10 Best Free Music Player Software for Windows 10

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Best Free PDF Editor for Windows 10

After considering the above factors, we’ve come to the conclusion thatPDFelement is the best free PDF editor for Windows 10. It allows you tocreate, edit, convert, and make annotations on your PDF documents, and itsrange of embedded tools will allow you to work with your PDF files easily.Download the free trial of this simple PDF editor free Windows 10 now.We’ve outlined the top 8 best free PDF Editors for Windows in 2021. If youhave any other PDF editors in mind that you’d like to recommend, please sharethem with us!* * *

9 Best Free Hardware Monitor Software For Windows

Here is the list of best free hardware monitor software for Windows. Thesesoftware let you keep a check on the performance and usage of various physicalcomponents of your computer. You can view real time statistics of your CPU,GPU, RAM, Hard Drives, Network Adapter, Motherboard, and other hardware. Whileusing these, you can not only view statistics, but also view hardware info andspecifications.These hardware monitoring software come in handy if you need detailedstatistics, such as: CPU temperature, load, fan speed, clock frequency, RAMusage, hard drive usage, hard drive temperature, network activity, and more.Some of these hardware monitor software just display real time statistics,while some record statistic data history and display it on graph. Some ofthese software to monitor hardware also display minimum, maximum, and averagevalues of readings.In case, you want to log hardware performance statistics, some of thesehardware monitor software provide reporting feature.If you want to set up a computer to monitor hardware of remote computer, Ihave mentioned a remote hardware monitor software as well. It lets you monitorhardware activity of other computers just by entering their IP address,followed by username and password.There are various other features that these below mentioned hardwaremonitoring software provide. Go through the list to get a brief idea aboutthem, and select the one which suits your need the best.

Best free bandwidth monitor Windows 10 Tool

NetSpeedMontitor: NetSpeedMonitor is a Windows 10 bandwidth monitor taskbarsoftware designed to keep an eye on your real time download and upload rates,bandwidth consumption, providing a handful of useful statistics via a user-friendly interface. The application helps you to measure internet speed. It’savailable in both 32bit and 64bit and for all Windows (7,8,10) versions.NetSpeedMonitor TutorialImage of Windows 10 bandwidth monitor taskbarNetSpeedMonitor is a network traffic monitor taskbar tool that monitors yournetwork and sees how much your computer is sending to and receiving from theInternet in real time. It also shows you how your bandwidth usage varies atdifferent times of the day.Free Bandwidth usage meterData Usage is a free bandwidth usage monitor for Windows 10 that can measureyour Internet bandwidth consumption easily. You can find Data usage onMicrosoft Store free of cost. The best thing about the data usage detail appis that, you can set your data limit as for a day, month, it has Speedtestfunction through which you can test Internet Speed, it shows data consumptiongraphically. It also shows you how your bandwidth usage varies at differenttimes of the day.

Built-in free bandwidth monitor Windows 10 Tool

If you don’t want any third party software then there is a built in feature inWindows 10 that shows how much data you have consumed on both wifi network orEthernet connection.

10 Best free CPU Temperature monitor for windows 10 in 2021

Lots of people search for the best CPU temp monitor on Reddit and other forumsbut all of them don’t get exactly what are they looking for? However, here wetried to cover tools that can be used by a standard along with advanced usersfor Windows 7, 10 PC or Laptops, or servers.

10 Best Free Audio Editors for Windows and Mac (Totally Free)

Jan 22, 2021• Proven solutionsAre you a creative person and have the zeal to create a masterpiece? Whethercomposing an instrumental piece or the next big podcast, it is important thatthe audio is completely perfect and clear. Any kind of background noise or lowpitch can spoil your audio recording.To save you in such situations, the audio editors come as a great help. But,sometimes when you are a beginner or your budget is too low to afford the bestaudio editors, the free audio editor comes as a sigh of relief. Here are 10best audio editors for Windows and Mac.

Best CPU Heat Monitor Software For Windows 10?

As already mentioned, picking CPU heat monitor for windows 10 to get the rightPC temperature values is a time-consuming task.But don’t worry, here we have explained six CPU heat monitors for Windows 10.They are free, reliable, and works great on all kinds of processors.Now, it is time to briefly explain these free monitoring tools one by one.

12 Best Free PC Cleaning Software For Windows 10, 8, & 7 PCs

Below we have listed the best PC cleaner software that you need to make yourPC surprisingly clean and faster than ever.

