10 Using Android TV as a Computer

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Cast Windows 10 to Android TV or Any Smart TV

Here, we have mentioned all the methods so that you can follow theinstructions step-by-step. Before you proceed, go through the requirements andcheck if your device has support for Miracast. You can click on the link belowto seamlessly jump to the section. 1. Requirements 2. Find Miracast Support on Windows 10 3. Find Miracast Support on Android TV 4. Cast Windows 10 to Android TV

Cast Windows 10 to Android TV

1. Open the Miracast app on your Android TV and stay on that screen. For yourinformation, Definition Priority means the highest clarity possible, but real-time syncing will take a back seat. Fluency Priority means a stable connectionwith real-time syncing but in low-res quality (better for low-end devices). Ilike to keep Definition Priority as default.2. Now, move back to your Windows 10 computer and press the “Win + K”keyboard shortcut. It will open a “Connect” window on the right pane.3. If the “Connect” window does not pop up then open Settings -> System ->Display. Here, scroll down and click on “Connect to a wireless display”.4. Now, it will start the search and within a few seconds, your Android TVwill show up. Make sure the Miracast app is open on your Android TV and bothyour devices are connected to the common WiFi network. Next, click on yourAndroid TV.5. Finally, Windows 10 will cast its screen on your Android TV. Just likeChromecast, you can play music and it will be routed through your TV’sspeaker. You can browse the internet, open any app (not just limited toChrome), play games, and a lot more.6. In case, you want to extend your display or make the setup second screenonly then press “Win +P ” and change the projection mode.

Windows 10 Launcher Apk Download For Android

This launcher have start menu where you find some shortcuts setting andrecently or most used apps to open quickly. This is not just for changing yourlook windows 10 launcher have features same like windows 10 In Pc.If you open a file manager it does not look like an android version its openas my computer and show you drives in C drive your phone memory and in D Driveyour SD Card. You can browse your files like pc and also find via search. Youcan copy cut paste easily same like pc.Windows 10 launcher has built-in themes, and you can change your themes in oneclick. This launcher has own store to set themes wallpapers and other things.You can add widgets on the desktop to make your Android more user-friendly.And you can drag and drop anywhere on the desktop and also delete.Direct Download LinkAlso Download: Cobo Launcher 2.5.3 Apk Themes For Android Free Download LatestIn a default setting launcher will show some icons on the desktop and if youwant to delete you need to go to launcher setting or click 2 seconds on menu’sand click on delete. This launcher has taskbar in it, and it will show someapps that you pin it and show you apps that are open in the background, andyou can close quickly.

How to view the pictures from your Android smartphone with the Windows 10

Your Phone appYour Phone also syncs and lets you view the photos found on your Androidsmartphone. This process can take a while if you’ve taken many photos withyour phone. They are shown in a gallery with the newer pictures first, and theolder ones last.View Photos from Android on Windows 10, with the Your Phone appWhen you double-click or double-tap on a picture, it is displayed in thebuilt-in picture viewer from the Your Phone app. If you want, you can thenOpen it with the default image viewer app on your Windows 10 PC, Copy andpaste it wherever you like on your PC, directly “Save [it] as” a file on yourPC, or Share it using the options available on your Windows 10 device.Additionally, if you click or tap on the … (three dots) button, you can alsochoose Open, which lets you open the photo using the app or program youspecify.Using the Your Photo app to see a photo from Android on Windows 10NOTE: You can also right-click or press-and-hold on a picture and choose fromthe contextual menu whether you want to copy, share, or save that photo.

The problems with Windows 10’s Your Phone app

The Your Phone is no longer in its early versions, as it’s been developed andimproved for quite a while now. However, there are still times when it behaveslike a beta product. In other words, there’s a high chance you’re going toencounter errors rather often. In our case, there are many times when the appis slow to synchronize data. On other occasions, Your Phone keeps saying thatit can’t connect to our phones because of internet connection issues. However,the internet works just fine and other apps have no issues.Errors shown by the Windows 10 Your Phone appAnother problem is that the text messages you send from Windows 10 sometimesseem to hang as Your Phone keeps saying it’s Sending them. In our experience,they are sent although Your Phone says they failed. Also, the messages yousend from Windows 10 don’t show up in the Messages app from Android. They onlyshow up in Your Phone, even though they are sent correctly to the otherperson.The third issue with Your Phone that feels too big to be left unnoticed isthat it has limited support for the iPhone and can only be used to send webpages from your iPhone to your PC.All in all, the Your Phone app feels underdeveloped right now. Microsoft isworking on adding more features to it and improving it, so we expect to seethe app evolve over time. When writing this article, we know that some peoplecan use Your Phone to access their Android apps on Windows (directly accessAndroid apps from their Windows 10 computers). However, this feature is onlyavailable for Samsung Galaxy owners, not for everybody. We’d like to seeMicrosoft roll out an update to the Your Phone app that lets all of us dothat.

