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1. Wondershare TunesGo PC Suite

We have found this the best PC Suite for Android. It has an elegant andattractive design which is simple to use. It is an all in one PC Suite thatgives you total control of your Android phone. You can backup, restore,transfer and install and uninstall apps using this.One Stop Solution to Manage and Transfer Files on Android Phone * Backup your music, photos, videos, contacts, SMS, Apps etc. to computer and restore them easily. * Manage, export/import your music, photos, videos, contacts, SMS, Apps etc. * Phone to Phone Transfer – Transfer everything between two mobiles. * Highlighted features such as 1-click root, gif maker, ringtone maker. * Fully compatible with 3000+ Android devices (Android 2.2 – Android 8.0) from Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei, Motorola, Sony etc. Security Verified, people have downloaded itMain features and functions * One click phone to phone transfer option * Transfer media between Android and iTunes Library * Take screenshots of your phone ProsCons * Cannot connect the Android phone via wifi. ReviewThis user on Pcadvisor appreciates the PC Suite for its fast and simpleapproach. The file conversion feature is a added benefit.

2. Moborobo Free PC Suite

Moborobo Free PC Suite can easily organize and transfer the content on yourphone. The program scans the content on your phone and puts them in differentcategories like photos, music, apps.Download MoboroboMain features and functions * Rooted phones can be synced via wifi * Apps can be downloaded from the program’s app store called Mobo Market * You can uninstall apps in bulk Pros * Rooting or jailbreaking not required * Full of features Cons * Takes a bit of time to install the initial drivers * There is some lag in performance ReviewThe editor at Softonic reviews the PC suite as a stable and usefulapplication. But Installing drivers for your phone is a drawback.

8. Android SDK

Android has released their own PC Suite. It gives you all features of aemulator and is best for app developers. It is best for developing apps andtesting them.Get Android SDKMain features and functions * Gives complete access to phone hardware and software * Serves as a platform for building new apps and testing them * Numerous options and features for customization Pros * It is an intensive development tool * Best for testing apps Cons * Using it can be a bit difficult as it is aimed for professionals ReviewIt is the best platform to create and develop apps according to the Softonicreview.

10.Xamarin Android player

Xamarin has been created by a programming company. You can control your phoneefficiently and manage apps on it. It has been reported to be almost bug free.Main features and functions * Useful for developers to run and test their apps * Gives complete Android feel Pros * Works with all different Android versions * Program controls are easy to understand and use Cons * You need to download Virtualbox to run this which in itself is a large download. ReviewA software reviewer on Findmysoft feels it provides realistic Android phoneexperience on the computer without any problems.

4. MobiKin Assistant for iOS

It is a popular software that is used by iPhone users to transfer and managefiles via pc. It can retrieve lost data and restore too.Download MobiKin Assistant for iOS.Main features and functions * Keyword based search of phone content * Folders and complete playlists can be transferred Pros * Compatible with multiple iOS devices * Creates backup in 3 simple steps ConsLags sometimes.ReviewOne user on Cnet calls this software really convenient for managing iPhonefiles on pc.

5. iPhone PC Suite

This program gives you more than iTunes can. You can use it to sync data withyour pc and perform all tasks of a PC Suite. Download here.Main features and functions * Easily backs up and restores iTunes * Delete multiple photos in batch * Converts videos and music to iOS formats Pros * Provides many backup options * Easy to use Cons * Has compatibility issues with some antivirus programs * Has lags and freezes sometime ReviewUsers on Codec.com called this a great software to manage their iPhone. On theother hand, some users reported that the program crashed on startup.

Highly compressed PC games telegram channel

If you’re searching for a way to download free PC and mobile games, then thischannel is just what you need. This channel is dedicated to giving you accessto games that you can download easily for free.

Are there any mobile and Android games on this channel?

