10 CARTMAY Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

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Bigboard Keyboard Tray & Reversible Left and Right Mouse Tray

Item: KBT-6G-500-G27Description: The Big Board Keyboard Tray features both right and left mouseoptions in one tray and is attached to the underside of a desk surface. Itprovides adjustments that assist in positioning arms and hands in a neutralposition. 27” Wide. 25” also available.Ergo tips: If you are under 5’4” and working at a standard height desk, akeyboard tray that sits below the desk is a key tool for you. Make sure youget a foot rest!* * *

Adjustable Keyboard Tray

The keyboard tray is an often overlooked but important component of a goodergonomic desk. Most desks don’t come with a tray built in, but there areexternal keyboard trays you can easily purchase separately. What ergonomic roles do an adjustable keyboard platform play? * Helps achieve a negative keyboard tilt, keeping your wrists straight as you type. * Takes the keyboard to you, so you do not have to bend forward or stretch your arms. * Staves off carpal tunnel disorder and other musculoskeletal disorders in the arms and hands. * Moves your arms away from the hard edge of the desk. * Protects your vision by keeping you at a healthy 20” to 30” distance away from the monitor.The keyboard should be close to your body and slightly above your lap. Yourwrists and arms should be parallel to your lap. A good adjustable keyboard tray should be independently height and angle-adjustable. It should also be large enough to accommodate your keyboard andmouse.

10. CARTMAY Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

Check it on AmazonBy: CARTMAY StoreThis ergonomic keyboard tray from the CARTMAY Store features manualadjustment. So, you can push or pull the plate so as to adjust the tray’shorizontal position. Moreover, it features an adjusting height of 5.9 inches.Next, it has a plate inclination angle range of ±15°. Remarkably, the platformsize measures 26.7 inches by 11.4 inches, while the track length measures 18.1inches. You need to ensure that it fits your desk well.On top of that, it is simple to operate and install. To adjust the height ofthe panel, you should pick up and down the plate and rotate it gently. Thisergonomic keyboard tray could be an ideal solution for occupational diseases.Finally, it weighs 17.5 pounds.Highlighted Features * It weighs 17.5 pounds. * Platform size of 26.7 inches by 11.4 inches * An adjusting height of 5.9 inches * A plate inclination angle range of ±15° * Simple installation and operation * Track length measuring 18.1 inches

7. Defy Desk Clamp On Under Desk Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

Check it on AmazonBy: Defy DeskThe Defy Desk ergonomic keyboard tray is designed to reduce fatigue. Also, itdoes not damage the desk. Next, it saves space, but it has a large surface.Without clamps, its dimensions measure 26 by 11 inches. On the other hand, ithas a smooth, gliding tray. So you will not have to worry about lubricants.Most importantly, it has strong C-clamps, steel side rails, and a solid woodentray. Therefore, it is durable.On top of that, it is fit for desks with widths of 32 inches. Uniquely, it canextend to a thickness of 2.4 inches to fit different desks and tables. Also,it can hang 3.5 inches below the desk surface to ensure maximum comfort.Highlighted Features * Can hang 3.5 inches below the desk surface * Size of 26 by 11 inches * Fit for 32 inches wide desks * Durable steel side rails * Smooth gliding tray * A space-saving design

2. Stand-up Desk Store Clamp-On Retractable Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

Check it on AmazonBy: S Stand Up Desk StoreComing second is this ergonomic keyboard tray from Stand Up Desk Store. Firstand foremost, it is adjustable to allow one to customize the height and ensurecomfortable typing. Moreover, it has a large design to accommodate a mouse anda keyboard. Remarkably, it is 27.5 inches wide or 33 inches wide when theclamps are included. Moreover, it features 3 height settings, including 2.69inches, 3.44 inches, and 4.19 inches H.Most importantly, it saves a pretty of space because it has an under deskdesign. Not to forget, it has a very thick plastic platform and strong metalclamps. The top surface is non-skid to ensure stability during use. Next, itfeatures simple installation without using tools.Highlighted Features * Fits desktops with 1.5 inches thickness * A space-saving design * Thick plastic platform and strong metal clamps * Non-skid top surface * Easy tool-free installation * It has three adjustable heights

Large enough for a keyboard, mouse, and office items

But it’s not just the easy assembly that’s won our hearts.It’s also a modern but very practical design, the tray is wide and allows youto put not only a keyboard on it but also a mouse and other objects on it(like a phone).Other happy customers commented that they bought the Stand Steady Clamp afterbeing disappointed with other products.

Ergonomic benefits of using a keyboard tray

* Better positioning of your hands and arms: Your arms should not stretch towards the keyboard, but instead fall naturally towards the keys. Additionally, your elbows should be bent but still allow your wrists to be higher than the keyboard while typing. * Improved body alignment while working: The keyboard and mouse should be placed close to your body with a tilt downward of at least 15 degrees. Perhaps, go in on a tray that can fit both the keyboard and the mouse for the angle consistency.

Keyboard Mouse Platforms

This is a mouse platform that can be attached to a desk or table and canrotate 360 degrees. The adjustable clamp makes it easy to put the mouse padwhere you want it.The product is soft on top but sturdy underneath, making it more durable. Itis also ergonomically designed to ensure good posture.This platform is quickly fitted to a desk without any big installation or theneed for drilling holes. It has a stylish look and clips on to almost anydesk, regardless whether the user is right or left-handed.It can be rotated 360 degrees and be stored under the desk when it is notbeing used.Under desk keyboards are definitely an innovative take on the modern workspace– with many health benefits to boot.Best Ergonomic Keyboard Tray in 2020

What are the different mounting options for a keyboard tray?

Different mounting options will have different measurement requirements. Thisis why it is essential that you first decide on the mounting option before youtackle other considerations.Mounting Option | Attachment Tool | Recommended for: | Pros | Cons —|—|—|—|— Track | Screw | Thicker and deeper desks; Corner of L-shaped desks; Shareddesks | * More stable * Greater adjustability and range of motion| * Time-consuming installation Clamp-on | Clamp | Thinner desks; Preserving the integrity of the desk | * Easy tool-free installation * Damage-free installation| * Limited adjustability * Less stable Notes:For both mounting options, you need to consider the desk depth and tray’strack length.As a rule of thumb, the depth of the desk’s surface must be 1 inch deeper thanthe length of the rail or the tray (track length). In this way, you can slidethe tray all the way through when you no longer need it.For the track mounting option, you need to consider the desk thickness. Youneed to make sure that your desk is thick enough to accommodate the screw ofthe tray’s hardware. Most screws are about ¾ inch thick. To play it safe, yourdesk must be at least 1-inch thick.For clamp-on trays, you also have to consider the clamp clearance or therecommended desk thickness for the clamp. Some clamps won’t accommodate a deskthickness of more than a 2 inches.

What are the must-have features of a great ergonomic keyboard tray?

Below are the characteristics that make up an excellent ergonomic tray:

1. Sufficient width to accommodate both your keyboard and mouse

To ensure that the tray’s platform is wide enough for your keyboard and mouse,get the dimensions of your keyboard first. As a rule of thumb, go for one witha platform width of 26 inches or more if you have a standard-sized keyboard.If you can’t find a wide enough platform for both your mouse and keyboard,your next best option is to go for a tray that comes with an attached mouseplatform.

What are the nice-to-have features of an ergonomic tray?

Some keyboard tray features can boost the comfort factor and enhance thetray’s user experience. These are optional but are very nice to have.

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