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1. Alice Lloyd College – Pippa Passes, KY

Alice Lloyd College (ALC) is one of the few colleges that are free forstudents in the country. Alice Lloyd College offers college for free foreligible students in the school’s service area of central Appalachia – partsof Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Virginia. Alice Lloyd Collegeholds the distinction of being one of the free colleges with students thatgraduate with the least amount of debt. Degree candidates agree to ALC’s work-study program, allowing students to earn a college degree while paying theirway by working on campus and in the nearby communities.Alice Lloyd College was established in 1923. Alice Lloyd College students workin the school for a minimum of 160 hours each semester. Alice Lloyd Collegehas a student enrollment of about 600 students studying for one of theschool’s 18-degree programs. Highlight – Forbes recognizes Alice Lloyd Collegeamong the most financially fit colleges in the nation.

4. Berea College – Berea, KY

Berea College offers students college for free. Berea College also remits toeach student an average of $1,000 that can be applied toward books, fees,housing, and meals, to name a few. As one of the country’s leading freecolleges, Forbes recognizes Berea College as one of the top five best collegesthat are free (in the best value category) to students studying for academicdegrees. Berea College offers more than 30 majors as baccalaureate programs.Berea College was established in 1855 and is a nondenominational, unaffiliatedChristian school. Berea College’s campus is home to more than 1,600 studentsstudying for baccalaureate degrees offered in 30+ majors. Highlight – BereaCollege holds the distinction of being the first school in the southernportion of the United States to offer racially integrated classes for co-edstudents.

5. Blackburn College – Carlinville, IL

Blackburn College is one of the country’s colleges that are free for studentswho are residents of Illinois and who demonstrate the greatest financial need.Blackburn College’s promise of no tuition is the first kind of program to beoffered throughout the state of Illinois. As a college for free tuition,Blackburn College offers the possibility of college of education to manystudents who would not be otherwise able to attend. To qualify for one of theprograms offered by one of the country’s free colleges, students must receivea Pell Grant and be eligible for the Illinois MPA – Monetary Awards Program.Blackburn College is a private institution of higher learning that isaffiliated with the US Presbyterian Church. The school’s small-town campusserves nearly 600 students, who receive a tuition rebate for hours worked.Highlight – Blackburn College is considered a work college, of which there areonly nine in the United States.

6. The Central Christian College of the Bible – Moberly, MO

CCCB – The Central Christian College of the Bible, is one of the nation’s freecolleges for students who meet the school’s eligibility criteria. The programsoffered by this college for free tuition include Christian Education &Counseling, Ministries, Bible, Worship Ministry, and Youth Ministry, to name afew. As one of the country’s colleges that are free to students, the CentralChristian College of the Bible also provides degrees in accounting,technology, business, criminal justice, education, healthcare, hospitality,marketing, information technology, nursing, occupational therapy, andaddiction counseling, among others.The Central Christian College of the Bible was established in 1957. TheCentral Christian College of the Bible’s campus is home to approximately 300students. The Association for Biblical Higher Education accredits the school.Highlight – The Central Christian College of the Bible offers more than 25baccalaureate degree programs for ministry-related subjects.

8. The City University of New York (CUNY) Macaulay Honors College – New

York, NYThe City University of New York (CUNY) Macaulay Honors College offers eligibleincoming freshman that are New York State resident an opportunity to attendone of the city’s tuition free colleges. CUNY Macaulay College’s college forfree program finances four years or eight semesters of academic work.Additionally, for students attending one of the colleges that are free tostudents, CUNY Macaulay Honors College offers free tuition for those studentswho choose to study abroad through one of the school’s international studyprograms. CUNY Macaulay Honors College also provides a new Mac laptop and 1st-day privileges during registration.The City University of New York (CUNY) Macaulay Honors College was establishedin 2001. The school’s campus is home to more than 2,000 students who generallyreceive a scholarship equal to full tuition. Highlight – Only income freshman(graduating from high school) may apply to CUNY Macaulay Honors College foradmission.

10. Deep Springs College – Deep Springs, CA

Deep Springs College is proud to offer a college for free to students who areeligible for admission. Although unusual, Deep Springs College offers nomajors for students to attend one of the nation’s free colleges. Studentsgraduate and generally complete their degrees in a four-year university.Coursework for one of the few colleges that are free includes Ethics,Mathematics in Political Life, and Dickinson Poetry. Deep Spring’sscholarships include expenses for tuition, room & board.Deep Springs College was established in 1917. The school’s remote campus inDeep Springs California, is home to only 26 students, is a working cattleranch/alfalfa farm, and 20+ miles from the nearest town. The school operatesfrom three principles – self-governance, labor, and academia. Highlight – DeepSprings College holds the distinction of being one of the smallest colleges inthe nation.

