1 Personal and Home Health Care Aides

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21 Home Health Aide

Just like a personal care attendant, there are plenty of opportunities for thehome health aide. Responsibilities of a home health aide differ slightly froma personal care attendant. A home health assistant provides basic healthservices to homeowners.It can include checking vital health signs, administering medications, andhelping with a simple exercise. Due to their medical background, the mediansalary is $25,330 depending on the workload. There are more than 430,000 newjob openings for this profession.

31 Agricultural Managers

In a quest to introduce new farmland technology and resist climate-change,agricultural managers who have experience in farming are in high demand. Ifyou’re willing to relocate to remote areas, agricultural managers can find alot of opportunities in both the government and the private sector.They plan, direct, and coordinate activities in ranch, aqua-culturaloperations, and farmland. By 2026, there will be 68,700 new positions in thisfield; while the average present-day pay of agricultural managers is $66,360.

34 Health Specialties Teacher

Anyone who has an advanced medical degree and a research background can teachstudents regarding topics related to dentistry, medicine, and lab technology.In the last two years, there’s a number of vacancies have opened in publichealth, veterinary, and therapy medicine.The only caveat is the requirement to get a professional or doctorate degreebefore you can teach post-secondary students. More than 66,000 jobs areprojected to be available by 2026, which seems attractive as health specialtyteachers were paid almost $100,000, in 2016.

Home Health and Personal Care Aides

The BLS projects a 70 percent increase in demand for home health and personalcare aides from 2010 to 2020, making this the fastest-growing job categoryamong those surveyed. Home health and personal care aides care for people whoare sick or disabled, providing such services as laundry, cooking, bathing andlight housekeeping. The educational requirement for home health and personalcare aides is a high school diploma, followed by short-term on-the-jobtraining. According to salary data from the BLS, home health aides earned anaverage income of $21,830 a year as of May 2012, while personal care aidesaveraged $20,830.High-demand careers with short-term training offer the opportunity to quicklyenter the workforce and enjoy jobs with long-term growth potential. The U.S.Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 14 percent growth rate for all U.S.occupations from 2010 to 2020. However, high-demand careers — many of whichare in the health care industry — are increasing at a much faster rate. Andthe high demand jobs with short-term training require minimal education andbrief on-the-job training.

4. Home health aide

Like personal care aides, home health aides help people with daily livingtasks and general housekeeping duties. The difference is that home healthaides can also provide basic health services such as checking vital signs,administering medication, or helping with simple exercises (under thesupervision of a nurse). Getting training as a patient care technician is agood foundation for this career. Those that work for a certified home healthor hospice agency must pass a standardized test to be certified. * Total new job openings: 304,800 * Average salary: $26,440

10. Medical assistant

As health care facilities multiply and expand, so will the demand for medicalassistants. These professionals perform a range of clinical and administrativetasks, from cleaning wounds and collecting specimens to updating patientrecords and processing insurance claims. Getting certified and becomingfamiliar with electronic health records software will boost your jobprospects. * Total new job openings: 154,900 * Average salary: $35,720* * *

Health Services Jobs With Growing Demand

With an aging population that increasingly requires help to stay healthy, it’sno surprise that many of the careers in high demand are in the health servicessector. You may have noticed that three of the top five most in-demand jobs in2020 overall came from this field, but there are many more health-related jobsin need of large numbers of workers. Here’s a look at what jobs are in demandin this growing industry:

1. Nursing assistant

Hospitals and long-term care facilities rely on nursing assistants to helpprovide basic patient care. These assistants are often the main caregivers innursing homes, which means the demand for their services will continue togrow. They might measure vital signs, serve meals, or help move patients frombeds to wheelchairs. You must complete an approved program and pass an exam towork in this field. * Total new job openings: 135,400 * Average salary: $30,720

3. Medical and health services manager

Every facility that provides clinical services needs medical and healthservices managers to plan, direct, and coordinate those services. These high-level managers are responsible for setting department policies and goals,preparing budgets, and recruiting and supervising staff. They should seeincreased demand for their services as the baby boomers get older and morepeople move into nursing homes. * Total new job openings: 71,600 * Average salary: $115,160

Hospitality Jobs That Are in Demand

If you want to help people enjoy their free time, you may find a ton ofopportunities. In fact, in the ManpowerGroup survey, the leisure andhospitality sector was first among 12 national industry sectors in terms ofjob opportunities, with 33 percent of companies in that area planning to hirenew workers during the first quarter of 2021. In addition to restaurant cook,some of the careers that are in demand in the hospitality field include:

How to Change Careers

Just because you start out on one career path doesn’t mean you’re stuck on itfor eternity. Even if you have one of the most sought-after jobs out there,you may eventually find that it’s just not for you. People decide to changecareers for a whole host of reasons. For example, maybe your vocational goalshave changed, you’ve discovered new interests, or you want a more flexibleschedule. Bottom line, it’s never too late to make a change.So if you’re thinking about striking out in a new direction, here are a fewtips:* * *

1. Personal and Home Health Care Aides

As our country population gets older due to the massive Baby Boomer generationentering retirement age, it will require more people working in the area ofelderly care. The education requirements vary from on-the-job training tovocational classes. Aides receive an hourly rate that can range from $15 to$45 per hour.

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