Actually, yes. We’ve fount that there are numerous mobile games that can bedownloaded to your android device. Just scroll up in the channel, and you’llfind cool, high-quality games for your Android. Mobile games and software forAndroid comes in a format called APK that stands for Android Package Kit.After you download the APK file you need to find it on your device and thenpress it in order to start the installation process.ProsHas free gamesThis channel has highly compressed PC gamesFree PC gamesFree Android gamesConsHas adsNot well organizedHas many links for 3rd party sitesReview OverviewSpam Score| —|— Content quality| Update rate| Content purity| Art| Trust| SUMMARYIf you’re looking for a way to download free PC and Android games this channelis just what you need. We do want to say that the channel is a bit not wellorganized but still if you want free games you should definitely check thischannel out!|

Free Download Samsung PC Studio for windows 7, windows xp and vista

– Samsung PC Studio is a computer program to organize and use the contentsinside your PC and samsung mobile phone better! The new Samsung PC Studioallows users to not only manage the music files, images and videos on theircomputer better, but also to manage important personal information (PIM) suchas the address book, messages and schedules in their Samsung mobile phones.We earlier told you about Samsung Kies for windows and Samsung Kies for Mac tosync your Samsung android smartphones. For developers, we also told how theycould download android SDK, install it and start developing android apps.The Samsung New PC Studio (NPS) provides you with convenient access to any ofyour Samsung mobile phone and manage data via easy backup and sync tools,while enjoying cool and powerful multimedia features.

Using PC Studio Easy Start to transfer data from phone to PC

Using the new PC Studio Easy Start, you can easily save the mobile phone datato your PC. You can easily import photos and videos from you mobile phone tothe PC and also sync the phone book.Easy Start is automatically run when the mobile phone is connected to SamsungNew PC Studio. If needed, click the connected mobile phone’s icon to run “EasyStart”.

Why Play Android Games on PC?

There can be a number of reasons why you’d want to play Android games on a PCinstead of your mobile device. Yes, mobile devices are getting bigger andfaster every year, but there are still many things that a computer offers thatmobiles just can’t beat. Here’s why:Bigger Screen, Better ResolutionOk, so maybe the resolution isn’t a big deal, as many flagship smartphonesoffer 4K picture, but size definitely is. Honestly, the gaming experience justisn’t that great on a small screen. Some games may do well on a small screen,but then there are those other games that work best only on a big screen.For those Android games on Google Play that don’t have a PC equivalent, theaudience can be limited, especially if the game company is trying to targetpure gamers. Those who play computer games regularly know the value of a bigscreen.Faster GamesComputers have a faster processor, which, in turn, results in a faster gamingexperience. Android phones, especially the popular ones like Samsung Galaxy orHuawei Honor, are getting faster, but they still can’t come close to thecomputing power you can find with a PC. As a result, games have less lags, andyou run Android games the way you want to.Better ControlTrue gamers like to use the keyboard, mouse, or controller when playing games.Most smartphone games only offer touch controls, which can be quite a handfuland may even slow down the player. If you really like to be in control of thegame, you know there’s no better way to play it than on PC.Plus, you can customize the controls easily to suit your needs. You can usekeyboard shortcuts as you progress in the game. So that’s something which isdefinitely better on PC as compared with mobile phones.ConvenienceThe whole experience on PC is far more convenient, not just because of thecontrols. You’re not bound by power restraints that you need to charge yourmobile device. You have much more disk space to download all the games on PC,freeing up the memory on your mobile.

Play Android Games on PC using Emulators

Android emulators let you enjoy Android gaming on PC, which is why more gamersare starting to prefer playing these mobile games on PC rather than on thephone. It’s basically just like a phone environment created on your Windowsscreen. How cool is that?Now, there are tons of options when it comes to the Android emulator. But likeall software products, not all emulators are created equal.Android even has its own emulator in Android Studio, but that’s mainly fortesting purposes, so developers can test apps. To truly enjoy games, you needan emulator designed for gaming. Here are the five best Android emulators youcan use to play mobile games:

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