1 Transfer Photos from Android to PC Using Dropbox Android App

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Tip 5. Connect Android as USB Mass Storage Device

Similar to connecting an external SD card or USB flash drive to your computer,some older Android devices are connected as USB Mass Storage devices. Here’swhat you need to do: 1. Connect your Android phone to PC or laptop through USB cable. 2. Slide down the notification bar and choose the option “Connected as a media device”. 3. Tap on “USB Mass Storage Device” and your Android phone will be recognized by the computer.

Tip 8. Update MPT USB Device Driver

If the above tips doesn’t help to solve the connection issue for you, then youmay have a driver problem. In this case, you can try to update your MTP USBdevice drivers: 1. Press Windows Key + X on your computer and choose “Device Manager” from the list. 2. Right-click on your connected Android device and choose “Update Driver Software”. 3. Click on “Browse my computer for driver software > Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”. 4. Choose “MTP USB Device” from the list and hit “Next”, Windows will update the device driver and your Android device should be recognized.

Step 1 Connect Android Device to Computer using USB

The first thing for you to do is to download and also install android transferon your computer. Then connect your Android device to the computer through USBcable. Immediately your Android device is detected, the detailed informationof the device will show on your PC screen.

Part 2. How to Transfer Photos from Android to PC Using Apps

Since your Smartphone contain the best camera you can ever have, you mighthave been thinking of the best way to transfer those high definition photos toyour PC. Though you can do this manual using USB cable, there are otheralternative you can use when you do not feel like connecting your Android toPC and that is with some android apps.

1. Transfer Photos from Android to PC Using Dropbox Android App

Dropbox is an android application which offers users most seamless ways totransfer photos to PC. You can set the original device synchronize app toautomatic so as to have the photos uploaded from your Android device toDropbox automatically. With the help of this app, you can free up about 3GBstorage space on your device memory. Your photos will automatically besynchronized to your PC if you use Dropbox’s default settings on PC. You canequally set this app to upload photos only via Wi-Fi so you can avoid muchinternet charges. But, you should always prune your photo collectionfrequently to avoid reaching your Dropbox storage limit unexpectedly.To transfer photos from Android to PC using this app, you have to open Dropboxon your android device and move to settings > Camera Upload.

3. Transfer Photos from Android to PC Using Google + App

With the help of Google + your entire photos on Android device can betransferred to the social network but, privately stored without being sharedwith other users. Unlike AirDroid and Dropbox your photos will not be uploadedto your hard drive directly from with the use of Google+. However, immediatelyyour photos are in Google cloud transferring them to PC is simple. Just opensettings > Auto Backup inside the Google+ Android app to start saving yourphotos to Google’ cloud.

Step 2 Connect iPod and Android Phone to the Same Computer

Now you need to connect your Android phone or iPod to the computer with a USBcable. The software would detect your Android device and iPod in a minute. Thedevice name will be shown on the main window. Make sure the USB debugging modein your Android device is enabled. if it was the first time iPod connected tothe computer, please press the trust button on your iPod when it was attached.

Part 1: The New and The Best Android Backup Software for PC

If you have no knowledge of some of the best Android backup software, then nowyou may need to know what the best software to choose and use. There is onethat stands out. This is no other than the FoneDog Toolkit – Android DataBackup and Restore.The FoneDog Toolkit – Android Data Backup and Restore has totally a lot morefeatures than those we have mentioned earlier. And with all its features, youwill never worry about a single thing in the case that something bad happenedto your phone.KEY FEATURESBy using the FoneDog Toolkit – Android Data Backup and Restore, you will beable to experience all its best features such as the following. * It can allow you to selectively backup your data from your Android device to your computer with One Click. * It can allow you to backup all of your Apps and Apps Data. * It can allow you to backup your Messages, Contacts, Call Logs, Videos, Music, and Documents. * It can allow you to preview and restore your backup file to other Android phones that you have. * It supports over 8000 Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Sony, Huawei, Google Pixel, Nexus, and more. * This software is very easy to use. * It will give your data 100% security. * You can selectively choose the data that you want to backup or restore using this software.How to Backup and Restore Data Using FoneDog Toolkit – Android Data Backupand RestoreAs we have mentioned earlier, the FoneDog Toolkit – Android Data Backup andRestore is actually very easy and simple to use. With that, here is a guidefor you that you can follow.

How to Use the Best Free Android Backup Software for PC

FoneDog Android Data Backup and Restore is the new best free Android backupsoftware for PC. There are 6 steps in details showing you how to process thedata backup: 1. Download and install FoneDog Android Data Backup and Restore. 2. Launch and run the program on your computer. 3. Connect your Android phone to the computer. 4. Choose the Data Backup option. 5. Select the data file you want to make a backup. 6. You will later get a notification while the backup is finished.

Step 5: Choose Data Files to Backup

Once that the FoneDog Toolkit – Android Data Backup and Restore hadcompletely scanned all of your data from your Android device, it will thenshow you all the files that it supports. From the list of files shown on yourscreen, go ahead and choose those that you want to back up.

Step 7: Choose Backup File to Restore

Once that you have connected your Android device to your PC, go ahead andchoose “Device Data Restore” from the main interface. The FoneDog Toolkit– Android Data Backup and Restore will then show you all the backup filesthat you have.From the list shown on your screen, go ahead and choose the backup that youhave made recently. You will be able to determine this by looking at the timeand the date that the backup was made. After choosing the backup file, goahead and click on the “Start” button.

Part 2: More Best Android Backup Software for PC

Now, if you would wish to backup all the data that you have on your Androiddevice, then you will be needing a backup software for your PC. Because ofthis, we have listed here the best Android backup software that you actuallyuse.

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