10. Using Android TV as a Computer

Android TVs come with USB ports and standard connectivity options likeBluetooth, which means you can use them as makeshift computers. Besidesconsuming media through a variety of platforms on Android TV, you can use itto browse the internet (as we saw above) and perform basic tasks like checkingyour email or editing online documents. For this, you can use a wirelesskeyboard-mouse combo like the Logitech MK270 ($17.88).

15. Cast Windows 10 on Android TV

While Chromecast works fine if you are using an Android smartphone or usingChrome on Windows 10, it does not cast the whole Windows 10 screen. Basically,on Windows 10, the casting is just limited to Chrome tabs.Thankfully, there is Miracast technology which supports Windows 10 casting. Wehave written a detailed guide on how to cast Windows 10 on Android TV sofollow the guide and you will be up and running Windows 10 on Android TV.

Launcher 10

While not highly-rated as SquareHome 2, Launcher 10 gives you the most similarWindows 10 Mobile experience. While there are sometimes a bit of lagdisplaying the live tiles and some annoying bugs, Launcher 10 was a morecomfortable Windows 10 Mobile experience for me.Launcher 10 felt more like I was using my Lumia 950. Upon installation,Launcher 10 allows for a calendar, clock, photo gallery, and contacts livetiles and notifications. Additional live tiles are available through in-apppurchases. Launcher 10 latest update brought Android 7.0 Nougat compatibility.By swiping right, Launcher 10 shows recently added apps, and the ability tosearch apps alphabetically, or using the search bar for easy app access. Youcan also group apps together just like in Windows 10 Mobile. The ability toresize your live tiles, set tile transparency, and even landscape mode isavailable.The app developer, Nick Fisher, promises that a new Launcher 10 version iscoming to help fix the annoying bugs that plague the app launcher:> Lightning fast new version built from the ground up! Focusing on performance> and stability, the update will vastly improve the speed and functionality of> Launcher 10 as well as fixing most of the bugs. There is no scheduled> release date yet, but it is coming.The only downside to this Android app launcher is that it contains ads, andbut the ads can be removed via in-app purchases. The downside is the in-apppurchases don’t come cheap. The in-app purchases for additional features rangein price from $3.49-$5.99 per feature.

WP Style Launcher 10

WP Style Launcher 10 boasts the most features of any Windows 10 Mobile-themedAndroid app launcher. WP Style Launcher 10 is lightweight at only 3 MB and isthe first Windows 10 Mobile Android app launcher with voice command support.WP Style Launcher 10 has functioning live tiles with notifications, such asmissed calls, SMS text alerts, calendar, weather, time, email, and more. Theapp also has the ability to set the transparency level for tiles.WP Style Launcher 10 Free has ads, but for $0.99 more, you can upgrade to thePro version to get rid of the ads.

How to receive and make calls from Windows 10 using Your Phone app

Install Your Phone App on Windows 10 and your Android phone. Once installed,on your Android Phone, make sure to sign-in with the same account you areusing on your Windows 10 computer. Your Phone App will use the defaultMicrosoft account. In case you have multiple accounts, you will be prompted tochoose one.

Win 10 Launcher

Those who can’t imagine their life without Microsoft Windows including itscorporate interface may find Win 10 Launcher a strike. Especially because itoffers the most relevant version of Windows with all consequences that u canexpect from it. Pleasant, good looking, comfortable, cozy like pc desktop.It’s not that difficult as it was before. Simply download the app and launchWIndows on your Android device. What will you get after that? * The whole interface looks like Windows. * All the applications you have installed on your device will take shortcuts in Windows-style without losing their functionality. * The launcher integrates perfectly with the Android operation system. * Themes and their colors can be customized in Windows-style as well.The app is free to download with ads and in-app purchases. Despite thosefacts, Win 10 Launcher has gained great popularity having a high rate of 4.5.Most reviews are positive with words describing the app as a bomb and happycomments. The team of developers constantly works on the app`s improvement andfixing bugs.The good thing actually about the app that while having the style of theWindows you will still have Android devices with all those specific prons.back to menu ↑

Computer launcher for win 10

Computer launcher for win 10 is a popular app with a high rate. The app isfree with in-app purchases that offer additional features depends on yourliking and desire.This program makes your home screen look like a real computer desktop you sogot used to seeing on your pc at home or at work. Toolbar launcher opens awide variety of features for you. For example, you can open a recently usedapp in a fast way through this toolbar that really looks like the Windowstaskbar.There are also available different themes that look like different versions ofMicrosoft Windows. For example version of 1995. It also allows you to use abasket and place something you don’t need there and restore it again at anytime if you changed your mind.All notifications will be sent to the Cortana app as the most used in Windows.You also will be able to cut, copy, paste, share as you got used to doing withyour Windows interface. All installed apps can be listed and appear in thecolumn the same way you see it on your PC instead of being spread overmultiple screens of your phone. Comprehensive and convenient system to storefiles and manage them opens big possibilities in the use of your Androidsmartphone.back to menu ↑

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