12. Ecclesia College – Springdale, AR

Ecclesia College (EC) is one of the country’s colleges that are free tostudents who commit to the school’s work-study program. Ecclesia College holdsthe distinction of being the only college for free in the state of Arkansas.As one of only seven free colleges with a work-learning program in the nation,Ecclesia College offsets tuition costs for students by applying money earnedby the student through the work-study program to outstanding expenses andtuition. Students are also required to finish twelve hours dedicated toChristian-based service.Ecclesia College was established in 1975. Ecclesia College is a Christian workschool that has received accreditation from the ABHE – the Association forBiblical Higher Education. Ecclesia College is a private college with astudent enrollment of approximately 175. Highlight – Ecclesia Collegeparticipates in these ministries -Bibles for the Nations, Ecclesia Children’sMinistries, and Strategic Missions for Strategic Nations.

13. Haskell Indian Nations University – Lawrence, KS

Haskell Indian Nations University offers college for free to students ofAlaska Native or Native-American heritage. Students attending Haskell IndianNations University as one of the country’s only free colleges graduate withlittle to no debt, which bucks a national trend of increasing student debt.Haskell Indian Nations University students attending colleges that are freehave the opportunity to interact with members of more than 100 federallyrecognized Indigenous Tribes. Students have the option to enroll in differentindigenous language classes.Haskell Indian Nations University was established in 1884 as a service tothose members of the Native American Tribes located in the U.S. the school’scampus in Kansas serves more than 1,000 students. Several buildings on campusare listed as US landmarks. Highlight – Haskell Indian Nations University is arecognized residential tribal university that is operated by the federalgovernment.

15. Sterling College – Craftsbury, VT

Sterling College offers college for free to students who demonstrate a need byoffering grants that defray college costs and allow students to graduate witha reasonable amount of debt. As one of the nation’s free colleges and premierecological education providers, Sterling College prepares graduates in greentechnology and sustainable farming and to give back to their communities.Among colleges that are free, Sterling boasts an impressive student to facultyratio of only 6 to 1. Sterling College’s campus kitchen is recognized as firstin the country for local food that is offered through humane, fair trade.Sterling College (Vermont) was established in 158 as a young man’s prepschool. Sterling College offers students ecologically minded degrees in foodsystems, ecology, and sustainable agriculture. Sterling College is home toapproximately 120 students. Highlight – Sterling College in Vermont is amember school of the eight school Work College Consortium.

17. The United States Air Force Academy – Air Force Academy, CO

The United States Air Force Academy is recognized among the colleges that arefree if the student commits to serving the country for a specified amount oftime. Graduates from the US Air Force Academy serve as officers in the USAF ascompensation for the education they receive from the US military’s freecolleges. Those who receive pilot training while earning a degree from collegefor free commit to ten years of service upon completion of training. Ratherthan using the traditional names for freshman, sophomore, etc., the USAFlabels classes as fourth class = freshman, and third-class = sophomores, andso on.The United States Air Force Academy was established in 1954. The USAFA’scampus is located north of Colorado Springs and is home to more than 4,200cadets. Graduates of USAFA’s baccalaureate program serve as US Air Force 2ndLieutenants. Highlight – The United States Air Force Academy is the youngestof the military academies in the United States.

How can you get Free College Tuition?

Many institutions of higher education offer free tuition for college thatrequires the student to work for college tuition in one of the school’sdepartments or stores. Additionally, the following United States militaryacademies provide free tuition for university studies by requiring students toserve in the military. These free college tuition institutions include thefollowing– * The U.S. Military Academy * The U.S. Merchant Marine Academy * The U.S. Naval AcademyStill, other accredited schools offer free college tuition both on-campus andthrough distance learning platforms. The accredited schools that offer freetuition for college students include the following partial list –Other accredited schools with free tuition for college include those freetuition for university students in USA online, check out the University of thePeople that provides free tuition for college students studying online.Many additional sources provide coursework and academic classes with freetuition for college studies. These online sources for college tuition for freeinclude these amazing univerisites – Stanford University, Yale University,Tufts University, and MIT.

Can International Students Go to College in the U.S. for Free?

The Institute of International Education notes that there are almost 1 millioninternational students who are studying in the United States.Are you an international student searching for – * Free tuition universities in USA or free colleges in USA. * Tuition free colleges for international students. * Tuition Free College USA. * Free Tuition Colleges in USA. * Tuition free American Universities and colleges. * Tuition free colleges and universities in USA that offer online courses.First, it is essential to know that as an international student, you will needto apply to those tuition free colleges in the United States that offerprograms that meet your education needs and career objectives. As aninternational student attending one of the free tuition colleges in USA, youwill follow the traditional steps for students from the United Statesattending universities with free tuition in USA.International students enrolled in one of the tuition free colleges in theUnited States will likely need to take the TOEFL test if English is not yournative language. However, those international students attending free tuitionuniversities in USA who score above specific criteria on the SAT may find thefree college USA will waive the TOEFL requirement.Many schools offering free college tuition in USA are proactively seeking tocreate more globalized campuses. However, it is essential to note that thereare only a limited number of spots available for international studentslooking for free tuition colleges in USA.Those universities with free tuition in USA tend to place relative importanceon test scores. Still, the college application for free colleges in USAgenerally includes an emphasis on the applicant’s qualities, academic history,and participation in the school and surrounding community.Virtual Tour of MuseumsThis post may include paid or affiliate links.

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