1 Remove unnecessary and unused apps to free up space

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Disadvantages of rooting

1. The first and foremost thing is, rooting is an illegal procedure. If your device is rooted and later got any damage and if you give it to service and if they found that the system was rooted, then you may be prisoned or may have to pay fine in higher amounts. 2. Chances are high that your device may get bricked if done any mistake while rooting. You may lose track of your personal data like contacts, SMS, or any importantinformation saved on your device. 3. Cannot upgrade your system OS to newer versions VIA OTA. 4. You cannot access some apps due to security issues. As apps read the data on your device before installation they might think this device is not compatible. Many Google products are useless on rooted devices.

Verify Whether Rooted or Not

If you are not sure about the rooting as it is done properly or not then, youcan always check to confirm. Use a root checker app to check and confirm. 1. Download the Root Checker app from the app store. 2. Install it on your device 3. Open the app, it will ask for permission, grant superuser permission. 4. In Case it doesn’t ask, no problem you can continue to next step. 5. If your phone has rooted properly, then you will receive a successful message. 6. If not rooted then go for another rooting option.

Unroot your device

If you don’t want to continue your rooted device further for some of the otherreasons, you can unroot it at any time. The SuperSU app allows you to do so. 1. Download and Install the app from the Play Store. 2. Open the app to change the settings 3. Go to the settings page of the app. 4. Scroll down to see the full unroot option available there. 5. Click on continue if you would like to unroot. 6. It will start unrooting your device. 7. After unrooting the device it will automatically restart and uninstall all the unwanted apps along with supers.Always remember rooting is a complicated thing. If anything has done wronglythe device may not work aptly. Rooting your devices with these listed apps canbe safe or not safe. You use these apps on your own risk. It is suggested toask the technician to root your devices for safety. Before going to root yourdevice it is suggested to back up your data.How to Switch From a PC to a Mac

Can I use all the same programs and apps when I switch from Windows to

Mac?Any software you use that’s not accessed purely online (i.e., software that isdownloaded on your machine’s hard drive) should be researched forcompatibility. Mainstream software is usually compatible with both PC and Macmachines, but there are some niche industry and legacy software programs thatonly run on Windows. If you use any software that is highly industry-specificor that you adopted years ago, check its compatibility before you evenconsider a switch to Mac.If you use any business apps, you should also make sure those are available onMacs. The best way to do that is by checking the Apple App Store. The AppStore works the same way as Google Play or any other app marketplace, so justdo a quick search to make sure whatever apps you need are available for Mac.If an app you use isn’t available on Apple devices but you still havecompelling reasons to make the switch, do some research for a replacement app.Lots of business apps are available on Macs; you can check out some of ourfavorites here.Â

Step 6: Get to know Mac applications.

Before you shell out money for Apple-compatible licenses of Microsoft Office,you may want to check out the programs that come preloaded on every Macmachine. Safari is for surfing the web, though you can also download Chrome oranother third-party browser.Numbers is Apple’s version of Excel, but it’s not as powerful as Microsoft’sspreadsheet software. Excel power users probably won’t be satisfied withNumbers because it’s not as robust (don’t even think about doing data analysisor using it in tandem with Python or R), but if your primary Excel use is forbasic budget and revenue tracking, Numbers should suffice. Pages is Apple’sversion of Word, which is totally serviceable and can be exported to a worddoc format (or PDF), and Keynote is Apple’s version of PowerPoint, which isclunky at first but a good program overall.ÂAll in all, switching from a PC to a Mac isn’t difficult. It just takes alittle time, know-how and patience.Â13 Tips to Fix MacBook Pro Overheating IssueDespite being a highly energy-efficient machine that can tackle heavyworkloads, MacBook Pro is not immune to overheating just like any other laptopin the market. As to what can prevent heating, it’s not the sort of problemthat can be sorted out with a trick or two. Rather, it’s kind of a challengethat can be encountered with a set of tips.So, if your MacBook often runs too hot to handle and you are running out ofideas to keep it cool, give these tips a shot to fix the MacBook Prooverheating issue.

1. Remove unnecessary and unused apps to free up space

* Check the list of installed apps – if you’re not using some of these regularly, or you simply have too many, consider which apps you don’t need or use and uninstall them * On Android, open the Play Store app then open Settings, and select My apps &games. Go to the Installed tab across the top, then open the app you want todelete, and select Uninstall.On Apple, hold down the app you want to delete until it starts to wiggle thenclick the “X” in the top left to delete. * Double check which apps take up the most space. * If you’re on an Android tablet follow these steps to see a list of everything installed on your device and the space each one takes up: Settings > Apps. * If you have an iPad launch the Settings app then follow these steps select General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage * Consider moving your apps to an external memory card before uninstalling them so it backs everything up but you still improve your tablets speed. Read more about the importance of backing up your digital belongings here.

4.Don’t jailbreak or use unofficial apps

If an app isn’t verified, do not download it. It could be fake or filled withmalware that will become active when you install it. Make sure your settingsare set to only download apps from verified publishers, and heed any warningsyour tablet gives you about fishy apps before you download.Here’s an article with pointers on which apps are safe to install on Androiddevices. For iPads users, it will be difficult to download apps that are notfound directly in Apple’s App Store, so make sure to only download apps foundin the official Apple App Store.

Trouble with App Store apps

If you’re having trouble launching and using an app that you just downloadedfrom the App Store, don’t be so quick to blame the developer and suggest thatthe app is garbage. Although it very well could be, don’t get me wrong, youshould never count out the idea that something else could be the culprit.Possible issues you may encounter with an app include: * The app crashing as soon as you tap on it from the Home screen * The app not opening at all from the Home screen * The app opening, but hanging on a blank page and not loading * The app launches, and lets you tap on things, but then hangs or crashesWhat causes these problems? – There are a number of reasons, but everyone’sdevice is different because we all use different software and we all configureour devices differently from one another. Some reasons an app may not workinclude: * Buggy code in the app or iOS * Incompatible iOS device * Lack of network connection when it’s needed * Low memory * Corrupted downloadIf you suspect any of the above reasons, follow the steps below totroubleshoot why an App Store app may not be working as you expect it to.

Steps you can take to resolve a problem with an app

Although an app may not be working at this point in time, there are sometimesways you can resolve the problem yourself. Other times, you may need tocontact support. Here are some troubleshooting tips to get your app to workright on your iOS device(s):

Try rebooting your iOS device

If that didn’t work, the problem could be with iOS itself. To fix this, youcan try a reboot of your device so that iOS can fully reinitialize. To dothis, you can press and hold the power button until you see the slide to poweroff slider, then then slide it to shut the device off. Afterwards, press thepower button down until you see an Apple Logo.Once started back up, enter your passcode (if you set one) and see if the appworks now.

Try downloading another app from the App Store

If you’re having trouble with an app you downloaded from the App Store, trydownloading another free app to see if the same problem occurs. If it doesn’t,then the problem may be related to the app itself, and not your device. Thiswould at least suggest the problem isn’t on your end.

Delete and re-install the app

Sometimes the reason you may be experiencing issues could be because thedownload was corrupted and you have an incomplete app installation.You can try to delete the app and re-install it by tapping and holding on theapp icon and then tapping the “X” button to delete the app. Then, just launchthe App Store and search for the app again so you can download it once again.This will install a fresh copy of the app on your device, hopefully withoutany glitches this time!

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