DECTcordless phone (and emitting RF radiation). This is another reason why it isimportant to have a HF-35C High Frequency Analyzer so that can test theradiation of all of your devices. Very, very important.

Bluetooth Radiation and Your Health

So, what does all this RF radiation mean for your health? Turns out, Bluetoothtechnology is linked to rare brain tumors, dizziness, sleep issues, anxiety,depression, birth defects and more. As you read earlier in this article, RFradiation has a thermal effect on the body. That means RF radiation has theproperties to change our cell structure and make us more susceptible todisease and other health problems.I recently read an article about a young man diagnosed with a rare form ofcancer in his inner ear canal. Turns out the neurosurgeon told him off therecord he was almost certain Bluetooth devices may have contributed to thedeveloping the disease. So how can this be? How are these products even sold?Great question.Bluetooth technology is not as widely studied as cell phone radiation andother sources of RF radiation. With that said there is the assumption the lowlevels of RF radiation are considered safe, without a real true sciencebacking up this claim. However, many experts in the field of RF radiationexposure believe that low level doses of RF radiation over a long period oftime is a big problem.Because Bluetooth technology is similar to that of a microwave, we can look atstudies linking microwave exposure to health problems to better understand therisks associated with these modern-day devices. A recent article in the DailyMail was quoted saying ‘we are messing with fire’ when it comes to usingBluetooth devices. Here’s more of Dr. Joel Moskowitz from U.C. Berkeley:“Moskowitz warns that more than 200 scientists from who study the effects ofelectromagnetic fields believe that the FCC guidelines are inadequate toprotect human health. ‘It’ like we keep rediscovering that Bluetooth isharmful and trying to forget it because we don’t know how to handle it from apublic policy standpoint.Although we don’t know the long-term risks from using Bluetooth devices, whywould anyone insert a microwave emitting device into their ears near theirbrain when there are safer ways to use a cell phone?’ Essentially, I recommendusing corded headset or hand-free use of cell phone, not Bluetooth,” DailyMail.Studies show radiation, like that from Bluetooth devices have the ability toalso break the blood brain barrier. This barrier is the last line of defensefor to protect our body from toxic chemicals. Some doctors believe once thisbarrier is breached our body is more susceptible to disease and other healthproblems.Some experts believe it may take decades before we really know the full healthimplications of using wireless technology. I don’t want to wait that long tofind out if my Bluetooth device is causing brain damage. Do you?

Reducing Bluetooth Radiation

So, by now you’re probably ready to throw out all your Bluetooth products.While it may seem dramatic, eliminating the source of RF radiation is the onlyway to eliminate your exposure. But, remember Bluetooth devices are only onesource of RF radiation exposure in your life. If you still carry around a cellphone you are still exposing yourself to harmful RF radiation.Bluetooth isn’t the only way to communicate hands-free. There are several air-tube devices on the market that use a different kind of technology and reducesyour RF radiation exposure. Here’s how the air tube headset differs from yourtypical headset:“A conventional headset has a wire cable. Wire has metal in it. This metalconducts the radiation coming from your cell phone allowing it to easilytravel up the wire and into your head. Wired headsets can act as an antennaattracting ambient EMFs, transmitting radiation directly to your brain,thereby increasing your exposure.The air tube headset uses hollow air tubes to conduct the sound from your cellphone, or other device, using “sound waves.” Electricsense.com.For more information about the various headset options, check out another blogpost here. I’ve done all the research for you to make your switch fromBluetooth to radiation free head-sets as easy as possible.There is still a lot of unknowns about Bluetooth Technology Radiation. We doknow this technology is being integrated into most high-tech devices in yourhome. Baby monitors, scales, watches, computers, shoes, the list goes on andon. I just read an article about a high tech front door lock that is connectedvia Bluetooth to your phone.That’s amazing and terrifying all at the same time. Watches are now connectedto your computer to track your sleep patterns and heart rhythm. A pair ofsneakers can now connect to an app on your phone that tracks your speed anddistance on the track and compares it to data from your last workout. Theapplications for Bluetooth technology are truly endless. This technology canserve a very beneficial purpose, think of all the information it can gatherand what we can do with that information.For example, if you’re trying to lose weight, having a Bluetooth capable watchconnected to your phone, may very well track your heart rate during specificactivities. You can then make adjustments to increase your heart rate, boostyour metabolism and meet your goals. But, what if the very technology helpingyou lose weight is actually causing you to gain weight, feel depressed andmessing with your sleep schedule? That would be counterproductive. I thinkthere is a time and place for modern-technology, only if it is safe to use.It’s clear based on expert opinion we need to limit our Bluetooth radiationexposure. It’s easier said than done, especially in our culture where we it’sstandard to multitask all day, every day. I recently read an article whereseveral doctors admit to telling their patients to never use Bluetooth or holdtheir cell phone up to their head. These same doctors also say they limittheir time on the phone and prefer to text over talking. Small changes toreduce your radiation exposure everyday will add up in a big way. Let me knowhow it goes!

18. Skin Rashes and Facial Flushing

A fair amount of the stories you read on the internet about their exposure toRF Radiation the talk about skin rashes and facial flushing. Normally thesestories come from people who have been exposed to RF radiation in high enoughquantities and for a long enough period of time that they have damagedthemselves to the point that they are considered “hypersensitive” to all typesof electromagnetic radiation.According to HealthLine.com “Skin flushing or blushing describe feelings ofwarmth and rapid reddening of your neck, upper chest, or face. Blotchiness orsolid patches of redness are often visible when blushing. … Flushed skin is acommon physical response to anxiety, stress, embarrassment, anger, or anotherextreme emotional state.”Doctors who deal with rashes and facial flushing from RF radiation exposuretheorize that the body itself has been so stressed for so long that the wholebody is hypersensitive and that this sometimes manifests in this manner.

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