10 Best Free Music Player Software for Windows 10

* Dopamine * Winamp * MusicBee * foobar2000 * AIMP * MediaMonkey * VLC * iTunes * Windows Media Player * Spotify

Top 5 Best Image Recovery Software for Windows 10

All these programs work flawlessly on Windows 10 computer and offers maximumuser-friendly features to recover deleted photos from PC. Most importantthing, all these free image recovery software for Windows 10 PC are of veryless size and takes only few seconds in downloading & installation.In previous article, i have already shared about a reliable and best computerdata backup service called “EaseUS System GoBack free” to backup previoussystem, files, programs before Windows 10 Upgrade and downgrade from Windows10 to Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 operating system.And in today’s Windows 10 software guide, I am going to share some most usefuland popular free photo recovery software to recover deleted files and photosfrom Windows 10 PC.Let’s have a look at the list of top 5 best free image recovery software forWindows 10 PC to recover deleted files and photos from your computer:

Your reliable Free File Recovery Software for Windows 10

(1683) * It supports lost data recovery from external hard drive, local disk/partition, SSD, SD card, USB drive, pen drive, CF card and more. * The easy-to-use and best data recovery software can also restore lost, deleted or hidden partition in Windows 10. * The latest scanning algorithm to give you the best file/partition retrieve success rate under Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP or Mac OS X.

Other Top 9 Data Recovery Tools for Windows 10

1.RecuvaRecuva is incredible free data recovery software. It is effective inrecovering any file with ease as a free and premium edition. The disk recoverysoftware supported Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.Pros: * Easy to use * Has both installable and portable version * Simple recovery wizard and advanced optionsCons: * Downloading is difficult * Installer will add additional files2.TestDiskAlthough it may not be powerful, as it is free and powerful Windows recoverysoftware, it is easy to use in recovering deleted files with ease. It supportsWindows 10, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, and NT4Pros: * Available for different platforms * Graphical interface * Supports different file formatsCons: * Difficult to use for beginners * Little provision for help3.Stellar Data RecoveryIt features a simple interface and robust algorithm for quick recovery offiles for different operating systems and file types. The recovery softwarefor Windows can work under Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.Pros: * Very useful for professionals due to its ability to recover from network drives and RAID drivesCons: * Minor updates are free, but new versions require payment4.Undelete 360Scan any storage device, an external device, hard drive, and use the optionsprovided to get the lost files in minimum time, as it uses the quickestalgorithm and deep scan technology. this is a best data recovery software forWindows 2000 / XP / VISTA / Windows 7 / 2003 or 2008 Server.Pros: * Quick install * Supports different file formatsCons: * It fails to recognize data even though there is the presence of records5.PhotorecPhotorec has a powerful algorithm to recover files from different devices. thebest free data recovery software can helps in retrieving any file lost due toany circumstance. It supported Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, and NT4.Pros: * Powerful algorithm * Graphical interface * Supports all file formatsCons: * Confusing for users with no knowledge of using recovery software due to unavailability of the help file6.Pandora RecoveryPandora Recovery is a reliable and free Windows 10 data recovery tool forgetting back deleted content from any PC running on any version of Windows.The options provided make it quick to recover the content. It supports Windows10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP.Pros: * Easy to use wizard * Recovers any file format and from any sourceCons: * No portable version * Additional installation of third-party programs7.MiniTool Partition RecoveryThe free version is capable of retrieving any file lost from a computer in afew simple steps. It can recover deleted or lost files under Windows 10, 8,8.1, 7, Vista, XP, and older versions of Windows.Pros: * Recovers 1GB for the free version * Simple wizard for quick recoveryCons: * Cannot stop scanning the bad sectors8.Wise Data RecoveryThe data recovery software for Windows 10 is quick and fast in recoveringfiles from a computer and other external devices that store data. It supportsWindows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP, and Windows server.Pros: * Simple recovery wizard * Recovers multiple files at a time * Portable version is availableCons: * Individual files do not possess their original folder structure9.Puran File RecoveryPuran File Recovery helps in getting back deleted data from corrupted or lostpartitions. the PC recovery software working in Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista,XP, and more.Pros: * Displays file condition and sizeCons:Related Articles10 Best Registry Cleaner for Windows 10 PCComputers become slower over time as it continues to be used more. Part of itcan be because of the broken, missing registry keys that cause unnecessaryburden on the available resources of your Windows PC. The best thing to dowould be to use the best registry cleaner for Windows.

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