17 Mining Quarrying Supervisor

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23. Software Engineer

Job Description: Software engineers write the computer code that allows you to read this jobdescription, and develop the processes behind tons of other products andservices. If you’ve got a thing for math and logic, you’ll love this field.Job Qualifications: A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field is usuallyrequired, though the field is also renowned for giving the self-taught achance, should they prove themselves through skill or experience. However, ifyou’re looking for an advanced or specialized position, you may need furtherpost-graduate education.Salary: The median salary for a software engineer is $90,000.Career Opportunity: Over the past five years, the number of employees in this field has grown by22 per cent.* * *(Pressmaster/Shutterstock)

20. Construction Manager

Job Description: Construction managers oversee building teams, ensuring projects are organizedand on track for completion. They also do budget estimates, establishschedules, and mark out construction milestones.Job Qualifications: You’ll need a university degree in civil engineering or constructiontechnology. If you want to make it to manager, you’ll have to work your way upthrough the ranks first.Salary: Construction managers are paid according to experience. They make a mediansalary of almost $80,000, which has increased 10 per cent over the past fiveyears.Career Opportunity: There’s been an upward trend in the number of construction managers in recentyears, but it’s employment heavily reliant on economic growth. A housing bustwould hit this sector hard.* * *(Shutterstock)

19. Computer Systems Manager

Job Description: Organizations that use computer and telecommunications software — in otherwords, pretty much all of them — need someone to manage it. Computer systemsmanagers are responsible for planning and organizing data processing, hiringand supervising teams of technical employees and controlling theirdepartments’ budgets.Job Qualifications: You’ll probably need a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science,business administration, commerce or engineering. You’ll also need severalyears of experience in the field.Salary: Computer systems managers make a median salary of $103,000.Career Opportunity: This is a fast-growing field, with 40 per cent more people working as computersystems managers in 2017 than there were in 2012. That may change as morepeople aspire to the position, however — five years from now, the governmentpredicts there will be slightly fewer jobs than people looking for work.* * *(Jevtic/iStock)

17. Mining & Quarrying Supervisor

Job Description: A mining and quarrying supervisor oversees the workers extracting coal,minerals and ore out of the ground. They may operate heavy machinery, keep aneye on workers’ safety, and do administrative work like ordering materials andsupplies.Job Qualifications: You’ll need to complete at least secondary school, with some advancedpositions requiring you finish a college or university program in mining orengineering. It’s typical to first spend several years in the positions thatyou’ll be supervising. Many provinces and territories require a certificationfor positions like underground or coal mining supervisor.Salary: The median salary for this position is $80,600, and has seen a 25 per centwage increase over the past five years.Career Opportunity: It’s no secret that mining plays a big part in Canada’s economy. Theprofession has seen a 19 per cent growth in employees over the past fiveyears.* * *(Baranozdemir/iStock)

10. Marketing & Public Relations Manager

Job Description: As a marketing or public relations manager, you’ll be responsible for a brandor organization’s public image. Job duties could include planning anddirecting advertising campaigns, initiating and analyzing market researchstudies and maintaining relationships with the media.Job Qualifications: You’ll need a university degree or college diploma in communications, publicrelations, marketing or journalism. You’ll also need several years ofexperience under your belt in sales, marketing, public relations or a relatedfield.Salary: The median salary for marketing and public relations managers is $83,000.Career Opportunity: There were 49 per cent more people working as marketing and public relationsmanagers in 2017 than there were in 2012. The government predicts there willbe an equal number of job openings and people looking for work five years fromnow.* * *(Shutterstock)

6. Health Care Manager

Job Description: Take advantage of the huge growth anticipated in the healthcare sector as the population ages by becoming a health care manager. In thisposition, you’ll oversee the delivery of health care services in hospitals,clinics, nursing homes and other environments. Health care managers areresponsible for supervising health care professionals, recruiting new hires,planning and evaluating service delivery and setting budgets.Job Qualifications: If you’re looking for a career change that involves minimal retraining, thisis not the position for you. You’ll need to have the same education as themedical professionals you oversee, which could mean years of gruelling post-secondary and residency training as a specialist physician or nurse. Once youpick a medical specialization, you’re probably stuck with it — there’s notmuch mobility between different departments.Salary: Health care managers make a median salary of $96,000, but that varies greatlydepending on the type of health care service they oversee.Career Opportunity: The number of people working as health care managers increased by 26 per centfrom 2012 to 2017. The government expects there will be slightly more jobsthan people looking for work in this position five years from now.* * *(Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock)

2. Engineering Manager

Job Description: Engineers need someone to tell them what to do and that someone could be you.Engineering managers plan, oversee and evaluate projects. They work in boththe private and public sector in a broad range of environments, includingconsulting firms and scientific research companies.Job Qualifications: You’ll need a bachelor’s degree in engineering for most positions. You’ll alsoneed some experience under your belt as an engineer, ideally in a supervisoryrole. You’ll also need to be licensed as a Professional Engineer (P. Eng.) bythe province or territory you work in.Salary: Engineering managers earn a median salary of about $109,000.Career Opportunity: There were 78 per cent more people working as engineering managers in 2017than there were five years before that, a significant increase. By 2023, thegovernment expects there will be slightly more jobs than people looking forwork as engineering managers.* * *(LL28/iStock)

10. Financial Institution Managers and Directors

Average annual salary: £75,169If you’re looking for employment in the finance industry, you might want toconsider a career as a financial institution manager or director, for example:a bank manager.Bank managers are tasked with overseeing the day-to-day operations of theirbranch, supervising staff and finding ways to attract new customers. There areno set requirements to enter this career, but entry is possible through anapprenticeship.With experience, you could become a regional or head office manager, move intohead office operations or work with the bank’s overseas division. Salariestypically start £17,000 but can climb to more than £70,000 a year.

5. Financial Managers and Directors

Average annual salary: £84,675Financial managers and directors can be employed in both public and privatesector organisations in many different areas, including charities, financialinstitutions, multinational corporations, NHS trusts, retailers anduniversities. Their job is to provide financial guidance and support toclients and colleagues to help them make sound business decisions.They typically need to hold a degree in a relevant subject like accountancy,finance, business, economics, mathematics or statistics, and gainingmembership with a professional organisation can be incredibly useful. Startingsalaries range between £24,000 and £35,000 a year but professionals with morethan 10 years’ experience can earn anywhere between £65,000 and £100,000 ormore.

3. Marketing Directors

Average annual salary: £87,890Marketing directors generally start out as marketing managers or managingdirectors, and are responsible for planning ways to promote their company’sproducts or brands and increase the company’s share of the market.You’ll need a degree, postgraduate or professional qualification to enter theprofession, as well as several years’ experience in a senior management rolewhere you handled major accounts and dealt with marketing campaigns.With experience, you could become a marketing consultant.

1. Software engineers

* Average Pay (Month): R100, 000 – R210, 000 * Average Pay (Year): R1, 200000Software engineers are the highest paid in South Africa. Software engineeringinvolves the application of engineering approaches to the development ofsoftware.A number of South African universities now offer courses in softwareengineering such as the University of Johannesburg, University of Pretoriaetc. The pay is an exciting one.

8. Chartered Accountant

* Average Pay (Month): R36, 183 * Average Pay (Year): R443, 200Chartered accountants work in all fields of business and finance, includingauditing, taxation, financial and general management. Some even engage inpublic works and private sectors while some can be employed by governmentofficials.In South Africa, chartered accountancy requires 7 years to complete; a 4-yearprogram in a reputable South African university and a 3-year rigorouspractical training for proficiency. It is a job that requires hard work,sacrifice and determination as to such it is rewarding.

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